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  1. Almen Abdi

    Fanny hurts more like. Lacking military robustness is how I would describe him if he worked for me. Can we loan him to Rotherham
  2. David Garrido

    Got that chunky look about her. Strange, but mildly arousing.
  3. David Garrido

    Why post this? Just spat tea out all over me phone and realised when I stopped howling with laughter I have had a small dribble of wee! OT comedy gold this post
  4. Micah

    We should do a counter one claiming we have accepted a bid for 50p for Nuhiu.
  5. The curious tale of Jordan Rhodes

    Or she has a slong.
  6. The curious tale of Jordan Rhodes

    Honestly I dispare! If you are man enough to take more than an average mans' annual wage a week then he should man up and do the biz! Bring back meggo-at least you know they would be paying for their crimes against a days graft in Greno woods next day.
  7. The curious tale of Jordan Rhodes

    take a penalty tha puff!
  8. Why so long

    Can't see us doing anything before the window closes, in or out.
  9. extended highlights vs Burton

    Awful - should have walked!
  10. come on - may the gods of Fuzzball look down on us favourably
  11. Good - come on now - let's do this.
  12. I hate following us these days - most sides seem to be able to do us over!