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  1. oldishowl

    Rhoys Wiggins

    It is sad he has to retire but he has boosted his retirement fund considerably over the last few years without playing much football
  2. oldishowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    + He has ability and pace and in his career has shown he can finish. - He is fragile and I personally think he is always a sending off waiting to happen. Options Depend of how much we are paying him. If not much I think he can be an asset to the squad given the different formations Jos likes to use. If significant then try and move him out.
  3. oldishowl

    Westwood Going

    It is easy to say we should keep him as he is our best keeper but who knows how many games he will be fit for next season. If it is the same as last season then we would be wasting a considerable amount of money which we probably can’t afford to do. He is fragile for a keeper, I think that is obvious. It is a tough decision but if it makes sense financially then I for one wouldn’t criticise the club if it turns out he does well elsewhere. I can imagine Leeds would fancy him.
  4. Personally I don’t think you have any idea how a professional football club should be run these days. Fortunately it won’t be down to the players to decide how fit they want to be this season.
  5. Give up on it, stop clutching. Carlos has gone thank god.
  6. oldishowl

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    Probably the most interesting conundrum out of the remaining injured players for Jos. 1 Can he get fit enough and then stay fit 2 Where does he fit in the current system when we play 3 up front.? 3 Will Jos only use him if we play 2 up front in a 352
  7. Looking at the teams doing well this season shows what is needed in this league. Wolves are a one off but Cardiff , and Derby and Villa in the playoffs are all very similar. Big , physical experienced players playing functional football. Built on solid defence and goals from set pieces if that is all you can get. Fulham are different and will fail again because of it. They are too easy to play against. I expect Stoke and West Brom will be very similar next season.
  8. oldishowl

    Fernando Forestieri

    A u turn a la Trump
  9. oldishowl

    Who’s next to sign for #SWFC ?

    Joao is worth a few bob and we need to be on the ball this summer if his contract is down to the last year. We need to sort new deal or reluctantly make it clear he is available for the right money. Presumably though, he is a Doyen man so expect them to let his contract run out so they can demand bigger wages, signing on fee etc when he signs elsewhere.
  10. oldishowl

    Jos: DC got it right.

    The problem was he was injured before he started and therefore never going to last 90 mins. Along with Wallace who had to be substituted after 5 mins and several others. This meant we had to use our subs and couldn’t replace Pudil who was obviously shattered and couldn’t prevent the equaliser .
  11. Apart from the Nuhiu role the other two in the front 3 have to be mobile players with pace capable of dropping back into the middle to help out, helping the wing back while also getting into the box. FF , Joao and Matias are the ones we currently have. This leaves Atty, Rhodes, Hooper and Fletcher for one place. This is probably why we will start 352 sometimes. It does appear that 3 at the back is here to stay unless we make some defensive signings
  12. Interestingly the teams in my paper for tonight’s crucial premier league game are both shown in a 3421 formation. ( nowt to do with dusty bin) . This is basically what we are playing with atty up top then and FF and Joao as the two. Carlos copying Jos
  13. Lots of reasons why he doing well. Main one is he is starting regularly, which brings fitness and if things go right, confidence. Then the fact that he is not being left isolated up front . Too often Carlos stuck him upfront on his own. He is not mobile enough, needs others close to him to play those little short passes. We had too many fit strikers under Carlos, some were bound to suffer. If Hooper had been played in bit parts like Atty was he would have been poor as well. The thing we now know is Carlos started strikers on one leg rather than give Atty a consistent run . Can’t blame him if he goes elsewhere, must be at the back of his mind whether he will be back to 6th choice if they all get fit again.
  14. oldishowl


    Everybody is benefiting from more flexible systems with Jos having dumped the barmy 442 the minute he walked through the door but FF probably more than anybody else. He is fitter now than he has been since his first season here. Jos is showing confidence in him to play his game
  15. oldishowl

    Venâncio celebration

    Lovely that he got a goal and his moment in front of the kop. Has been great since he came into the team .