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  1. Seen plenty of the river rats and the reason they sometimes struggle is that they have tons of the ball which can end up compressing the space around the oppo box rendering the pace of Knockers etc irrelevant. Mitro can get moody if things aren’t going his way and while Cairney is a threat from just about anywhere he does sometimes give the impression he wants to look good rather than be effective. Bannan would probably love Tom’s hair but in fairness to our Bazza he has done very well against Tom in recent games at the Cottage and the Jocko connection means he will be up for the challenge on Saturday. We will need some mobility though. I hope Lee is fit.
  2. Can’t disagree with owt Monk said there. Carlos would be rushing Lees back. Jos would have said Sam who? Bruce wouldn’t have noticed Fessi was banned. Monk will have us set up as tight as a camels arse in a sandstorm against Fulham. Hope Fletch has had some sanatogen cos he is in for a long hard day on Saturday.
  3. I heard him say this but I’m genuinely curious to know what aspect of our play impressed him so I can reassess our prospects. Dont get me wrong - well pleased with the win, but there was a period in the first half where we were as slow as molasses, couldn’t string two passes together and were inviting pressure while up front Murphy and Reach were almost invisible. Monk, though, has impressed me so far and I was delighted to see Winnall given a run out. Maybe 4:4:2 isn’t as prehistoric as some think - we quickly put the game to bed once he came on.
  4. Monkdust? Our Garry doesn’t look like he suffers from Dandruff, a well known ailment in monasteries and on ships where it can turn into scurvy unless you eat lemons or summat.
  5. Tragic news about your mate but this kind of stuff ought to be shared and thanks for doing so. Some players are really big hearted and KW is clearly one of them.
  6. Thanks for this OP I had been wondering why, no matter where he is clattered into, Fletch immediately clutches his head. I now understand this is not an attempt to slow the game down for a head injury, nor a ruse to get a player sent off or owt like that - he is just checking that the highly expensive tufty club wisps he has dessoed into his head have not fallen out.
  7. Penalty any other day of the week. Got a bad feeling about this ref
  8. Mmmm. Would love Sam to have a job as a coach at s6 but I’m not sure these days that he offers enough in terms of mobility and positivity to get us further up the pitch - we are effectively stuck too near our own goil. We need the midfield to be able to carry it forrud.
  9. Yikes. I totally agree with David Prutton - but then I’ve long rated his opinions over his haircuts.
  10. Great player Banks but also proper gent - don’t care what you say, that generation not only had the talent but had the necessary mental resilience to win a World Cup. 100% sense of dignified humility.
  11. Tell you what - no wonder he can’t get in the team - that was a Pep Bielsa on glue performance - brilliant skills on their part - really impressed. Some of those players will go for gazillions - maybe we bought the wrong Dave?
  12. Got a fiver on Kosovo at 28:1 - got a feeling - 90th minute Atty rises like a giant and wins the game - lump on!
  13. It is fresh and real but when Joao slammed in the equaliser during a phase when we were dominating the game, every blade in the ground would have taken the draw. Total lapse of concentration and dubious defending by JVA and tank bad goalkeeping by KW - we were suddenly behind again and lacked the cojones to take it to them again. Bottom line is we lost by two, If that game had ended 0:2 would anyone still be talking about it? FWIW IMO we played more football that day than in the three subsequent 0/0 draws - the middle one being a footballing embarrassment.
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