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  1. Cant argue with the crazy tackle last night - it was a sending off . What I cant understand is why refs , who on the whole are poor in this league , aren't consistent with their poor decisions . Seems we get pulled up or booked for fouls that the opposites get away with .There was a clear push that should have given us a penalty last night which was just waived away without a second thought . Hopefully it was just one of those nights when what could go wrong did go wrong.
  2. Interesting that it was Smith who had a go at Byers when he came off . Moore seemed totally unmoved by the whole incident .
  3. Is it Moore or the Asst Manager running the show ?
  4. Difficult to tell how younger players are judged and it always comes down to opinion in football . Maybe we didnt see Holland and others having a great deal of potential ,so off they go and in come some who perhaps do ,in our coaches opinion I cant see Alex Hunt making it anywhere but maybe the National league , but can see Brennan having a decent career , not necessarily with us . We do need to see Cadamartri and others in action though and maybe the Pizza cup is the place to see it. Chelsea had about 60 players out on loan last season , so maybe we pick up another Hutchinson ? The piggy academy seems to have dried up [but what do I know ]. Maguire , Walker ,Brookes I know , but how many others ? Across the PFL and EFL there are about 2500 - 3000 players looking for first team slots , but how many kids grow up saying they want to be a professional footballer. Getting the recruitment team right is absolutely essential and I'm not sure we have that right now at Hillsboro .
  5. Palmer has a job to do at the back and on the whole does it quite capably . Patto has a job to do up front , tries , bit not that capable .
  6. I was there . Which particular incidents are you alluding to ?
  7. I used to enjoy watching the initiation singing videos that Bully used to take . They were always fun and a way of bringing the lads together .
  8. My thoughts -- Defence -- despite the new guys , no better or worse than last season . Midfield -- possibly weaker with no Luongo in it. Up front -- this is the key . Smith will make the difference so we'll be stronger. So , one area the same , one area weaker , one area better . Overall ,finish the same and win the play-offs . Dont get the backing for Peterboro ,maybe top 6 . Look out for Barnsley and Derby ,Pompey and Bolton.
  9. Quite refreshing to see teams playing attacking football from the start . None of this messing about at the back , backwards , sideways back again . ..No rolling about whenever there's a tackle , no hysterics with referees ...they just get on with it . Hope the men learn from these women .
  10. I,m sure the Wednesday supporters football team could advise on such matters . They actually play [sort of ] in the shirts and would probably be only too willing to model them .
  11. To be fair , they did win promotion and a trophy at wembley , so at this point we've nowt to shout about . As and when we go up and they come down , that will be the time to start crowing about how good our signings have been . [most of whom will probably be injured for most of the season ] .
  12. So the hoolis of 50 years ago are the reason I have to walk twice as far to get to where I wanted to be in the first place ? Amazing how society has failed to progress in the meantime [ and policing ] .
  13. Is it the pissed up ' old school hooligans ' that stopped us 'old school ' south standers exiting on to Leppings Lane or is to protect us from the hoollis from Morecambe ?
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