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  1. oldishowl

    Team for Swansea

    I don’t see any reason that Bannan and FF can’t play in the same team. They have done in the past. The issue with Bannan is that he wants to be the playmaker on the edge of his own box rather than taking the opposition on in midfield. Consequently the whole team ends up deeper and the forwards including FF and Joao were getting the ball on Saturday with their back to goal on the halfway line and expected to work miracles. FF had one ball to run onto and got hacked down. We have the deepest, least proactive centre midfield in the league
  2. oldishowl

    Team for Swansea

    Joao will play a different position, probably his preferred position, so yes should do better. It’s because Joao can’t play the main striker role not because FF was on the pitch. Equally if Bannan’s poor performance was down to FF why was he crap when FF was sunning himself in Argentina or somewhere. FF was our second best player behind Hutch on Saturday .
  3. oldishowl

    Fans yesterday

    Were you at the game
  4. oldishowl

    Not good enough

    This is the fallacy about Carlos’s first season. We had some turgid first halfs and games turned round by some high tempo last 30 mins. Carlos knew we hadn’t the legs to play high tempo for 90 mins I do agree we haven’t really tried to press at all since then.
  5. oldishowl

    Fans yesterday

    What do we do, wait until somebody does die?
  6. oldishowl

    Fans yesterday

    Is that the measure we set for crowd behaviour ?
  7. oldishowl

    Not good enough

    As my mum used to say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. It is not about age our team just doesn’t have the athleticism and legs to play high tempo for 90 mins. We struggle with slow tempo for 90 mins
  8. oldishowl

    Fans yesterday

    Glad to oblige
  9. oldishowl

    Team for Swansea

    Hector deserves to play. He had a bad game yesterday but it’s his first. Fox and Boyd need to go though.. The op team is not far off me if Bruce sticks with 442 Play Joao with Fletcher Personally I don’t think we will improve until he changes the system.
  10. oldishowl

    Fans yesterday

    We had a real bunch of idiots near us and it does make you wonder. They decided they weren’t going anywhere near their seats and wanted to spend the whole game stood in the gangway doing some aggressive pointing and chanting “ a town full of paedo’s “ Thankfully the stewards managed to shift them . How is chanting that supporting our team
  11. I would go 3 at the back against them. Probably Iorfa, Lees and Hector. We can’t match the way they attack with a 442 we will get outnumbered in all areas.
  12. oldishowl


    Big powerful player Needs to be given the chance in the next game to see if he improves our team, we have nothing to lose giving him a start next game
  13. oldishowl

    Not good enough

    The thing is they missed some real sitters both first and second half, probably half a dozen really good chances. They should have been out of sight
  14. oldishowl


    Next game is Swansea who play decent football on the deck. We are at home and need changes after today. Not seen Lazaar play but don’t care, him and Arrons need to start down our left. Fox and Boyd are not athletic enough to play walking football
  15. oldishowl

    Not good enough

    We need players who are up to the job mentally. Players who will be leaders, who thrive on the responsibility and are actually brave enough to be positive and try things. Go back to our good teams and they were full of characters, currently we have a boatload of shrinking violets