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  1. Don’t think you can blame the manager today, leave that until the Swansea game at least. Windass was brainless, that was end of game. How can one team collect as many shithouses as Preston. An obnoxious , horrible manager and players to match.
  2. The trouble is Paterson can’t do anything about it. Fisher is just looking for Paterson to react ( no not in that way) so he can fall down and try and get the ref involved.
  3. The real question is why did he do such a stupid challenge
  4. My hope is that he gets us to play with some intelligence. Fed up with watching players make poor decisions, shoot when they should pass and vice versa, give stupid fouls away, pick up ridiculous cards, get on the wrong side of the ref from the start and basically playing like school kids. Be strong, be competitive but use your brain , stop being naive.
  5. You should get an email confirming your purchase but you don’t get a discount code. You pay a tenner for away games and if you have completed your purchase properly then you will be able to log on and get access tomorrow
  6. Presumably Palmer and Paterson will have to pass a COVID test prior to rejoining the team . Especially now a Serbian player has tested positive
  7. Was it only one more, thought he got 3 or 4. The problem was Fletcher and Rhodes played at Forest and it worked. Not just because Fletcher played but that was a big part of it. A few games later we played at Stoke with Rhodes and Atty up front. Probably the slowest front two ever to start a league game and both were ineffective at best. Rhodes played like he knew there was nothing good going to happen in the game and that was it . Who knows what could have happened if Fletcher had stayed fit.
  8. Watch it on your own mate and you won’t know there’s a lag.
  9. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember him playing at Plymouth where I thought he was a cultured midfielder, in today’s terms. Strange but when he played for the pigs I thought he was a clogger.
  10. Can I just say. Moses playing full back at Preston didn’t go well last time and I suspect it wouldn’t this time either. They are diving barstewards and he gives them every opportunity to do it.
  11. I suggest you watch the tap in again and watch the movement by Rhodes to get in front of the defender. Might only be 2 or 3 yard but it shows how he scores his goals. Anticipation , movement and gets a toe end to it. Might look scruffy but none of our other strikers would have scored it.
  12. Well it might have made a difference against QPR where we conceded a late equaliser with only 10 men on the pitch because we had used all our 3 subs
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