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  1. Didn't realise. I guess Moore knows what he's looking for. It may take time for him to assemble the squad he wants. I'd rather that than the scatter gun approach of the last 5 seasons.
  2. So musampa and Bola unsuccessful in trials and gone back to their clubs. Still more work for Moore to do then.
  3. I think due to some odd tactical decisions we came up short. I still don't know why he didn't take off Phillips and Sterling for Rashford and Sancho at the start if extra time and go for the win. Not to take anything away from the lads, they did well throughout and there can be only one winner. I can't help but think that this was the best chance were going to get to win a major tournament. And I really hope those scumbag pondlife twats who have been racially abusing the three lads who missed their pens are either prosecuted or receive a damn good kicking in a dark alley somewhere. There is no place for it.
  4. Check that it's not been given to you as a credit in error. I picked a different option to you but both 19/20 and 20/21 tickets were credited to my club account. I've just renewed my ST to use all the remaining credit and then I'll take stock at the end of the season.
  5. They were in the FL when he was there on loan. I don't think he played more than a couple of games before Jos recalled him.
  6. I think you are being somewhat disingenuous. His two mistakes did not cost us our league position. The lack of application and fight in the preceding 45 matches cost us our championship status. I understand why he was chosen over Osaze for that match, but it was clear to all he was going to be short of match sharpness after being out for so long. There were ten other players on that pitch who fizzed up in some way to contribute to Derby's goals and the vast majority of those players fizzed up in some way shape or form across the whole season be it laziness, lack of application, or horrific individual errors. His just adds to a very very long list. With a full preseason under his belt I hope to see a vast improvement.
  7. No. Time for fresh faces and a fresh approach. No baggage.
  8. I agree. They were all too trashed to know better. Not that that is any excuse. I suppose it also depends on the club disciplinary terms that the players agree to in their contract. Whilst stupidity played a significant role here, I can't help think Derby overstepped the mark.
  9. I think people seem to think far left is right and far right is wrong, which you'd be right on the latter point but wrong on the former. Let's be honest most people don't know their left from their right anyway. ..... Did that make sense ?
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