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  1. People go on about getting an experienced Championship manager . The ones on the hit list seem to have experienced more failure than success .
  2. Bruce will claim they built a castle and a wall in Newcastle to keep the Scots out - but he gave them the idea - all his tactical nous .
  3. Who you going for Bluey - come on , commit yourself rather than slagging others off for having a preference for manager .
  4. On Snoots hit list , only D V B inspires any confidence . Other wannabees all much of a muchness .I'm waiting for Bluey to tell us just who he thinks fits the bill and is available .
  5. Given what is being said about experience , I wonder how any Manager gets a job .They all have to start somewhere and be given that first chance . Bully has more than served his apprenticeship ,has honesty , integrity and no little skill , knowledge and tactical awareness as well as having good working relationships with the players . Some of those being suggested on here have even less success and experience than Josh . As an interim appointment with a rolling short term contract and until someone with real credentials turns up , Bully may be worth a try .
  6. On the bright side we've got some exciting new players in - thanks , bye bye .
  7. Be interesting to see how we get on against better teams in Germany . What I saw last night was a team ,well basically 2 different teams , playing together and for each other ,without obvious weaknesses,so I dont think there's any desperation about making further signings in a hurry - they need to be the right ones , not just to make up the numbers , and yes Hector would be a huge bonus .
  8. What's the evidence Bullen isn't up to the job ? No axe to grind , just wonder how anyone can draw such a conclusion - everyone has to start somewhere .
  9. Que sera sera - lets just try and enjoy the football on the pitch today and give the media nonsense a rest .
  10. Bruce may / may not have travelled to the Toon - anyone see him there ? - to politely tell Ashley to bog off .
  11. Missed it yesterday when he left . Has he left again and I've missed it this time as well ?
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