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  1. Yep refs will tell them before the game that if they do it they will be given offside.
  2. I am not sure what Dawson could have done. You can clearly see that if he steps to his right he can’t see the ball anyway
  3. So you are telling me he couldn’t see man mountain Aden Flint doing star jumps from 15 yard away. He knew exactly where he was. No wonder he got so much wrong if his eyes are that bad
  4. No it wasn’t. The referee was the one who could see that Flint was directly in line with both where the ball was and Dawson. The linesman cannot see that. He could see Flint was in an offside position but so could the rest of the world. It meant Dawson could not see the ball being kicked due to a player stood in an offside position.
  5. This is something we need to change. Given more fouls away this season than any other team. We are so naive
  6. Are you still defending the ref. They obviously made a joint decision to come to a view he wasn’t interfering. Told you before the kick off Stroud is a awful ref basically seeing out his time ruining games in this division when in reality he shouldn’t be anywhere near it.
  7. Everybody says he should have been given offside except the ref and his assistant who unbelievably was even shorter than Stroud. Absolute tripe.
  8. Can see why he has selected those fullbacks. Other than that as expected. I think it shows Monk knows what he is doing, still might not get a result of course.
  9. So now you have inserted an ‘ or anyone’ . Perhaps you should have put that in your first post instead of having a go at just FF.
  10. From Monk’s perspective Hutch back in - easy decision FF on bench - easy decision Lees ? - lot harder , no manager likes to change a back four that has been doing well or to leave out his captain
  11. Expect Hutch to come back, he is one of our leaders and will be needed on Friday
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