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  1. Whoever this Ben Fisher is, he is entitled to his opinion. We just have to prove him & any other doubters to be completely wrong, come the end of the season! UTO!
  2. Exactly this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Reach & Borner are history now. We move on. UTO!
  3. An interesting & informative article. Thank you for uploading this.
  4. Good luck to the lad. Hope things work out for him.
  5. Hope Soule isn't just another cast off and that we can bank on him to find the net, if we perches him. He cod be available to the tuna £300k but we may use another player as bait.......
  6. Great news! Two more signings today. Lewis Wing is a quality player and should excel in L1. Unfortunate injury to Josh Windass, but hopefully we will have more great news soon, with regards to at least one striker coming in. Well done DM! UTO!
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