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  1. Impressive to see the Old Lady like that. I’m of mixed views about it being so associated with sadness and having been there in 1989 but that is truly awesome.
  2. Yes we, even we can think about relaxing. In the 89th minute.
  3. Tight wad Snoots turning the Butler into a banana! But then again, tough decisions must be made ,,,, UTO!
  4. WAWAW That is the sentiment until the Final whistle Saturday. Then it’s good luck in the play offs or deep commiserations and a decision has to be made. Some folk on here are too profound!
  5. Took one to my very first Owls match, an utterly non-eventful 0-0 v Forest around 1968. Under pressure from my sisterly chaperone, l “rattled it” about 3 times, never to do so again.
  6. Good post - don’t blind us with conjecture!
  7. The older I get, the more this epitomises footy more than success. Nutters living with their mums! Brilliant.
  8. Always lose a part of ourselves when a hero of our youth dies. RIP H - condolences to the family. Rise in glory.
  9. I honestly can’t say that an exciting time is what I’m looking forward to. Each to his own, but boring victories would be much more welcome to me!.
  10. Just get into play offs - take it one step at a time / all this talk of autos before we’ve done that is folly!
  11. Windlass is cocky in the right way cocky like Curran Banno and Hirsty Windass is also Crocky Like Abdi Urby and Hirsty
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