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  1. It’s got to be more than just a change of manager. Either DC is out of here or some form of extra investment. I know the FFP issues won’t go away but Bruce won’t come if we are in a hole
  2. oldishowl

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Going to see Deacon Blue tonight!
  3. oldishowl

    Our fault again

    Are players allowed to talk to hacks like Doom without anybody from the club being involved in what they say? We just allow ourselves to be easy targets for being stitched up. I should be Communications Director, I wouldn’t let Giddings or Doom in the building.
  4. oldishowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    There is also the problem that having senior players like Hutch etc involved in some way at training sessions yet knowing they are wasting their time because they won't be playing is bound to have a negative impact on the atmosphere around the club. It will also have an impact on the thinking of other senior players like Bannan , Lees who being asked to play alongside kids instead . It is just a very poor way to handle the whole thing .
  5. oldishowl


    He is a good player and he showed in his good games that he was a more complete midfield player than anybody else we have. It is quite simple really, given the state of our squad we need somebody with his ability playing well and in the team. It is up to the manager to sort him out and make that happen.
  6. oldishowl


    Interesting people wanting Jokanovic when the biggest issue which caused his problems at Fulham was that he was changing the back four every week , and I mean every week. They went down the pan completely defensively once Stuart Gray left.
  7. To me it does matter. It is his job to manage and motivate the team. When he stays 10 yd away from the touch line he is not influencing the players on the pitch one iota. When we are playing as bad as we are for him to basically sit there and not influence what is happening on the pitch, then he is not doing his job. As for encouragement and motivation. Don’t you think a young lad like Ash Baker would like a manager stood on the line helping him rather than one sat on the bench ignoring him.
  8. oldishowl

    Was Thornily injured?

    If we want to play three centre backs then Pudil showed that the wide centre backs need to get forward and show some attacking intent and it can make a big difference
  9. oldishowl


    It is very difficult for our strikers to be consistent. In the first half we played awful and 90% of balls that Joao got he had his back to goal and was in his own half. What is he supposed to do in that position? Once he got an opportunity to run onto a ball he stuck it in the net. A class above anybody else on the pitch. His scoring stats are fantastic and he scores any type of goal you like.
  10. oldishowl


    The main issue all season has been that we play so deep that our forwards end up playing most of the game on the halfway line . This is obviously bad news for Nuhiu more than most as he needs a bus to get from the halfway line to the penalty box. Get the ball forward, play with some intensity in their half and get bodies up to support the strikers and we will see a lot more from our strikers including Nuhiu
  11. oldishowl

    Carlos Twitter

    So you think Doyen signed players but Carlos who worked for Doyen had no say in who we signed.
  12. oldishowl

    Rotherham Press Conference

    He is right in that we are seeing some horrendous individual errors from players which render tactics and formation somewhat irrelevant but surely he must understand there is a direct correlation between doing the basics right , picking a regular formation, stability in tactics , giving players confidence leading to fewer errors. It’s basic stuff.
  13. oldishowl

    Ian Holloway

    The current squad is injury ravaged with little sign of this improving. While I don’t understand the financial position it seems all gloom and doom with forecasts of both no money to spend and possibly sanctions Meanwhile we are dropping like a stone towards relegation Oh and our Chairman doesn’t appear to be the most clued up. Why would a good coach leave a job and look at us as a good place to test his reputation with a long term project? Our best hope is someone who has been there and done it, currently unemployed, and is willing to come on an 18 month contract to firefight with an ability to motivate and enthuse the players. Holloway seems to fit.
  14. oldishowl

    New manager

    Shame he is not here Saturday. Will be very interesting environment if we get stuffed