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  1. Which one? I was in Drakehouse one and they had run out of Ralgex and incontinence pants. This country - even the treat of snow and people start hoarding basics!

    Scroll “blunts for justice” in man dung on the wall of the lift. Seriously though, think you have grounds for a refund-staying their is like funding jihad! Sure you would never have stayed if you knew you were filling the megabus driver’s pockets.
  3. Snodgrass tweet

    Blokes a complete skid mark-well at home in a Bruce led team. Hope he gets loads whenever we play a team with him in again.
  4. Snodgrass tweet

    He’s a hypocrite who should stay off social media. Glad he has acknowledged the comments. Odious turd

    Still have a night of potential fun. What’s the phone number of the place? Hello, is this piggy heights hotel?
  6. John Terry

    Was working with Americans in Macedonia as part of the stabilisation force when this came to light: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/picturegalleries/9228389/John-Terrys-on-and-off-field-controversies-in-pictures.html lets say he is lucky they were working in a different country as they would have ripped him apart if they had got their hands on him (and the other skid marks involved). Blokes a disgrace
  7. 12 days - 4 important matches

    Hopefully we will play like we did in parts yesterday, get fair refs and cut out the practice of going on kamakazi runs when we are ahead.

    Took a coach load of old folk up for granny sausage finger’s 70th!
  9. Sean Clare

    What’s going on with his hair?
  10. Letter sent to FA

    Fine-your opinion. To be fair though, the ref in the Birmingham game was shocking and we got a red reversed from that. Whilst invariably nothing will come from this, at least someone has given it a go.

    Make sure you wipe your arse on the towels and take a photo of the skid mark for your trip advisor review! Then fold them up to make out they have never been used. Someone did a similar thing in the toilets of a show home our lass was selling. She is still recieving counselling
  12. Letter sent to FA

    What’s the alternative? Sit on your hands and belittle fellow fans for trying to air a legitimate gripe?
  13. Letter sent to FA

    Season will be over before the mail arrives.
  14. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    I managed to send a email with the photos of him getting hugged and the goal that wasn’t given. I hate football for instances like this.
  15. A picture says a thousand words...

    Based in Preston with not a common name-would not be too hard to find where he lives.