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  1. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    (Dons tin hat) we gave one to Chris Waddle ....
  2. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Fletcher was not and is not a waster. Good guy, whole hearted player but not clinical enough. Probably unfair in thinking his miss against Cardiff was the (downward) turning point for our season but he did muller the Leeds back line in one of the more pleasing games last year. Good luck if you are going Steven, personally I am happy if you stay.
  3. An almost Carlos season II approach in second half has cost us. Learn from that and bloody well play football for the next half hour!
  4. But Southgates boffins will already know about the rainfall this and will have worked out with Adidas and Nike which studs work best in these conditions. Attention to detail - marginal gains er.... help - looking for reasons to believe!
  5. Judging by the shirt, he’s taking a gamble!!!
  6. Who shopped JR? longest running series on Owlstalk!
  7. Rogerwyldesmullet

    FUP not FFP

    This ^^^ let’s get on with it, get fit, stop feeling sorry for ourselves, play well, beat the opposites and get promotion.
  8. Rogerwyldesmullet

    This World Cup and the FA Cup in England

    The big boys take the FA Cup more seriously than Championship clubs these days. I still haven’t forgiven Jos for that team selection v Swansea - no amount of late season Atty strikes will remove my deep reservations. It used to be one of the few live matches screened one of the few chances to go to Wembley and unless we had a club in a European final, normally the last game of the season. Multiple ways of getting to Wembley, Championship teams pushing for play offs and Premier League teams involved in late stage European action - it has been diminished and marginalised. In 1993 it was still a game that (just about) stopped the nation. By the noughties, when Michael Owen had just scored a double to win it for Liverpool in Cardiff, the interviewer asked him about the “big game next week” which would determine whether they would get into the Champions league. Owen disbelievingly and rightly said “we’ve just won the FA Cup” but by then the Media had decided what the priorities were and the FA Cup was no longer it. Over televised and over exposed - no wonder it had lost its mystique. If I had any tears left (the ducts finally seized up when we sold Chris Brunt), I would shed them - a sigh is the best I can manage.
  9. Shoot lads shoooooooot.
  10. Rogerwyldesmullet

    All Rhodes lead to the Premiership

    No posting history, Rovrum postcode and ignorance of he contract - This is such an obvious whoosh that it should be locked with immediate. Then again, the close season is proving so dull bring it on! We had 743 threads about signing him, 224 about selling him, I suppose a couple of dozen about keeping him is reasonable.
  11. Rogerwyldesmullet

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    111 Pages, 85 thousand views, two thousand comments - how difficult it is to mourn and say good riddance at the same time!
  12. Rogerwyldesmullet

    #SWFC Players - Contract Expiry dates

    Retain Bannan, Joao and Hunt - Lee also if fit. bid fond farewells to most of the others. Sell Abdi to mi5 invisible man programme.
  13. Rogerwyldesmullet


    That gang need to get in touch with Mr Tango PDQ and offer him a profuse apology before his solicitor starts legal proceedings. Usually, there is no cap on costs in a libel trial, they will be bankrupt inside half an hour unless they are very rich. Meanwhile on on another note, do any older viewers remember that odd period around 1980 when visits to say West Ham or Chelsea would entail a fairly constant barrage of hostility from hardcore opposition fans who would then, inexplicably, throw in a few rounds of racist yells and Seig Heils which they seemed to think we’d all join in with? To my immense delight we just slung em a deaf ‘un and gazed on them with collective pity - reyt peed em off!
  14. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Mark Bright Goals

    Guilty as charged m’lud - I can’t get past that miss. Weird given that his goal got us there in the first place. Maybe I am also bitter that his injury time goal for Palace ended our title hopes in 91/2. Likewise, when we drew with Palace to go down, as pundit he was clearly Palace biased. He also replaced Paul Williams who was a fan favourite. Last but but not least, he was the opposite of a graceful player - basically a fairly slow tap in specialist. (some do nowt but look good being ineffective). Thus despite him being a good player for us I never think of him as a Wednesday legend which is, as I say, my fault not his.
  15. Rogerwyldesmullet

    Do we think George Boyd...

    We’ve got a few guys who I think are model professionals who have been bought because they know how to get promoted - Boyd Jones Abdi Fletcher - all good guys whose minds are all right but whose bodies aren’t what they were. I’m old enough to remember the demise of legends of the game like Bobby Moore, Jimmy Mullen etc. It happens - we move on - but in terms of wages - they don’t!