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  1. Need to forget about the midweek debacle, drop off job (preferably at the Megabus stop at Meadowhall with a one way ticket to wherever) and get back to winning ways. Four points from 12 after the restart would be poor. 7 would be good in the circumstances. Championship is so bobbar this season. Crime is we folded after Xmas as this could have been our year.
  2. Agree that it has seen two positive performances out of three. Annoyance is he stuck with it at the expense of having to play Oddjob as a centre back. Writing on the wall and an absolute tactical gift that we all noted would be exploited before kick off. Not like we have any recognised wing backs at the club. For an ex-defender to not be able to recognise this shows he is a poor manager. Yes; formation works, but not when you lose two of the three centre half’s you had previously recognised as your best for those positions.Hope Lees and Borner are back tomorrow and Oddjob has played his last game.
  3. Looks a bit like our lass did around 20 years ago, before she found cakes and took up gurning. Very nice.
  4. Just been on bluntsmad and they already have a Sophy Ridge Fanny thread in response to our mocking of their Charlie’s.🤣
  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his name and was accepted back here for a trial in the summer.🤣
  6. Fair one. Proper kick in the plums is false optimism!
  7. I really hope it is true as I have had all the gleeful oinkers telling us how in the know they are and we have plea bargained for a 8 point deduction. When you point out that would not take two weeks to debate, that is a step beyond their intelligence threshold.
  8. Bit pathetic that if you are the EFL you can sling mud as you feel free and yet clubs have to live with the impact. If this were a employer and employee then you’d have a case for discrimination, particularly as this has been so publicly broadcast by the EFL. Having been on the end of spurious charges in the past at work and then being cleared as it was based on a load of lies, it’s not a pleasant place to be. No recourse irrespective when charges are dropped. No apologies for putting your career on hold or people who have ostracised you.
  9. Could be argued that all this has knocked the confidence of the players and staff alike. One bit of sympathy I have with our players that has been the train-crash second half of the season is that this hanging over them for so long cannot help.
  10. All the optimism gone and that is down largely to a number of errors from one calamity player
  11. Looked very good until the Odd job Peno. Back to the mental frailty. Do wonder how he has managed to get into the side given he was told he isn’t rated by GM (rightly so). Surely we have under 11’s with better defensive capabilities.
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