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  1. Palmer looking poor tonight, Murphy giving him runaround
  2. I thought it was like a 90 minute interview, interrupted by a game of footie!! Enjoyed it tho
  3. Glad Dave didn’t miss that".........meltdown on here
  4. Catch it, punch it away anywhere but don't softly parry it to the penalty spot!!
  5. cannot understand why not a penalty Murphy clattered by their goalie
  6. Ffs Palmer, 3 men int he box and he passes it back when easier to cross
  7. Love it that we are winning but the performance is dire, love to know how many touches Reach has had???
  8. As much as I like Bullen, used to get peed off at him saying he’d pick a team to negate the opposition threats, we should pick our best team and let others worry about us for a change.
  9. No one has said clean underpants on match day, irrespective of the pant cycle, inside out days or back to front days, match days are always clean pants. If we win leave em on till the next game!!!
  10. The Star quoting he’s a ‘class act’ but doesnt then go on to say who made that quote, certainly can’t see it was anyone on here!!! The Star seem to intimate it’s from Owls fans ehhh????? Sorry not a class act from me, another overall failure in the leagues really don’t want him here!!!! Cowleys, Hughton, Rowlett at a push.
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