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Community Answers

  1. That’s ironic seeing as he’s now one of the best in the premier league
  2. Got a chairman literally running the club into the ground and folk are banging on about pulis brand of football ... priorities
  3. Always made me laugh how semedo was worshipped yet this guy hates . Similar players but joey is better on the ball . Strange
  4. Remember repeatedly being told I was an idiot for slagging chansiri 3/4 years ago and saying we would end up like this . It was bleeding obvious . The minute he charged 40 quid for sitting on the kop for the first game of his tenure , I knew he’d be a disaster . ‘If you want success , you have to pay for it’ cooed many a deluded fool . Success , yeah right
  5. Why would anybody waste New Year’s Day on that tripe
  6. Oh wake up . We have been down before a bowl was kicked this year. I doesn’t matter if we have Pulis , monk , jos , Carlos , Klopp, wenger or Whoever. Relegation is the least of the climbs worry
  7. It hopefully will . But I fear championship football will be years away, during the clean up from the utter mess he’s made .
  8. Top post . 2010 we were dire and skint . Very skint . I still cared , I still thought better times were on their way . I still even looked forward to match day. under chansiri , I’ve long since realised since his second season we were heading one way . Even had we gone to the premier league , we’d have been in this situation now . Never in my time watching Wednesday have I cared so less and seen so little hope for the future . The bloke has destroyed the club and the way things are going , I’d be shocked if it’s still here in 5 years
  9. Other fans bases would have driven him out long ago . Half our fan base still think he’s alright , it beggars belief
  10. Well done chansiri what an owner we have got . Wonder what will happen next ? Shall we change the manger ? That will get us shooting up the league !
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