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  1. Always said he had the heart for a cold evening in the north!
  2. brilliant m’lud Grew up in a town full of Mowbrays. Youve almost made me nostalgic for overgrown past it teddy boys.
  3. Blimey! Getting like a dating site or “meet your mate” or summat on here!
  4. Despite me not being a natural ball grabber, I would take an England win because it is much rarer. I’ve seen England win 3 world cups (one in each national sport) in my lifetime and have witnessed at least 100x that number of Wednesday wins. We we are going up anyway this year and the rugby would be revenge for the disallowed try and body check that stopped us in 2007 against the Boks - not that I’m bitter.
  5. TBH the reason that set of fixtures and crowds caught my eye is because I was starting to wonder if I’d imagined taking the pee out of Forest fans at College when they were European champs and fans of other clubs in Div 1 for having worse crowds than us who spent first part of the 80s in Div2. Whatever the situation now, that loyal hardcore of support meant we at least appeared to be in the second or third tier of clubs in terms of fan base for the formative years of my supporting the Owls.
  6. Growing up in my day you always had the impression that we were a big club because we could match or even exceed the kind of crowds that most of the successful teams attracted. Man U and Liverpool were maybe out on their own but Arsenal Spurs Chelsea etc were nothing special as the picture attached attests. Things have changed massively now with clubs like West Ham attracting 50k/week but it wasn’t always like that in an era when a fine club like Ipswich were attracting 11k. Makes me wonder what kind of crowds we’d get if we had a successful period now and got our pricing sorted out!
  7. On a forum that had JVA as the new Rudi Krol and Mark Beevers as the next Franz Beckenbaur I’ve been a bit burnt by this kind of optimism. What I will concede is that his mobility could make him our new version of Carlton Palmer whom I rate as one of our most impressive performers in the 90s and who (contrary to southern media prejudice) fully deserved his England place at that time as midfield minder/ man marker.
  8. Halloween special/ Luongo story but if the new right back is connected to Vlad the Impaler we will have a never say die character who is a bit dodgy when he sees crosses ....
  9. 53 shots against us last year - two goals We had one shot (Reach) - goal of the century If they shoot less, we shoot more and that ratio holds good today, we win. Simples. UTO!
  10. Monks relative success doesn’t mean the Cowleys are crap or that Gary (lump on) Rowett won’t do well. I know some folk are keen to replace the full backs but I hope he goes in to the loan market in Jan to get a young midfielder with energy who can pick a pass and a pacy hungry striker. Essentially we are still relying on a core of good pros who have just come up short in the past and are likely to do so again.
  11. My initial reaction was the game was rhubarb but on reflection do we have to take into account the niggly nature of the contest, hardly any moves were allowed to develop without someone leaving a foot in or deliberate blocking etc. The move that nearly brought a goal in the first half and ended with Harris’ shot being deflected over was brilliant. On here there are concerns that we haven’t beaten a top ten team but Stoke had just done Swansea away and Fulham - they fully expected to beat us so why didn’t they? A squad with Joe Allen in midfield with a sub of the quality of Scott Hogan? Ultimately that was a good win against opponents who will probably end up going on a good run st some point.
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