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  1. Buckowl . The open letter from the trust asked some very reasonable ,open questions and , I thought , was well put together . The response from the club gave no answers to any of it . To suggest ' meaningful ' engagement is laudable , but there has been no previous evidence of ' meaningful ' engagement at all . To say posters are addressing all this with ' hindsight ' is just naive . This is all happening in the here and now and needs addressing urgently now .
  2. How can we be ' poor upfront ' when we haven't got an ' upfront ' apart from Windass ?
  3. Think those who were there certainly influenced the ref . For once I agreed with Wilder [and Pulis ] that crowds shouldnt be allowed in until we are allowed .
  4. Must be nice living in that dreamworld plopper where unemployment , poverty and corona dont exist . -Dream on .
  5. John Hickton Lincs . Hard as nails . Dont think Van Aken is in the same mould .
  6. Didnt give it as an excuse . Perhaps you need to go to specsavers . He slipped , just as many of the outfield players had done on that wet surface . Pearson commented during the game that some of them needed to change to long studs .
  7. To be fair , Westwood did slip just before punching the ball and I dont think any of our players were within yards of their guy who whacked in the goal .
  8. Reality is we've got him and he can do no worse than the last combo . Weve not really seen much decent footy since Big Ron left apart from a bit from Sturrock and C C and by the way ' my team ' Curran did become a piggie after us so how come he merits the ' legend ' status ?
  9. Anyone would think we dont play hoofball already . Current tactic is to give it to Bannan play it backwards and sideways and then hoof it forward . Difference may be that Pullis cuts out Bannan and we hoof it forward more quickly . Cant wait !
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