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  1. Got visions of Barry Bannan filling the boot of his two seater Bentley with the top shelf from the Tap and Hutch doing wheel spins on the Desso. I hope the club doesn’t go this way.😩
  2. Yep, you can watch the footage in September when the server has caught up.😆
  3. This^ No one has or probably will go further in the pursuit of stealing a wage, oxygen and converting food into shyte than this critter. Absolute maggot. Up there are FJ9 and Leon Clarke. Single-handedly missed so many sitters in the match against palarse; relegated us through lack of fooks in a critical match. Clarke then breaking his foot topped his performance off! Two individuals who, had they had a reasonable game would have kept us up.
  4. Think some of the current crop could sneak in there if they pick up where they left off. That is, if some of us ever play for us again! Talented but playing like they want the manager sacked. Unforgivable
  5. Did you pack up the tent or just pour petrol on it and write it off? 😩
  6. £5k a week tops is enough reward for me. 1/4 Mil a year is more than enough. Add in a £2k win bonus. Needs to be more hunger to succeed.
  7. Having a quick gentlemen’s half hour reminiscing
  8. Almen Abdi, Sheffield Wednesday midfielder
  9. The mystery of our instant demise uncovered! Reckon KW’s mum who reads tea leaves saw all this coming, he told Monk who called him out as a bullshitter and this caused uproar in the squad.
  10. Agree. Thought Bruce and then Monk would be the men to lead us back to victorious ways. Whilst we haven’t really impressed (aside from Leeds away) at any point under Monk, we did for a time have a winning mentality. Love to know what happened at xmas. Interesting how players such as Dawson were offered contracts whilst it appears most others were not. Something more decisive afoot and this is beyond Monk’s managerial stance of backing, then slating then backing his players.
  11. Can’t see us under FFP having the means to make any decent new signings, irrespective of who is manager. Real mess
  12. Still got ball boys on more than £30k a week according to Wilder
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