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  1. I’d be underwhelmed but not worried by Rowetts appointment whereas some of the names touted would freeten mi to death. Put it this way, Rowett knows where Hillsboro is and is an admirer of some of our players (eg Joao) - With any kind of fitness and work ethic I reckon we would be in and around the play offs with him.
  2. Let’s not forget birthday celebrations were key to Yaya Toure at Man City, so just in case .... ”Happy Birthday Michael! We’ve got a special cake ball made for such an occasion ...”
  3. I do agree that what DC did was class and at the time on the telly I thought they were rude and insensitive and compounded the felony by talking over the lovely Alex S. The point is on reflection no one should be surprised Bruce has buzzed off and maybe they saw the delay as a bad signal in a way we didn’t - in that sense they were right. He’s done it before and he clearly isn’t intimidated by Chairmen - as Simon Jordan knows, he quit Palace for Brum of all places. We are bigger than all this of course we are and at one level I don’t give a monkeys - I haven’t even got any beef with the bar codes cos we do the same to the Dingles on a regular basis. Onwards and (hopefully) upwards! UTO
  4. Anyone else want to apologise to Danny Murphy and Ruud Gullit? I had them down as pundit prannies after our no show at Chelsea when they said they weren’t impressed at Bruce not taking the Wednesday job straight away. They even talked over Alex Scott as she tried to explain the personal circumstances. “But Would he delay if it was Man Utd?’ they replied. The answers “no” - And Danny and Ruud were correct. Fancy professional footballers seeing that what had happened was that Bruce was coming on his own terms and would leave on them as well. UTO
  5. All a bit Wednesday but I think that folk don’t want Bully cos they like him!
  6. TBH the main pain in the backside is that Bruce would have had the authority to get rid of one or two to bring in some dosh and the contacts to pull in some top quality loanees. Random Foreign Manager (insert name) wont have a rats farting chance of doing that hence DC needs to appoint a Classic Brit quickly. (Rowett is probably an obvious bet although I think Megson or Stuart Gray would be miles better). Opting for Bullen makes sense at one level (continuity) but I think it will end in tears cos if we aren’t top 6 at Crimbo the fans will want him out and so will DC.
  7. This would work for me. Then, as we PTL, the entire stadium could bop all the way to the Prem ..... cue Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs ... ”Matty told Hatty/ bout a thing she saw/ had two big horns/ and a woolly jaw WOOLY BULLYYYYY!” we might manage a fortnight before Derby nick it
  8. half that list wouldn’t know where Hillsboro is hughton not coming and irrational antipathy to Megson Monk - a haunted cupboard, Rowett a battered Cortina, Pulis a poor mans Megson, Cook = Steve Burtenshaw revisited. Bloke who talks most sense on Talksport is Dean Saunders #justsaying
  9. I agree with. Beholder. No one is saying the situation is 100% just, rather that the extra money we might get is not as valuable as getting HMS PTL out of the harbour. This will be the same as the annual Fessi season starting distraction - a drain on the energy and ultimately the reputation of the Club. DC has been amazing in his commitment to the Owls but he does have attachment issues - hence we don’t sell players and hold on to managers too long - including this one!
  10. Would anyone else go for Tim Sherwood? Mean twot who always played well against us but who brought through youngsters at Spurs and Villa. Yes, he loves himself but always talks sense IMO and would have something to prove.
  11. Weird thing in that he was wanted by us even so far as we waited for him, he isn’t really wanted by them. Could end in tears all round
  12. As a card carrying Megson Cult member and pious Christian I should object vehemently to this, but things are getting so hopeless with the Owls maybe recourse to coprophagous corpse operating on the dark side with weird gardening skills is becoming a likely outcome.
  13. Far be it from me to doubt a man with 33,000 likes, but Surely you wouldnt actually do this if the Ginger Messiah bestrode Hillsboro once more? Keep your ballsack intact. settle for eating a couple of “sweetbreads” in a Kebab house with a dash of Hendo.
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