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  1. Defiantly has some man-foof action going on down there. Pisstank and beetle bonnet on show. Needs to trim down
  2. What’s his disciplinary record like? If he is prone to getting sent off then he may have a place in the current set up.
  3. Should have read, I am a ******** and in the three games I could have played I probably wouldn’t have scored. More accurate reflection of his current efforts.
  4. 4000-we would struggle to sell that many tickets with the current pap being served up.
  5. Problem is, his style is similarly dour to that of Monk and Monk got to spunk all the small money we did have on pap players. No win and easy excuse for TP
  6. Just hope we have Pulis only until the end of the season. Time we started getting managers to deliver some sort of meaningful results rather than sign on for a inevitable juicy payout.
  7. Re-write it for you. Following Wednesday in any form these days is about as pleasurable as sandpapering your scrotum.
  8. Like to choice between a catshit or dogshit sandwich. No shots on target. Rinse repeat. Bored now!
  9. Out of interest. Anyone else getting pop up ads with some bloke giving a goat a short back and sides on it’s one handled bagpipe? Neil will happily take down paying customer’s posts on OT but not advertisers content. This club! This site
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