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  1. Colin is a pantomime villain and would love to send us down. Hope he gets them over-bothered and three of them get sent off.
  2. Thanks M’lud for bravely keeping up spirits in these dire times. I think that we will dominate possession and lose 0-2. But no worry, tomorrow we will join a breakaway Super League1 with Hull Sunderland and Pompey and play each other 12x a season.
  3. Oredictable being a version of predictable before alcoholic overdose!
  4. Lads. I’m not talking about the equaliser which their player rehearsed about 10 minutes earlier, I’m talking about the comments “players not trying/ not fit to wear the shirt etc. Of course they are trying and of course they wanted to win - we dominated that game - ludicrous to suggest otherwise. Fact is we aren’t very good and definitely not clinical in front of goal. Let’s support the team we’ve got not the team we would like it to be.
  5. Gave it to Borner but really. If anyone was surprised by that result, you haven’t been watching Wednesday for very long.
  6. Pelupessy - like any number of our players - unintelligent - giving away needless fouls.
  7. Now get Hutch off with immediate - the Ref will be equalling this up any minute now.
  8. Lord Snooty deserves a medal for keeping our spirits up during this season when we have either been blitzed by the opposition or blitzed ourselves with stupid mistakes and silly fouls. M’lud, I wish thee well today especially as they lay thine own younger cousin The Duke of Edinburgh to rest. I have never been much of a royalist but I do appreciate the match being moved earlier because of his funeral since it gets our misery over earlier and allows more of the weekend for recovery.
  9. Even Ted from Teddington couldn’t save this lot.
  10. Any older viewers find themselves pining for Jeff King whose main contribution was to wind up the oppos and make sure no team took the pi*sh like Swansea just have for the last 60 mins?
  11. As if things aren’t bad enough on the pitch, my Owlstalk feed is promoting an investment scheme fronted by Nigel Farage. Is he a mate of Chansiri?
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