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  1. I think if they went for any of those players, it would finally push their fan base over the edge
  2. Why the hell would he want to leave Bristol to come and manage us. They are a far better run club
  3. Simple an obvious answers don’t go down too well on this site. Dramatic theories are way more popular !
  4. To be fair Christ knows what we are then as most of our Scottish eligible players can’t get in their side !
  5. £59 no wonder there was bucket loads of the things left over last year
  6. Really rate the bloke , proper professional in an industry full of bell ends
  7. First thing he would do is banish the new lads and iorfa and bring boyd and Jones . He would love nuihu though which would create a funny melt down on here !
  8. No no no ! Deffo no more Carlos tip tap backwards passing snore fest , which is exactly what you get with this guy. Grinds results out but ultimately gets you nowhere
  9. Exactly , so when you don’t have a striker who scores plenty (all of ours struggle for double figures) you need everyone to contribute . The defenders we have plus bannan , joey , Hutchinson etc have dire scoring records . We need someone capable of 20
  10. Agreed but that’s even better. He gets a fat pay off . Sod him . The players look happy and for once fit . Hopefully we get off to a good start and this will be soon forgotten
  11. You think Stendal would be a risk but would be happy with an average , lower league manager ? I’d actually rather Carlos back and I never thought I’d say that
  12. Not Karanka . I could stand any more backwards passing bore football . Had enough of that over the last few years
  13. Carlos comes back and bins off our new boys for being too fast and wanting to get forward
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