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  1. The real worry is that most teams in a relegation fight, do exactly that - fight. This squad (and manager) seem utterly spineless and I can only see us capitulating if we get any sort of points deduction.
  2. Just checked BT Sport 1 on Sky, the red button’s there now, press it, you get the option for our game on BT Sports Extra.
  3. Think it’s a mistake too. Of the 3 centre backs in front of him, we’re likely to sell Iorfa sooner rather than later, and I think Lees is out of contract in the summer.
  4. If true, beggars belief DC’s opted for the one who hasn’t even achieved a play off, never mind a promotion.
  5. From what I’ve seen of Spurs new stadium, it does look the best of the new grounds, with one end curving upwards, not unlike our old Kop. Totally disagree with the OP though about building a smaller capacity. If we end up in the PL, 45-50K is what’s needed. We should comfortably average 40k, such is the PL nowadays and with our catchment area. Building a smaller capacity is just throwing away future reoccurring revenues, to save on initial development costs, and would be incredibly short-sighted. Personally rather stay at Hillsborough and develop along the lines of the WC plans, but doubt it’ll happen.
  6. Liking what I read in this article...sounds a great signing: https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/we-asked-a-qpr-writer-what-sheffield-wednesday-fans-should-expect-from-massimo-luongo-488783
  7. Hadn’t realised he was only on loan at Boro. Only 26 too. Would be a superb signing.
  8. Can he play against us, tomorrow? Was out on loan at AEK Athens last year, 23 appearances, 6 goals.
  9. Preaching to the converted here....
  10. Kinda sums up how I feel about Holloway too. His recent jobs have been real ‘no win’ posts, so I’m sure he’d be delighted to be taking over a squad of our quality, even as it stands. He’d come in brimming with enthusiasm and give the place a real lift, which it probably needs right now. A good defensive coach to work alongside him (SG?) and think we’d have a great chance still this season.
  11. Yep. As big a snake, as the one that’s just left.
  12. Sadly think Big Hec will now follow Bruce to Newcastle.
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