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  1. Who was the better sub - Murphy or Tomlin ? Who influenced the result Nuhiu or Tomlin ? No , I dont like the little sod either and yes we dont get the rub of the green , but we need to deal with it rather than blub about it .
  2. He did for us though didn't he and in this division we need to cope with this type of player . If only we had one like him ourselves .
  3. Totally confused by all this . Can I drive down Halifax Rd and turn to go and park where I am a member at the Niagara ground ?
  4. We played hoofball tonight .Lets players off the hook ,they dont have to take responsibility on the ball .It was awful . They are better than that and if they played with a bit more initiative rather than always to a gameplan which seems to confuse them , particularly the midfielders , we may have got something out of it .
  5. We should welcome any fan who turns up to watch our games , no matter how often , considering the state the club has been in over the last 20 years .
  6. Didnt see any disasters on Sunday .
  7. Also got a reply from Clive so lets hope he gets a response from the Council this time . [Good on him with all the stuff going on at Westminster this week ]
  8. Bullen aint on the pitch any more - dont the players have a responsibility to perform ? Dont we have a captain to bxxxxck them on the pitch ? Is that too much to expect >
  9. Yet more ' evidence ' for S Y P and S A G to continue with their offensive against the Club . Dont Tango and co. realise that at the moment a bit of restraint just might benefit us in the longer term ?
  10. I've been to all the games so far . P N E was the worst - lacking in movement and energy , Harris been told to stay out wide and that's exactly what he did , didn't appear too bothered that he wasn't getting the ball . Fletcher on his own uo front , Bannan a big off day , very little drive until Nuhiu came on and it was too much to expect we could rescue it so late in the game . If Bully wants the job , he needs to be bold and give them some stick ; they are being paid a lot of money to work at what they are doing and sometimes they need reminding that they are in a well paid job . Against P N E the changes should have been made earlier and on this occasion Bully fell down .
  11. We've not seen Luongo have a full game yet , so dont big him up too much just yet , before he starts getting knocked down !
  12. 4-1-3-2 Iorfa ,Lees Borner ,Palmer Hutchinson Harris Bannan Reach Fessi Fletcher Give it Harris or Reach , hit the goal line , pull back to the edges ,Fletcher nods down , Fessi follows up , jobs a good 'un , no probs .
  13. Apart from Hughton , just who is out there who might improve things and give us a chance ? I dont know .
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