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  1. Adam Reach

    Yeah because lee and Hutchinson are going to play loads of games next season .....
  2. There isn’t enough games to trigger bonus and contract extensions so you are all magically fine to play !
  3. Look who's back at Sheffield Wednesday!

    Need his help ? You make it sound like he’s a charity aid worker or something. He gets paid incredibly well and his strop last season was inexcusable . After this years injury lay off as well , it’s aboit time he knuckles down and shows us that he’s the player we all think he is
  4. Nobody will come I’m for fletcher , as nice as it would be
  5. Ross Wallace - Injury

    This mentality is exactly why we are near the bottom and struggle to attack teams . wallace is / was a good player but he’s well into his 30s now , has zero pace and is incredibly easy to defend against . We have got to stop living in the past , he currently offers nothing
  6. Have we got enough? The embargo thread

    Except nobody will want any of our over paid , ageing crocks . i can’t imagine people queuing up to take Westwood , fletcher , Hutchinson , abdi , Matias , Rhodes etc .
  7. Hypothetically...

    Disagree . Semedo says nice things , but is a far worse player than adthe . You can’t keep a player just because they make the right noises. Nuihu should get get a new contract because he’s valuable to us , the fact his attitude is spot on is just an added bonus
  8. Nuhiu

    He should have a new deal and play the squad role he has this season , he is a different option and at times is worth his weight in gold. I’d happily sell Rhodes , offload that over paid crock fletcher (easier said than done ) and have joao , nuihu , hooper (although his injuries are also wearing thin) ff and another
  9. Sincere condolences tonight

    Why don’t you just say yeah he played well glad we won ...
  10. It’s like paying for a merc and getting a 02reg corsa in return with regards to the squad , a bit of tweaking and it could be competitive again. I just feel the deadwood we are stuck with will hold us back recruitment wise
  11. Not moaning dear , we certainly do not have Barcelona’s team despite paying the same to watch ! bannan lees ff (if fit and in right head space) hooper ( but always injured) reach bout it
  12. I doubt it highly . I’m struggling to think of 5 players in our team who are top 6 quality
  13. Danny Mayor

    Would get in our side now
  14. To be fair if he was a race horse he’d have been put down . I feel sorry or the bloke just watching him, it’s painful
  15. Trains are gonna be fun on Saturday...

    Another train guard over here. Enlighten me ?