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  1. His phone no. is 07971552458 as far as I know . If you google the shop , he may have updated it . Good luck and take care .
  2. Richard at The Programme Shop on Leppings lane [ next to the ground ] may be able to help . I know he's on email but not sure he's opening at the moment .
  3. Went to W Germany 5 - 0 win over the Swiss and then when I was playing over in N Z the club used it as a training video to encourage pass , move and hit the P O M O position - position of maximum opportunity ,ie penalty spot -. Didn't work for my team though - mid table obscurity was the best we ever managed whilst I was there .
  4. Guess they will be setting off for Bristol about now then - hope the weather improves , safe journey .
  5. Looks as if we're in for a real exciting end to the season -- not .
  6. Has Reach learnt to tackle during lockdown ?
  7. At his age he should have reached a level of consistency and performance already - he's not going to get any better - he's only average . His pointing skills though are much improved , as is his ability to stay out of the way of anything which may be injurious .
  8. None to compare with Tony Kay and Norman Curtis .
  9. Ask Richard at the programme shop on leppings lane re programme sales .- he's always helpful .
  10. Cant be doing with a bit of flair - just ask Clare . FF is the only one one who gives a buzz and lifts the crowd in this team . We need him to get onside with Monk and get in the team .
  11. They did have a blue one for the Wednesday team coach though . As you say though , used to hate it getting on one to go to away games .
  12. Went to both . got the programmes also . loved that era of the club . Mostly local players , honest graft on the whole , even some internationals in our squad , Good football and a degree of success .
  13. I made my own in school woodwork - it was the only rattle that went anti-clockwise rather than the normal clockwise . Unfortunately it got smashed to smithereens when a wayward Norman Curtis shot went wide and smashed my rattle against the wall at the front of the kop !
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