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  1. carbon copy of one of brentfords goals .
  2. We all need a laugh , so watch it . If you dont laugh you'd cry !
  3. He's a professional player . He should play his heart out no matter where he is asked to play . That said , so should the rest of them . I dont see any heart , any drive any guts , any enthusiasm with most of them - I wonder why they play football at all .
  4. they ran about a bit - when was that . lees was my man of the match
  5. Why do we have ' wing backs ' these days and not ' wing forwards ' ? I'm sure we would offer more of a threat if we played 4 4 2 with Reach and Harris pushing forward , rather than running back . Dare I say it ,Colin's philosophy of playing without the notepad giving players some freedom to push on [or do we call it a 'high press' these days?] has some merit .
  6. Thought he looked fed up and frustrated yesterday , probably because very few of the players have the nous to realise that they too have a responsibility to make runs find space ,put in a bit of effort and be creative themselves . Having said that , as captain . he ought to be cajoling them into action .
  7. Pattersons throws come down with snow on them . Gives defenders and the keeper more than enough time to get on the end of them . If he's going to continue they need to be flatter and with more speed , not hanging around like a balloon .
  8. All this is futile . A product is only worth what a purchaser is willing to pay and D C has an unrealistic view of what his product is worth . Like it or not , unfortunately ,we are stuck with him until reality sets in .
  9. You seem to ' hate ' quite a lot . Just cant see your ' peace and love ' fitting in with those sentiments .
  10. Apparently you now ' hate ' others disagreeing with you on a forum where elsewhere you complain about negativity . Double standards or what ?
  11. I for one didnt hate Francis at all . We did get into Europe with him .Interesting that 'administrator ' complains about all the negativity elsewhere and says everyone 'hated ' one of the classiest players we ever had and who , as a manager , brought in the Waddler and Walker . The video is funny though .
  12. Lost 5 - 0 at the Bees last season !
  13. Brighton Goldstone ground . More grass on the terrace than the pitch . Aldershot not much better .
  14. Appalling for Mike Dean and his family . To compare this to a discussion re the attributes of Bannan and Reach and to describe that as 'hate ' detracts from what has happened to Mike Dean. It bears no comparison.
  15. Playing through Bannan all the time means the others dont have to take responsibility for any creative play , not even the odd free kick or corner - not that he is much better than the rest of them at that . He is a major influence for the team and that is why when things dont work for him they dont work for the team . There is no-one else capable of picking up that role in midfield . Yes he would be hugely missed. Reach ? - cant tackle a paper bag . Play him in centre midfield ? What for ? Play him out wide ? Why ? He doesnt have lightning pace , occasionally skips round an oppon
  16. Close the SWFC company - stop trading - he owns the ground , knock it down ,build smart flats overlooking the river and the park ,jobs a good 'un.
  17. Hirstyfags , you've obviously not listened to Radio Sheffields national news bulletins this morning .I think the piggies have just won the premiership or something !
  18. Maybe SAG/SYP should be invited onto the ' board ' of the Trust to ensure that whatever gets put to Chansiri has already met with their approval . In the meantime , well done Trust . I hope Chansiri gives it a fair hearing , [not too sure he will ].
  19. Buckowl . The open letter from the trust asked some very reasonable ,open questions and , I thought , was well put together . The response from the club gave no answers to any of it . To suggest ' meaningful ' engagement is laudable , but there has been no previous evidence of ' meaningful ' engagement at all . To say posters are addressing all this with ' hindsight ' is just naive . This is all happening in the here and now and needs addressing urgently now .
  20. How can we be ' poor upfront ' when we haven't got an ' upfront ' apart from Windass ?
  21. Think those who were there certainly influenced the ref . For once I agreed with Wilder [and Pulis ] that crowds shouldnt be allowed in until we are allowed .
  22. Must be nice living in that dreamworld plopper where unemployment , poverty and corona dont exist . -Dream on .
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