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  1. Sadly , we became 'a spent force and non-story irrelevance ' 20 years ago when we lost premiership status . Now it's got to the point where many are beyond caring and either too old or too knackered to to pick up the cardboard placards and march up and down outside Hillsboro' chanting ' we want Chansiri out ' . He knows that already , just chooses to ignore it and the national media , as stated , just regard us as an irrelevance .
  2. Anyone know if Att can play in goal ? or at the back , or in midfield , or up front ? D C probably better in goal on second thoughts as he's a bit wider.
  3. Whether or not they 'deserve ' it ,the Club contracts with the players to pay them ,be it £100 a week or £10000 a week , so they need to be paid ,no argument . [even Reach ] , so get it sorted D C quick , before you lose even more money through a points deduction and descent to league 2 .
  4. Tackle from behind - check V A R .
  5. bristol city/rovers , notts forest / county - you could be right .
  6. Competition is already dead . The 4 richest clubs have taken the 4 top places in the P L and on they go to more riches in Europe . At least further down the pecking order there's always room for just a little optimism despite the parachute payments that keep Norwich and Watford bouncing up and down .
  7. I like the room for my legs in the Grandstand .That's what I pay for . If the seating and spacing was improved in other areas of the ground , then maybe I'd shift .
  8. Just wondered at what age a 'young ' player becomes no longer regarded as such and unable to develop any further . We seem to have and have had many such players who are afforded much patience whilst achieving little . Think Hunt may be another .
  9. Yes you're right . Forgot he was part of the world cup squad . Didn't get a game of course and I think only had about 3 or 4 games after the France game .
  10. Remember that game -- he did have a bit of a poor game , well below his own standards but shouldn't just have been discarded .
  11. My Mum used to come to Hillsboro with us just to see his legs in his very short shorts !
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