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  1. NOB ENTER is an anagram of the name of yesterdays "referee" Ben Toner. Just saying...............
  2. Excellent goal, but I'm afraid this is par for the course in League One. No VAR and totally inept match day officials.
  3. Disappointing result. Very bright start from us, but a poor second half. I thought both Shodipo and Berahino looked very promising. On a separate issue, much as I don't like berating match officials, the standard of refereeing in this league, so far, has been absolutely dreadful and hit an all time low today. His performance wasn't worthy of the Sunday parks league. Clueless!
  4. Perhsps the wrong choice of word, but it can mean excessively particular, critical, or demanding; hard to please. But on this occasion: Egocentric Fu**ing Losers will easily suffice!
  5. EFL Egocentric Fastidious Losers. They just seemingly make the rules up as they go along. One rule for one, one rule for another and so on. Absolute joke of a kangaroo court, that doesn't help most clubs at all.......
  6. Sorry to hear this. Hope he makes a full recovery, asap. Chin up Connor!
  7. Completely brushed us aside today, he was just bristling with confidence.
  8. Not one player deserving of a vote today. The loyal travelling support were badly let down by an abject performance. A long journey home for them, with no positives to glean from the game. It could have easily been 4 or 5-0. Ryan Lowe really got Plymouth up for it and tactically outclassed us. Very, very disappointing, to say the least
  9. Absolutely shocking non-performance. Plymouth thoroughly deserved their 3-0 victory. Thought Camara and Broom were outstanding for them. Feel for the loyal travelling Owls supporters today. Let down badly. Make the team walk home from Devon..... It looked as if they had all walked there!
  10. Totally ineffective Sow and Byers replaced by Corbeanu and Berahino. Come on Wednesday!
  11. Definitely NOT "Pretty In Pink"! Dreadful first half for Wednesday. We are being completely outplayed and our midfield is being over run. Broom and Camara are bossing this for them. Fair play to Ryan Lowe and Plymouth. They have got their tactics spot on. Far too many fancy flicks from BB. Too much complacency overall. Sow non existent. 100% improvement required in second half!
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