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  1. Disappointing to hear our fans singing the ‘how poo must you be..’ song.
  2. Harsh on the kids. For me it was the senior pros letting the side down today, Hutch, Lees, FF, Big Dave, even Bannan (second half) all looked poor/disinterested.
  3. PeakOwl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Yep, FF to Leeds would be a difficult pill to swallow indeed.
  4. Yeah. Not only hasn’t it been strengthened, but with the loss of Venacio, Hunt & Loovens, it’s significantly weaker.
  5. As I’ve said elsewhere, he’s simply putting a brave face on it. Sure he’s as disappointed as the rest of us that he’s not getting any support from DC.
  6. Sadly, I’m sure JL shares your frustration...quite obvious he was expecting to be able to strengthen this summer and feel he’s putting a brave face on it.
  7. Some decent players there, Norwood would be excellent.
  8. PeakOwl

    Westwood linked with stoke

    ...and the amount of times he gets injured every season...
  9. Must admit Leicester are right up there with clubs that I f00king despise.
  10. No. A fit, lean Hooper would be first choice for me, probably alongside Big Dave and FF with the free role behind.
  11. I get the point you’re making, but don’t you think he actually did a good job at Millwall, pretty much turning them from relegation to promotion candidates with his performances? Wolves likely to accept in he region of £1m for him, still only 27, and with his versatility he could quite happily slot into a wing back role for us.
  12. Wednesdayites sounding loud and proud...
  13. Waghorn, Carayol, Ameobi, even Beevers (and probably quite a few others) would walk into our side as it currently stands. We've CC to thank for the predicament Jos finds himself in, of relying on a set of unfit, poorly motivated and technically limited, second string players.
  14. Best call of the night by Gaz...lots of good points