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  1. I think it proves the poster is right.
  2. Tweet See new Tweets Conversation Joe Crann @YesWeCrann Level 1: Checked it out, and #SWFC’s home run at the moment of 11 games in all competitions is their worst Hillsborough form since they went 15 matches without a win across the 1974/75 and 1975/76 seasons under Steve Burtenshaw and Len Ashurst. 11:53 AM · Oct 26, 2020·Tweetbot for Mac
  3. With our shocking home record, he would have been sacked a long time ago with any other owner.
  4. It's on Sky, so Ifollow don't stream it live only audio
  5. I really hope that they do form a Euro league with no promotion or relegation, how boring would that be, the season could be over for most teams after the first 10 games. We could realigne the English football pyramid, with salary caps and regional leagues for the lower teams in the pryamid. I would also propose that we never again let Sky TV control the fixture list.
  6. The F.A should hang the Premier league out to dry. They should Kick them out of the F.A if they try to push this deal through. They should refuse to nominate them for European competitions.
  7. you can put it through your telly with a HDMI cable from your laptop to the telly
  8. Cheese on toast with Marmite spread on the toast with cheese on top, when it's grilled the Marmite seeps through.
  9. Do you mean go easy on the "Worriers" or "Warriors" or perhaps both.
  10. Even if he walked in with it under his arm
  11. MY guess would be that we have lost our appeal
  12. Where did I say that, but football is more a game of mistakes, look at Liverpools defence last night. Klopp shook his head and laughed, because you get games like that. PS I am no lover of Monk, or his tactics.
  13. We could blame Dawson for not attacking the cross, We could blame Van Aken for the same reason, We could blame a number of players for not pressing. In the end it was a footballing mistake, that's how the majority of goals are scored.
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