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  1. Paper talk

    Much ado about nothing - not just for us but generally . It was laughable the Sky sports pundits spending most of last night talking about transfers that weren't happening , rather than the ones that did . About time the window thing was abolished , bur then of course the Agents wouldn't like that . As for us , I can see us just plodding along as before , without a great deal of excitement and maybe scraping top 6 again .
  2. David Jones - good start to season

    Team spirit Tory!
  3. David Jones - good start to season

    2.4 tackles is good? Even Darren Potter would manage that .Dont players tackle any more?Come back Norman Curtis.
  4. Fernando Forestieri

    So many on here seem to have access to the dressing room in order to talk with such authority about him being a disruptive influence .Presumably the same people had the nod that Hooper had to have a box for his family before he signed .Do they therefore know why even if he's not playing , they look totally disinterested at times . Players do need managing .Di Canio was our last flair player . We let him go without so much as a goodbye.Happy Harry seemed to manage him O K .Cantona was allowed to escape 'cos Tricky Trevor hadn't the nous to give him a bit of leeway .Wilko and Fergie managed him even with the kung -fu kicks . Give the lad a bit of space.He's been our top scorer for the last two seasons ,way ahead of any of our other players . If he goes so be it ,but that little bit of magic will have gone also .
  5. On this day in 1972

    That whole game seemed full of pace - end to end stuff and players going for it .Why do they say todays players are fitter ?These players weren't slowing the game down and passing sideways and backwards - Swanny would never have raised a sweat in todays game .
  6. Forestieri and Winnall

    Being Devil's advocate really , I agree he's better for us playing on the left but if you take a definition of striker as a player who scores goals ,he's the top man .Just wish our other strikers would get on and do the job . Given game time I think Winnall could well fit the bill . He also puts himself around and works hard for the team .I could live with Rhodes not scoring if he was contributing in other ways and I dont think he does .We need both Fessi and Winnall in that team somehow .
  7. Forestieri and Winnall

    He's been top scorer for last 2 seasons so obviously not a striker and surplus to requirements !
  8. When I had a similar problem 'cos of a back injury , I asked a steward and was escorted up a lift to top grandstand , via one of the lounges . So it can be done . Good luck .
  9. Loovens

    Think we've done all the back 4 now , plus Bannan , Jones ,Abdi ,Reach and Fessi . How about Wallace . Does anyone think that guy is way too Scottish and has too many tattoos ?
  10. We lost

    I was there yesterday .I've watched them for 60 years .It was awful , absolutely awful .I dont expect too much , I follow Wednesday -.Just a bit of effort and enthusiasm. I saw none of it .We do deserve better , 'cos on the whole we're very patient, but the starting line-up and formation had me thinking the worst from the first minute . Although I like Carlos in terms of his honesty , I said from early on that I dont think his ' nice ' approach to Championship football is going to get us out of this division . The treatment of F F yesterday evidenced that . Pulled from pillar to post without any support from the Ref [ or his teammates ] is the way it is played . Awful term , but we need to man up and get stuck in , and Carlos needs to realise that this isn't the nicely ,nicely continental football he would like .Said it before , but if we continue like this , mid-table at best . And to be fair , the crowd encouraged them as much as possible yesterday , it was only at the final whistle that the boos sounded .
  11. The lucky pldgeons are not on the roof - they are back on the pitch where they they wont be disturbed.
  12. its only one game

    We'll probably manage mid-table , and that's an objective assessment based on 60+ years watching .We need an overhaul . We had our chance and blew it last season , just as Derby had done previously . We have to bring in better quality players , and possibly a better Manager . If this doesn't happen , just have to accept what's before us or stay home and watch ' strictly ' or those overpaid egotistic ' stars ' of the Premiership.
  13. Reach - Undropable?

    Why play a lad who cant tackle and cant head a ball at full back?