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  1. Rogerwyldesmullet

    ODD ODDS are the bookies always right?

    I didn’t realise that the odds were so determined by the punters - Silly me thinking that some consideration would be given to the actual team and the points accrued!!
  2. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Dan Wallis

    they don’t half get stuck in!
  3. Rogerwyldesmullet

    CC on Talksport after 10

    I disagree but this is funny. Long live Owlstalk. God bless yer Carlos - the managerial equivalent of a memorable one night stand!
  4. Just looking at odds from Bet365 - they have us as the 7th/8th likely to go down and among the highly unlikelys to go up. I know they are Stokes owners but there’s no need to be bitter about Saturdays draw. Seems a bit odd to me (see what I did there) that they think the likes of Preston are more likely to go up than us - but then - the bookies are always right .... or after 4 league games undefeated is 9:1 a good bet for top six?
  5. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Bannan Bodyguard Rota

    Count me in. If he walks down our street he can be reassured that I’ve got his back and a combination of mi hundreder conker and it being a quiet sort of road anyway should ensure his safety. Fear not fellow fans, Bazzer is safe down our way.
  6. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Rowetts right.

    Pound for pound? Grand per gram more like! The East Bank songsters are correct. Indubitably, on current form, at this point in history, he is better than Zidane.
  7. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Make no bones about it.

    Throw in Eric Potts and Terry Curran and I’m with you all the way!
  8. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Worst Signing Ever

    In terms of timing, cost and signalling our decline, Andy Sinton to think he chose us over Arsenal whose bid we could afford to match ..... imagine that happening these days. dont get me wrong, he tried, but just wasn’t what we needed
  9. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    That through ball off the post from the penalty - insane.
  10. Yes he did - with Southampton - who also had Peter Rodrigues. I was willing them both to play well against Manure but my memory is that Jim hardly did anything of note that day.
  11. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Colin West penalty mystery finally solved

    TBF that Everton side would probably have won the European cup if they’d been allowed to enter it. We seemed to play them a lot back then and they usually won - weirdly my favourite memory is Siggi Jonsson nutmegging Peter Reid .... because he could ... pS the Arsenal 3:3 was 3:0 to us and then we drew. Sterland’s goal was unforgettable.
  12. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Carlos on The Football Ramble..

    Whatever did happen to “The Committee”? I know the bloke Adam from Leeds went back to Leeds etc but why was Roeder cut?
  13. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Couple of records

    Geddoudahere! Steveger - can’t believe you’ve brought Leeds into this. PS Do they still have tags on their socks so they know which foot they are kicking people with?
  14. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Couple of records

    Lord Snooty is being disingenuous - he knows full well that at Chanisiris insistence, it now houses the 150th anniversary cake ball.
  15. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Best Match you missed and you had a ticket

    Boxing Day Massacre there is no sorrow like my sorrow. Im getting over it, I only think about it a couple of times a day now.....