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  1. The beginning and end of Helens contributions in a Wednesday shirt
  2. I still doubt there is enough goals in this team but I’d far rather watch and support a bunch of decent if unspectacular grafters than the over paid , turn it on every ten games lot we’ve had in recent seasons. Not one of them will be missed .
  3. The most overrated player in our history . He wasn’t bad but some make him out to be far greater than he was. Luongo is showing how this role should be played
  4. Tell me bout it . I’m more happy we’ve upgraded on old biscuit knees with luongo
  5. Good pundit . Past his best when he was here but always put a shift in
  6. Luongo . Plays that position how it should be played . No stupid diving in and moves the ball forward well . Noticeable the improvement now he seems rid of his injuries
  7. I don’t care what anybody says , luongo is a step up on Hutchinson
  8. He’s looked a lot better this season , I wouldn’t have borner anywhere near the starting 11
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