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  1. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Man of the match & scores Birmingham (h)

    So many contenders for MoM today. That was the first game I've genuinely enjoyed watching for ages. I've given it Boyd for his gazelle like application. That's the best I've seen him play for this club. Saying that it was a close call with Fletch, Bazza and Hector in the frame. A good all round team performance and also good positivity from the fans.
  2. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Quick thought on Morgan Fox

    I'm sure he knows his own limits. But if as you say people judge on results then it doesn't really explain why he is being boo'ed before the game has even kicked off. That is just mindless and classless.
  3. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Quick thought on Morgan Fox

    Hardly surprising the shyte he's had to listen to. His confidence is probably shot. All these negative waves.
  4. Fair comment but I also remember a lot of people saying the same things about Carlos. Round pegs square holes and all that. Is it coincidence that two consecutive managers display the same characteristics, or is it due to constraints imposed by a micro managing chairman?
  5. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    Know what you're saying but, Big scrutiny or abuse? It's an advantage to the opposition to play at Hillsborough at the moment. All sides of the ground shouting at one team. Fantastic work environment.
  6. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Lees goal “celebration”

    No mate, I wasn't singling you out. Far from it. This is a general point. It's a sickness in society. We want instant gratification. If we don't get it we act like toddlers who've been told no. There used to be genuine love for the game. Yes if we were gash we'd grumble but we'd immediately look forward to the next game. Now the money, the expectation of success has replaced that and it brings the worst out in people. It's gone beyond banter. They may as well play in closed door games. It would be better for their mental health not having to listen to some of the vitriol they have to contend with if a pass goes astray. Did Fox pick himself? No. I'm sure he knows his own limitations. Do you think it helps that before he's even touched the ball some tool is abusing him? None of this is how you get the best out of anyone. People slag off Jos for not being able to motivate the players, what good would it do when the "fans" are so negative? Football is a confidence game and fans aren't showing any confidence in the players at all. Banter on here is one thing. Tweeting abuse at a player directly is something else.
  7. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    How would you feel if 300 people gathered around your desk and told you how shuffle you were at your job? I'm sure you'd feel motivated.
  8. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Lees goal “celebration”

    The former. He cupped his ear then waved his arms up and down to try to get the crowd lifted. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. I do wonder why some people bother supporting a club. I'd like to see any one of you standing in front of 20k people trying to do your job facing instant criticism by a baying mob. I bet most of you spit the dummy if you get a bad appraisel at work? Will it take a pro footballer topping himself after a game before people realise this abuse has consequences.
  9. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Lees goal “celebration”

    Wish people would lay off the lad. He puts the effort in. May not score many but the ball generally sticks when it's launched into him. That's his job. And he battles.
  10. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Lees goal “celebration”

    I said in another thread he looked pissed off. It was quiet. I didn't realise we'd scored. Although your comment "No passion, no enjoyment, no hope" could equally be applied to our fans. Then again few of our fans are on over 10k a week. I think we're all jaded and done with the way our club has been run.
  11. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Lees goal “celebration”

    I agree. He was trying to lift the crowd.
  12. OwlBiSeeinThi

    Just got back...

    Honestly, that was terrible to watch. First half was like a training game or friendly. Thornily was MOM for me the rest were poor and uninterested. One thing was how Lees reacted after scoring. He seemed pissed off with fans not being animated enough. It's clear fans comments have been getting to him but he's left it a little too late in my opinion. I've heard louder celebrations when the temporary traffic lights on heeley bottom finally changed to green.
  13. I'll take the points but that was dull
  14. You know, I can't help but think you're right. DC is probably that one dimensional.