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  1. If it was only to stick the biggest middle finger up at the EFL, then if there is a football God then we call upon you now....make it so! Justice for Owls (without any tranny playing actor and a bus load of tramps having a day out in London)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whilst you are at it, relegate the annoyance that is Wilder's cloggers. If Carlsberg did football seasons
  2. Hope she trims down under that fur coat 🤣 Happy with today. Point against a fancied side. Stuff it - onwards and upwards.
  3. Hutch was dared to brown-tash Monk by Westwood at the Xmas party meal. To compound things, Fox decided to let off a party popper with the end in Monk's cream of mushroom soup, covering a few players and Garry in the sticky mess. Meanwhile Fletcher paid the DJ £50 to only play Simply Red and Florence and the Machine songs, after teasing Monk earlier about his ginger hair. Livid, covered in soup and with a top lip smelling like an Afghan toilet, Monk stormed out of the private area the club had hired in the Ibis hotel. On his way, he saw Lee and Nuhiu having a rolly outside. When they saw him and laughed, thier cards were similarly marked. The debacle at Stoke followed 24 hours later and the slide had started.
  4. For the cost and the potential of coming good again, would say he has and is doing enough to warrant a place in the side. Would love him to keep it up and get a little run of goals.
  5. Agreed - was brilliant before the match we shall not mention. Think that ended a lot which was good at the club and from there things started to unravel. Real plus to have him back, fit and seemingly matured in a more composed way. Could potentially be a real selection headache if we have all CB's fit. Would like to see us hang onto him as we always seem to get an avalanche of injuries at once. Like having a decent free transfer signing as it stands.
  6. TBF - one of the better sides in the league. Decent composed performance which should have been three points. I say well done and move on. On paper two difficult games passed without conceding and on another day could have been 6 points from 6. Maybe this will be the catalyst to get another striker in next week? Who knows!
  7. Whatever happened, wind or not; one thing is certain, it was not the trumpers on the Kop to blame.
  8. Sooner we moved on if this is not close to being done. Other potential targets to scope out.
  9. Maybe players who are generally more determined and keen to ply their trade are better than what we had.
  10. Still worshipped on here - some even have him as a username! 😆😆
  11. Didn’t realise Leon Clarke played basketball. 😂 Love to see Murphy back. Whilst we are clearly short in the striker dept, Murphy has the class to unlock games and has goals and pace in him.
  12. Agree. Performance and positive result Saturday and it will be job well done as a start to the season
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