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  1. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Well done Wednesday

    So long as they don’t play Canoville, we are in with a chance.
  2. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Why the urgency?

    Triple Steve will be much more 4:5:1 than 4:3:3. He’ll build from the back With Fletch in attack We’re Sheffield Wednesday Plodding on our way back
  3. No offence to Hull fans/ mauled by the tigers whatever but I remain resentful of the fact they beat us in the play offs and then made no attempt whatsoever to stay up - a complete waste of a promotion. I blame it on the fact they lost a brilliant manager at the time - always wondered what happened to him?
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  5. Rogerwyldesmullet

    OFFICIAL January 2019 Transfer Rumours Thread

    This all day long until the cows come home, the crowds go home and the wagon wheels are sold out. Bruce doesn’t plan tactics he plans Teamsheets.
  6. Rogerwyldesmullet

    van-aaken Hooper now reach Speculation

    A bit like Neves, Reach offers the possibility of adding goals to a midfield without breaking down the opposites defence. Great engine, good professional - not surprised he is sought after. At least twice as good as Madine - 12 million minimum. PS No chance Villa would exchange Hourihane.
  7. Rogerwyldesmullet


    Tell you what, we must be eating some pies if this is true!
  8. Rogerwyldesmullet

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    “I don’t want to go to Chelsea” Elvis Costello spoke for a generation.
  9. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Steve bruce and FA cup

    Problem is I don’t like it when we lose and I hate it when Chelsea win Though a victory would be double sweet, it could be a lose lose situation. ... assuming it’s not s lose Luton situation first.
  10. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Gary Megson coming back to Hillsborough

    Wicked but brilliant l!
  11. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Lookman deal done....wow

    The dots are joining up ... Ademolover this story..... From tight wad Jos to flush faced Bruce in two weeks? 1) Rename stadium Chan Siro for 30 million 2) Red Bull buy stake in Tuf 3) Steve Bruce waits in tropical paradise drinking cocktails and eating fish, secure in the knowledge that... 4) Players on radar of RB Leipzig suddenly start appearing for the blue and white wizards - money no object! Lookman - it’s reight I tell thi!
  12. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Shots to goals conversion rate stats

    Was trying to think of something witty to say but there’s nowt funny about this!! A Gary Bannister in this team would have us challenging again.
  13. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Have I missed something?

    It would be very odd if Agnew and Clemence werent hanging around, but I think their presence mitigates the liminality of the situation. If we are brave and stick together, we’ll get through this. WAWAW
  14. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Bruce - first pictures

    The futures bright, he’s turning orange!
  15. Rogerwyldesmullet

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Genuinely don’t know any other entertainment industry whereby the provider can at relatively short notice change when it will put on the show. Madness.