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  1. I know it seems odd and I might have therapy for it but what with us playing like a normal team again, them looking five sarnies short of a Barcelona picnic, the players playing (overall) with the right levels of aggression and respect, Mardiola being nice, Bruce hitting the right notes, both being honest and saying it wasnt a brilliant game - TBH - I found it all refreshing and I realise how much I’ll miss these occasions and mi blunty friends when we get promoted.
  2. Palmer and Hector fought like tigers but I think Palmer showed he can use the ball well too. Some of Hectors clearances were a bit vertical.
  3. McGoldrick Duffy as Hogan as game changers on their bench? Pah! Step forward Atty, Foxy n Boydy! Glory awaits!!
  4. Still have mega-fond memories of Shezzas winner in the Zenith Data Systems game that we won 3:2 (1990-91?). Vinnie Jones might have been with them at the time - he mentioned that game this morning on Talksplot
  5. Cheers Snoots May the best team win as long as it’s us. UTO
  6. He’s just been on Radio 5 talking about ‘the privilege’ of managing dem Blavdes.... but i don’t think we should worry, I am confident he meant to say ‘the pig-swillage’ of being at the sty.
  7. Ever since he stopped kicking Hirsty I’ve liked him - folk talk about Cantona but his two goals against us in Fergie time were what broke that club through to the next level. What I do think we as fans have to accept though is that he isn’t a young bloke and isn’t going to change his spots. Forget Carlos, he really is going to build from the back and is more 4:5:1 than 4:3:3. That said, I think if we ever get up that is key to staying up. Brighton and Burnley are still there but Fulham (who even played Wolves off the park last year) are on their way back pronto.
  8. One way to totally confuse the watching millions on TV. I can’t wsit to hear the commentators explaining that one!
  9. How about four draws and a win for us - that means points disappear down the plug hole never to return.
  10. His penalty miss in the FA Cup against Wolves, smiling on the way back was a turning point in about 5000 ways. Ive often said, our biggest transfer error was Sinton, but this has reminded me of a simultaneous b%%lls up. Trevor tricked himself.
  11. PS Well said Thomas Franks their matchthread has plenty of fans being complimentary too i still think Westwood’s saves were key though.
  12. Shoe throwing doesn’t help .... Foot odour is a terrible thing.....its their putrid Achilles Heeley
  13. Personally I hope so, but I was taking my cue from “Summer clear out threads” which have often included the saving of Fletchers wages. I suppose what I can’t see is our keeping Atty Fletch Rhodes Joao and Winnall - not identical but I think they are vying for one slot up front in a Bruce 4:3:3/ 4:5:1
  14. Such a perfect Steve Bruce type player. Wouldnt be surprised if he is offered a new contract.
  15. Such a perfect Steve Bruce type player. Wouldnt be surprised if he is offered a new contract.
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