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  1. I agree it takes two seconds . Having said that having a cash turnstile is another option and certainly wouldn’t do any harm
  2. We are 3 short but it’s more creativity and goal scorers we lack . Luongo should certainly come in . That midfield had its day 3 years ago . It’s well past it now .as I’ve said before we are a mid table side . If we finish 10th I’ll be satisfied
  3. I’d argue with it . It’s past it and offers nothing going forward
  4. Same . Most of you will live closer to the ground than me too. If you’ve made the effort to come , may as well make the effort to watch the whole game
  5. Yup . The same Dawson that hasn’t let a goal in this season .....
  6. No you are bang on the money . He isn’t bad but he isn’t great. We have an upgrade waiting on the bench
  7. Our midfield is crap with three . With two it would be even worse. Get Luongo in and 442 would be more of an option
  8. 100 % this . The old guard midfield needs break up and Luongo needs to play . Fletcher and the centre halves were decent , the full backs weren’t bad too
  9. Priceless , the Hutchinson booking . I had to laugh . He he is a dreadful ref . I bet over the last ten years you pick all the crap refs threads out here , he will be there involved in several
  10. No I say ‘what’ve you done , or should I say who’ !
  11. Said many times before , those that slag him are thick , it’s that simple . Cracking player to bring on 1 nil up or 1 nil down . Able deputy for fletcher with a positive attitude to boot
  12. He’s been a car crash but today I thought he was okay
  13. If he showed the same passion on the field he wouldn’t be such a passenger . Biggest wet fart I’ve ever seen play the game
  14. He should be as long as we finish in a respectable position . That squad isn’t good enough . If he gets us in the top 6 he wants knighting never mind keeping on . We have decent players but still lack creativity and have no natural goal scorers . 10th would be a decent finish
  15. I really enjoyed the last promotion, that season was fun. The first Carlos season as well. Struggling to think of many other positives , winning at Cardiff aside (the play offs , not a random win at Cardiff city ! )
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