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  1. 2018/19 home kit - You decide

    Option A, hooped socks
  2. Wingers

    Is Mathias still 2 weeks away...?
  3. Championship

    I’ve a feeling Villa might be this year’s Newcastle. Started slowly but certainly moving up the table quickly now, with some convincing scorelines.
  4. Man of the match

    Also went with Lee. Looked like he'd never been away. Interchanges with Hooper in first half were sublime, and then the corner for Fletcher and then a goal of his own sealed the deal for me. Great performances too by Hunt, Wallace, Hoops, Reach & Van Aken.

    Thought similar when I watched his 'highlights' earlier today. Another winger with absolutely no end product. And to think Watford paid £12m for him!
  6. Media reports suggesting £2.5m.
  7. F00king technical difficulties at ifollow. You can change the name but it's still the same old poo ..
  8. Man o match etc etc

    What a second half by Reach! Looked every inch the £5m player...
  9. iFollow

    Ah right, might be due to timing, suspect my old subs were in the close season...
  10. iFollow

    I was an annual member, but still had to renew...?
  11. iFollow

    I was in the same boat before the Rangers game. Don't think the subscriptions rollover, I had to take out a new subscription.
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if Carlos sticks Abdi on the left, seems whenever he does picks him he sticks him out wide
  13. Carlos saying we're 'close to the line' as far as FFP's concerned. Trying, but won't necessarily get a CB in, Sam can do a job as can Pudil...
  14. Thought Wednesday Player subs would automatically renew, but seems not, so paid for a season pass and working fine now on PC.