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Community Answers

  1. 4-1-3-2 BPF Hunt. Iorfa. Dunkley. Johnson Hutchinson Adeniran. Luongo. Bannan Gregory. Windass
  2. He has got to play with a back four. We haven't got the players for a 3 / 5 defence
  3. I wouldn't want to sell him, but, if we got a silly offer we would be daft not to. He has hardly played this season and might break down again.
  4. When was that. My understanding is that the home club is responsible for the safety and behaviour of all of the people in the stadium.
  5. The Home club are responsible for the behaviour of all fans in the ground,
  6. 1. Wildsmith - Keep 2. Brennan - keep, 3. Dunkley - keep, 4. Hutchinson - Release 5. Jack Hunt - keep, 6. Waldock - release 7. Alex Hunt - keep, 8. Luongo - Release 9. Paterson - Keep 10. Adedoyin - Release 11. Berahino - release
  7. He's 23, at his age he should be pushing for 1st team (if he is good enough) He has played non league football since leaving Bradford City in 2018, he never played in the first team for them.
  8. Bannan, Then Dunkley. I woild give a shout to Patterson because of his commitment to the team, not a brilliant footballer but his versatality and consistancy has really been an asset to the team.
  9. BPH Hunt Iofa Dunkley Palmer Hutchinson Luongo Corbeanuu Bannan Windass Gregory
  10. Palmer has improved this season, Patterson is greatly underated, he will play in any position asked of him, never hides. Did anyone notice when he defended a corner last nigh, then ran the length of the pitch making a crucial tackle before being fouled.
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