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  1. ' we show character in the next game ' - was it 3 on the trot we lost over christmas ?
  2. Blades dont get a mention so I'm past expecting us to be on their radar . End of the day who cares . There's only one thing better than beating the miseries at Leeds and that's beating the plggies - which we will be doing next season .
  3. The answer is yes . Years ago and I can remember a picture in the Star showing Peter Eustace looking on as the streaker flew past him .
  4. Presumeably the businesses on Leppings Lane that have also been losing revenue will be receiving some compensation?
  5. I dont think anyone is suggesting a total change to the squad in the way Jos kicked out experience and introduced younger players , but the way things are going at the moment the U23s / U18s will be collecting their pensions before they get a chance . There seems to be some agreement that we need change , and quickly , and a recognition that we are skint , so we're not going to be spending big money , even as part of a loan arrangement . Would we really benefit from another Murphy or two ? I dont think so . Do we really want to continue with Rhodes , Winnall , Nuhiu partnering Fletcher to no effect ? I dont think so . Maybe no choice here , give youth a chance even if it is only for 15 minutes - what's to lose ?
  6. Surely Borukov being given a few minutes at the side of Fletcher cant be any worse than Rhodes or Winnall plodding around. He can run and he just might show a bit more enthusiasm than those two , Reach , and Murphy .
  7. Not been the same since he had his hair cut .
  8. With this and George Hirst I just worry that if we keep stoking fires we'll get burned . Perhaps a little humility might be in order . The football world seems reluctant to even acknowledge the piggies so they wont give a fig about us .
  9. No , it was Danny Williams the week before he got the sack !
  10. Take my hat off to him - slagged him off yesterday scores hat-trick today . Well done . I'll try to slag him off again next week , just to see if it works again .
  11. Thought Rhodes was about as fast as big Dave . However bringing him on meant that we changed the style of play . Instead of just hoofing it down the middle we actually played some balls down the channels . Unfortunately Rhodes aint quick enough to latch on to them and , to me , highlights the ongoing problem we have up front . We still need a quick agile ;forward who can feed off the work that Fletcher does . Rhodes isnt quick enough to do that . Borukov to be given a chance from the bench?
  12. We dont move quickly enough to put teams under constant pressure so no matter what system we play , with this set of players , opposing teams have the time to close us down . The only game thus far when we did get on the front foot was M'boro .
  13. Puts exits at Leppings Lane and car parks into perspective when we could be exiting the division .
  14. Why weirdos Student ? Its a forum for discussion .
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