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  1. The club is probably the worst run club in the league. It is a graveyard for managers. The Cowleys saw that and wouldn’t touch it. We all know what needs to happen. Chansiri needs to step back a bit. His sidekick needs to go. We need a proper, experienced CEO We need a DOF to run contracts and recruitment and support the manager. We need a manager who is allowed to bring in his own staff . Personally I would get rid of coaches the manager inherited or at least let the manager decide. The issues we have had continually between managers and senior players are because the manager is hung out dry. He has no support so the players know they can take him on. Back to Loovens. Seems he controlled the dressing room egos for Carlos. Don’t know his coaching ability but if the manager wanted him he is the type of character we need.
  2. Carlos was just a part of the DC / Doyen project aimed at getting us into the Premier League. When they all accepted the project was dead , he went. He was very good at recognising a player's strengths and fitting that into the team. Also very good at tactics and organisation. But like a lot of managers he was too stubborn. They have to be stubborn otherwise they would be changing stuff every week. But he was too stubborn.. Refused to accept that the Wembley team needed strengthening , signed too many players as backups rather than first choice, rarely gave loans a chance, and ran his favourite players into the ground. This led to the failure against Udders which was not a problem of tactics but a problem of team selection. He asked more than half the team to play two games in 4 days when they obviously weren't fit . This cost us in the second game where we ran out of legs.
  3. I think the worthy cause will be SWFC. The finances of clubs will be dire and it might be only the well run ones which survive. That could mean trouble for us.
  4. A good question is whether there is any feasible solution which will not lead to legal challenges. As we have seen with our own situation legal proceedings take time and the timeline will undoubtedly make it very difficult to put leagues and fixtures together for next season . They will also leave some clubs in a position of not knowing which league they need to build a squad for. There are enough challenges for next season without creating more.
  5. Iorfa is poor in the air. Misjudges the flight all the time and rarely gets any distance on the header. Good defender outside the box with his pace but his weakness in the air is a problem when sides put balls into our box
  6. Just reading some of the quotes from Rick Parry yesterday. If it’s already covered elsewhere then apologies . Premiership Tv deal 3 billion Wage bill 2.9 billion Championship Tv deal 100 million Wage bill 1 billion Obviously can’t continue
  7. Well the first thing to consider is where we might be if we have another say 3 years of DC. We simply can’t continue being run with that level of incompetence and not sink. Would Ashley be better. Well he is definitely a competent businessman and would run us properly as a business. He also understands the structure required at a club which DC patently doesn’t. I think Ashley would do well for us. It is a different league to the Premiership. In the PL apart from the odd fluke like Leicester the same clubs are at the top, basically it’s all about money. He doesn’t throw money around. The Championship is different. Occasionally a Wolves will come along and buy the league but success is possible for any club which is well structured, well organised, understands what they are trying to do and most importantly have a good manager. Ashley and his sidekicks are well competent enough to do that here. Newcastle had a great manager in Benetiz but still no chance of success in the Premier without spending loads.
  8. yep, went to a game there a few years back. I think what they do is the areas behind either goal reserved for a specific team but down the sides are open to allcomers. Where I was sat there were fans from both teams and neutrals like myself, and ghostbusters going round serving beer.
  9. As a country we should be a lot more interested about normal people getting back to work, companies operating again and attempting to improve the economic mess we are in rather than spending time pandering to the egos of some self important sports body.
  10. While the dithering goes on Gordon Taylor continues to pick up his 2 million per year. It has already hit the fan in France . Canal have refused to pay their next instalment of tv right money which presumably hits the clubs in the pocket and either the club takes the hit or pass it on to the players.
  11. So effectively Loovens and Semedo kept egos like Westwood and Hutch under control and stopped them ruining the spirit in the dressing room. Probably helped by experienced pros like Wallace and Pudil. Carlos left it to them. Once these players left the egos took over and we are where we are.........
  12. While he has been struggling a bit prior to the injury I think it has shown what can happen when you lose a player who has a big number of assists, we have missed him. And , if you have a dodgy toe wear some proper boots ffs Not orange carpet slippers
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