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  1. I know. I can’t believe how many 2 and 3 year contracts we’ve handed out to injury prone has-been’s, yet are seemingly baulking at giving an up and coming talent more than one year....? And at a time when we’re crying out for exactly the sort of player Clare is! Where’s the logic?
  2. Good call by Gaz. Interesting to hear that Sean Clare’s dispute isn’t even about money, but about length of contract. When will we ever learn?
  3. Gary Hooper needed

    Anyone know what Hooper’s injury even is? Can’t believe Giddings’ didn’t ask about him today. As the OP says, he’s the biggest loss of them all.
  4. Failure to back the manager in the window could really come back to haunt us...
  5. Rhodes

    If that’s the case, we really must be in the poo re FFP or whatever’s it’s called now.
  6. Don’t think Martin has the right attitude for Jos either, if his Fulham antics are anything to by...
  7. Kit 1 is a thing of beauty and a proper Wednesday kit rather than the poo we currently wear.
  8. Hopefully he’s given the chance to get one or two players in before next week. Squad definitely needs a lift.
  9. If you are comparing Stubbs with Kane, then I get the impression you don’t understand football.
  10. 8 appearances in 26 games for a team currently 18th in League 2 tells me all I need to know really.
  11. RHODES

    Or 6 in 10 starts if you count his one cup appearance...
  12. Owls Christmas tree experience

    As hollow as the Owls match day experience.
  13. Yep, every time he rings up that tool embarrasses himself. Well done Jonathan.
  14. 2018/19 home kit - You decide

    Option A, hooped socks