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  1. 5L kegs for £10 from B&M bumhole bargains. Only purchased as the latest 70 odd litres of home brew isn’t ready yet.
  2. Lived there 4 times from the age of 0 to 12 and loved it. Certainly different to the uk. Just sat finishing a 5L keg of Warsteiner which was brewed 10km from one place I used to live. Excellent place. Have been back there since and still love it!
  3. Germany is superb loved my time living there as a youngster. Should be a great trip
  4. Anyone recall the last time we played them-grim September midweek evening in 2010 with about 5000 inside the ground. Think it was 0-0. Proper bobbar but the seat I got for me mate’s box was ok
  5. Hold your horses! No mention of the deal clincher of Free Nando’s Vouchers in FFP
  6. Know what you mean-flimsy nightwear and a lady pleaser. Niel’s ad selection is proper random; no wonder he is always begging for extra cash to keep the site going. What do you reckon to these; can’t see them being much use on a cold winter’s night when you are trying to give a Millwall fan an after-match shoeing:
  7. No. They were so tight fisted they would have found out when they analysed the bill
  8. Like when I got accused of ringing certain adult chat lines which appeared on my parents phone bill. Turns out it was the builders having a quick tea break tug in our lav, but it took me proving that I was away at the itemised call times to clear my name.
  9. Haven’t got time to watch it but is Dave Jones, Abdi and Nuhiu on there?
  10. Stuffed and made into a dart board holder. I’d buy that for a dollar!
  11. Three seasons to turn things around? Any manager that thinks he has that much time is dreaming. All on borrowed time.
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