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  1. Could someone please explain to us ,preferably from the Club , why yet again those of us in the South Stand are unable to exit on to Leppings Lane ? It's not as if we are going to be accosted by thousands of visiting fans in this division and just adds more crowding and H & S concerns when having to cross over the bridge.. It seems to be yet another example of no discussion or consideration or communication with the fans who are effected by these decisions .
  2. If you print off tickets for Newcastle , some print with K O 7.00 pm others print 7.45 pm so just to reaffirm it's 7.00 pm .
  3. I couldnt see from our end so could someone tell me how come Palmer was responsible for their goal ? [ genuine ]
  4. He got whacked time and time again so I think a build up of knocks was worrying for D M and so brought him off thinking we still had good cover for him from the subs bench . Hope he's o k for Plymouth .
  5. I'd always play Hutch , but cant say we missed him badly . Their goal was an unfortunate deflection from Adeniran . Morecombe didnt create much all day so the presence of Hutch I dont think would have made any difference .
  6. Think we need to play 2 upfront . Gregory had very little support today . We seemed to run down blind alleys on the right hand side quite a lot today but didn't use the open spaces down the left and rarely got to the byline to get get pullbacks into the box . Too often when diagonal high crosses went in no-one was coming round the back to pick up a loose ball. As has been said before , we need a bit more imagination on corners and free kicks . It doesn't always have to be Bazza . Overall though we've had a good start to the season and better than most expected . No doubt there will be more frustrating days like this to come .
  7. He was signed for his ability to point , not to tackle , as was very evident last night ,so they've picked up an absolute bargain !
  8. Think we'll have a much better idea of what the challenge is and.'what's missing ' ,post Rovrum .
  9. Thanks for all the responses -- shows the good humour and tolerance we have to have as supporters of this club , but wouldn't it be helpful to have an official explanation as to why things are done now and again , especially when it causes inconvenience and possible crushing elsewhere for so many people .
  10. Anyone on here know why those in the South Stand were again unable to exit the stand to Leppings Lane ? It's not as if those from the North Stand cant exit to Leppings Lane and it was hardly to be expected that the 100 from Fleetwood were about to start a riot . An explanation from the club would be welcome.
  11. Bannan my M o M but wish they'd find someone else to take free kicks , corners . Thought Kamberi worked hard , much of the time on his own up front. Would like to see Gregory at the side of him up front , could develop into a productive partnership . Adeniran,Hutch and Iorfa also solid games .
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