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  1. It’s not poor is it . The team is a joke and the club is run by a moron. Why would you pay 25 or 30 quid to sit in our dilapidated stadium to watch us get hammered when it’s on free to view tv. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world a couple of years ago , but I really couldn’t care less about it now
  2. If you are on the wind up , fair enough you’ve had a go ... if you are serious , I’d suggest you visit the nearest shrink , and quick
  3. Was okay not great , not bad . We were skint during his time here , yet he’s still better than what we currently have
  4. Jesus he’s finally done what an attacker midfielder should do by running through and scoring and it’s gone to his head . Baby steps Barry jeez
  5. This .... gotta be the worlds longest injury . It’s been going on since the day he walked through the door
  6. Agreed In principle , but chansiri really is that stupid
  7. Course it does, makes me laugh how he’s being painted as some kind of hero when in reality he’s one of the biggest drains in resource we’ve been lumbered with over the last few years
  8. Funny how he’s looking sharp and injury free for the first time in years as it comes up to contract time.
  9. I love how Tom lees is now major scapegoat / crap yet flappy Westwood and biscuit knees Hutchinson are the saviours . All 3 have been here too long , all 3 need improving on
  10. and it’s to be expected I checked the score about 5 ish and had to laugh .its so pitiful it’s funny
  11. I deffo don’t get miserable about it . I do or did go to the games , Blackburn was the last for this year though . Okay you got me I do like a good wind up on here .. sorry . Underneath I’m a secret happy clapper
  12. 3 nil Birmingham and a load of pity for the deluded fools that still go
  13. We have a bizarre bunch of fans . Chansiri is running the club into the ground . He talks utter rubbish and has got basically everything wrong . Only an utter baron would defend him, yet some still do
  14. Another thing to be thankful to chansiri for
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