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  1. Win our next 2 home games, we could be within striking distance of 6th place.
  2. I wouldn't make 4 changes, I would bring in Jones or Pelupessy,
  3. South Stand near away end, but I would suggest no colours, or chanting
  4. Purchases do count the fee is spread over the length of the contract
  5. It doesn't matter how much money he has, he is not allowed to spend anymore, rich friends or not
  6. Just watched Goals on Sunday. Mick McCarthy was the guest pundit, he said that fans should celebrate what a skills a player has, and what he adds to the team. rather than critisise them for what they can't do. I tend to support that view. Joey gives a lot to us.
  7. I have always backed him, but he has been below average this season, and was dreadful yesterday
  8. Maybe, but think of the message that a gate for the FA cup below 5000 would send out
  9. If Jos hasn't gone by 05/ Jan. I would suggest that the only way Mr Chansiri would listen to the voice of the fans is through a financial hit. The majority of fans attending the games now are season ticket holders, he has already got that income for this season. I would encourage all fans to boycott the FA cup game v Luton It woudn't be a massive financial hit but it would be a demonstration of our frustration and make him think of the future financiial hit regarding season ticket sales for next season. I intend to boycott the game. Could we have an Owlstalk poll to gauge support for this.
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