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  1. PLEASE NO.........hardly done anything whilst here and we've seen what he can/can't do. Is he quick? nope. Can he beat a man? nope, head? nope, he can get into one or two good positions but we need more than that. Couldn't get into a poor Wigan team, not for me I'm afraid.
  2. We've got to take our medicine and move on, we were guilty we all know it!! It's still my club, my team!!! Onwards dear friends, onwards.......................
  3. no mention of an embargo, so hopefully a glimmer of good news.
  4. Sell up DC please, isn't there some Arabs kicking around???? Oh wait..................
  5. Under Laws didn't we lose first 7 of the season be a bit like that and we survived, we'll be alreyt
  6. Good experience for shaw, for me not quiet there yet, bannon having a mare
  7. Problem is top 3 before Xmas, bottom 3 since with similar squad, yes we were in a false position before Xmas and confidence or lack of it is a major problem but seriously I'd question keeping any players including back room staff, I know that wont/can't happen but it needs a clean sweep thro the club as something seems very wrong. Bad transfers, lack of leaders on the pitch, obviously not too harmonious in the dressing room, injuries and age of players means time for major change if we are to move forward whatever league we're in. Is Monk the right person, who knows, but who would actually want to come here?? I'd question it and it's MY club!!! So Monk may well be our best option if he stays then we must get behind him!!
  8. Not a monk hater, but this really isn’t good enough, no passion or fight, give the shirt to someone who wants it!!!!
  9. So 20 mins in and not one player showing anything whatsoever, my Nan could play in goal for them or Sir Tom
  10. Ffs wildsmith shouldn’t have been beaten by that shot
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