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  1. Of course when I generalise there are always potential exceptions although Moses did well at wing back. The fact is Reach was very poor in that incident and Monk thought so to, immediately subbed him. Generally I don’t think Reach is a Monk type of player unless he shapes up and that was why he wasn’t selected more. Like it or not Monk likes players who take responsibility on the park and show commitment. Reach has been poor at that this season, heavily into finger pointing and treating the ball like a hot potato. He should be our best wide player in a 442/433 system. Obviously the most quality. Had a handful of very good games last season but should have had more and in the end lost his place because he didn’t match the effort of Harris and Murphy. Will be interesting to see what happens to him. Can’t afford to have another high earner not playing
  2. If he signs for Stoke will not have to move house or change family things. Makes a difference
  3. Not sure about Venancio. Done very little in Portugal since he left us and there is normally a reason for that. Also this wouldn’t be a Monk signing, he has probably never heard of him, so not sure it would be a gamble worth taking.
  4. The problem with wingbacks is that there will likely be a situation in every game, in the penalty box , where they need to have the natural instincts of a defender or it could prove costly. This was the problem with Reach in the penalty incident at Swansea. He didn’t think like a defender, let the guy get ball side and he was done for. Or he was just being lazy. Natural full backs but with pace and crossing ability are better bets.
  5. There are several things to consider. Firstly players like FF , Hooper, Joao have contributed very little for the last 2 seasons so it’s not really a case of replacing them. Secondly there are many strengths of a successful team. Once we lost key players from Carlos’s first eleven , like Hooper, FF , Lee and Wallace we were no longer a team going to win games by playing teams off the park and our lack of athletes and a regular playing style made us uncompetitive. It is very possible to do well in this league with an athletic, hard running, well organised team which on paper might not be riddled with quality. Which is why improving the coaching side is vital. That’s got be our aim alongside finding that elusive goal threat. Even there a big miss for us in recent seasons has been a lack of goals from all areas so it’s not just up front where we can get goals to win games. At the end of the day you don’t gain points if you ship goals like we were doing last season. The need to strengthen defensively in midfield is key to us.
  6. At the end of the day Bale is totally wasting his talent and not playing a game he presumably loves, or does he. Same as Ozil They both have more money than they will need for the rest of their lives but are seemingly happy to sit on their backsides, play golf and take the money and dress it up as principles. When Gareth Bale was a lad did he dream of playing football on the biggest stages in world or dream of sitting at home counting his money.
  7. We need to decide which system we are going to be playing. Kachunga is a wide player in a 433/451 system. Can’t see a role for him in a 352
  8. But surely he ain’t a wide player in a 352.
  9. Just doesn’t give me the impression now that he really wants to play and earn his money. Obviously I say impression because it’s difficult to know. There are always excuses if you look for them
  10. Problem is whether you are defending as part of a back 3, back 4 or back 8 you still have to be capable of winning the one on one battles
  11. Hopefully Beattie has spotted a couple of cheap strikers with the right raw materials for him to coach. He must know plenty out there. I don’t want anybody getting upset when Monk calls him “Beats” in his next press conference
  12. First issue is we have no idea what Bullen does. Is he assistant manager, coach, defensive coach.? So it’s impossible to say whether he is doing his job or not. My own problem with Bullen is that he has been around the dressing room a long time. He should know the ego’s, characters, leaders etc. As new manager’s come in Bullen should be the one who manages the dressing room for them . That’s what good coaches / assistants do . It’s what I would expect a good, long serving character to do. Keeps the dressing room onside and sorts the problems. Doesn’t appear from the outside that he does it.
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