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  1. Fernando Forristieri injury

    And we drew at Burton
  2. Fernando Forristieri injury

    But your whole point was about him picking FF as a striker rather than on the left and FF was picked as a striker for just one game. Or are we blaming FF when he doesn't even play now Also you have no idea on how fit Fletcher was after the Chesterfield game given his ongoing knee problem
  3. Fernando Forristieri injury

    So when you say the two best strikers were left out for the early part of the season, you actually mean one game, Preston away, when all the team, everyone, was rubbish. As far as I am concerned it is not a question of whether FF wants to play left its a question of whether he is our best option on the left and he quite clearly isn't. So to me the whole thing is a non argument and I think Carlos sees it that way too which is the real reason FF has rarely played wide left.
  4. Hunt & Wallace, Reach & Bannan

    Bannan is playing exactly the same position he did in Carlos's first season when Pudil could run. Carlos moved him into the centre when he put Hutch to centre back at the start of last season. It didn't work. Then due to injuries to Lee Abdi etc the midfield never settled last season . He is far more effective playing in his current position despite the shoehorn brigade trying to use it as a stick to beat Carlos but as with anybody playing in any position it is better when we have a settled team playing with confidence
  5. Hutch abdi loovens

    Did you go the Brighton away game. We would not have been anywhere near Wembley if Hutch had not come on at halftime and when a player changes a game like that it is understandable why the manager went with him at Wembley. None of the three players in the op will/should be in the 18, they cannot be 100% fit.
  6. Carlos will not bother about individual opposition players, he will be most interested in the system they play. He won't change our recent home set up at all. Hope Clarke steers clear of our new electronic advertising boards
  7. Penalty taker?

    Probably Hooper I would think. Should get one Sunday cos the ref is Simon Hooper!
  8. Line up vs Bluntuns

    Only pick players who are 100% match fit. That must be the rule for Sunday, not a game to risk anybody We have different way of playing at home to what we do away and I would be disappointed if Carlos went cautious on Sunday So same team that started last two home games
  9. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    He was injured in pre season last season and didn't really have one . Carlos eased him back in . If any player needed easing in it was Hooper as his two subsequent hamstring strains showed. Just because he is on the bench doesn't mean he is 100% fit Carlos says Hooper is one of his key players, why would he leave him out if he is 100% fit other than occasional rotation to try and protect his hamstring
  10. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    So what we are saying is that two key players were only fit for a small part of the season (because apart from the odd away game Hooper started if fit) yet somehow our manager got us to 4th How many more points would we have got if both had played 40 games?
  11. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    No there were not Hooper was not fit for many games last season.
  12. Academy Products

    This must mean less chance of English players breaking through as fewer will get a chance to start with. A Premier League club with all the income they get should be forced to put a percentage into running an academy
  13. U23s v QPR

    Ok you know more than me as I don't know what level of payment we can expect at a tribunal. If we had sold him we could have included a big sell on. Can anything similar apply at a tribunal?
  14. U23s v QPR

    Still don't understand why we didn't take the money from Leicester or Everton if the position is so bad
  15. Adam Reach again

    Don't think Hutch will be fit and should only be considered if he is 100% fit which I doubt I wouldn't change it even if he was . Two things I would like to see us do more this season is - reward good performances by players keeping their place - not risking players who are carrying knocks or at least doing it a lot less. We had 5or 6 in the Huddersfield second leg and it cost us