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  1. No club would pay anything for him . He needs to retire (again)
  2. Minutes Applause

    Same , annoys me even more during the game . Sad when anybody dies but I don’t know these people and I’ve come to the football to enjoy it not Remember people I have no connection to what so ever
  3. Game on

    Ironic coming from captain face ache . Merely pointing out we need wins on the board. I’m delighted we have got a better manager , the chairman seems to have woken up and players that were banished for no reason are suddenly back and performing . After the mess created by the previous regime , I’m fully behind jos to sort it out
  4. Game on

    We need 3 points , the last thing we need is to be dragged into the relegation mire.
  5. What positions do we need to address?

    Palmer is a more than adequate back up right back , Nuhiu is also worth his place in that list need to go Hutchinson , abdi and fletcher
  6. The more I hear about Carlos failures to even get the basics right (fitness , press conferences , freezing players out ) the more I Seeth that were persisted with him for so long . He really was utterly useless . having said that , he’s gone, and that’s all the matters . It’s nice to actually want to go to games again and get behind the team / club. No matter how hard I tried , under Carlos I just didn’t care
  7. Under 30 , no Injury history. I refuse to believe it !
  8. Question to the South Standers

    No idea why anybody would pay to go in the south . It’s expemsive enough elsewhere , why would you want to pay extra to be resembling a tinned sardine ?
  9. Marco Matias Goal Celebration

    Probably rejoicing at the new regime as much as me .
  10. Rodwell

    It does matter Hutchinson is a crock , we should get rid as soon as possible . Hooper , we get enough out of him forestieri , happily see the back of him loovens should retire and unfortunalty I think lees had it too we don’t need other teams dross , we have enough of our own
  11. Too right . If we had charged prmal prices I doubt we would have made 3000 ....
  12. Pudil yes, he’s been god at centre half. Loovens , you may as well play a traffic cone. Another one who needed letting go in the summer
  13. Rodwell

    We are carrying bucket loads of crocked deadwood and you want to add to it ?
  14. I stand corrected this is the most wrong anybody could be. We were crap before the injures that Carlos part created happened
  15. Couldn’t be any more wrong . The players are accountable yes, but we picked up points in spite of Carlos not because of him . fred for example, not a sniff under Carlos, despite van aken struggling and loovens needing to retire . Low and behold he’s actuslly quite good and what we have been missing . Matias one start , hooked at half time then nothing . Against , comes in in his more natural position and looks a threat. Hopefully jos can help sort this shambles out . The signs are promising so far