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  1. Palmer has a job to do at the back and on the whole does it quite capably . Patto has a job to do up front , tries , bit not that capable .
  2. I was there . Which particular incidents are you alluding to ?
  3. I used to enjoy watching the initiation singing videos that Bully used to take . They were always fun and a way of bringing the lads together .
  4. My thoughts -- Defence -- despite the new guys , no better or worse than last season . Midfield -- possibly weaker with no Luongo in it. Up front -- this is the key . Smith will make the difference so we'll be stronger. So , one area the same , one area weaker , one area better . Overall ,finish the same and win the play-offs . Dont get the backing for Peterboro ,maybe top 6 . Look out for Barnsley and Derby ,Pompey and Bolton.
  5. Quite refreshing to see teams playing attacking football from the start . None of this messing about at the back , backwards , sideways back again . ..No rolling about whenever there's a tackle , no hysterics with referees ...they just get on with it . Hope the men learn from these women .
  6. I,m sure the Wednesday supporters football team could advise on such matters . They actually play [sort of ] in the shirts and would probably be only too willing to model them .
  7. To be fair , they did win promotion and a trophy at wembley , so at this point we've nowt to shout about . As and when we go up and they come down , that will be the time to start crowing about how good our signings have been . [most of whom will probably be injured for most of the season ] .
  8. So the hoolis of 50 years ago are the reason I have to walk twice as far to get to where I wanted to be in the first place ? Amazing how society has failed to progress in the meantime [ and policing ] .
  9. Is it the pissed up ' old school hooligans ' that stopped us 'old school ' south standers exiting on to Leppings Lane or is to protect us from the hoollis from Morecambe ?
  10. Patterson is a poor man's Big Dave - wonder which one would win a 100 metre sprint ? Smith seems not too bad when it comes to running so would like to see him brought in .
  11. If he goes we need to recruit someone to compliment Gregory who has some height , pace and muscle -- a Big Dave with pace .
  12. Our ' Fans ' .invaded the pitch when we scored at Crewe . Dont think our players were too happy about being mobbed by a load of numpties . Dont understand though , why players who score always run to a corner flag be it at a home end or the away end where they get pelted by bottles and rubbish and coins ,not to mention abuse . Celebrate in the middle of the pitch and dont encourage the idiots who , like last night , may have less than innocent intent .
  13. I'm sure shirts and the colour of the nets made a huge impact on our season ! However , an ex Manager and coach of several premier clubs told me that it's important that players are able to spot their team mates in an instant and said that in this respect 'loud ' coloured shirts are the best . Reminded me of Alex Ferguson changing from the grey shirts at half time when they lost to Southampton some years back .
  14. Our goal was similar -- defenders ball-watching - nippy forward ,Gregory , taps in .Thats what the good ones do .
  15. Bannan was obviously nursed through that game . He was needed on the pitch for his leadership and to tie up a couple of their players to mark him out the game .I hope another couple of days physio will put that energy back into his legs . We also need the other midfielders to step up and become a bit more creative if Bannan is still on half throttle .
  16. Made one in school woodwork ,painted blue and white . Took it to next match ,stood at front wall of kop with rattle hanging over the wall . Norman Curtis took a wild shot , smashed my rattle to matchsticks .
  17. Bringing Dunkley on for the last frenzied 10 minutes was a great decision . He headed everything that Fleetwood threw at us in those additional minutes .
  18. Thought he got a rap on the ankle when he tried a backheel , so that plus cramp may have prompted the decision.
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