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  1. Last time we played Norwich 18 months ago this was who we brought Sheff Wed 25Dawson 27Iorfa 15Lees 34Hector 2Palmer 19Matias 23Hutchinson 7Onomah 21Boyd 45Forestieri 9Fletcher Substitutes 6Fox 8Pelupessy 10Bannan 11Winnall 17Nuhiu 18Lucas João Enough to make a grown man cry to think how poor our current squad is by comparison. For any doubters out there. This is why we need Tony Pulis.
  2. They were poo poo a couple of years ago. Their current quality strangely gives me hope. Thought the manager was restrained afterward. PS that Centre Forrud is a find for them - wonder where they got him from?
  3. Thanks M’lud Thanks Tony Thanks lads Thanks Mr Ref
  4. the problem with Moses he forgets we’ve got a goalie and he gives away penalties rather than accept he’s been beaten. He is a very lucky boy tonight - on for about ten seconds and he was already giving away another stonewall that Hadrian would have proud of.
  5. For Christmas? Mi two front teeth and at least one victory?
  6. Kid makes bad pass and dives in. See it all the time. Not trying to crucify him but it was daft. see if the changes keep the score down!
  7. Unless he learns quickly Shaw is a liability - too eager or be a man when he is learning his trade.
  8. Not many goals in that lot unless Reach and Bannan get their shooting boots on. whats Liera doing these days?
  9. Carl Shutt got about 21 goals in about 10 games if my unreliable memory serves me well. Duffed Man U at Old Trafford in the weekend live game back in the day. “Well and truly Shutt out” said Desmond Lynam (for it is he)
  10. Genuinely don’t understand what folk expect Pulis to do at this point other than make us as hard to beat as he can. All of the forruds who have left over the past year or so - Hooper, Joao, FF, Fletch, Wickham etc would walk (or more likely hobble) into this team. The one we’ve got left with - Rhodes - bless him - is useless outside the 6 yard box. i wish he’d give the Man City lad a run in the team but he has hardly looked a world beater. Wonder if he could persuade them to lend us the young Delap instead for old times sake? In the meantime, it wouldn’t surprise me if he played the
  11. 15 pages Overall: a few people agreeing with Pulis most people feel sorry for Rhodes everyone feels sorry for us no one feeling sorry for DC cos he’s rich I feel sorry for Att
  12. The OP is a great big whoosh I’m just a bit bored so have inexcusably joined in.
  13. not really only us it seems to have happened to Derby too
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