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  1. Who'd have thought

    Fulham are not wee wee. They have (guess what) pacy wing backs. Cardiff have Colin. Nuff said!
  2. What stopped us?

    Thanks - saved me writing the same thing If we had half the entrepreneurial oompf that made the city lead the world in the 19th and early 20th century we wouldn’t be home to two of Englands most under achieving basket case clubs of the post war era.
  3. Form Table - last 29 games.

    Ive got some sympathy with this view but TBH the “29 match” comparison is not a bad one insofar as it shows the difference between a team perceived to be having a great season and one perceived to be having a disastrous one. Our club has lost almost all its best players one by one. They lost one guy (at Burton?) and have not been the same since. People on OT have been banging on about our bloated squad - where the chuff would we have been without it? Minding the gap I tell thi!
  4. Jos needs to be more animated

    Said elsewhere that in response to these concerns, and fearful of the “we needed Winston Churchill but got Ian Duncan Smith” comment that did for Sven Eriksson, the media advisers at SWFC have told Jos to channel an altogether more aggressive and expressive spirit
  5. It's smashing to see

    I wouldn’t put it this strongly but since my first memories of the Owls were in the current home kit, I am not as fussed about the kit question as some. However, although I do personally prefer a striped kit, it has irked me intensely that clubs who wear essentially the same shirt as us like Brighton and Udders are now swanning about in the Prem as though they are the leading blue and white stripe merchants. I suppose it could be worse - Wigan might win an FA Cup or summat .... oh wait ...
  6. Soft touch

    Was vaguely hoping this thread would be about Natalie Sawyer, not the balls of Joey Barton or the thumbs of Jordan Rhodes.
  7. But as a ghost whose name implies you used to watch The Wednesday at Owlerton, is your confidence in Jos based on foresight and/or a reassurance that we are more successful in the Afterlife?
  8. Responding to numerous owls fans who say he lacks emotion, Jos has promised to adopt a more redoubtable posture during matches and is practising vituperative expletives.
  9. Cloggers

    ....Colin is all that AND a Clogger Although Holland is associated with clogs Jos has never been seen in a clog nor using a clog. He is an enigma wrapped in a mystery - will anyone ever fathom those inscrutable eyes? his special zombie “0:3 gaze”? His team against Millwall? how to pronounce his surname? his Frankenstein like revitalisation of Big Dave? If he is but one of pipe/funny/pashunate I would have him down as funny since he bears a passing resemblance to the late well known cockney clog dancer, Max Wall.
  10. Cloggers

    Every team needs one clogger who stops his own players being clogged. When Hutch plays he does the clogging but since he is made of steel and quavers, we need a quick clogger who can not only clog but catch the cloggers in the first place - a Jeff Clog King for older fans, Clogton Palmer for middle aged fans Reda Clogson for the young. Those who think there is no clogger among the Wolves check Clogger Coady. Fulham have Clogger McDonald who is a bit slower than he once was, but that Stefan Joclogson has a nasty streak too. Colin City have 12 cloggers including the thug in the technical area.
  11. Was last night really that bad?!

    In answer to the OP ”no” but don’t let that dilute the intravenous hysteria being pumped in by Panic Room dwellers, FH and folk who don’t seem to know that there are three results possible in football and (as even Man City and Barcelona know) one of them is defeat. Said elsewhere - (a) some of our players made game changing mistakes but a two goal defeat is not humiliation - at the very least it shows the team did not give up -they put 8 past us when I was a kid. (b) we are missing our first choice midfield and strike force, were they? (c) we were up against Ollie - even he doesn’t know how his team is gonna play - how could poor old Jos? Whatever happened to qualities such as the stiff upper lip, Yorkshire grit, British phlegm and Sheffield backbone? 4:2? time for an ale not a wail.
  12. 'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    No - I repent and will delete my account. Don’t want to stereotype, touch type, talk tripe ...( ok maybe a bit of the latter ) I will fall on my zimmer into the Don - bury me under the East Bank near the roots of that old tree. I will rest content! Fare well!
  13. 'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    Anyone notice that Man City and Barcelona lost last night? If it had been 2:0 would there be this fuss? Two gk errors and a dodgy penalty with a homer referee? If the team didn’t care they wouldn’t have had about the same shots etc as the home team and it would have ended six - they put eight past us when I was a kid. Why there is any assumption that in this league of all leagues a Sheffield Wednesday team missing its first choice midfield and attackers should win away from home is beyond me. FWIW I am not at all convinced about Jos long term (Millwall Swansea teams baffled me) but the wrist slitting “everyone must go including Chansiri and the tea lady” - bleedin eck!
  14. A goner! Definitely a go man - been on the run for yonks!
  15. Steve Bruce

    He is a rotund managerial tart who used to kick lumps out of Hirsty when at Man U... and yet he has sort of grown on me ever since his son played for us. Good luck in the play offs potato man! Well done on beating Colin tonight