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  1. Don’t blame him any championship club is a upwards move compared to Wednesday . Best wishes
  2. Wanting a player to leave the club .... proper nasty that
  3. Nice for the kid . Whilst you are feeling generous Kieron , how about tearing your contract up and disappearing
  4. Brentford have no ambition hahahaha . Sums the muppet up . Bet they could only dream of stock piling past it guff like Westwood , forestieri and Hutchinson
  5. As I’ve already posted elsewhere , he was poor value . Scoring 6 goals then 10 then 1 in 3 seasons and paying less than half of those games for 30k a week . Rubbish .
  6. Doesn’t mean I can’t pray / dream / wish he would go
  7. Exactly this . Used to boil my wee wee when folk on here were banging on about hooper , forestieri , lee etc ‘if only we could get them fit’. meanwhile teams like the pigs with their fit, younger, well organised squad sail past us. I know it’s not that simple , I know which way I’d rather us have gone though
  8. Being premier league ready/ quality and being ready for relegation fodder in the championship are two different things
  9. Hooper wasn’t a gem , he was a very expensive crock . To succeed you need quality strikers who will play all season and score more than 6 goals , like pukki or fat billy . Hooper was a massive waste of money
  10. Yeah and who can blame him . He’s the only one I’m bothered about was all I was saying
  11. Hutchinson and forestieri can sod off . Winnall meh not great . Fletcher is 33 and often injured so no biggy either . Fox I’d have kept
  12. Beggars can’t be choosers and we most certainly are beggars
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