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  1. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Gary Hooper

    The Millionaires Life.
  2. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Team for Boro

    No Reach!
  3. Magic mushroom season is upon us! Help yourself and entry the Ghost’s world. Lol
  4. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Iyad Hamud

    Staff from the Star do their editing and checking.
  5. airborne_rat_of_s6

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    You sound like the clients I have worked for. Aspirations but no means to pay for it. New stadium would cost over £100M-having led bigger infrastructure projects in the past I can say this with a decent degree of certainty. Even one year in the PL would not fund that. Current revenue cannot even support the day-to-day operating costs of the club, let alone any cover repayments on such huge expenditure.
  6. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Sam Winnall

    Frustration is a terrible thing. Think more cross-arm slalom going on in the dressing room would help with this and bonding.
  7. airborne_rat_of_s6

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    Agree. Think if the club did have any aspirations of regeneration of the ground then they need to do a full assessment study of options. Sure with a scheme of remoddling and refurbishment, the stadium could be good for many a year. As it stands we are currently broke so probably this is one for 5-10 years down the line at least.
  8. airborne_rat_of_s6

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    Those with vertigo or unsteady on their feet beware!
  9. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Sam Winnall

    Nice to both of them back and give the oinkers a good bummin
  10. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Sam Winnall

    With Hooper out of contract this summer I can’t see him getting another deal. Rhodes will be sold at some point and Dave is a fraction of his great self back end of last season. Fletcher is looking good but can’t be relied on to play every game and there may be pressure to sell FF in Jan to balance the books. Certainly a place for SW provided he can make amends with others in the squad.
  11. airborne_rat_of_s6

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    Contractors would have all their kit nicked building a new stadium there. None-starter
  12. airborne_rat_of_s6

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    Even though I live in a nice area on the south east edge of Sheffield and it can be a pain getting to S6, it is home and it’s in our DNA.
  13. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Almen Abdi

    JJ effect. Expect Abdi to be back around Christmas and playing like Messi before earning a 5 year deal.
  14. airborne_rat_of_s6

    Gary Hooper

    I swear this is true. When I lived overseas in the early 80’s my old man got some clubs cut down with a view to me taking up the sport. Decided to go out and knock a few balls around. Whacked one with a 3 wood and the last thing I saw was it hit a tree about 20m in front of me. Woke up ?? later with a massive head ache and a huge bruise on my forehead. Can’t be many people who can lay claim to knocking themselves out with their own gold ball. After getting bitten by a snake in the long grass about a month later searching for my Dad’s sliced ball, I decided to call it a day with golf, much to the annoyance of my old man.