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  1. Have you watched them? Just wondering on what basis you are making such a negative statement.
  2. Season long loan coming back from ruptured angle ligament. 2019/20 season One cup appearance where he did his hip flexor. Zero league appearances. Loanees are supposed to strengthen the team to help us over the line. It seems he's the one that needs help over the line, usually on crutches.
  3. We had plenty of chances. We just didn't convert them. They were more clinical in the final third.
  4. When exactly has he been in the picture and not on the treatment table?
  5. Someone might have moved the post a little to the left so Harris could have scored. Their second goal was a well worked move on the break after we'd pushed up on attack. It was a slick, quick, decisive move that resulted in a goal. If we'd have done the same down the other end we'd have been gushing at the brilliance of it all.
  6. You mean Odubajo, Iorfa, Palmer and Reach? How would that have been any better? Our problem since Christmas has been an exposed back 4 due to being overrun in midfield. This formation at least gives us a fighting chance to compete and dare I say dominate more in the midfield.
  7. Which is why we will be cutting our cloth according to finances and aspirations for next season. We will either be bringing quality in or consolidating what we have and gradually building over two or three seasons. At the moment we don't have the funds to bring in the quality that WBA has. As a club we need to adjust and reset our expectations for the next 3 -5 years. The gamble of spend for promotion hasn't worked and we'll be lucky to survive in this league if the EFL hammer us. We need a solid foundation from which to build.
  8. If Lees hadn't taken a knock in warmup Odabajo would have been on the bench. It's a team performance by the way. What about stupid foul on the edge of our box that led to the pen? How many games have we seen that cost us the game? Some of you lads just need a whipping boy.
  9. Probably should have been. Both feet off the ground, studs showing.
  10. Not sure you watched the match. We didn't take our chances. They did. One mistake led to the goal before which we more than matched them. The game then obviously opened up giving both teams more chances as we chased the equaliser. We gave it a good go and matched a talented, well drilled team. I can't really ask for more than that. Hint - The match stats will give you a clue. If you go into the match expecting the worst, you only see what you want to see. Get a grip people, I've just watched the three best performances by the boys in 2020.
  11. That's what winners do. This game is about fine margins. With so much at stake and a human in charge needing to make decisions any tactic to influence those decisions is employed by the best, most successful teams. It's coached, and not something we seem to have instilled in the players since the early 90s
  12. Harris looks like his legs are lead. What happened to his pace?
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