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  1. MallorcaOwl

    According to reports in Portugal...

    This is from his Wiki Page 2007–2010 Chelsea 3 (0) 2011–2014 Chelsea 2 (0) 2012–2013 → Nottingham Forest (loan) 9 (1) 2013–2014 → Vitesse Arnhem (loan) 1 (0) 2014 → Sheffield Wednesday (loan) 10 (1) 2014– Sheffield Wednesday 85 (2) National team 2006–2007 England U18 1 (0) 2007–2009 England U19 4 (0)
  2. MallorcaOwl

    Preslav Borukov

    I have seen him a couple of times, I thoght he was better than you describe him, he was good on the ball and had a good first touch.
  3. I also thought the K Lee would make a good wingback, not sure that we can rely on Hutch, I would try to sign Venancio
  4. Liverpools Academy is about 6 miles from the 1st team training ground, seems to work for them
  5. MallorcaOwl

    What/who do we need to improve the squad?

    I agree, he was a right back when he signed for us.
  6. MallorcaOwl

    Rate the season

    6, I was going to give a 5 but we played really well the later part of the season giving us hope for the future.
  7. I am neither sover or under whelmed, just whelmed. I think Jos is a bit over cautious, but time will tell
  8. MallorcaOwl

    Suns out... Guns out...

    Come the revolution comrade
  9. MallorcaOwl

    Player of the Season?

    Reach for me, he has played in differant roles within the team, doesn't hide when he is off form
  10. MallorcaOwl

    Injuries ?? Or precautions??

    Injured Don't know Don't know
  11. I Don't mind 3 at the back, as long as he plays 2 up front. I think all being equal Jos prefers to play 4 3 2 1. I also think that sadly Hutch is now a spent force, he picks up injuries too easily.
  12. MallorcaOwl

    Nuhiu at the crossroads

    The Donker is a bit insulting to a Professional footballer, who has played for his country, and gives all on the pitch. What would you think if people made similar remarks about you at work.
  13. Tell him he sorry but he's injured
  14. MallorcaOwl

    Player of the season so far?

    Pudil, Joao, Nuhiu, have all played well. The one who stands out for me is Reach, his from dropped off a bit but he has been our most consistant player.