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  1. It's easy to spend other people cash, but if it was your money would you risk it as both are a massive risk, sorry to say especially for Lee, if it was my cash but I wouldn't.
  2. So decent first half, wonder strike from Nando, but defensively being picked apart, need to sort at half time otherwise this may not end well.
  3. God we’ve had some crap over the years, be much easier to state the good uns, but John Beswetheric come to mind, came as a player of the year I remember, bloody awful.
  4. Reach, Matius, Boyd, Fox, awful cant carry 4 players, although Westwood good saves, the goal went under him and he’s just given away a pen wtf
  5. One team normally comes out of the 'pack' and a bit of a surprise, why cant it be us? Yes there are much better teams.... 'at the moment', but players coming back, new manager, improved confidence, transfer window, who knows what 2019 may bring? 6th Sheff Wed 7th Sheff U ????
  6. Steve Bruce would be ok till the end of the season no more, if he turns it around fine give him a permanent role I'd me more than happy to be proved wrong, otherwise no thanks from me. No one has mentioned Big Sam??
  7. if it has to be Bruce please only till the end of the season to get us out of this mess. Then hopefully we can plan longer term with a young manger with some passion and something to prove.
  8. Totally accept what your'e saying and indeed a risk, but tell me who wouldn't be a risk. But he's doing well on very limited resources albeit I accept in lower divisions.Paul Cook is an example of another manager from lower division who's done well. many names mentioned have many many failures behind them, he hasn't so far.
  9. Ahh bit like what happened across the city, most would have Wilder now in a heartbeat. inexperienced??? Young ish when he was brought in
  10. Danny Cowley Lincoln, promotions, good cup run, hungry young manager..........
  11. My Nan could play in goal for Blackburn and she’s been dead 20 years
  12. yep, live 5 miles down the road I follow is fine, although doing a road trip to Austin for the F1 and will be there for the Boro game.
  13. Sorry really struggling with the Hooper 'love in' he's a decent finisher I'll give you that, but often his first touch is woeful and passing erratic at best. His movement is good, but hardly has a great turn of pace. it would be good to have him back as an option as he does give us something that we don't have, a forward that can play in the hole but I'm not convinced he's the messiah. Very very happy to be proved wrong.
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