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  1. You could argue Smith provoked that reaction. You could see by Byers body language he was pissed off, should’ve just left him to it and spoken to him when he’d calmed. Poor man management we’ve come to expect from Moore & co.
  2. Weird. I’m only get an audio listen option, £2.50.
  3. Ifollow not showing any option for video for me. However, if I had a VPN, would the option then show? *asking for a friend….
  4. Just audio option for me too. And the sound’s terrible btw. Ifollow never fails to disappoint…
  5. Granted it’s only a pre-season, but looks well short of what BPF was for us last season.
  6. Finally! Can hear “Yellows” ringing around the away grounds already… Love the nostalgic 80’s/90’s feel of both kits. Here’s hoping we stick with variations of our traditional yellow away kit in future seasons now…
  7. Gilding’s just confirming on RS expecting both to sign for Wednesday!
  8. Well he only managed 13 appearances in his previous season too (LT injury at Reading), so the omens aren’t great…
  9. Does that mean we weren’t able to compete with Ipswich on wages, or just not willing to, for him?
  10. Read elsewhere that Pato has another year on his contract…
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