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  1. No person who wants Wednesday to win can possibly want creaky Westwood back
  2. First watch I was annoyed as hell with him . Putting pictures on here isnt really an accurate reflection is it , bit pointless . Just seen it again ok sky , for me no , in today’s daft world 9 times out of ten it’s a red
  3. Ignoring the fact Westwood is utter rubbish now , wildsmith has been really good
  4. He’s done well . May as well not bother with this joke of a squad though .
  5. Are you joking . Pelupessy is far far better than shaw there , far better . Izzy brown would be a better square hole option . Shaw isn’t a midfielder . Not close
  6. It’s beyond boring being a Wednesday fan . Prat of an owner , crap squad who can’t stop getting sent off . I mean seriously you have Izzy brown and pelupessy on the bench, why the hell would you play shaw
  7. This is beyond a joke now . Why in gods name is shaw playing there when you have brown and Joey as better options .
  8. Open play goal . All you bells saying Patterson is crap , always loved him
  9. Surely nobody can miss watching live matches with this Wednesday side
  10. Borner over lees because of matches played . Wildsmith gets a shout for bouncing back well after being stupidly dropped for a few inferior keeper . The rest have been awful
  11. He didn’t “allow” them to leave . Fletcher went to a better team by choice . Forestieri has been garbage for years and we couldn’t afford him. Winnall is no better or worse than what we have and Nuihu chose to go , probably sick of our muppet fans . All obviously monks fault
  12. Not a cat in hells chance of all of those players ever being available at the same time. majority regularly pick up injuries
  13. To be honest I’d prefer decent players who try. Good players who don’t and crap players who do are much of a muchness
  14. Shame he didn’t unlock more defences over the last 3 years ain’t it
  15. I think we are lucky to have pulis . A useless idiotic owner , a crap squad and probably relegation without transfer funds wouldn’t appeal to many
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