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  1. Some real positives today. Liam Shaw was outstanding and Galvin had a very good debut. UTO!
  2. Did exceptionally well against an experienced striker. A real find, in my opinion.
  3. Yes, he deserved it overall. Was great in the previous game too. Well done Liam.
  4. Harris, Palmer, Shaw & Odubajo were all excellent as was the referee, Matt Donohoe, who stood up to Colin Kazim Richards and Rooney's antics very well.
  5. Wonder they caught our goal with all the shots of Rooney's ugly mug. Well done the lads. But a great start to the new year, 3 much needed points. UTO.
  6. Very poor league. Very poor standard of football generally.
  7. It's looking frighteningly worn & ugly, not much of a covering on top and is the stuff of nightmares............. That's enough about Rooney. What's the pitch like?
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