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  1. My opinion and confidence in the recruitment staff who are bringing players with the right mentality in. He speaks well and will be a leader on the pitch.
  2. If it's sensible money and the prognosis of recovery is good then yes. Otherwise no.
  3. He's the gamble though isn't he. If he recovers 100% he will be immense for us. On the flip side we have some depth now at centre back if it doesn't work out. I'd be worried if we were relying on him as our only option.
  4. It's interesting people's different views on this. I said the same to my missus yesterday. The refs should be mic'd up as they are in the rugby because that would stamp out ref abuse if the world could hear the players. I've always disagreed with players feigning injury or trying to buy penalties but that is within the powers of the ref to stamp out now. There is plenty of shithousery in rugby just the same as football, except it's more physical, stamping on round'uns in the ruck etc. I agree respect for refs needs to improve in football but there's nothing wrong with a bit of respectful chatter/banter. With all of this if teams are taking too many liberties with timewasting as some do, the ref has the power to stop it.
  5. It's going to be necessary this season mate. We need every competitive advantage we can. Shithousery within reason I can live with. If it wee wees off the opposition and gives us a few seconds to reset I'll take it.
  6. I'm not sure you read my post. I didn't say anything about players diving. I certainly disagree with that, can't abide it actually. I'm talking more about what we did when play had stopped.
  7. I don't mean roll around like neymar. I mean the little things that give the team a few more seconds to reset and a few more seconds for the ref to think about things. Kachunga was in the refs ear all the time on Saturday when he came on. Things like holding on to the ball when we gave away a throw in, or putting the ball down in the wrong place, that sort of thing. It's shithousery we've never done before. Quite clearly it's something that is being coached by the new team.
  8. Something else I liked the look of on Saturday was the gamesmanship that we haven't seen our players do for a long time. Claiming for everything, getting in the refs ear, kicking the ball away when play stops, standing on the ball and slowing down the game when we needed to. That first half we got an awful lot off the ref that we wouldn't have got last season.
  9. Close between Dawson, Windass, Luongo and Harris. I went with Windass for his workrate and application, but it could have been any of the others. It's a good team work ethic if it becomes difficult to pick a MOM.
  10. The deadline was an arbitrary one for season ticket holders. I did mine after 4pm and still got my code. I think they were trying to prevent overloading the system.
  11. Got mine sorted earlier this evening. Got the code sent through and it's all ready to go.
  12. After he went off injured but hasn't been injured for two and a half years. Monk told him he wasn't in his plans. It happens at every club.
  13. By all means demand more, but those demands have to be realistic. Making demands of PL football at this time are moot and were really only relevant in Carlos years one and two. Since then we've been nowhere near. At this present time I demand a five year plan, 100% effort, grit and determination on the pitch, with players who look like they want the shirt and care about this club. That is the only way we'll survive this season. Demands or expectations over and above that are futile in our current position.
  14. He didn't. He's stating positive support helps the team on the pitch. That is a given surely? Negativity from fans on matchday can and does have a negative impact on some players and hence the teams overall performance.
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