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  1. There's the small matter of compo for the other two Steve's as well. It'll probably end up being over 5 mill all in by the end of it.
  2. He's not gone anywhere yet. So we'd hardly be having him back.
  3. It needs tinkering with. We lost Hector and Lazaar back to their parent clubs. Palmer and Westwood still haven't signed yet. It still needs work.
  4. So the rumour is true. Pigs can fly.
  5. What about big Viv Anderson. Regardless though. Des Walker for me with Pearson.
  6. Plenty of blades have donated if you read the donation comments which is brilliant. In answer to your last comment, no probably not. But the blades who organised this will be a little embarrassed come Sunday. ( As should the clowns who put the banner on the M1) Some things in life are more important than these childish gimmicks. Thousands of pounds for St Luke's is tangible benefit not poxy chump change after you've covered the cost of said childish gimmick. Point well made by James Lindsay if you ask me. Well done that man.
  7. Maybe, but he also didn't really foul the lad. Look at it again. Matias didn't tackle. The Norwich lad swiped Matias standing leg from under him with his trailing leg which ended up with Matias landing on him. Like I said it was clever, and bought the free kick. I'm not complaining it was given, but I'm not going to give Matias grief for it.
  8. This! Matias was actually fouled. Ref conned big time
  9. Disagree. He was fouled. The Norwich lad took his legs out. Very clever really. Conned the ref.
  10. It all depends in what condition Rhodes come back from Norwich.
  11. Matias was fouled though. Watching the replay back his legs were taken out from under him. Tbf I'd have taken a draw before the game. Shame it ended that way.
  12. Difficult for me to separate anyone tonight. It was an immense team effort. Fletch was amazing. Tenacious and should have had a goal. Fessi's goal and other attempts and all round play was superb Palmer was rock solid again as was Iorfa Hector, total boss and Lees solid. Matias and Boyd worked their arses off and Pessi, Hutch and Bannan did their jobs. João looks a little to relaxed at times but made some running. Dawson, a bit rusty but made some decent saves. Onomah did well but you see he needs more game time. For me it's Fessi and Fletch joint.
  13. Hutch shaded it over Bannan for me. Kept Grealish quiet for 92 minutes. Then inexplicably Reach marked him for the last 3 minutes and Grealish bossed the powderpuff. Tactical error in my view. We should have seen that out. They looked very ordinary with him out of the game.
  14. Don't forget Carlos had written books on football methodologies. Fat lot of good it did him in his last season with us. It's fine margins and a simple clash of personalities can wreak havoc, regardless of a person's credentials. My take is Jos was more suited to German football.
  15. Anyone know if there are any other streams
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