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  1. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Think it’s ok that. Well done the club.
  2. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Christmas Megastore Video

    Someone please do a spoof version of this-Santa wiping his arse on all the SU paraphernalia and then sticking it on that nice roaring fire. If our club could only get Xmas right.
  3. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Alan Nixon

    Put your dentures in!
  4. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Westwood to Weeds

    This^^^^ Play your best players if you can, don’t freeze them out and in doing so make a route out of the club. Pathetic
  5. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Ou est le presser?

    Sounds like a load of boolocks to me.
  6. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Is anyone else worried about the fans forum?

    That’s the mega store after the new home shirts were finally released. More likely to be this
  7. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    But am I not the king?
  8. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    After JL said KW was his third choice keeper as well. Let’s hold out for nothing in January and pee off what had been a great servant in the meantime. Seems like nothing changes in terms of fuckwittery at the top of our club.
  9. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Deal Agreed For Impressive Midfielder

    Eddy Grant-thought that was what kids off the manor got for clothes?
  10. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Paul cook

    Just spaffed a gob full of chicken korma meal for one all over my table when I scrolled down and saw this. Currently got pilau rice dripping from my nose cos of you! Besides. Why would we want Sean Bean at the club anyway?
  11. airborne_rat_of_s6


    DR in a heartbeat. He knew how to spunk cash
  12. airborne_rat_of_s6

    I've got a source in club (No joke)

    Wonder if Peter Ridsdale could do a better job as chairman. Spunked loads of cash with Leeds and achieved relegation and almost oblivion.
  13. airborne_rat_of_s6

    DC - Just make the call

    And we all know you are his agent
  14. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Our fault again

    All else fails adopt the Scouser mentality. To be fair the atmosphere was as bad as I have ever witnessed.
  15. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Westwood starts u23

    Worse than The Starr for spellings, if that is possible!