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  1. One defeat in 17

    Amazing ..... we rightly mock hudders fans for years for this then start a thread doing exactly the same thing. So ignore the Fulham game and ignore the penalty shoot out defeat and we are at one defeat in 17 .... scrub the Preston defeat as first games don't count ... and the Bolton cup game as cup games mean nowt
  2. Give SAG a break

    Sorry what a load of old dross. The kop for example has existed in its post terraced form for roughly 25 years with no issues whatsoever. I've probably attended roughly 250-300 matches in that stand including the apparent chaos that was the Brighton semi final. No issues at all. North stand again is fine . the west stand, despite being an eye sore is again perfectly safe . QPR and Brentford's away sections are far more cramped than any area at hills borough yet they sell at capacity. It staggers me people exist who would actually support this level of idiocy. Our ground could hold capacity easily, without the need of silly netting and areas off sale.
  3. Kop not sold out shocker

    My season ticket is classed as restricted view as the left post is obstructing a tiny bit of the pitch . For me it's still a good view. Wouldn't wanna be on the bottom half of the kop as the view is shocking and there are lots of cry babies down there !
  4. You're wasting your time with that one he's stark raving
  5. That jumper on the right .... wow
  6. David jones

    We are we debating jones and Hutchinson. Ones improving game by game in a wednesday shirt the other is a massive crock who's last few appearances have coincided with some of our worst performances in recent memory. The jones , lee and bannan trio are working well. Long may it continue
  7. I haven't found much to compliment the club on recently but this does look pretty good !
  8. Increased capacity

    Whilst I don't hide my views that our ground isn't fit for purpose in the modern game there is no reason it can't be full capacity , nw corner aside . The west stand and kop are relics that need dragging down but they are perfectly safe at full capacity
  9. Alexa

    Urm okay ?
  10. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    He's obviously a good striker .... don't need stats and figures to tell us that
  11. For all the moaning etc the same daft planks will pay 60 odd quid for it . If the club know people are stupid enough to buy it they aren't going to lower the price
  12. U23s v QPR

    Matias has been fit since about February , several more months than abdi or Hutchinson could dream of. I'd use him
  13. They really are a thick bunch

    Sometimes our fans annoy the hell out of me but compared to them we are generally pretty decent
  14. Just out of interest, where are the shirts?

    We all know about the shambles with the shirt, do we really need to discuss for the 1029478284727th time ?
  15. Spain for pigs game..?

    I thought this was an invitation to go to Spain.... really annoyed now