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  1. Think you have discovered the profile of David Blunkett.
  2. I like to trump on the Kop throughout matches
  3. This^ Labour run shambles akin to a 1970’s working man’s club committee. Little wonder all external investment goes elsewhere with these tree hugging communists in power.
  4. Last two seasons have been very poor for him. Rapidly becoming Rhodes Mk2-player everyone is waiting to see the second coming of.
  5. Stendle would be a great appointment. Must be mega intelligent to be able to speak three languages; German, English and Dingle. Remarkable!
  6. Well done tonight. Not wholly convincing but three important points. Need to step up for future games as we get caught playing like that.
  7. Never should be considered to be more than a caretaker. Past experience has shown he is out of his depth. Always starts his tenure well then it rapidly unwinds after that. Nice bloke but not the man. Wish him well, but he ain’t a championship manager.
  8. Lives in the fond memories my last trip to that shitholio on a wet night in about 2013/14. Having scored against them, one of their well ‘ard 15 year olds decided to sprint the length of their stand, along the bottom walkway, through the puddles to offer out the whole travelling fan base. Unfortunately he underestimated how slippy it was and ended up on his arse in about 4 inches of water. Milwall fans very much have the same “victim” attitude to life that toytowners have. Similarly looking across at the bright lights of the big city a few miles away, unable to extract themselves from their pitiful existence.
  9. I used to work in Preston when I was on my gap placement year at Uni. Well, was meant to last a year but managed all 6 weeks of the holidays before jacking it in. Proper craphole! Very much like our opponents today. Hope we can get win and keep this run going. Wait for Bullen to get MoTM and it all unwind.
  10. Be toilet cams soon. Technology gone too far. Bring back the Owlettes I say
  11. Reckon this new found technology could finally solve the longest running mystery of our club; who is the Phantom Kop Trumper. Reckon if you could heat map detected bumhole emissions around you to your seat location, eventually you’d have a heat-map of where the odour is strongest.
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