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  1. Thanks for posting this because growing up I always had us in the same bracket as Villa Newcastle Chelsea Spurs Man City in terms of support but below Man U Liverpool and Arsenal. Unlike a number of other clubs, we have not had the chance to do a “reset” in the modern context. We have been badly managed and badly run for so long I think it would take a sustained period of success to rekindle those sort of crowds. Likewise - Hate to say it, but Hillsborough has gone from being one of the best stadia in the country to being too old, too tarnished and nowadays in the wrong place to ever be selected for international matches again.
  2. i don’t think any of those had a comparably decisive effect on the destiny/ financial stability of the club. We sold Warhurst and outbid Arsenal for Sinton at a time when we were challenging at the top and in the market for very good players. He was the wrong choice. Rhodes was bought and not only alienated Winnall and Joao it tipped our finances into absurdity.
  3. Thanks for posting. I always wonder what the families affected by this disaster as well as the ones that happened at Ibrox or Heysel think when they hear the word “Hillsborough” since the tragedy at our ground seems to have dwarfed their loss in the public consciousness.
  4. ^^^^ This - I would add it looks to me like he “lost a yard” after Blackburn and part of the reason I think neither Karanka or Carlos wanted him was defending these days starts from the front and Jordan, who wanders around looking as physically threatening as Bambi, isn’t up to it. I wish him well but he has overtaken Andy Sinton for me as our worst piece of business ever.
  5. I honestly wouldn’t use Twitter as a sample set of normal football fans. Folk who go to games have an instinctive solidarity with other football fans of whatever club who suffer just like they do. I even found myself sympathising with Wycombe ni mind Toytown fans at the weekend even if I did suspect Colin was up to his old tricks to make sure we finished bottom!
  6. There’s a difference between stupidity and not being in the right position. Westwood’s shortcomings on Saturday don’t compare with Dunkleys totally unnecessary challenge or recent idiocy when we were well in or controlling games Eg Joey v Millwall Shaw v Birmingham Borner v Reading. As for Kadeem Harris - how can someone so small give away so many fouls? Contrary to many on here who seem to assume every time we lose that it is something to do with a lack of effort or because players don’t care etc, I think I’ve been watching the Owls long enough to accept that the team, as a collective, weren’t up to the task. Despite having one or two skilful players (Bannan being the obvious example) this team has been in decline since 2016 and TBH it would have been better to have gone down last year and start the rebuilding then. Wayne Rooneys Derby County were very lucky - we had more points than them - but Wigan last year were hardly fortunate .....
  7. No thanks mate. I don’t mind if they win. I don’t mind if they lose. I have enough on caring about the Owls. Adding to my emotional burden is to be avoided!
  8. Went for Hutch Now I’m going for a drink .. or five!
  9. The jury is totally out on Dazza - couldn’t keep out Wazza and control the game for a crucial 20 mins may prove decisive to DMs career. Needs good recruitment and a good start
  10. Honestly Mr Wembley, the problem is that they are trying but they just aren’t very good. Take Kadeem Harris’ legs - the nearer they are to goal the more bendy and unpredictable they become. The poor lad can’t help it.
  11. Don’t worry. We have an amazing ability to upset the form book!
  12. Turner Nilsson Pearson Shirtliff King Harkes Palmer Sheridan Worthington Hirst Williams
  13. M’lud - At your age they shouldn’t be allowed to put you through this kind of torture. SWFC should be reported to Social Services - perhaps arresting key personnel is our only hope!
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