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  1. How the f was that Dawson’s fault
  2. Don’t think banana had a touch, really scrappy game two very mediocre sides
  3. Has the Star put an offer in to Owlstalk for Lord Snooty yet??? Hate to see him go but if the price is right...................only a week to go before the end of the window.
  4. Totally accept all comments, but so often we are a different team in the 2nd half, don't dispute anything that we may have got well beaten with 11, but they may have had the bolloking they deserved at half time and who knows (I'm sure they still had a rollocking but with 10 men it wasn't going to happen). Let's move on its finished.
  5. Can only assume you've not been watching us very long, I can certainly remember lots of performances much worse and we had 11 men on the pitch!! Agree with the flesh blood needed tho and a fair bit of it.
  6. So we've lost 4 out of our last 5 games, the 4 we should have won we lost, one we expected to lose we won, really poor run of form shows our team simply isn't good enough. I'll judge Monk this time next year once he's had a summer break and been able to bring in some of his players and not poor ones that he's inherited. Doubt any manager would be doing any different at the moment with this team, as many have said it needs a clearout. We are where we deserve to be mid table anyone who thinks any different is slightly deluded.
  7. How many players have we had sent off, have I missed a couple cause we’re playing like we have 9 men, not one person coming out with any credit yet
  8. Watched the replay, wasn’t a red I’d have questioned even a yellow.
  9. Sadly I think the same applies to Westwood, as appears not to be a happy bunny at being left out, time to go.
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