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  1. Bay city rollers tweed two piece number?
  2. Read the title of the thread and thought this was going to be about not bringing the wife to the ground.
  3. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Lol. Reyt hot. Poor wood carver had been at it all day in the sun for 50 shillings or whatever it was.
  4. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Know it is not where you watched them, but bought a carved wooden SWFC plaque off a bloke in the Kenyan bush 300 miles north of Nairobi in a tiny camp called archers post. We were playing shuffle under Irvine at the time so managed to negotiate a cut price deal, knowing the battle groups had been through and his chances of selling it were limited. Told him it is a Yorkshire tradition to haggle for a good price.
  5. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Spent half my career in 9 Sqn and the remainder of the 22 to date around the Corps
  6. SWFC Celebrity XI

    Photo shopped on fat booth-mega!
  7. SWFC Celebrity XI

    Loving the combination of leather and tweed in that outfit. Strange, but mildly arousing.
  8. SWFC Celebrity XI

    Good to see DC has managed to sort out the quality of the Owlettes. Hint of nip/camels toe and I think a gentlemen’s half hour would be called for.
  9. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Good lad!
  10. Sell him to roverum. That’ll learn him.
  11. Stuff him-if he is that stupid to think he won’t be, at best warming the bench at fester then good luck to him. His dad is done with the club so best get rid before the situation turns other potential stars toxic.
  12. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    You seem to have had a similar career to me!
  13. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Afghanistan Iraq Falkland Islands Cyprus Canada Muscat in Oman best one was watching Simonsons penalty for the oinkers on the way out of Camp Bastion was the best.