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  1. MallorcaOwl

    You might think im being harsh

    I think you are being harsh
  2. Non of the above are available to us
  3. MallorcaOwl

    Nuhiu isn't the answer

    Beat me to it
  4. MallorcaOwl

    Season Card

    It's the hope that kills you card
  5. Yes, Yes, don't know.
  6. Your right, but I think your true colours are within the title of your post
  7. At home behind closed doors
  8. MallorcaOwl

    3-4-3 or 3-5-2

    Wel I learnt that 3+2+4=9
  9. MallorcaOwl


    It's the hope that kills you.
  10. MallorcaOwl


    I expected a top 6 last season, with a new manager focusing on getting the players fit, and having a clearly defined system of play, I will go for a top 6 place again this coming season.
  11. All three could hold a place in a championship side, I would go for Westwood, Dawson, & Widsmith in that order,
  12. Yes, and they play the long ball game to a big centre forward
  13. MallorcaOwl

    Behind closed doors friendly

    Sorry can't help as it was behind closed doors
  14. MallorcaOwl

    According to reports in Portugal...

    This is from his Wiki Page 2007–2010 Chelsea 3 (0) 2011–2014 Chelsea 2 (0) 2012–2013 → Nottingham Forest (loan) 9 (1) 2013–2014 → Vitesse Arnhem (loan) 1 (0) 2014 → Sheffield Wednesday (loan) 10 (1) 2014– Sheffield Wednesday 85 (2) National team 2006–2007 England U18 1 (0) 2007–2009 England U19 4 (0)