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  1. If we aren’t playing football at this stage there is no way we are going to be clear anytime before Autumn I think the obvious solution has already been proposed. Stop this season now, award any baubles due but don’t have relegation from Prem - just two come up making a 22 and do the same down the leagues. Prem clubs don’t go into League Cup next year to make the space. Play offs are a lottery anyway - as well we know! Simples.
  2. Thing was with those two. No matter who we were playing. As you walked up to Hillsboro you knew we could give anyone a game.
  3. Good analysis OP Monk has lost the plot. Get Megson in for rest of season. DC can then sell the club We move on. (If folk want me to sort out the Covid19 thing I can do that too)
  4. Ive always been an advocate of percentage guilt which I think should be recognised in law in everything from divorce to car accidents to tragedies like the one that happened in our stadium. Trouble is the wife says everything is All My Fault so I’ve not got very far with it. Great to have a chance to divvi up the blame - I’m going 15% Carlos 20% the backroom staff that crocked half of the players when they were half good 20% the bloke that signed geriatrics like Jones and Abdi 20% DC for not selling as much as bad buying 10% Garry Monk for turning into Jos Luhukay at Christmas 10% The players & 5% Owlstalk for the campaigns that brought has beens like Rhodes and Wickham to S6. ”we’re all guilty’ but given the only thing that can be changed easily is Monk let’s get the extra 10% we need to escape relegation. If we get a points deduction, obviously DC and the recruitment idiot have their percentages increased!
  5. PS. To those who think we wouldn’t attract a manager, at the start of the season when Bullen was caretaker Olly and Rowett were on Sky, Olly remarked “we’d all crawl over each other to get that job” Plenty would put their hand up for it but personally I wouldn’t look further than Megson
  6. Whatever the deep rooted problems the club has, Garry Monk is proving incapable of picking the right team to beat the opposites and arrest an alarming decline in form. He is starting to act like a tashless Jos. Who on this good planet thinks that Joey P and Cruz are the best options to start from that squad? He should go and for all his weary eyed posturing, as teams like Swansea and Leeds have discovered before, when he goes on a bad run, he struggles to turn it around. it would be deja vu to get Bullen again, but there are plenty of experienced managers such as Megson and Pulis who would sort this mess out for a short term contract and big bonus.
  7. I still think we did better than in the capitulation against Chelsea last year and in the second 0-0 at the Lane as one other poster has mentioned. That said, it does (disappointingly) show that when compared to the back end of Stuart Gray (lost to Citeh 1:2 and early Carlos (beat Arsenal 3:0) we have fallen even further behind and this team/ squad has run its course. Either Monk or a new manager will have almost to start from scratch in the Summer.
  8. The pigeons who lived in them rows and rows of lofts you could see on the way to the match back in the day have long flown. Their disappearance always felt a bit like the ravens leaving the Tower to me. We haven’t been in the Prem since they left. We could be sleeping with the fishes soon. Tuna ones ...
  9. Was not this the man who was responsible for the inflatable craze which began when Citeh fans began waving Imre’s Banana? Ooo matron!
  10. OK so he ain’t Brad Pitt, but I’d pay to watch a couple of rounds of Monk v Bowyer if it came to. There are some hard case looking managers around but as posted elsewhere, not many of em are doing very well at the moment. Maybe you need a bit of podge to be a top flight Brit gaffer like Smith, Wilder and (ahem) Bruce!
  11. ‘Jesus’ ‘not all good news’ blimey! Even the Gospel isn’t what it once was!
  12. We have to take on board that some players remain enigmatic. I think I’m with Chris Waddle on this. When the R5 commentator for England Albania mentioned Atty had over 200 appearances for Wednesday the Waddler said: nowt.
  13. Not sure about this - reminds me of JVAs reaction after conceding a goal in a certain game - I might need brain surgery to remove the association!
  14. I’m normally a touch more optimistic than JOC but remain burned by the relegation in 1990 - lost 7 out of last 8. This team needs to stay sober and remember it has to earn every point and play to the last minute in this division.
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