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  1. The championship on ch5

    Bit harsh on Colin Murray. He may not be perfect but he is one of the few well known pundits who actually is bothered about the Championship/ EFL. All those ex Manure Liverpool and Arsenal players that dominate the media ignore it totally.
  2. Letter sent to FA

    Look. It might not be something you would do, but fair play to any fan who watches all the matches and has been driven to write/ send a missile to the governing body. Does anybody think the Italian fixing scandal would have come to light without attention bring drawn to it? I mean - it has been known for players to take bribes tha nos.
  3. Free agents

    Excellent player - but injury prone ....!!
  4. Ross Wallace

    Some Disgraceful comments on this thread - A player who has worn the shirt with some distinction gets injured - perhaps a career threatening knee problem - likely to be the last we see of him Brave "fans" on here call him sh!t Seriously - please go and support another club - I don't want to be associated with you.
  5. Fernando today

    Hope Winnall isn't lurking there too...
  6. Ever get the feeling

    Dear Tinks. "that feeling" is something I've experienced on a regular basis. Dont worry - after 50 years you kind of get used to it.
  7. Team vs. Swansea

    Jos the inscrutable strikes again Dawson fred Rhodes fox wallace stobbs Boyd Abdi reach Bullen Butters
  8. Glenn Whelan

    That was his first goal in 101 years. Thanks Glen.
  9. This press conference has got me very angry

    This thread is contributing to the general hysteria surrounding SWFC and the need to make every strained ligament and ingrowing toenail the responsibility of Carlos is batty. Wot next? "Bird flu traced to Portuguese manager?" Jos comes across sensibly and purposeful in this interview. I absolutely love the way he is talking about the youngsters including G Hirst. He clearly has his ways and expects a certain level of fitness which he has not found among those without injuries which is leading to an attitude to squad rotation that Qualcast would be proud of. Personally I am not fully convinced - but all of us want him to get it right even if that means tagging players with Fitbits and GPS - it worked for Jamie Vardy - maybe our lot will get quicker too.
  10. The facts post Millwall

    This reminds me of that faintly amusing challenge "Defend the Indefensible". JL supposedly prioritised the league and risked the ire of fans with his FA Cup team and then repeated the trick with bells on with his selection for the Den. Even with a weakened squad, it has been baffling. It isn't a question of being a clapper a moaner or playing Championship manager but it is part of the malarkey of being a fan to argue about team selection since week in week out we form our own opinions about players. Just as I have disagreed in the past with Jack Charlton (who the heck is Mel Sterland?), Bilko (Ian Cranson?wtf), Ron, Tricky, Pleaty, Wilsony, Jewelly etc I don't feel less of an Owl if I disagree with a bloke who has been to Hillsborough less times than mi Mam. JL might turn out to be a success but those last two line ups have looked more like Magath than Mourinho. It worries me precisely because I am a fan that if JL carries on being more enigmatic than pragmatic, I fear for him, for the fans and for the club.
  11. Consilio et Animis - really?

    "this city is ours" prefer the old classic noli illegitimi carborundum "don't let the b****ds grind (you) down"
  12. Jos is a real leader and solid man manager

    Worryingly reminding me of this guy
  13. Honeymoon over Jos

    If We are not careful we will all be playing "League 1 manager" soon!
  14. Honeymoon over Jos

    By nature am a clapper and was rooting for Carlos maybe a month or two more than most but felt in the end it was definitely time for a parting of the ways. With Jos, was genuinely impressed with the very different attitude among the players we saw at the Lane and encouraged by his trust in the youngsters. That said, when Jos won plaudits with the win against Derby no one could have predicted the next two line ups he has picked. IMO he has not adequately explained his decisions and his allusions to fatigue and "two games in three days" excuse remind me of Carlos at his worst. Like it or not, good communication is now part of the role of manager and If he continues to baffle the fan base he will alienate loyal supporters, lose his job and will have no one to blame but himself.