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  1. All matches are 5 mins long, we lose every game 1.0
  2. Regardless of DC's ambitions for the Club, and the money he spent to realise those ambitions, he recklessly managed the club. He failed on numerous occasions to appoint the right people to key positions, I don't mean the football manager as that can and will be a hit and miss decision. DC failed to appoint a credible advisor on football matters, he failed to appoint a Chief Exec to run the club, his decision making around season ticket and POTD prices was a catastrophic mistake. These actions, or inactions has led us the verge of relegation to Div 1 of the EFL.
  3. I think that all of our remaining games are a must win
  4. Employ people to mangage the the differing aspects of a football club, and allow them to manage.
  5. I'm a fan of BB, he has been one of our best players over th epast seasons, never injured hardly ever subbed, and if he is having a bad game he doesn't hide.
  6. He could of course sell the club, but keep Hillsbrough and rent it out to the new owners.
  7. You said that with Iorfa, & Loungo, out injured that we were massivley hamstung, ie Loungo with his hamstring injury, I'l get my coat
  8. I don't think that it is a good riddance, BB is one of the few players that didn't miss games through injury, He never hid, and has arugumentally been our most consistant and best player over the years.
  9. DC really does have a dilemma, he needs to reduce the POTG to 1st Div levels, but he may not have the cash to refund multi year season tickets. I think he should take a hit and partially refund multi season ticket holders. I can envisage law suits if he has a lower POTG prices than current season ticket prices.
  10. To me the main advantage of having a season ticket is the fact that you sit in the same seat avery match wiy your friends or family. I wouldn't complain if POTD prices were the same pro rata as a season ticket.
  11. Mine arrived @ 11.30, went through paper airplane games etc to get you used to hand contolls, visited Elton John concert. It is the most amazing awsome tech. I am 73 next birthday, am putting myself forward as the oldest Oculus player on Owlstalk
  12. I take it that you can't use it if you get Sky Sports through NOW TV, not through a Sky box
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