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  1. The golden generation teams of 02, 04, 06 had some good individuals but couldn’t keep the ball and manage a game to save their lives. This lot are better at that and are a much stronger squad - Maddison can’t even get in it. Essentially they have a way of playing which they all understand and it is a system that can wear the opposition down - tonight was a good example. I just hope Southgate has the cojones to play enough creative players to actually win games unlike the semi against Croatia and the final against Italy, both of which he bottled.
  2. And his hair pieces aren’t all that….. Free kick to us? Ban Bannan NOW
  3. Level headed. That’s what you want from a manager. It’s a “yes” from me.
  4. Took a while to remember but was that a Neil Diamond song from the album “Tap Root Manuscript”?
  5. TBH is seems only yesterday when he was getting in the England squad as a wing back … Meanwhile. Saying Antonio is a good player doesn’t mean Kane is a bad one - Southgates caution got us so far but ultimately lost us that final.
  6. Appreciate the sentiment but when we were in the third tier in the 70s it was regarded as an aberration. If DC reads this he could get the impression fans would be happy with a yo yo club with no interest in the Prem. Teams like Palace Leicester Wolves etc are only up there because of wily financial behaviour - Brighton Soton Brentford etc have pitiful history compared to us - makes my p*ss boil that we are nowhere near their level at the moment.
  7. Most of them well pleased though at least one of them says he isn’t Prem level. But then Arsenal just bought Panic Face Ramsdale for 25million - worlds gone mad BPF is better than him.
  8. Feet on ground. Gives credit to opposition where it is due but points out it was never a penalty. Good.
  9. We were top of Prem for a bit in 19ninety summat when we beat Villa then Leeds and (Newcastle?) away and followed it with Ritchie Humphries scoring a wonder strike against Leicester. Weirdest thing about it was there was only about 17 thou in the ground to see that cos it was on Sky and we are notorious in South Yorks for good sense with a touch of tight Waddery. I’m glad to say I was there to see it since Im not likely to see it again!
  10. Plea for patience. We have to be among the worst ever fan based for rushing to conclusions. Three games in is too early to make a definitive judgement on DM. I remember folk on here lauding Joost van Aken after two good games. That said, Moore seems to be trying to build a team/ establish a way of playing, which, on the evidence of the 1st half hour against the Cod Army has aggression, pace and skill to the fore. It was the most purposeful I’ve seen us since Carlos season 1. I hope no one panics if we lose on Saturday. It looks like he is on the right track but key players like Iorfa and Bannan are the ones that elevate (see what I did there) us above the average. If they get injured or leave it won’t be so straightforward.
  11. And yet the place looked half empty ….. because it was. I realise this is heresy but the stadium is too big for our needs and has been for 20 years. We would be better off revamping the two ends, getting rid of the pillars and re-seating the whole place in such a way that a lardy arse doesn’t need to be half sitting on my knee to watch the Wizards. if we ever get back to the promised land, the revamped ends could have been designed to have an extra tier. Simple plan - should only cost about 100 million DC and I’ll waive the consultancy fee.
  12. No need for fear snd trembling. Some of the one touch stuff from the first half hour tonight might test the Toy-town mini pigs.
  13. We’ve got a great hard core fan base but we don’t have a huge hinterland of good timers - nothing a period of sustained success, reasonable POTG and a non interfering SAG wouldn’t cure!
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