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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    He missed several sitters today. Carlos isn't telling him to miss. Carlos should go. But Rhodes has been an awful signing
  2. Championship

    I'm guessing he don't know how to go back to season one. Don't forget people like bannan and Wallace are 2 years older and have lost a yard of pace. Team is made up of players that were great a couple of years ago...... We're now like a championship legends team. Most of our team is now knocking on 30 if not older.....
  3. Player ratings

    Westwood - 2 - worst game I've seen him have. He conceded 4 goals at home and really should have been 5 if Clarke scored the sitter he missed. Positioning and distribution was terrible. Time for a rest maybe Hunt- 5 - got skinned time and time again. But gets a 5 for his attacking play. One of the few that actually tried to go forward. Albeit his crossing was woeful. At least he tried. He actually put the graft in but just lacked quality in the final 3rd. Lee's- 3 - with Westwood one of the worst games I've ever seen him have. Weak at the back and offered nothing in the box when attacking set pieces. He's our captain but he didn't lead the team today. Bottled it. Van aken - 4 - at fault for at least 2 goals. Went forward a couple of times with the ball and played some ok long balls. Was slightly better than Lees but very slightly. Very poor defensive showing. Reach- 2 - head and shoulders the worst player on the pitch. He's just terrible. He can't cross, he isn't fast, he's not skilful, he can't take a man on and he can't shoot. He also can't track a man or defend. The fact we paid 5 million pounds for him is still astonishing. Wallace - 3 - usually likes a big game. But didn't show up. Created little to nothing and his quality of delivery was appalling. Seems to be getting slower Bannan - 4 - awful 1st half and booking finished him off for the half. Better 2nd half but still far too deep. Huffed and puffed but wasn't himself. Was outclassed and out thought by their midfield. Lee - 3 - joins westy and Lee's in having one of his worst games for us. Was totally anonymous. Bit of tippy tappy in the box when he needed to just hit it. Game passed him by and he added nothing. Jones - 2.1 - woeful. His passing was horrendous. He kicks like he has two broken feet. So light weight. If hutch was feet he should have played. Jones just doesn't offer enough. Should have come off sooner. Again outclassed outfought Fletcher - 3 - did nowt. Don't remember him winning a header. He ran around alot and fouled the defender. Looked 10 yards off the pace. Should have come off at half time. So slow it hurts. Hooper - 6 - best player today. Actually cared and wanted to score. Took his goal well. Could have had another on another day. Rest of team let him down. Only criticism he came far too deep too often leaving other striker on his own. Subs - joao - 6 - played well and impressed. Took his goal well. Ran at their defence and worried them. Should be involved more. We have no one anything like him. He's miles off the finished product and his decision making is poor but he's keen and raw. And he's fast!!! - Rhodes- 2- did nothing. Can't remember him touching ball. Signing him has crippled us financially and it has cost us. He's still not scored this season and hasn't really looked like scoring. I like him but there has to come a point when he becomes a disastrous signing. 13 - 15 million on him and reach Butterfield- 2 - 3 shocking corners. Can't remember him doing anything else. Carlos- 2 - tactically destroyed. He has the stand up and pay the price for another disastrous result in a huge game. Why does he insist in shoehorning CM in to a 442. If we're gonna play 442 with over lapping full backs then play wingers and full backs that can cross!!!! Where's Marco mattias?? He's a player with a hard of pace and technically he's brilliant. He also cost a lot of money. He should be at least on the bench. Another poor piece of man management. He was one of best prospects in Portuguese football. Now what... I think his time is up. The football is slow boring and predictable. We play for 20 mins in each game.... it's not good enough and he's had rediculous amount of money to spend. Most of his signings have been weak if not terrible. The butterfield/ winnall swap is looking like another disaster. I really worry for Leeds game. A quick attacking side full of confidence will rip this team apart. Very very poor display. Utterly gutless.
  4. Spare ticket available in South stand - contact @s1beno on Twitter currently in railway. Face value. Thanks
  5. 8 games in

    Lack of goals is worrying as is the fact were 8 games in and still Rhodes hasn't scored. Not once
  6. Opportunity for George Hirst

    If injuries occur. It'll be nuhiu then joao and then hirst if desperate.
  7. Player ratings Westwood - 5 - what was he doing. Kicking terrible as per Hunt 6 - worked hard... seemed injured but go forward well. Was skinned a few times by mcgeady Lee's - 6 solid, passing poor at times Pudil - 6 solid - drifted left a few times but that's to be expected. Did well covering. Reach- 7 - ( effort 10) this Lad worked his socks off for the team and coveted the whole left flank. Got forward really well however his quality of delivery really let him down. Fantastic engine though Wallace - 5 - some good parts some bad parts, delivery poor from set pieces. Boyd should start against Fulham Bannan 9 MOM - class act again everything we did went through him. Ran the show. Abdi - 4 - totally anonymous. Offered little Jones - 6 - mr reliable, mr consistent, did his job, nothing special except that wonder strike! Lost theball more than I'd like. Winnall - 4 - offered little didn't get in any goal scoring position and fluffed the one chance he did get. Better impact player. Hooper - 8 - always lively always looking to make something happen. Brilliant skills when he hit the bar. Unlucky not to score. Subs Fletcher- 5 - tried but just didn't work for him tonight. Didn't win a header and his 1st touch was off. Rhodes- 7 - desperately needs a goal. Should have hit target but got in a position to score with in about 5 mins. Winnall didn't get in one all game. Rhodes has to start over winnall got me. Palmer - 3 - lost ball right and end when we could have put a cross in. Everything he did do was either poor or the wrong choice. Carlos - 5 - got it wrong tactically again. Attacked down the left when he Should have tried to exploit the right. Mcgeady doesn't defend so left that side exposed. Waited too late to make changes as always. Game crying out for a moment of quality.... Fernando anyone
  8. Best Lees Bannan Forestieri Worst Reach (worst signing i think we've ever made) Jones (dull, dull, dull) Rhodes (so disappointing)
  9. We'd Have Got Promoted If...

    But they've both been awful since signing...
  10. We'd Have Got Promoted If...

    It is disappointing to see town go up. There style of play is so simple. Hogg wins it, gives it to mooy who sends it down the line for either kachunga or van la parra. Their strike force is weak in wells hence the reason they don't score many. Their signings have been brilliant this season. Ours have been terrible. We've someone even managed to turn Rhodes bad. If we are to do anything next season we need a overhaul. 7 strikers is ridiculous. We need 4. Some have to go. Nuhiu has to go. So does either Fletcher or winnal. We need pace desperately. Mattias, joao can go, Jones can go, sasso can go. Semedo has to go. Fox or pudil can go and reach needs to player at LB. He's not a winger. We need to be ruthless. Abrahams should be our number one target. I would have said mooy too but that aint happening. Also the forestieri thing needs sorting once and for all. He's either in or he's not. Hearing plenty of rumours he wants out. Wasn't the same player last season and if he doesn't want to be here get rid and get someone else in. Next season is huge, Carlos needs a good start or he'll be gone after 10 games. We finished 4th but probably in the weakest championship season in years. Next season will be normal service resumed.
  11. Average to poor performance but we won so who cares. Fletcher 8 took his goals well. Bannan 7 bossed the game Everyone else a 6 Nuhiu 2 - terrible cameo from him. Every thing he did was awful.
  12. Al hasbi had a good game but pretty much all our efforts were tame lazy half hit shots straight at him. Absolutely no composure. Horrendous result, horrendous performance. Carlos has rotted our team away. Playoffs are slipping away. He has to go. 1 win in 6 is a disgrace. Getting the worst out of a very good squad.
  13. We've been awful this season in almost every game. Our league position flatters us massively. Carlos time is up.
  14. Our misguided recruitment policy

    Bang on the money especially re the strike situation.
  15. Our misguided recruitment policy

    We won't be in the top 6 come Tuesday