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  1. At his age the biggest worry is the injuries. Why should we bring back somebody with his injury record unless the medical team are certain they won’t reoccur which I doubt they can be when they have been things like thigh and hamstring strains. The elbow was just unfortunate
  2. That was one of my first thoughts when it started to look more certain they will go up. Can’t imagine McSue letting the big money slip through his fingers but it would be funny if it did.
  3. He doesn’t look like a centre half to me. I like him but he can be a little unpredictable on the ball.
  4. Didn’t realise this was what he wanted. Must be stupid if he thought clubs were going to agree to that.
  5. If he only has one year left on his contract then we need to sort something out. Either sell or get him to extend. Would be crazy to lose him for nowt next summer. I moan about him all the time at games but only because I don’t like his pointing technique. He is obviously in our best 11. Annoyed me on Saturday when his man missed that sitter first half. Reach let him run past him and then pointed for somebody else to pick him up.
  6. Obviously he will not be offered a new contract and nor should he be . However I wouldn’t question his ability nor his work rate and tracking back. Like a lot of forwards when he gets in the defensive positions his tackling can be a liability, bit like FF. It is frustrating though. The fact we had zero out of him for 3 years when he obviously has ability. We will never know why and I suppose the answer is probably two fold. He appeared to pick up injuries and was fragile. However the Carlos obsession with playing his favourites on one leg rather than using the squad led to several players not getting a fair crack.
  7. All the back four played well but I think Iorfa is the one who raised his game. Best game he has had for us. Nowt got past him Let me think Iorfa for 200k or Jack Hunt for 2 million?
  8. This manager you have who keeps changing formation, is he a little guy with a tache who talks with a funny accent? Scot Duncan is the worst referee in our league and to be fair that takes some doing.
  9. Will it be Fletcher and FF again or will we see Hooper.
  10. I thought we played their young full backs a lot better than I expected. They are both excellent players and very quick and have been a big part of the Norwich success this season. However we played them well.
  11. We are football fans We are biased
  12. He is a quality player . Perhaps I should have included a caveat “ unless he scores a hat trick on Monday “
  13. Hutch gets cut a lot of slack on here. He was clearly mainly at fault for their first goal,
  14. I realise it won’t be popular but I wouldn’t even contemplate offering Hooper a new deal. Bruce has said the common factor of the top teams in the division is young, energetic, athletic players who can play high pressing football for 90 mins. . He has also said we need to change our ridiculous injury levels. Why would you give Hooper a new deal?
  15. This is the key. You have to recruit players with a system in mind otherwise it’s like trying to do a jigsaw with the wrong pieces. The other thing is recruit players with the intention of them being good enough to play in the first eleven. None of this signing backups rubbish.This was the problem under Carlos, he thought he had his first 11 in his first season and after that , with the odd exception, signed players purely as cover.
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