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  1. Disagree-should be at least performing now. All this crap about gelling would wash if this was match two or three of the season. That excuse is spent.
  2. Make your own luck. Had we have battled and created another chance or two then we would have won, but we didn’t.
  3. His managerial career looks destined to stay here at this rate. Can’t motivate his squad. Pisspoor
  4. I actually feel sorry for DC here. 7 games in and the performances have been largely uninspiring. Poor start. DM needs to get into these players faces and start getting a reaction
  5. Like it’s in the club’s DNA this losing mentality. New squad no change. DM-manager who finished off one of the worst seasons ever still here. Our club is pap!
  6. Agree. Today was a massive opportunity to make amends for the last match. Don’t think there has been a time in our recent past that we have a squad seemingly well placed to perform in the league we are in. Like you say-over to DM to get a grip.
  7. Pulis was absolute dog-shuffle. If ever a journeyman wanting a pay cheque and not willing to work in the context he agreed to work in.
  8. Bet there are still some on the south stand who witnessed the first match
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