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  1. Players not without blame

    Some of the individual errors from players have been horrendous this season especially at the back where previously Carlos has been able to rely on clean sheets. Makes a massive difference but we are still playing an awful system and this is down to the manager
  2. Bannan is the problem

    I think centre half is by far our worst problem player wise While we lack some attributes in midfield we could go along way to fixing the problem by putting 3 in the middle. Also this would help the defence as hopefully teams would no longer walk through our midfield with ease
  3. Bannan is the problem

    Just reading about Allardyce and his rules how to win games clean sheets play the first pass forward win knock downs win set pieces don't lose possession in your own half Bannan along with most of our team fail on most of them. Of course there are more prettier things we do in games but I get totally fed up with our failure to do the kind of basics above. Second half we were abysmal in these things and until we fix them we have no chance
  4. Flounce Post

    That's some record mate. Pretty sure you will be there Friday but I understand what you are saying. It ain't an excuse for them but last night was the first time that it really looked like the players have totally given up on the manager and the way he is asking them to play. Experienced players who we depend on ,Bannan, Hooper and Loovens all had awful games. He has no chance of creating any kind of commitment or passion in the players or the crowd on Friday unless he does something different. If we see the same old system and tactics, with just a shuffling of the deckchairs I can't see any way the players will respond. Hope Chansiri is there because he needs to see the apathy and potential poisonous atmosphere that could develop Friday.
  5. Adam Reach

    Reach ain't perfect but to pick on him when we have seen the performances that Wallace and Jones put in tonight I find a bit bizarre . It is not the first time either. It was totally predictable how bad Wallace and Jones would be because it is a regular occurrence
  6. With Wallace Jones and Bannan in midfield we ain't capable of blocking anything. Once Norwich decided to go forward they played through our midfield at will
  7. Don't be so daft Chansiri doesn't know his a**e from his elbow when it comes to football. If he did he would have sacked Carlos by now
  8. On way home

    Well done for going I opted out and stuck with tv Tonight , second half, was the first time it looked like players just gave up and didn't play for the manager
  9. He is the coach, who could be telling him. Unless when he goes to the League Manager's get togethers the other managers take the mick and keep telling him 442 is the way to go over here
  10. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    If you think we will get somebody with a better record than Pulis you are in cloud cuckoo land Obviously would prefer somebody who plays more football but to be honest we need somebody to restore pride and fight because the players have given up
  11. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    I would take Pulis and Megson . It would be worth it just to know what a shock this set of players would get the first week of training
  12. Bannan is the problem

    Bannan is part of the problem because our tactics are such that we rely on him too much and while he is a good footballer he is not capable of doing the job Carlos asks of him. It is nigh on impossible for him to control the game like Carlos asks him to do playing with only two men in centre mid.
  13. We just don't know if he has ever been fit enough to play regular games so I don't think we can say that Carlos doesn't rate him
  14. I do understand why Carlos picks that team but it lacks too much and it is solely aimed at containing Norwich until the last 30 when he will probably sub Jones and Wallace unless we go behind first half when he will swap one at half time