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  1. So someone comes at you head on, on a narrow road made narrower by inconsiderate parking on the opposite side of the road, what should you do?
  2. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Whelmometer - where is your whelm?

    1/10. Battle for survival this season with next being probably equally poor. Bored of the perpetual cycle of failure. Only a year and a half to mark 20 years outside the top flight. Wow! If DC has any notion that we are impatient fans, he should consider that.
  3. airborne_rat_of_s6

    George Boyd

    Baffling how we turn players pap. More baffling is our current squad selection and the fact we do need to use the now megre resources we have to best effect.
  4. airborne_rat_of_s6

    George Boyd

    Curse of the Burnley rejects-JOC was lampard-esque before he came to us.
  5. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    How did you end up with a user name of Andover? I knew a lad who was at Chilwell who used to drive down to Andover from Nottingham, then drive all the way back up to Hillsborough for every weekend match, then repeat the journey Saturday night home then back to barracks in Chilwell for Monday morning. Mentalist! Wasn’t you was it?
  6. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Final whilstle music sorted.
  7. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Lost phone near forty foot.

    Have you got a trace app on it?
  8. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Lost phone near forty foot.

    Hope you find it.
  9. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    Can’t see it. DC will sooner beg him to stay like he did with CC. Only good thing that can come out of our predicted bobbar start is DC manages to reach agreement with the EFL and get some badly needed loans in. I love our club-never been well managed since the early 90’s. Bored of waiting for something lasting and good to happen. 35 years of following us and about 4-5 good years.
  10. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    Already had enough of this season. Predictably shyte
  11. airborne_rat_of_s6

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    I won’t shop there until we have red and white striped bog roll and a dart board with Carlos’s face on it.
  12. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Positive news soon?

    Now in detailed talks with the Venky’s about a take over of our club.
  13. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Hull (sort of OMDT)

    They’ll be here in November, ready for the ski season rush. Really need to get a win today. UTO’s.
  14. airborne_rat_of_s6

    It is pedal to the metal time....

    Wish you were right, but would be more confident betting my house on us not making the P/O’s this season. Threadbare squad with only a handful of players capable of being top championship candidates. Ain’t gunna happen; just hope we aren’t in a relegation battle this term.