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  1. Tbf we did lose a Wembley play off 4 and half years ago . I think people are being a bit greedy and expecting too much
  2. He and others might have more of a chance of replicating that if any of our players actually ventured forward and put a cross in like that
  3. Ground holds us back but goes hand in hand with Wednesday fans obsession with living the past. having said that , the fact we never have any success or excitement bar dragging ourselves out the third tier several years ago plays a big part. As does the same faces turning up week in week out as the casual fan no longer bothers
  4. I wouldn’t say reading , milwall , Fulham , Blackburn and Swansea twice is rare. I’d say the guy has become a liability. What do you consider a habit?
  5. Iorfa , borner , luongo . More players in this ilk . Mass clear out needed , so many have become stale imo , bannan and reach being two. Also need to remove those no longer good enough, Westwood being the obvious one and lee who I suspect will go at the end of the year. Teams refresh all the time but we take far too long
  6. Probably less about the opposition and more about us stopping gifting goals that you wouldn’t expect from park sides
  7. And to stop giving away goals five year olds wouldn’t concede . That would probably help too
  8. It does with Wednesday fans obsessions with living in the past
  9. Some of our fans really are beyond dense . A fairly tame penalty . He saved a penalty at the Lane for god sake . If Westwood had done that people like you would still be banging on about it now . All I know is Westwood has made more blatant gaffs in the last 2 games than Dawson has in his career . Is he the long term answer ? time will tell . All I know is Westwood is a liability right now and something has to change
  10. It’s boring . Every year we are boring . The games aren’t exciting and we never get anywhere . The prices put all bar the season tickets holders off so it’s the same faces watching the same bore fest every week . Our half empty past it’s sell by date ground also doesn’t help with noise
  11. I don’t get why people take it personally . You aren’t Westwood and it’s not a personal attack . For me his performances are and haven’t been all year up to the standards required and I think he should be replaced . Would I boo him ? No , I’m not a moron. Would I support him when I’m at the game ? Yes . Do I think he deserves his place ? No he’s been dire . Again it’s about the past . I’m not interested what he has done I’m interested in what he is doing . David hirst was good shall we get him back (that being a bad example , he would probably still score more than our current strikers) .
  12. No they wouldn’t . You are right though , he has been consistent this year . Consistently bad
  13. Love grown men that cry because somebody slags off their favourite player / points out the truth . Provided me with endless entertainment over the years
  14. Exactly Dawson wasn’t flapping balls into his net , dropping crosses and push8mg easy saves to deadly strikers feet during the his era . Winds me up the lad gets so much pelt when Westwood is consistently poor week in week out
  15. Annoying thing is his crosses are better than anybody else’s . If he had the pace he’d be lethal going forward
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