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  1. How can people defend garry monk? Forest have been mediocre but God have we been poor
  2. Same old Wednesday under monk. No plan no purpose no pace No idea. So poor
  3. What a joke that a professional footballer can get tested out of curiosity but a doctor that is self isolating because he/she thinks they might have it cant. Maybe he could use some of the 18k he has been paid this week to pay for some doctors and nurses to be tested .. you know just out of curiosity
  4. But but he is from Sheffield and he is one of our own... Keep happy clapping
  5. Dawson - 2 Should have done much better with the second. Conceded 3 goals yet again. Kicking dreadful. Command of the area none existent. Doesn't make enough saves. Isnt up to it. But that said he is a local lad so let's just all happy clap him and play him regardless. Will cost another manager his job. Fox - 3 - part of a defence that conceded another 3 goals. Has improved no doubt but if we are offering new contracts to players like Morgan fox I really do give up. He is no where near the required standard. Börner - 3 another meh performance from borner and again part of a defence that conceded heavily again. Lees - 1 - disastrous, terrible captain. Back to his Leeds united form. Should be released in the summer. Palmer - 2. Lazy which was unlike him. Another fullback that just isn't good enough and doesn't offer enough. He is the epitome of mediocrity. Murphy - 6 - gets a 6 for effort. A 3 for quality. His crossing is poor but he worked really hard today. A failed signing overall though. Bruce continuing to have a chuckle at our expense Bannan - 3 - been in poor form for weeks maybe even months now Lucky to be on the pitch at the end, him and lee completely lost the midfield battle again. Lee - 2- spent force. Should just rename him the crab. So lightweight, slow and can only pass 5 yards. Harris - 2 - seems to have lost a yard of pace and cant remember the last time I saw him successfully take someone on. There was a reason Cardiff released him. Add to the list of poor signings. Fletcher - 4 - not fit won some headers but resulted in nothing. Should have started on the bench FF - 5 battled but again not really involved in the game. He doesn't really have a place In the team. He ain't a winger nor a striker. He is often a passenger and sulks if the ball passes him by. Another that has to be released in the summer Wickham - 2 - huge waste of money. Has been dreadful since signing doesn't give a crap and hasnt even looked like scoring since he arrived. My highlight was him being muscled off the ball by a wisdom the full back who is half his size when through on goal. Windass - 7 - worked really hard and was obviously trying to prove a point. Took his goal well but was abit all over the place positinally. Another waste of money really though ss we were cring out for a midfield hardman and we have another player that doesn't really have a position. Iorfa - 6 - came on and did well but the game was already gone. Monk - 0 - dreadful manager who is lost. Has lost the players and doesn't know his best team or how to play. He literally tries a new philosophy in every game then changes it at half time when it isnt working. His signings have all been dreadful yet we are supposed to trust him with the summer??? He is spent. Gone. He has no answers and this team is in deep deep trouble. Should never have got the job with his catalogue of failures on his CV. The same noose of failure that JOS had hangs around his neck and it's a matter of time. The only thing monk has shown again and again is that he cant get a reaction out of this squad and he cannot turn it around. Time to go
  6. No recruiting monk was like rubbing some cream on a broken leg - Now we need surgery. Deep invasive surgery.....
  7. I'll happily take that. We were 3rd 3 months ago
  8. So our entire game plan is to rely on a injury prone striker that has never scored more than 13 goals in a season ( and that was in scotland) and averages 20-25 appearances a season because he cant stay fit. Brilliant :D
  9. Dawson didnt recover though did he? His poor kicking nearly cost us a 2nd time and it was only because this one made it to half way and the Barnsley player touch let him down that the 1st mistake wasnt repeated. And let's not forget the moment he tried to dribble it out of his area and got tackled leaving him outside the box! If it wasnt for a good tackle from the defence that would have been punished as well. He isnt up to it. For the love of God garry bring back hutch and westy. If you dont you'll go the same way as Jos
  10. Oh yeah getting noticed left right and centre. Went to Burnley for decent money didnt he. Oh no wait that was peacock-Farrell who was given a 1st team opportunity at the same time. Nobody tried to sign dawson because he isnt very good..... but he grew up round corner and is one of our own so bugger it, lets just play him anyway
  11. Lord snooty are you on drugs? What part of garry monks game do you like? Is it the long ball hoof and hope football we play? Is it the repetitively poor hopeless set pieces we deliver? Is the ineffective tactics we deploy? The lack of a game plan? The lack of a style of play? The lack of character? The lack of fitness? And you keep banging on about the fact he isnt allowed to bring any coaching staff in? Are you sure he isnt allowed or could it be that no one wants to come work with him? He has left every club he has been at under a cloud. Never done anything anywhere and has been accused by 2 clubs of signing certain players for his own and his mates financial benefit but yeah lets give him our biggest summer in years..... Monk is a mediocre manager that talks a good game. He called the players out a few weeks ago which was a huge gamble. They havent responded at all which tells you all you need to know.
  12. Has some really started a thread to defend monk because Morgan fox and Massimo luongo weren't available? Luongo has barely played because pretty much like every other player weve signed is a crock and cant stay fit. Fox is okay and has improved massively but he is still miles off a top end championship full back. Some fans are so easily pleased.
  13. What has he previously done as a manager that you think merits giving him time? He has a long list of failures. It hasnt worked, he isnt the right man, no point sacking him as season is over now. Just give him until end of season then a replacement needs to be brought in. But chansiri needs to be looking now
  14. Tell that to Sheffield United pal. You just need to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince
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