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  1. alan48

    We need Westwood back

    Thanks Snoots - point taken . Dawson tends to spread his body and saves with his feet . Westwood seems to get down with his arms and body in such situations . I'm not saying Dawson is a bad keeper , he's a great prospect , but imo , Westwood is better . Yesterday was a total shambles and we needed strong characters out there - I didnt see any , apart from Nuhiu when he came on . Westwood may be stroppy , but he does command his area and respect from his team mates even if he is a bit of a prat .
  2. alan48

    We need Westwood back

    I think Dawson saves the ones most keepers would be expected to save . Westwood saved the ones most of us thought were already in the net .
  3. alan48

    We need Westwood back

    Westwood would have saved the first - his judgement of angles and positioning is better and he does give his team mates some direction . Still dont get what's gone off there .
  4. alan48

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Thought we were an absolute shambles tonight . For me Bannan shaved it just for trying to make something happen and put in some effort , although even he ran out of steam later on . I thought Penney got found out big time - ,as in the W Brom game , trying to do too much at times . We ;seem to think hoofing it forward is the done thing to do against 6.6 defenders which never paid of until Nuhiu came on . If you look at the first goal , never let the ball bounce like that , but again it was after you , no after you , and as someone else said , just go through it . Dawson got his angles wrong if you look at the replay from behind the goal and again another example of why Westwood should be in there. The passing was appalling all night , whether it be 5 yards or 50 . The second goal summed up the night - nobody taking responsibility for organising the defence and sorry , Lees is not captain material , but there again , I dont know who is . We got what we deserved - nothing .
  5. One from the archives - Keith Ellis .
  6. alan48

    Sports psychologist

    Mcmigo doesnt realise you have to be a psychologist first - usually takes about 5 years to qualify .They may then specialise in clinical ,educational , criminal ,industrial ,etc , including sports psychology . But firstly they are Psychologists who choose to work with expertise in a particular field . All of which is entirely related to good mental health .
  7. alan48

    Sports psychologist

    Having worked in M H for many years I can assure you that good M H often has a bearing on performance , football or any other walk of life and obviously availability of a link to someone with a knowledge of social psychiatry and psychology has to be of benefit for everyone .
  8. alan48

    Sports psychologist

    We have Chris Kirkland talking about his Mental Health problems in one thread and then Mcmigo dismissing the possible need for a sports psychologist as ' frippery '. Just shows how much we need a better understanding of M H issues .
  9. Reach and Pessy seem to have gone from being woeful last week to potential footy dynamos this . Lets stay realistic and just hope for an improvement from both .
  10. alan48


    Westwood played first half at Lincoln and seemed quite relaxed and in tune with the rest of the team and was greeted with enthusiasm by the supporters that night , so dont think it's anything to do with dressing room problems , more likely probs re bonuses for clean sheets or ,less likely in my view , probs with Jos , who may be under pressure from C C .
  11. alan48

    Adam Reach

    Along with Pessy I thought he was poor today . Very slow at closing down players . His and Pessy's idea of marking is to stand 5 yards off the opposition . Reach , in addition ,spends a lot of time waving his arms around telling other players what to do , without doing whats' required himself . Neither he or Pessy can tackle or head a ball , are easily outmuscled and dont seem to have the drive to take on a bit of responsibility to help Bannan . I'd prefer Onumah for Pessy and give Reach the benefit of the doubt today but midfield remains weak in my view .
  12. alan48

    Friendly solution

    Ah - the County Cup ! What memories , bring it on .
  13. alan48

    Old Programmes

    Try Leppings Lane programme shop .
  14. alan48


    My 2 kids were mascots 1997 v Wimbledon cup tie . [we lost 3 -1 ] .No charge . They got trophies , photos , autographs ,trip round the ground and we all got S Stand tickets .We all had a great day despite the result and my daughter complaining she didnt like Vinny Jones 'cos he squeezed her hand too tight when they were introduced .How times have changed for our ' family ' club .
  15. alan48

    We need to know

    You'll upset people even more on here being jolly . That aside , I'm with you . It makes not a blind bit of difference what we think . D C does things in his own way which appears quite dismissive to us . Maybe this is something to do with his own culture and the way he has built his business . I still dont think he understands the British football culture and history and that severely limits the ability he has to conduct his football business .