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  1. Much better. You could see a game plan, but second half was much more negative. Very cautious. Pulis was pissed off a few times when we didn't get it forward quick enough. Positive signs though, as far as application. We'll be a different team when Iorfa and flint are back. Just need a striker.
  2. Fair enough, I've just watched the highlights video. I'd only seen the ifollow coverage at the time.
  3. Yes, and they must have been watching something else.
  4. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He must be rusty after do long out of the picture. But that's it. But no more thank you.
  5. Did he rounduns slip. His positioning was awful putting the ball too far Infront of him.
  6. Well at least that's what that couple got caught doing on the kop the other season
  7. Just looking at the odds on sackrace. It's like Deja vu. I'm sure it's the same list in the same order as last time. I'm sure Carlos was 25/1 last time as well.
  8. After he took over caretaking after Jos he virtually begged for someone to come in. That was with supposedly better quality players than we have now. He's ok for a few games but has none of his own philosophy. Obviously that was a few years ago now. I don't know if he's gained more badges since then but to me it would be a huge risk as I'm not sure he's ready for a club of this size and complexity yet.
  9. I agree with all of that. The only thing I'd add is I'm not sure about the recruitment setup. I seem to remember Monk saying that he requests the sort of player he wants and the recruitment team provide a list. I'm sure he has final say about who comes from that list. So that begs the question, was what we got the best of the choices we had on the list. If so the recruitment team needs expanding/revamping/sacking.
  10. Be honest though. Paterson and Windass aren't strikers. Utility player and Attacking midfielder respectively. None the less you expect more goals. But it's not really them, it's the service they never get.
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