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  1. Yes he wasn't at his best, but still give 100% and I wont knock anyone for that, onwards and upwards.
  2. Carrying too many passengers, Nuhiu, Murphy and Harris not in the game at all
  3. My mistake, didn't mean he ran the whole midfield but he was by far THEIR most outstanding player IMO
  4. I said we should have had the Crowleys brothers as Manager, one of them ran the midfield last night for Birmingham, would be a good replacement for Bannan as I feel he's living off past years glory. Time for a change.
  5. Let's hope our defence of this is better than our defence in the last 5 mins of the last couple of games!!
  6. Dave or Lee for me, can’t vote for a defender, Dom could have given a pen away twice in those last 2 mins. Westwood flapped again! Great save prior but on crosses oh boy.
  7. One of the best halves of the season from Wednesday, love to see Nando, frustrated but we can turn this around, BELIEVE!!!
  8. All playing well, Westwood the exception how we losing dunno
  9. Still go back to the full backs, no point in having forwards if no ones creating chances for them to put away. Look at Liverpool, Robertson and Alexander creating more chances than anyone else....... from full back. Don't expect us to sign that quality at all but Robertson was at Hull and Klopp transformed him, surely there's others out there? Oh for a Sterland or Worthington/King partnership. So for me, full back, forward and another creative midfielder.
  10. Right back please, Palmer good squad player but lacks that 'extra' thats needed.
  11. Isn't putting a 'shift in' what you'd expect from any player in a blue and white shirt, but we also need some threat from our wingers, Reach was no threat and hasn't been most of the season. At least you wonder what Harris may do, with Reach unfortunately we know what he'll do.
  12. Palmer looking poor tonight, Murphy giving him runaround
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