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  1. You don’t know who Hughes is but he's a traffic cone.... owlstalk logic at its finest. Suggest you watch the lad , then form an opinion
  2. Love how adthe gets slagged off yet not so many days ago there was a thread about what a legend read was. Irony at its finest
  3. And rightly so as he double If not more useful ... for that reason he’s pbviously out out league
  4. Abdi is the worst signing In the clubs history . Jones, Boyd and Rhodes were three of the most (and expensive) pointless signings so yeah I’d agree !
  5. As a kid I loved this , In reality , it’s the stuff of nightmares ! The current shirts are surprisingly good quality , I’d love an orange away shirt
  6. Was alright once upon a time (like Boyd) but was signed way past his best and didn’t offer much at all. Another poor Carlos era signing
  7. Nobody is more against all the has beens we signed under Carlos than me . Having said that , this guy is a cut above and is still in good nick . I’d be happy with this
  8. Would be fantastic but it’s not true .... I’d piggy back him to the stain myself
  9. Anybody playing Sheffield united , Leeds ,Man Utd and Celtic has my full support for 90 mins
  10. As long as he keeps moving the club in a positive direction .... he is making all the right noises and the signings so far have been what’s required . The last two / 3 years that’s hasn’t been the case . There will come a time when Bruce needs to move on be it a year or be it ten, until then I’ll remain cautiously optimistic . We are finally being run as we should
  11. Not really , we had transfer funds then and we did okay that season . I think Bruce would have got us up that year . Despite what many think , none of us know what will happen . Suppose that’s the idea of a forum , to give opinions .
  12. I don’t think we will be anybodies favourites . Personally I don’t think we will make the top six but hopefully we will be there or there abouts . Least for the first time in the chansiri era we have a decent manager at the helm
  13. I agree with those saying it’s hard to judge him , the end of clueless Carlos reign was shockingly bad. Having said that , he looks weak , too weak
  14. Hutchinson hobble off every other game , missed a game a month should not be captain
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