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  1. Lucas Joao

    I disagree . Firstly Joao has something the others don’t and that is pace. He also has more all round ability than any of them . He can play with the ball to feet, stretching the back four and is a threat in the air. That was a fantastic header yesterday. Every striker we have has good and bad games it is just that in the past Carlos played people on one leg rather than give Joao a run of games. It is impossible to perform consistently without a run of games. It is difficult being a striker, especially in the weakened team like we have at the moment and he doing all we could ask of him.
  2. Sam Hutchinson

    Can’t believe the out of favour rumour. Jos ain’t even seen him play and we don’t have enough players to not consider a fit first teamer. Think we will be staying with three at the back this season and given we have Joey and Jones I would look to ease Hutch back into a back 3.
  3. Snodgrass tweet

    No idea what you are talking about mate. I have made no comment on threats or death wishes which are obviously wrong. I simply find it strange that people were complementing him on his performance yesterday given the nature of it.
  4. Lucas Joao

    Last two home games Joao has frightened two very experienced back fours to death and scored 3 very good goals. All goals were different, a cool accurate finish, a rasping 25 yarder and a brilliant header. He has everything to be a very good striker, just needs game time and patience while his confidence and decision making improves. We are already seeing better performances than a month ago
  5. Snodgrass tweet

    Not surprised the usual suspects are supporting Snodgrass . It all depends what kind of human being and player you like and respect . I find it very difficult to respect a person who is dishonest, a cheat and a conman, they obviously have no problem with that. Says it all really.
  6. Jos Has Been First Class

    Jos is doing ok.
  7. You are either on the wind up or stupid. I suggest you go and post somewhere else because you won’t find many looking for easy banter on here tonight.
  8. Poor Game Management

    Why do you say that?
  9. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Do you follow egg chasing. You don’t seem to understand football supporters
  10. I don’t listen to RS anymore but it seems they like asking our manager tough questions. Assuming they are not biased they must have asked Wilder - has he been happy with Leon Clarke’s form since he signed a new long, lucrative contract - why did he continue with only 2 strikers in the derby when we were down to 10 men - surprising he put Wilson on instead of Sharp against us. Has the Wilson loan got a clause that pigs pay more if he doesn’t get on the pitch. Did anybody catch the answers?
  11. Today’s team

    Despite feelings to the contrary I think that selection shows Jos , with massive constraints, does understand the players. Fox at centre half is correct. I can understand why he picks Joey and Clare although I would find a place for Jones Butterfield not starting is correct Two strikers now we have Rhodes back and possibly Hirst looking forward. Just getting out of car. Good luck today Jos!!
  12. I reckon he is turning out for some other club under a different name. Sunday League style Looks fit enough
  13. Team for Villa

    I suppose we will have to put up with John Terry telling the ref Nuhiu keeps assaulting him. Great.
  14. So stop looking backwards and making excuses for the manager who has gone and left a mess. Accept that Jos has “ got on with it” very well given the paucity of resources. He answered one question truthfully and you accuse him of not getting on with it. Carlos was a good coach on the pitch but apparently very poor off it. Will Jos be as good a coach for us. My view is that he will sort us out off the pitch, eventually produce a fit , organised squad but it is too early to be confident he will deliver results
  15. I think that is a very naive view, especially when there was an obvious fallout between the manager and a medical team that were well respected before he arrived . I very much doubt that fallout was because medical people were saying players were fit when they weren’t. It is obvious to everyone that players were playing when they shouldn’t have been. Even if you believe that is because players were saying they wanted to play when injured, which I don’t , It is down to the manager to pick the team and he shouldn’t put injured players at further risk.