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  1. I have disowned the club tonight - no longer willing to put myself through this. 20 years of almost total bobbar. DC - many thanks for the memories - similarities of the free-fall under Dave Richards that we were paying for for years. Have asked the Mods to delete this account as following us is the essence of futility. All the best everyone!
  2. This^^^ Shambles. Having endured our early 2000's decline and 2010 relegation, it always seemed worth going, worth supporting worth enduring the pain. This is just pathetic across the club. Think my interest has expired. Sooner find other less miserable pastimes than try and follow / support this. Please feel free to delete my account Mods - I am done.
  3. Shoulder has fallen off, didn’t fancy it, looking leggy, hasn’t been paid, can’t be arsed. Select one or more from the above.
  4. Like watching a terminally ill relative die this. Couple of positive days but we are in the inevitable giving up the fight phase now.
  5. They are on a crap run, so expect us to not turn up again! Spent the afternoon painting the spare room. Makes you realise the futility that is supporting our club.
  6. Key thing with those games is we applied ourselves better and appeared to have a good work rate. Anyway, here’s to raising a glass at 1700 following a win today!
  7. Think if we look to take the game to the opposition rather than putting in a lacklustre shift then you may be right.
  8. Make your own luck. Bottled midweek-point lost thru a lack of endeavour and concentration. Bottled Millwall from cruising in winning position. Players need to look at themselves. That would have been 4 points or most of the deduction deficit. No excuses today.
  9. This^ Stoke midweek; not won in ten years, manager under pressure, lack lustre performance and a point at least lost. Leggy used again as an excuse despite having more time to recover. Brum; horrific run, manager under pressure, welcome to the home of easy points. Hoping not, but we have bottled recently. A win today is crucial and hoping they are up for it.
  10. Can he be in the squad instead of pelupenalty?
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