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  1. Thanks Mlud They’ve got a good manager and good players but I’m not sure they’ll be in a good mood especially if Christmas was cancelled. Then again, maybe having been denied mince pies will fill them with rage and energy. We will need to stand up to them and I predict one of our tough nuts (Reach or Hutch) will see red today. 1:1
  2. Fessi v Norwich about two seasons ago, before that Waddle at Wembley
  3. “Lavery -Leeds-six”always linked in mi head great moment
  4. Is it just me or has he bulked out as an athlete since arriving at West Ham? Must be all them jellied eels.
  5. Comments on this and their other post match forum threads were essentially reasonable. Genuinely wish them well and who knows, the glory days of Gerry Gow may return so long as it isn’t at our expense. The pre-match ones from Stoke though. Blimey. Some rift has developed between team and fans down there. Pernicious parachute payment pneumonia by the psound of it.
  6. Barry Bannan - only player we’ve had since Waddle who was better than Zidane
  7. Good players and a good manager. They will turn the corner and be a force next season. Personally would be happy with a point. 1-1
  8. Dunno. That might be “Pompey Chimes” - but like your good self, I’m less sure of owt these days.
  9. I remember it - yes - but was it a “Wednesday Play” which qualified as the headline when we beat Leeds 1:3 at Elland Road in the FA Cup?
  10. (For older viewers) Do they still shout “zigger zagger zigger zagger Stoke Ci - tee!”?
  11. He is adopting a pragmatic approach to getting out of this league with the players we’ve got. We aren’t an amazing side as we all know, but flip, only Wolves over the past few seasons and maybe Fulham have looked head and shoulders above the rest in terms of footballing ability. If we end up in the play offs we’ve got half of half a chance (see what I did there) and that would already be an achievement IMO. So far so good Mr Monk.
  12. Damn fine graph that mate - put an angel on top and I’ll mekkit a Christmas card!
  13. I still don’t understand why the foul on Rhodes was deemed OK but I’m beginning to think that it contributed to the Atty decision going in our favour. Ref probably thought “I’ve had enough of this” All this grabbing in the box does mi head in - that Brizzle player was an idiot to even touch Atty, ni mind in the box.
  14. What is our average of goals from corners? I’m hoping someone on here will know.
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