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  1. I don't think that this post adds to the argument. Trying to make your point by using insulting behaviour belittles your argument.
  2. The odds collapsing has more to do with fans betting, than who the eventual Manager will be.
  3. The FA stated last week the clubs put out a team or forfeit the game
  4. I think you are wrong. We only have one fruitcake making the decisions
  5. I am not sure that I agree, we as fans we see glimpses of what a player does. The Manager & Coaches see them every training session. Managers may have their favourites but the last 3 Managers have decided the Penney is not good enough for a start. Think back to the clamour for George Hirst to play, he not pulling up trees for Rotherham is he. You mentioned how many young players we have released over the past five years. I would ask you to name the ones who have gone on and played at a higher level. I am not having a go at you but offering a different point of view.
  6. I would keep Bannon, he has the does have some bad games or bad spells in a game, we notice this because he doesn't hide, he is always there wanting the ball.
  7. What, any foreign coach. Remenber Jos.
  8. I would play our subs bench + under 23's. We can't afford any more injuries. Sadly the FA cup isn't relavent to us this season
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