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  1. Sadly think Big Hec will now follow Bruce to Newcastle.
  2. Yep. I just happen to think you’re wrong. As do most others on here it would seem.
  3. What if you never actually lived in the town you were born? Can hardly call it ‘home’ can you?
  4. FF for me - great to see the old Frenando back! Think Bruce has transformed Matias too, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if we offer him a new deal now.
  5. Anyone know if you go down to the shop whether you can buy tickets for family too? Website not even recognising my details, email resets not coming through, can't even queue on ticket hotline, just get rerouted to reception and it cuts you off. Waiting for a callback but wondering if I'll ever got one.. Wednesday really don't make it easy, do they?
  6. How did the club even let this happen? Surely we should’ve had a club representative with him, after all this incident occurred while he was representing the club?
  7. The thing is, in a back line that gets changed week in week out, Dawson’s been the one constant. Why? He’s done ok this season, but with an experienced and highly capable keeper waiting in the wings, has he really justified keeping his place throughout the whole season? It’s quite clear his confidence is shot now (not surprising!) and the errors are becoming more frequent. In addition to his mistake(s) yesterday, he arguably cost us 2 points last week against Rotherham too. IMO he needs resting for the sake of his future career.
  8. Commentary ahead for me, which means we’ll hear any goal before we see it ! So sound off now. Can’t believe they have the audacity to charge for this service.
  9. Disappointing to hear our fans singing the ‘how poo must you be..’ song.
  10. Harsh on the kids. For me it was the senior pros letting the side down today, Hutch, Lees, FF, Big Dave, even Bannan (second half) all looked poor/disinterested.
  11. Yep, FF to Leeds would be a difficult pill to swallow indeed.
  12. Yeah. Not only hasn’t it been strengthened, but with the loss of Venacio, Hunt & Loovens, it’s significantly weaker.
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