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  1. I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure!
  2. Bit of a Francis Jeffers signing if it happened.
  3. Think all managers want consistency, but getting it good is a different issue which very few appear to acheive. Unfortunately we've been consistently poor and for far too long!!! New season, new hope, it's our year!!
  4. I’ll miss his adept pointing skills most of all
  5. I'm getting what I'm expecting which is absolutely nothing. If I expect nothing I wont be disappointed come the start of the season. Problem is, DC is setting very low expectations and failing to meet them IMO.
  6. Real shame as a very good prospect especially for League 1. God this is going to be a long long summer!!
  7. Adam Reach, he'll point to the corner he's going to put it in.
  8. Westwood laughing with Forest players after the game, disgusting
  9. to me you can tell who cared and ran up to westwood after he saved it, says it all, no more to be said, one player!!
  10. I'm in the keep Bannon if possible camp. The rest meh........Iorfa good player but injury prone, Luongo haven't seen enough of but may be ok if fit ,Urgo maybe, none of the rest please. Need to start from scratch and let Moore build his team. The likes of Palmer, Lees, Westwood, Hutch thanks but your time has passed assume on expensive contracts for L1. But it's for Moore to decide, he knows L1 he's had a good look at our team as it is and I'm certain knows already who he's keeping and who he'd want to replace and more important who he'd want to replace them with! I trust the Gaffer. It's DC I have a a lack of trust in!
  11. Theyve got nothing to play for and showing so much more passion than us, god damn awful
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