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  1. alan48

    Forest Away

    Could be Concord or Graves Park. _ or maybe Yeovil ?
  2. alan48

    20 years of hurt !

    Yeah he did get Barnsley playing really attractive football ,in the 2nd tier ,and I was really pleased for him , but that was no reason to bring him to us .
  3. alan48

    20 years of hurt !

    Cant blame him - blame the people who appointed him .
  4. Brooks - £12mill . Hirst - £169k. Something not quite right there . Maybe Katrien needs to have a word with those working in the sty?
  5. alan48

    Pitchside beer

    I suspect that whatever is drunk it would be flung over supporters whenever there was a goal or incident on the pitch . Other sports seem to manage things o k , but for some reason footy fans dont do this . Plenty of footage on OT showing our fans chucking beer all over the place at various grounds , so not optimistic that it wouldn't be the same at our own .
  6. alan48

    Love these...

    What's the badge on Wilko's shirt?
  7. alan48

    No sign of the kit!

    More importantly , where are the new players ?
  8. alan48


    Brilliant - I was there for the home games and we played really well . Little did we know that Barca would go on to achieve what they have . Why cant we do that ?
  9. alan48

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Great reading all season M'lud . Many thanks and have a good summer . Is the Manor open for cultural exchange and cucumber sandwichs ?
  10. The game against Sporting Lisbon 2 /3 years back was hardly non league standard Portuguese side . Yes they need to work and yes they need good standard opposition , but we also need a jolly and a bit of comaraderie with the players . I enjoyed Portugal.
  11. Pace required back middle and front .Ship out the golden oldies get the youngsters ,with pace , in .
  12. alan48

    Clear out

    Dont think Jos is that daft so will have recognised who he wants to get rid of . Whether or not he will be able to do this , given the l/t contracts we dished out is another matter.
  13. alan48


    We got back on track for a few games simply because we had a bit of a midfield back , [Hutch and Bannan [ and surprise , surprise it all goes pear shaped again when they are not there .
  14. alan48

    Throw 'em in and sod it

    Brilliant stuff from all our poet laureats .
  15. alan48

    Sean clare

    Midfield very much the main problem at the moment - as others have said , Reach like s headless chicken and you wouldn't have known Pelupesst and Clare were on the field . There is absolutely no creativity in this side at the moment so no surprise we play hoofball . Again as others have said , Megson used to play a decent form of hoofball - could have tried him for a short term hoofball contract . Jos ? Really no idea what he's trying to do and neither do the players .