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  1. Why would anyone want our 34 year old keeper with a questionable injury record to play more games ? I hope he never gets picked again . Also nowt wrong with Randolph .
  2. Good cult figure , poor player. Unusually for Wednesday he was also a crock . Iorfa is like a significantly upgraded graded version of him
  3. Chris Sedgwick ... thought that was a really impressive signing , until he played and realised that pressman was quicker over 20 yards
  4. To be honest I couldn’t care less how good or bad he plays for Scotland . Ive always wanted home nations to do well but the Amount of bitterness and bile that come from the welsh and the Scots , sod em ! Kazakhstan
  5. It’s going to take time for his to get up to speed obviously . Havimg said that the last two games , his positing and movement is good , once he gets fitter, that will improve . Considering the excitement for retaining a 31 year old who’s not played in 16 months on this forum , you’d be mad to even consider getting rid of winnall .
  6. Exactly ! With a smart manager and all the money saved on their wages , we could have been in a far better position on and off the field . Going to omit fox from that list as he won’t be on a deal and is a decent back up
  7. Or maybe he’s just a crock who the club wasted money on and thankfully will be well rid soon
  8. I don’t know anything other than the bloke has been the most costly mistake the clubs ever made. I can make up some silly rumours that some are so keen on here but the truth of the matter is , he’s a crock who had one almighty holiday at Wednesdays expense
  9. Why do people care about abdi . Hopefully that era of signing crocked crap is over . He’s out contract and will be on his way . Good riddance
  10. Clueless Carlos had one tactic which is why we were repeatedly beaten by inferior hoofers like Bolton . Bruce has a brain and realised a bit of power/pace mixed with technical ability is needed in this league
  11. Those things didn’t seem to defer old dephjon to be fair .
  12. One of two obvious issues we had, along with a lack of pace. Funny how it took Bruce less than 48 hours to address what neither previous manager could see in the entire tenure
  13. These injuries are borderlining on the farcical . Not only do we have the largest collection of perma crocks we are now getting people injured in rediculus ways like this , ironically just as he was coming back
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