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  1. Just wonder how many points we've dropped in extra time ? Even with Jos we've been in good positions and then conceded at the death .
  2. I watched the game . None of the players seemed to know what they were supposed to do . No pattern of play - just hoof it forward . Palmer seemed lost in all that ,not his fault i m o, .The whole team were bereft of ideas , skill and ability and no creativity at all . They looked as if they had never played together , which they hadn't ,and to me thats down to the manager and his coaches . Palmer ,if anything , was the best player in that back four and was better than most of that Scottish team.
  3. It's not just that . It's about Jos and a total lack of personality , drive , charisma and football nouse . How the hell did he get appointed , such a dreadful waste of a season , so frustrating .
  4. Great stuff from the kids - lets hope the grown ups were watching !
  5. Went to the game - thought they did o k for first half hour but the penalty not given threw their concentration and then the award at the other end was a blow that knocked their confidence . That on top of some poor general officiating , I think , made them feel they were never going to get anything out of the game . Not at all surprising given the hundreds of millions spent by Chelsea .Dont think we disgraced ourselves at all .
  6. Manc Owl , I agree the system needs a tweak . I wondered whether the points could be awarded according to miles to travel , e g ,Brentford , or difficult times /circumstances , eg Luton . They would merit 10 pts , Blackburn say 5 , Rotherham , Piggies say 2 , or some sort of system that recognises the effort put in to get to games . I'm not moaning by the way as I have my ticket for Chelsea . Just think more thought could be put in to the system generally .
  7. I can assure you I do , from piggies , Leeds scum , Tykes , mini pigs , Man U , Man city , even Everton , all of whom I play football with , in Sheffield , every week , and boy did I cop it in N Z for being a 'Pommie poopydoo '. They called me Jack Charlton when I was playing and some thought I was a cockney - the worst insult ever .But , wouldn't have missed it for the world. Lets call it a draw now ! WAWAW
  8. Casbah said 'if you dont get this you probably live outside sheffield '. Why would I not 'get this ' whether I live outside Sheffield or not . Seems to me though the time to strike back is when we can truly say 'mind the gap ' , not when we are 15 points behind and 13 places behind them. 10 pages for a thread about Chelsea tickets , truly Massive response !
  9. Had enough now - going for my afternoon nap .
  10. The ignorance of youth . Good job your'e a Wednesdayite Farrell or I just might put my specs on , adjust the continence pads , get out the walking frame and give you a good kicking with my old leather boots . P S - we're not all senile and past it !
  11. Got that Costello . Thought it might help so that we dont run into as many pages as those moaning about Big Dave or Fox .
  12. You do that Costello - there's little of interest . Just to let those who remain curious , born and bred in Shiregreen , tramped around the world twice , so the geography isn't too bad . Played semi -pro footy in N Z for nearly 6 years including against Vic Mobleys team , our Tlcker Taylor , Trevor Brooking ,Mick Channon , .Frank Mcavennie and others , Played footy in Sheffield sunday leagues till I was 50 , season ticket holder since coming back from N Z in 1984 ,seen Wedy play on 75 of the current league grounds and several who are now non-league and in Portugal . Is that sufficient for now or is more required . As I said previously , I'm not bothered about the piggies , I'm bothered about Wednesday and I'm not bothered about how many piggies went to Swansea [ yes I did go to Swansea just before Xmas ] . What has that got to do with Chelsea ticket sales - see you all there ! WAWAW
  13. Didnt say I didnt live outside Sheffield - asked why you would assume I did - and what has all this got to do with the game against Chelsea?
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