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  1. Excellent result and a massive two fingers to the clowns who find it funny to slag their national side. I for one have had a quality afternoon
  2. I honestly don’t expect us to be promotion candidates this season so the fixtures don’t comcern me. On our day we can beat anyone and we won’t go down, so who we play last off is of no real concern
  3. james o connor

    Carlos is missing us !

    Exactly this .... the state our players were in when he left was abysmal. You summed him up perfectly, a frauster who spouts bulls!t to hide his incompetence
  4. james o connor

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I can’t bekieve there are 36 pages on this . The stupid little no mark has gone , good riddance . F**k him. Funny thing is he isn’t actually that good anyway .
  5. james o connor

    very worried 9 days from party in the park

    I am very worried , so worried I haven’t slept for days......
  6. I wouldn’t want free travel , as nice a gesture as it is. I’d rather out home prices not be so astronomical
  7. james o connor

    Carlos is missing us !

    No of course not , there are hundreds of people to blame for those. Carlos is certainly not the main culprit for that . I think what I mean is if we had somebody like jos in before , we’d have ended up with more sensible recruitment from the off . My issues with how the club has been run certainly doesn’t lie solely with Carlos. I know I sound bitter and like a stuck record, but when we had a major cash investment in 2015, it really should have been handled better .
  8. james o connor

    Carlos is missing us !

    It’s not hatred at all . We obviously finished higher because we spunked loads of money for the first time since relegation. We won in spite of Carlos , when it came to the crunch we bottled it every time , just like his Swansea side did against Southampton. The fact his legacy of crocked players and fat contracts for players that offer nothing is still living on is what annoys me .
  9. james o connor

    Carlos is missing us !

    An excellent coach ? Did you see the state of our squad when he left
  10. james o connor

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    Of course it should happen and yes I’d use it. Of course also it should happen at hills borough. SoMething that happened in a different era 30 years ago has no bearing on this debate
  11. Pathetic isn’t it . It’s your national team , it’s not ‘cool’ not to care. I had a great evening down the boozer . If you don’t care then fine but bore off and let those that do enjoy something that happens only once every 4 years
  12. This. I want England to win because I’m English and I like football. This ‘I domt care about England’ attitude is so boring
  13. Why does pressman need to come back (yet more obsession with looking backwards) Nicky weaver is already here , surely it makes sense for him to step up . Good luck to andy Rhodes , he has clearly done a fantastic job over the last few years
  14. Yep really optimistic, optimistic the club has learned from the mess it’s made of the last couple of years . I’m optimistic we have a proper manager in charge who will keep the players fit and play half decent football. Top ten for me would be a decent finish given the state of the playing squad and last seasons debacle
  15. Both those sides were better than us, collectively . There is no reason we can’t put a run together , but In reality it’s very unlikely. We lack the quality . Having said that , a solid top 10 finish would do me find after last seasons debacle. I believed we are heading the right way