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  1. airborne_rat_of_s6

    New Kit

    Mr Chansari, famous Indian dress maker.
  2. airborne_rat_of_s6

    New Kit

    Out in two weeks. ITK.
  3. Value for money/reputation vs reality - both were poor.
  4. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Surely bloody not!

    Unless his loan turns into a paid transfer then it will be a bad deal. We needed to get him away from the squad but he is currently broken so, as a saleable asset, we are currently down.
  5. What’s the average goal count for this treasure trove of talent? 4 goals for the last season? Lol
  6. airborne_rat_of_s6

    George Hirst to sign for Real Betis

    Falklands. Doing away with the RAF down there. Just don’t tell the Argies!
  7. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Clare rejected us??

    My mate is good mates with RH’s. Can vouch for the fact he was no whippet. We went out for a run with him just before he broke into the first team and absolutely destroyed him. Lol
  8. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Clare rejected us??

    If he leaves us, then hopefully.
  9. airborne_rat_of_s6

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    We could sell FF and finance the payments for JR’s. Top bit of business!
  10. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Maybe we could crowd fund action against Dave Richards? Lol
  11. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Is it true?

    Think you are right. Way they ended last season suggests they won’t be doing as well next.
  12. airborne_rat_of_s6

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    CAbdi lol.
  13. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    Clear statement of intent from Jos. Like a good morning rake out! Lol