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  1. DC would fail to pay him and then we would end up with a huge pink Willy spray painted on the Owl on the back of the Kop.
  2. If Pulis was still here then Bazza would be gone. Only positive would be our set pieces may have improved.
  3. So many points lost so far this season. Criminal!
  4. and a dribble of wee chaser. Imagined I would be able to respond in the fashion when I first read this thread
  5. While ever we are within the top half of the table, DC will keep him. Sure if DC has done any FFP financial planning prior to this season then certain the obligatory sacking and paying-off of at least one manager was not in the working total.
  6. Imagine if DC opened an Ultra's only stand and charged £2000 for a season ticket. Sponsored by Aggrav8
  7. I went mad when I realised they were out of brie and cranberry paninis as well as my favourite muffins. Bring back the sausage cottage!
  8. Tactical fookwittery - like the writing is on the wall as to when we decide to gift the opposition an equaliser.
  9. This is the frustration - would not take much to get us moving in the right direction. Momentum builds and compounds itself if managed correctly.
  10. This^^^ Give my left plum to see three sides of the ground bouncing and something worth watching and following again.
  11. Thanks and for the record, for what it is worth, your contributions on here are highly valued.
  12. Good player but not exactly effective in a more agricultural league that we are in now. Not a leader nor captain material.
  13. Honestly don't get this release the shackles crap. Starts with an individual taking the initiative and showing some leadership - killer pass, tracking back and putting in a solid challenge, a quick bust into the the box to get on the end of a lost ball. We came to life for three minutes today, scored and then fell apart. Must remember most of these players have played at higher levels. In the absence of managerial strategy and leadership, it falls to seasoned professionals to grab the game by the hairy saddlebags. No point moaning or kicking off - rise above it and use your talent to better effect.
  14. Brown-nose Bannan isn't going to say anything. On his last pay cheque after his dream move to Brentford fell thru.
  15. Issue is, we are gifting points away and playing pap. This league is crap but we are managing to be worse. Amazing thing is we are still where we are. This rate we will be bottom three or four come Christmas.
  16. I ignored DM as well as he was pap then. Tail end is a bit harsh
  17. Shame way things have gone, but supporting our club is like a broken record. Truly bored
  18. Tuna cash and the chance to make it at a big club?
  19. DM cannot get a tune out of a squad that is more than good enough at this level. Stagnating under him and leaving him in post is not going to achieve anything. Managed to get one battling performance out of the squad last season and is yet to get 90 minutes this term.
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