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  1. I'm chilled with all really but we're basically having to start once again with a new team ish, remembering we didn't start playing until a few months into the season, we cannot afford time for them to gel and understand Moore's way of playing. Need to do something different and quicker this summer.
  2. Well best team out, no excuses tonight, leave it all on the pitch guys!!!!!
  3. Please, please don't have a go at the players tonight, I don't think for one minute any one of them will be giving less that 100%, if they make a mistake which they will let's cheer them and encourage, not moan and groan, tonight we've got to grasp it, players and supporters alike. Come on you blue and white wizards!!!!!
  4. My thoughts are that Sunderland can't play better than they did but we can, we showed that in the last 25 mins. 1-0 down full stadium, I'm ok with it.
  5. Gregory run himself into the ground MOM for me amongst a poor choice
  6. love to see darren moore take that winger out as he passes him
  7. Nobody would want us in the play offs on this form
  8. It's that time of the season you reflect on points dropped and think if only......................
  9. There timewasting is going to really frustrating been doing it all game and only going to get worse
  10. Lincoln showed how to play us, Accrington and Gillingham have followed, Cambridge didn’t simple as that, we can’t cope with teams in our face
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