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  1. Clear out

    Dont think Jos is that daft so will have recognised who he wants to get rid of . Whether or not he will be able to do this , given the l/t contracts we dished out is another matter.
  2. JOS OUT

    We got back on track for a few games simply because we had a bit of a midfield back , [Hutch and Bannan [ and surprise , surprise it all goes pear shaped again when they are not there .
  3. Throw 'em in and sod it

    Brilliant stuff from all our poet laureats .
  4. Sean clare

    Midfield very much the main problem at the moment - as others have said , Reach like s headless chicken and you wouldn't have known Pelupesst and Clare were on the field . There is absolutely no creativity in this side at the moment so no surprise we play hoofball . Again as others have said , Megson used to play a decent form of hoofball - could have tried him for a short term hoofball contract . Jos ? Really no idea what he's trying to do and neither do the players .
  5. Think you are right about the N/S divide . Investors , managers and players like to be in touch with the bright lights of London - hence the rise of Bournenouth , Brighton ,Watford, Southampton etc. Not much up north to appeal in their eyes. They dont realise how much more we have to offer!
  6. Putting Wilder aside , the point is valid and something many of us have talked about for a long time .Breaking the rules should never reap such a huge reward as is the case with Premiership payments and failure should not be rewarded with huge parachute payments .
  7. Sean Clare

    If anyone needs a rest it's us ! Put us out of our misery - lock the gates on Saturday ,- dont let us in -we could all go to the pub instead .
  8. Dave was the star man tonight . Joao did ok when he came on and Lees was steady at the back . The rest were awful.
  9. £100m

    Thanks for the analysis - found it really helpful and easier to understand
  10. Team for Tuesday

    hirst and joao - both have pace . hirst can run the channels - doesn't wait around for tap-ins .plays with abit of enthusiasm . cant be any worse than what we've been playing .
  11. If he's low on confidence and not scoring he's not much use to us then is he ? Need to move him on and stop trying to force the impossible .
  12. As I've said previously , Rhodes has had plenty of chances and fluffed them . Lots of tinted glasses on this thread . Clarke cant run , cant head a ball , cant dribble ,but puts in the effort , closes the opposition down and seems to take the chances he gets . If Clarke can do it , surely we can find someone else , swallow the pride , take the loss on the chin and move Rhodes on . - and before it starts I would have absolutely loved him to have cracked it with us , given I live in 'Udders and take stick day in, day out from Town fans .
  13. People on here keep saying he doesn't get the service , but even when he does get the chances he fluffs it . Big Dave gets called from here to high heaven but with Rhodes he gets some kind of sympathy vote 'cos he doesn't get the service . We need to recognise that he's no pace , he doesn't put himself about , he's easily knocked off the ball , he cant tackle , he never wins a ball in the air and although I feel sorry for the lad , he's just not good enough .
  14. Letter sent to the FA

    Putting aside the appalling referee , we conceded from 3 set pieces and a penalty .Even when the refs decisions are correct , we still need to learn how to defend corners and free kicks .We still need a big bruiser of a C H to shore things up .