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  1. Bad Language in family stand

    Where is the family stand these days ?
  2. No No No No

    Need to face up to the fact that we haven't got the quality pace , drive or energy required to get out of this division at the moment . That's more down to poor recruitment , which should be the managers responsibility .If he doesn't realise by now that those qualities are required then it's time for him to go .
  3. Compared to Pete Swan he's a real softy .
  4. Exiting over the bridge is a safety hazard at the best of times - perhaps the safety officers may like to try it sometime .
  5. Fantham to partner Hirst - wow .
  6. Stick Gerry Young or Tony Kay in Midfield
  7. The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    You're not wrong Snoots - remember trying to lace the ball , trying to flatten the lace so that if you did head it ,it wouldnt leave an imprint on your head for a week , and getting one in the goolies , now that was something else !
  8. Not so random...

    you must have the same card album as I have m'lud!
  9. Not so random...

    He didn't need a v - neck . Remember where his shorts were !
  10. Cant see us winning this one - and cant see a top 6 finish . Having said that it's not unknown for previous play-off teams to have a slump the following season , Derby , Reading ,QPR ,Brentford even Brighton . So I'm not expecting too much this season , our play-off final team are all two years older and we know some of them need replacing along with the ' bench ' players who never get a game . Roll on next season !
  11. Think there's a guy at Derby who scores pretty regularly and wouldn't cost a bean - Sam somebody or other !
  12. Time to sell JR?

    Think that shadow was fading long before we signed him .
  13. Blades aside , just how many of our squad would make a ' best in the championship ' squad ? Westwood , Lees ,Bannan , Lee , Hooper , - leaves us missing half a team , so I would say we are lacking in quality .
  14. Ryan Giggs

    Thanks Ghost !