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  1. I think he's a solid ball winner with the ability to take it forward and he has an eye for goal. Not sure he's quite box to box yet. I think he needs to get fitter. I still think Iorfa would be better as the holding mid with Luongo and Bannan or Lee in front.
  2. Don't forget his pointing. World class level.
  3. Travis is horizontal. Travis swing his leg stretching from outside the line of the ball. He is flying in. Out of control. Luongo is late But was already in his kicking stride. It's 50:50. Luongo caught him. It is a foul but never a red. By the same token if Travis had caught Luongo there would have been more case for a card.
  4. I don't think he is in control. He's not sliding in wrapping his foot around it. He's travelling forward poking the ball stretching for it. The fact it happened at speed and probably sounded worse to the ref than it was. Luongo had every right to go for a ball that's closer to him than Travis. His standing foot is in the exact position it should be when striking a ball.
  5. As we know from VAR debacles freeze frame does not tell the true story. Travis was sliding forwards towards Luongo who was actually closer to the ball. Luongo only had eyes for the ball and had already started his kicking action and would have been taken out if he'd not pulled out and lifted his leg. Travis was the one out of control in my opinion. Let me put it another way. If Travis was Hutchinson who would have got the red?
  6. I agree with you. He is more of a stopper. Likes a challenge, breaking up play, but is cultured enough to spot a decent forward pass. If we are sticking with these underachievers he should play as a forward playing defensive mid anchoring the midfield with Bannan and Lee / whoever else in front of him.
  7. Yeah I agree. I think we are well beyond that now. That window was a season and a half ago at least. I honestly think this squad need major surgery now. But that being said we must not rush into signings for the sake of it. Regardless of how much Monk is given to spend he has to be able to bring in the type of players who will fit the system he wants to play and have the latitude to move on who he wants regardless of their status with the club or fans. It's time to get this right. I'm patient enough to give this a season or two if we appear to be moving in the right direction and make sensible decisions from this point forward. If it continues in the same vein with the same players with no obvious progression with a long term goal, I am well within my rights to voice my concerns.
  8. Our players (some, not all) can't be arsed to try for anyone. Hopefully Monk will clear them all out and we can start again.
  9. All I can find is that reach fronted up to the press, but no mention of what he said on star online. If he said it, he's deluded. If it's bs, he still needs to look at himself in the mirror after that shitshow of a performance.
  10. Visibly shaken??? Not angry, revved up?? This is a football game. They are professional footballers. If they can't realise from the moment the ref was raised that red they all had to up their game and fight harder for the rest of the game they shouldn't be here. Adam Reach thinks they worked hard enough according to another thread. He like a good few others is seriously deluded and needs to seriously alter his attitude.
  11. I doubt it's Monk. The same characters playing the same way regardless of how they are told to play. Time for a decent number of them to go.
  12. He's great when he has space to run into, unchallenged and can put in a decent cross. Other than that he's a powderpuff, afraid to do man's work and get stuck in. My 13 year old tackles harder than he does. Spends more time pointing instead of focussing on getting to the ball himself. He promised so much but he's been a huge disappointment for me.
  13. It was a yellow but you'd expect a talking to at such an early point of the game
  14. I don't blame Monk. I don't blame DC either. The first caller I felt was very balanced and pretty much nailed it. For those saying everyone is overreacting, we are frankly lucky not to have been on the receiving end of many more drubbings like this. Mentally, this team is made of eggshells with no resilience.
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