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  1. Must be nice living in that dreamworld plopper where unemployment , poverty and corona dont exist . -Dream on .
  2. John Hickton Lincs . Hard as nails . Dont think Van Aken is in the same mould .
  3. Didnt give it as an excuse . Perhaps you need to go to specsavers . He slipped , just as many of the outfield players had done on that wet surface . Pearson commented during the game that some of them needed to change to long studs .
  4. To be fair , Westwood did slip just before punching the ball and I dont think any of our players were within yards of their guy who whacked in the goal .
  5. Reality is we've got him and he can do no worse than the last combo . Weve not really seen much decent footy since Big Ron left apart from a bit from Sturrock and C C and by the way ' my team ' Curran did become a piggie after us so how come he merits the ' legend ' status ?
  6. Anyone would think we dont play hoofball already . Current tactic is to give it to Bannan play it backwards and sideways and then hoof it forward . Difference may be that Pullis cuts out Bannan and we hoof it forward more quickly . Cant wait !
  7. There are only so many managers that can win/achieve something each season . The vast majority ,in effect , are failures every season .
  8. Enough to moan about without bothering too much about Sky . Anyway , havent you realised there are only two cities north of Watford ...Manchester and Liverpool . Leeds may just be tagging on to the apron strings .
  9. Rhodes is past it I'm afraid . Patterson is quite overweight and about as fast as Rhodes . Marriot is a little faster than the other two but cant shoot straight . You couldnt make a decent striker out of them put together .
  10. Dont get all this nonsense about a 'weak foot ' . What are they ? Amateurs ? If theyve got a weakness work at it and make them stronger .
  11. Please dont insult Sunday league Managers!
  12. Borner . Why have the players been told not to shoot and to give it to Bannan at every opportunity ? Gets us nowhere .Have a dig . Thats the only way to score . Cant rely on penalties . Beattie's caoching obviously not working .
  13. Think Bully will be ironing his track suit !
  14. Didnt see a great deal of committment today - more like a bunch of guys not quite knowing why they were there and looking lost , looking for the leader who also looked both lost and clueless about which direction to go in . - Clue you go towards the goal of the opposites not backwards and sideways .
  15. Brentford are a good side and given our injury situation we didnt do too badly . Thought Bannan was M O M because he worked all night and showed some creativity ,sorely lacking in the rest of the midfield . Hunt hasn't yet got the strength for this division and could do with a loan spell somewhere to gain a bit of confidence . I also think we need a keeper . Apart from the initial mistake , Dawson never comes off his line and so looks a right numpty when our defenders fail to cut out or are beaten to crosses. It's as if he seems to think he doesnt have a role to play in making
  16. We wouldnt qualify for a vote in the new premier league anymore so not that mighty and Bannan aint that mighty anymore , so dependant upon the offer , I'd sell .
  17. £250mill divided between 72 clubs may sound a lot but wont actually go that far .
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