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  1. I'm sure DC is aware of the charge against him. They would have to specify that quite clearly.
  2. It's not like Iorfa hasn't played at RB. He played there for a season at Hull didn't he? I'm sure he'd play there if asked. Think of his marauding runs forward.
  3. Whilst I know you are probably right with your analysis, all you are really saying is he's a mercenary who will hold a club to ransom if he doesn't get his own way. This mentality generally in the sport is killing the game. In any other profession you'd get disciplined or sacked for refusing to work. But because these are footballers somehow hard working fans give them a pass, but only after hoovering up our hard earned cash.
  4. You're right. We do all the hard work. I'm happy with the overall performance. We just don't have that killer instinct to kill a game off when the opportunity presents itself. Harris and Murphy are both naive and wasteful from good positions. They both need to get their head up otherwise they are one dimensional and will be easy to counter.
  5. Why wait until summer. I'd see if a few can be moved in both directions in January.
  6. Agreed, but it must be frustrating for players who are busting a gut in training to hear fans who are unaware of the situation singing for him to come on. This goes one of two ways and shows the real character of a man. FF either tries to prove his detractors wrong and works his arse off to become a model professional... Or He throws his toys and spits the dummy again. If the latter, so long Fessi, you could have been an SWFC great.
  7. <quote> Professionalism! Doesn't impact, flair, ability and skill, but lack of it impacts work rate, attitude and application. At his age, on his wages he needs to find some. He's a 29 year old man child. <\quote> I said this in the other FF thread and got downvoted for my trouble. Can anyone tell me why highly paid footballers are not expected to take any responsibility for their actions. I know people want to see skill and flair on the pitch but if any of us acted the way he does in our own workplaces we'd be disciplined, sacked or at best overlooked for pay rises and promotion. We are spaffing our hard earned cash to stroke his ego. None of you lot who employ staff would let them get away with this in your gaff. He's not an 18 year old kid. If he hasn't worked out what integrity and work ethic is by now he never will.
  8. Best for the team is key. The team is not just matchday though is it? He's played silly buggers before and some managers won't stand for it. Monk will have to figure out how best to manage him but he should not compromise his ethics and expectations of behaviour in the process. Fessi will have to decide how he plays it as well.
  9. Professionalism! Doesn't impact, flair, ability and skill, but lack of it impacts work rate, attitude and application. At his age, on his wages he needs to find some. He's a 29 year old man child.
  10. I watched him very carefully when he came on. I'm not sure his head is in the right place at the moment. Monk inferred the same earlier this week. His body language suggested someone unhappy or lacking confidence. He sauntered on and took a while to get into it. His spark seems to have gone. Don't get me wrong. He grew into the game but he wasn't snapping at the oppositions heels, chasing down when he lost it and wreaking havoc like he used to. There must be something going on behind the scenes. Maybe he needs an arm around him. I don't know.
  11. This. The midfield were giving it away cheaply, as did Odubajo. Reach did give it away in the lead up to the goal, but everyone went to sleep instead of defending as a unit. Bannan kept firing it in to people at a million miles an hour expecting it to stick and then screaming at them when it didn't. The whole bloody thing was pedestrian. Its like I'm watching it in slow motion. Forestieri's body language reinforced Monks comments earlier this week. Something is going on with that lad. His head was down. He sauntered on and looked lacklustre for a good ten minutes. As a team our playing tempo is slow, ponderous with no flow and has been for a few seasons now. It painful to watch play being slowed down constantly. I wouldn't mind if we were 3-0 up but we play the same way when we're chasing a game as we do when we're winning. There's no variation at all. I am of the opinion we need some new blood in the team and ship out some who seem to be too comfortable.
  12. He's a great player as you say. My one concern with Lee's back in would be lack of pace at CB. Borner is hardly speedy Gonzalez. Iorfa's pace has got us out of jail a number of times recently. He's too good to leave out. Which begs the question should we look at a back three? If we targeted two good wingbacks in January would it give us more going forward?
  13. We'll, you're right. It is contradictory. A point well made. SWFC has been a contradiction for years. We expect to be in the top flight simply because we are the massive yet seem to fail to lay the foundation for that to happen, in all areas. I don't believe our players lack the ability to perform better than they are. Could be the tactics, but it doesn't seem to matter which manager we have, the players underperform or perform inconsistently. So is it mindset or mental application... Dunno. Maybe they are too comfortable. I'd like to see what someone like Alex Ferguson would make of our team. Again I point to bumhole stain. Their league 1 team that won promotion to the championship was largely the same team that has just gone on to the PL. I believe desire from the players the manager and the fans played the biggest part in their success. They don't have overpaid superstars as Mardiola reminded us all last season, but somehow supposed average players performed consistently. The blades aren't getting relegated this season. They built momentum which could be sustained, same as wolves the season before. We have to plan five years in advance, spend wisely and build the right team to compete both in the championship and the PL Ultimately, the chairman has to decide what he wants. Does he want to build from the ground up like they did at the lane over the last five or six years, from the finances, the facilities to the manager, staff and players. OR chance squeaking a playoff win resulting in the need to spend big to compete or flirt with relegation ( a likely outcome. Possibly a tactic to benefit from the parachute payment) I would rather have a team of mediocre players with the potential to improve and grow, who play consistently well to their level as a strong unit with togetherness, no frills but a deep desire to achieve. It's much easier to incrementally improve the squad from that position. We've waited this long for success and I think we need to be patient for a few more seasons for someone to do it properly.
  14. Probably true against the top teams like Leeds, Swansea, WBA But otherwise I disagree. Why should we not be able to do those basics against lesser teams, or struggling teams. The one thing they should be able to do is keep possession even if offering no threat to their goal. If what you say is true our players aren't working hard enough. If you can't string three passes together and play it simply to retain possession at a minimum then we are in trouble. Too many times we make poor teams look like Barca.
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