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  1. Wilder should be stripped naked and flogged for his part in the £2M United debt scandal.
  2. Box or perfume box is the name the French give ladies front bums. True fact dat. Always drift away to other thoughts when I hear about play in the box on our RS commentaries.
  3. Hooper never replaced and FF never features for one reason or another. Big dent in any side losing this sort of quality that an be added to the mix in the final third.
  4. Could say the Championship has been bobbar for ages. Still never take advantage of situations and see out games. Masters of our own demise most to the time!
  5. At least we don’t have to worry about him giving another penalty away next match. Absolute liability-that’s three at least so far this season.
  6. Same old service resumed. Probably flipping lose this.
  7. He can be that greedy poo who never passes because he thinks he can skin ten players alone. Saying that, often there is not a easy pass available.
  8. On the train ironically just passing the ground now. Trying to stream that on the trains WiFi is about a as frustrating as trying to watch HD muck on a late 90’s dial-up connection.
  9. Happy with a draw tonight. A win would be a really good result. Need to start putting a few down f these long-standing hoodoos to bed. Never used to beat Forest, we then had a few results against them in recent times. Derby aren’t anything special. Let’s do em!
  10. Derby over the years have been bang average. Be nice to break the curse and see them off for a change.
  11. Probably relieved not to have conceded in the last two minutes
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