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  1. james o connor

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble , good managers don’t come to crap teams owned by morons
  2. james o connor


    Luckily that stupidly inept Carlos will never set foot in hillsborough again.
  3. james o connor

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    What started a life long hero worship for the little midfield dynamo
  4. james o connor

    Pudil receives national call

    Pleased for him , they really must be in a dire state though
  5. It really isn’t capable . There is little to no quality in it
  6. james o connor

    Sorry about this...

    Blooming hope so . Any crock departing is good news
  7. james o connor

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Tbf it’s difficult to enjoy Wednesday ...
  8. james o connor

    Forcing high earners out?

    It’s only this club stupid enough to sign crocks like Hutchinson on big deals , past it players like jones and Boyd I’m big deals yes. Why did a regular premier league starter like abdi sign for us ? He knew he was finished and so did Watford , yet stupid old Sheffield Wednesday are left with the waste of space
  9. james o connor

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Because he’s a washed up crock who when has played has been poor ... probably that
  10. james o connor

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    Considering how angry you get at my posts and how much i disagree with most of what you put , I’m surprised I find myself agreeing 100% with you here
  11. james o connor

    Its got to be done

    That’s the real problem at the club. Keep swapping managers is fine (as you well know I was certainly no fan of clueless) , but the main issue is the idiot of a chairman who is so inept it’s scary
  12. james o connor

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    Glad he’s finding form, will help not playing for a clueless bell end like Carlos
  13. james o connor

    Grow some cajones

    And midfield , and out wide and up front
  14. james o connor

    What’s going to happen...

    Fletcher is better than McGoldrick I agree but his goal return is really poor and he’s seen better days . Sad times
  15. james o connor

    What’s going to happen...

    Dawson is up and coming agree re hector and thorniley hutchinson is finished and a waste of a good wage Penney , the jury is out forestieiri is always out Matias is always out . Reach shows only in patches fletcher is medicore and hugely overpaid joao is average . They arent great players At all it’s a poor squad. Yeah jos is making some truly baffling decisions at the mo , but thanks to the oaf of a chairman , a better manager wouldn’t be doing that much more