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  1. I believe that it is badly contaminated with fuel from it's time as an air base
  2. DC is the sole owner of SWFC, that includes the ground, he employs all of the staff, including the contracted players. There are no shareholders. In effect DC is setting up another company that he will be the sole owner of, he will sell the ground to that company, nothing changes in terms of who really owns the ground. If DC wanted to sell SWFC including the ground he can
  3. He will be the sole owner of the club, and the sole owner of the stadium, if he sells he will sell them both, practically every Premier club do this
  4. We haven't lost our main asset, DC owned it, and he still will just under another company
  5. He will have sold it to himself through a "Stadium Holding Company"
  6. Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, I could go on. Not many clubs directly own their ground.
  7. He gets the money anyway, he owns the club, not us.
  8. I agree he has probably set up another company, and that company has bought the ground.
  9. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/sky-bet-championship-clubs-accused-of-selling-grounds-then-renting-them-back-to-exploit-ffp-rules-nd332mdzl I have pasted the link above, but I don't think The Times allow it, as it doesn't appear to work
  10. An article in todays Times has reported that Sheffield Wednesday and 2 other Championship clubs have sold there grounds,. The article went on to say that a club spokesman said that any new arrangements regarding Hillsborough would be clear in the accounts, which they insisted would be published in the next few weeks.
  11. Yes, You have to wait untill they go on general sale, then contact the ticket office
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