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  1. Thought Rhodes was about as fast as big Dave . However bringing him on meant that we changed the style of play . Instead of just hoofing it down the middle we actually played some balls down the channels . Unfortunately Rhodes aint quick enough to latch on to them and , to me , highlights the ongoing problem we have up front . We still need a quick agile ;forward who can feed off the work that Fletcher does . Rhodes isnt quick enough to do that . Borukov to be given a chance from the bench?
  2. We dont move quickly enough to put teams under constant pressure so no matter what system we play , with this set of players , opposing teams have the time to close us down . The only game thus far when we did get on the front foot was M'boro .
  3. Puts exits at Leppings Lane and car parks into perspective when we could be exiting the division .
  4. Why weirdos Student ? Its a forum for discussion .
  5. unfortunately our ' porcine neighbours ' seem to be much fitter , quicker and together than we are . Hence why they can go at teams from the off . We dont have enough pace and dont seem to have the mentality to get at the oppos for a full 90 mins .
  6. Dont think Bannans that good with set pieces either . It's the kind of thing that coaches should spend some time in coaching players the actual skill involved . Players should never stop learning and developing their skills . [oh for the days of Big Ron and a little bit of spontaneity , creativity and inventiveness at such times .]
  7. Roy Shiner and Bronco Layne . Never regarded Ritchie or Chapman as 'hard ' men Talented yes but not 'Hard '.
  8. I'm still playing at 71 Rogers , so still developing ! {no not that walking stuff ]
  9. The structure under the 1st team is , as the name implies for ' development ' and so it's o k in my view to try players in different positions to see how they get on . Many players start in one position as youngsters and finish up playing elsewhere when they hit the 1st team . Dutch teams , for example ,have kids rotate positions from one game to the next . I'm sure if we did this more often we wouldn't hear quite so much about the favoured right or left foot or not being able to tackle properly and we would probably encourage better positional awareness and reading of the game and creativity .
  10. Who was the better sub - Murphy or Tomlin ? Who influenced the result Nuhiu or Tomlin ? No , I dont like the little sod either and yes we dont get the rub of the green , but we need to deal with it rather than blub about it .
  11. He did for us though didn't he and in this division we need to cope with this type of player . If only we had one like him ourselves .
  12. Totally confused by all this . Can I drive down Halifax Rd and turn to go and park where I am a member at the Niagara ground ?
  13. We played hoofball tonight .Lets players off the hook ,they dont have to take responsibility on the ball .It was awful . They are better than that and if they played with a bit more initiative rather than always to a gameplan which seems to confuse them , particularly the midfielders , we may have got something out of it .
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