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  1. Adam Reach, he'll point to the corner he's going to put it in.
  2. Westwood laughing with Forest players after the game, disgusting
  3. to me you can tell who cared and ran up to westwood after he saved it, says it all, no more to be said, one player!!
  4. I'm in the keep Bannon if possible camp. The rest meh........Iorfa good player but injury prone, Luongo haven't seen enough of but may be ok if fit ,Urgo maybe, none of the rest please. Need to start from scratch and let Moore build his team. The likes of Palmer, Lees, Westwood, Hutch thanks but your time has passed assume on expensive contracts for L1. But it's for Moore to decide, he knows L1 he's had a good look at our team as it is and I'm certain knows already who he's keeping and who he'd want to replace and more important who he'd want to replace them with! I trust the G
  5. Theyve got nothing to play for and showing so much more passion than us, god damn awful
  6. So, given last few months performances I think my lucky match day routines may need a re think. Out go..... Clean undercrackers only on match day, ( off season was always a problem) Using my Wednesday mug only on match days. Lucky dump prior to matches Whats go to change of your matchday routines for next season???
  7. Someone tell Westwood it’s not rugby 3/4 kicks finding touch
  8. Will your lads game be on I Follow or the red button???? Think after 30 mins we'd all want to be watching your lad.
  9. Don’t forget our stand in manager said we didn’t have to win this, obviously the team were listening
  10. Great half, still nervous though if they get one early in the 2nd half it could be the Alamo
  11. I think they’ve accepted we’re down and just gone for it, no pressure, very good first half so far
  12. Love to see if they ask Monk if he accepts any responsibility
  13. I think Reach has to wash his own kit, so doesn’t want to get it dirty nor sweaty as he’ll need to wear it again on Sat
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