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  1. Hector, closely followed by Fletch, Aarons and Westwood. (Edit: Bannan worthy of praise as well )
  2. Nuhiu is getting around the pitch like ...
  3. Agree. Have to admit I thought Hutch was out cold. He didn't move when he hit the deck.
  4. Palmer for me. Didn't really put a foot wrong. Hutch was a close second with his passion and work rate. Hector would have had it were it not for his panicked hoofing that started to grate on me. He didn't look as composed as he usually is. That said, a good gritty performance with some proper tackles going in. We stopped them playing their normal game.
  5. Have you tried Mobdro from your smartphone and cast to your TV? Generally have most sports channels.
  6. Lazaar, then Palmer followed by Fletcher. Worked their socks off
  7. I'd have ignored him. Fox isn't a member of the ground staff. Or get the plank who kicked it out to put it back.
  8. So he got a yellow for pushing a fan who accosted him?? That's crazy, the fan could have been any nutter.
  9. That half time music on iFollow though... Sounded like the bazaar in Marrakech.
  10. Seem to be a problem with all our fullbacks. Hunt was great at getting forward but invariably ran himself into the corner, rarely crossing the ball. Players seem to be more one dimensional these days. I.e. can do only one job. Remember the days of Worthington and King. They were like a tag team. Always looking for an overlap and always able to get the ball in the mixer. A distant, yet happy memory
  11. Said this in another thread. Playing Boyd and Reach on the wrong side is not conducive to their natural game. I'm all for giving players less to worry or think about so they can excel at what they are good at.
  12. I get what you're saying. But as SB is giving everyone a fair crack of the whip I'd like to see both Boyd and Reach playing on their favoured side. Boyd is so one footed even if he does beat his man he can't cross it with his left. Playing on the right might give him less to have to think about and free up his game. Same with Reach.
  13. Hector, then Palmer, Westwood and Thornily. Hutch got stuck in as well. Less impressed with Boyd, even though we improved when he came on. Would like to see him on the right to see if he's any better. Joey's time is up. Doubtful he will fit in with Bruce's vision. Reach had his moments but needs to stop flouncing out of challenges. Fox was reasonably solid.
  14. Sounds like the away support is in good voice on ifollow
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