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  1. Nothing more frustrating to get injured knowing the hard yards you need to do to get your fitness back.
  2. Looks like Action Man - Evil Eyes variant from the 70's/80's - time when toys were great.
  3. This^^^. Before the Lincoln game the commentators were on about Bannan challenging the side to remain unbeaten for the rest of the season. Seems that with a decent run the players began to believe their own hype and have in part switched off. Turn up and job done - still maintain most of our squad are and have been for years mentally weak. Dunkley should be nowhere near the side - so rusty for a player who is prone to numerous errors at the best of times. Not the only one, but the stand-out of a poor bunch today. As for DM's selection....
  4. Nothing for them to lose - pretty much like Lincoln.......
  5. Said before - performances and results like last weekend will sadly haunt us! Could have, should have, would have.
  6. Bit harsh after a 6-0 thrashing, but we still room for improvement.
  7. Love Germany and spent many a happy year living in various places. Love the fact you could support any team and yet you have chosen us. Agree on the Guinness but would say Bratwurst, curry sauce and pomme frites.
  8. Wow! Makes you wonder why we played so differently last week.
  9. One and only appearance in a Wednesday shirt.....
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