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  1. Glad I came on here tonight - off to drink a pint of bleach. Goodbye cruel world.
  2. Photo looks like the cast of the next series of un-datables. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  3. Relegation battle with a disinterested squad who are mainly out of contract and will be coasting towards a second break. Can’t wait!
  4. Would not be surprised if our squad isn’t stuck on a FF style cruise somewhere.
  5. Sounds like he hasn’t been on the Scottish Fire Water. Statistically we have been one of the worst sides in the league since Xmas. Think we should be concentrating on the relegation battle and survival this season.
  6. Interesting stat. No wonder we snapped him up. Cheap and borderline Championship quality.
  7. We never seem to make an easy option. Quick give and go, a square ball inside. Number of times you see our players closed down for lack of options. People around me must think I have Tourette’s when I am watching it and getting frustrated. Really need to start passing and moving and tracking back as a team.
  8. Hardly an article; more a rambling collection of obvious statements. Two minutes of my life I will never get back.
  9. Can he take the cauldron of tumbleweed that is Hillsborough’s atmosphere?
  10. Wish these players would just shut up and let their performances dictate how they are perceived. Rather than waste effort stating what everyone already knows, why not spend time kicking a ball against a wall or their fitness. Only way to rectify things is to come back with as prepared as they can. Think they need to be reminded that their capitulation has led us from a chance at promotion to a relegation battle. Stating the obvious and dripping on about your failings is getting a bit boring.
  11. Honestly don’t see what the pressure thing is all about, other than a distraction from the truth. You want to be a footballer and at his age, he should be sure. Current silence of a half-filled Hillsborough is hardly a pressure cooker atmosphere. Said it many times-fannies the lot of them. Few players willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. Leadership lacking and a malaise of mentally weak players throughout the squad. Current situation is like they have forgotten how to play football and to top it off they seem to not be arsed.
  12. Talking about GM and JL. Bullen and Bruce-well lets face it, neither of them were in post long enough to be considered anything other than a passing phase. Not sure Hutchinson actually gets on that well with Bullen, if what I was told by someone who is in daily contact with him is right.
  13. He said in his RS interview on the same subject that getting back into football after stopping through injuries, had saved him. Bottom line is, if he loves the club for resurrecting his career as much as he claims then he should be breaking a ball to fit in. Has fallen out with two successive managers. Not really the antics of a senior pro. Thanks for the memories and good luck with your next club; that is, if any want to take the chance on him.
  14. Means that they look at our position at Christmas and we book our playoffs tickets! Would be a shitstorm to saviour to on our neighbours forums 😂
  15. Wasn’t that when Batty crunched one of our players in one of the final matches and things unravelled.
  16. Probably a FFP-3 grade mask suitable for asbestos sampling work. Agreed: the out of date but is of concern
  17. Add into that wolves buying the league when, arguably, if we had added one or two players we would have gone up automatically.
  18. We all thought the same seeing Abdi play for Watford and then sign for us. Similar outcome, if not worse.
  19. We are talking about footballers here-not the sharpest at the best of times. Remember delivering and fitting Gary Speed’s new TV in the 90’s, shortly before he was linked to us. Tried explaining to him and his missus the would need a scart lead the link it to the other systems that they had. His missus kept saying “what’s a skirt lead”. He just stood there and did not attempt to correct her. flippers wouldn’t let us wear shoe covers either, insisting that we carry the beast of a tele in socked feet and did not give us a tip!
  20. Think you have just melted Neil’s server with the size of your post😂.. Amazing how a dead pigeon is one of Ashley’s stand-out failings. Guess it beats sitting in this crap league for eternity.😂
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