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  1. Problem is , everything has to go through him , which means the rest of them dont take on responsibility to make things happen . He becomes the easy option . The opposites know this . Cut him out and it stops us playing . When he doesnt play for whatever reason , we have to find an alternative strategy - and we dont have one !
  2. Jeffers , hardly mentioned , which sums him up .
  3. Pete Eustace had the Cheshire Cheese at Hope . Lovely pub .
  4. Just cancelled Sky sports via the no. given on here . Took 5 mins , spoke to an actual person , no hassle , job done .
  5. Sorry to go back a bit but theses golden oldies were rock hard - norman curtis , roy shiner , tony kay and of course pete swan .
  6. Seems to be little pride or self-respect . Players appear to treat footy as a hobby which they are reasonably good at , run around for a bit , get lots of dosh , beer with the lads , see you next week - repeat .
  7. Was it the piggies who lost both home and away to City this season or am I imagining that . What would we realistically have expected to get out of last night apart apart from a bit of self pride ?
  8. Lot of luck and determination - sadlly lacking most games .
  9. Dawson is capable but , as we are now seeing , prone to mistakes . For a number of years we have been used to Westwood making ' worldies ' . Now he cant do that he just becomes capable and subject to the same mistakes as Dawson . The difference is that Westwood has the experience to try and keep his defence in line - something Dawson hasn't yet been able to do . So it has to be Westwood for me . [ Not that Monk will have him ]
  10. Shakespeares Henry on Owlstalk - things must be getting desperate . Oh well , once more unto the breach dear friends ....
  11. The fan base have to 'be prepared to put up with it ' because they are powerless to do anything about it -- apart from stop going .
  12. Was possibly injured , otherwise totally baffling decision
  13. Seems to have plenty on the touchline Snoots - doesnt look like he talks to them - maybe he should !
  14. F F juggling balls - thought he wasn't fit .
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