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  1. Send Murphy back-atrocious! Surely FF would have added more.
  2. Annoying that you could see our passing dropping off and them coming onto us. Bannan off for Dave and Murphy on for Harris were very poor subs.
  3. Gutted. That twohat should have been off for elbowing Boner.
  4. Did you get re-directed to a gay site like I did?
  5. Thanks for the links. First row sports one, link 1 brought up this! See what browsing you do!
  6. £22 for a pint on the South is quite reasonable. Prawn Sandwich £50, go on the 50:50 is a tenner and programmes £20. Life of the privileged few.
  7. At least he wasn’t photo’d with half mast trousers and white socks on.
  8. When a top of the table team turns up then prices are bound to get hiked
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