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  1. England still boring af to watch though...
  2. Just enrolled my Dad using the same link and the link worked for him fine, so not sure why you’ve had problems?
  3. Just checked and the link to join up on their website is working fine: https://www.swfctrust.co.uk/join-us/p/v0g9svupbtwbkx4bwfaldxm7jxt2cl
  4. So, if I understand correctly, Sheffield 3 have to pay £6.5m back in just 4 months time, or we potentially lose Hillsborough...? Or would we just have a new ‘landlord’ with no connections to the club?
  5. Read he’d still got a year left and a fee of up to £200k would’ve been what they were looking for...
  6. Mullin being linked with a move to Rovrum.
  7. So it would seem according to RS. Apparently Jamie Smith refusing to be drawn on the subject, which I suppose is as good as confirming they haven’t...
  8. Agreed. Paterson was a revelation in his midfield role yesterday. Kicking, biting, scratching and generally making a nuisance of himself in the thick of it. A masterstroke move by Moore that clearly unsettled Barnsley.
  9. Laws talking more sense on RS right now than I’ve heard coming from Moore so far. Horses for courses...
  10. When you go to the main match and press record, you then get options to record the rest of the games that are on red button. I couldn’t watch the game live,
  11. Record it, and then you can rewind (presuming of course, you wish to put yourself through the latest calamity for a second time!).
  12. Also still waiting and starting to think I’ll never see it again, one way or another....
  13. His persistence in playing out from the back, gave Norwich the upper hand and the inevitable mistakes and goals came. Moore wasn’t the man, imo, to give us a chance of staying up.
  14. Agreed. Think if he sticks with his favoured ‘play it out from the back’ style, with these players, we’ll struggle to win another match this season.
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