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  1. So that means June at the earliest for us as we are several weeks behind them.
  2. Actually, I've reached the point where I want someone like Monk here to expose exactly what is going on. Of everyone we've had here, he seems most likely to tell it like it is before too much longer.
  3. He's investing it there rather than providing decent working conditions for staff in Sports direct. He treats his people like poo. He deserves no praise. I'll also add, if he came to SWFC, he'd not see a penny from me.
  4. But wouldn't get us to the PL. Depends what people want.
  5. Big Sam, on his own. Been in the game a long time, would be on his thirteenth managerial position. Would have no control over the team or respect from the players when he starts fining and dropping them for being arses. Plenty of contacts but his only sidekick is Bully as number two because DC won't let him bring anyone in. Grumbles from the massive about style of play, and paying to see hoofball. Remain mediocre mid table. Don't ship many goals but don't score many either. Lots of draws. I wonder how that would end. How many calls of clueless, get rid from the faithful within six months. EFL get wind of brown envelopes changing hands in Shady dealings with far Eastern betting syndicates . EFL charge us, fine us, dock 21 point and he does a 6 month stretch for fraud. .....can't wait
  6. They're looking for their performance bonuses.
  7. It was apparent at the playoff final not just since and also Hutch was playing in that game.
  8. Hasn't this been covered in 25 other threads? The conclusion from them was we know nothing....at all
  9. Even he would fail with this shower.
  10. Not bad, you've forgotten Alex Hunt and Urhoghide who I'd keep. I'd also release Bannan and FF. We can't keep serial failures here. If we get relegated, we'll be relying heavily on U23 players coming through.
  11. I'd want to know what his plan was before giving him any budget.
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