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  1. Wednesday on Look North Tonight

    What about last season when they charged the same ? Anybody defending our prices needs to give their head a wobble . There is simply no justification. On a separate note, would love to see that Umbro shirt commissioned . Quality wise , we be Considerably better than that rag we have ended up with.
  2. Like I’ve said on these threads before , I used to go in the 90s with my family as a child about 5-10 times a season. It was usually to the lesser games , Wimbledon , Coventry, Southampton etc etc as they were cheaper , but it was affordable for a family of 4 to go . I darent think what it would cost my parents now if I was the same 10 year old boy . The clubs idea of a of a reduced price is 30 quid on the kop if you have spent 50 quid up front on membership. This is the reason plain and simple why new fans aren’t and won’t come to the games . The price is simply disgusting
  3. We are light years behind similar size clubs revenue wise, the ground being one of the biggest reasons. Im theory I wouldnt want to move, but the location mean it’s limited what can be done with it . I wouldn’t really be bothered if we moved . Sentiment is fine but if we are going achieve anything , we have to move with the times
  4. Away shirts

    The home kit is cheap looking tat yet thousands qued to be fleeced 50 notes for it . Whilst the away monstrosity is considerably worse , bizarly people will still be desperate to get their hands on it . More money the sense !
  5. Carlos "Derby was an important game"

    But the same pudil who has been pretty good at centre back ? Hes not dammed either way. He isn’t up to the task of promotion. Im past caring on that front , just gonna enjoy the victories when they come
  6. Example of ticket pricing strategy

    Which is a true and sad state of affairs . Perhaps the reason why I’m not as passionate about the club and the game as a whole as I once was
  7. Example of ticket pricing strategy

    Nah charge 40 quid and have no walk up fans instead. Much better strategy
  8. Forestieri

    To put it into context , Adam Reach has done more in the last month the forestieri has in the last 18. I know who I’d rather down our left side
  9. Forestieri

    Had about 4 good games in the last 18 months . Undoubted ability, but would I be bothered if he left ? . No
  10. Simon Coleman

    Indeed he was ... I had the ‘pleasure’ of being ‘taught’ by him ....
  11. Those wanting Carlos out

    Yet one is in the premier league and one mid table the division below .
  12. When I first saw that eye sore , I thought somebody on here had made it as a joke . When I drove round there the other week , I couldn’t believe it was real. Must have looked a right spanner laughing out loud to myself . Nice of dc to think of the away fans and give them something to giggle at
  13. Do you agree with these valuations

    Reach and bannan worth a lot more . Abdi and fletcher have no transfer value at all. Nobody in their right minds would take either especially abdi
  14. Midfield stays as it was against Villa , lee has obviously got big injury problems
  15. England team from the Championship.

    There’s more chance of joe hart going left wing than Adam Reach don’t be daft ! Abraham got there because he had a fantastic season last year and is scoring in the premier ship . I like reach but seriously talk sense !