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  1. I am not a fan of Moore. There were too many factors invilved to blame any one person for our relagation. However given the resources at his disposal kast season we should have gained promotion. My main concern regarding our manager is his inconsistancy, both in his team selection and his game management. his prefered style of play before he came to us was a variation on a 442. With the players at his disposal when he first joined us he opted for a very defensive 5 at the back, his wing backs were basically defenders. his game management is defensive we lost a lot of matches after going in front. Iast season he had a full pre season to plan his style of play and recruitment strategy, he bought too many players who were not good enough, and he carried on with his 5 at the back. Whilst I don't blame him for continuing with his formation, he makes it a defensive 352 rather than an attacking 352. He may well get us promoted this season, but I doubt that we will walk the league. Most people would be happy with 4 points from our first 2 games, but ther weren't 4 good point. We threw the first game away from a good start. the MKD was dire. I couldn't identify any game plan, it looked like he picked 11 players, and said go and have a game lads. there was no cohesion, it looked as if they had never played togther before. I really hope that I am wrong and DM gets us promoted.
  2. I agree, but we must strap ouselves in for the Palmers crap, Bannon is overated, Paterson is rubbish brigade.
  3. I agree, bad tackles or mistimed tackles are part of the game and generally get punished. there is no excuse for dissent, you may as well ask the ref to book you. We will pay for the lack of disipline in the new year when the bookings accumulate.
  4. Agree, but if he played against a decent Sunderland side it would give us a clue.
  5. I am a really big fan of BB, but I would sell him this season if it meant that we could sign Dele on a long term contract. That is how much that I rate him. I can see him playing Premier League football in 5 years, hopefully with us.
  6. clear cut penalty, the ref didn't help himself by taking so long to blow his whistle.
  7. It could be either 4231 0r 352. I think DM will go with 352
  8. Ikkhewe passed mostly with his right foot last week, it was really noticable
  9. You can buy a video pass in the UK, but you can only view the video if you live abroad or have a VPN. believe me.
  10. You can if you know that it's false. "It's false and that's a fact"
  11. I think that Smith would have come in anyway, probably in place of Windass. playing alongside Gregory. I envisage our front two as Smith and either Windass or Gregory.
  12. It's a good idea, he has played for a top premier club. has been around the championship. Should be a good mentor for younger players .
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