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  1. Just read on the BBC news app that the world’s biggest cake record has been smashed in India. Now even the cakeball, the defining thing of Chansiri’s reign has been smashed.
  2. This emoticon was retired due to lack of use some time ago. Another season of wondering whether the players will bother to turn up or not cometh match day.
  3. Hopefully Monk will remind the players of this today. Sort of boolocks that comes from the mouth of wind-up managers. Hopefully ram it down Mowbray’s throat come five this evening.
  4. Having been the lead on a number of >£50M projects within the sphere I work, I can say with a degree of confidence a cost of that magnitude does not buy you a lot, when you consider land valuations and CAPEX to deliver assets of that scope. Sure all this EFL bluster will amount to nothing.
  5. Lennon. I’d like to work for him...not! Paper talk boolocks.
  6. If he can learn to shoot. fit in nicely at our place.
  7. My mate always used to leave his spare carpet stretcher around the back of the sofa or somewhere in a house where he fancied popping back later. Worked to a point but his boss got filled in having been caught on the job, so he decided to change tactics.
  8. This thread is OT in a nut shell. Some caring person attempts to reunite a set of keys with their owner. Innuendos aplenty is the thanks given. Was sat at work with a non-football following friend and colleague and read out the start and subsequent posts. We were both howling with laughter -OT is pure comedy gold!
  9. So called senior pro’s who are anything but. Content to see out their contacts sat on their arses.
  10. Thought this was going to be a next Manager thread.
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