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  1. That's the team I would have put out, It's up to Reach and Da Cruz to step up. I woiuld like to see Hunt be given more time in the second half.
  2. That a new approach for us, asking a footballer to play football.
  3. One of the best away days ever, that and Blackburn away in the cup
  4. I watched it a couple of months ago, it is reasonably accurate the two Scotish players did exist and were the first professional players.
  5. Ten players could leave Sheffield Wednesday at the end of their contracts – Cameron Dawson, Ash Baker, Morgan Fox, Kieran Lee, Joey Pelupessy, Sam Hutchinson, Sam Winnall, Atdhe Nuhiu, Fernando Forestieri, Steven Fletcher. Due to the uncertainty about when the season will re-start or not, there could be a legal minefield if the season re- started after the contracts expired.
  6. He doesn't seem to have a plan that lasts more than 2 consequtive matches.
  7. I cant remember the years but Liverpool away when they were slashing our fans with stanley knives, & in a pub in Port Vale it started raing glassess and bottles had to brek the window and jump through it
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