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  1. Dreading the result . Stood here in Luton anticipating (top fan points Torres?) please win
  2. james o connor

    Referee for Luton game on Tuesday

    You can’t really cheat for us when our bunch of no hoping geriatric crocks struggle to even get in the opposition half
  3. james o connor

    Brentford rearranged

    Should be another discounted ticket match
  4. james o connor

    Efe ambrose

    On paper would be a decent signing . For that reason it won’t happen. Have Hibs got any older , slower, more injury prone players who require more money ?
  5. james o connor

    Westwood - toe injury

    Players like Westwood are permanently injured . They have deffo taken their toll on him . Not the same player he was
  6. james o connor


    Exactly , spot on mate . We really don't have better players . I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want more than a couple of our players max . The fact we over paid doesn't make them better , it just makes the club stupid
  7. james o connor


    It's what being fit does for you . Signing crocks who have had it is the most stupid decision we ha e made in recent years . As much as it pains me , whilst we are paying wasters like Abdi thousands , journeymen , but passionate players across the city at the sty are closing in on automatic promotion on a fraction of the wage . Quite sickening really
  8. james o connor

    Westwood - toe injury

    Westwood injured ? Surely not
  9. Exactly , he wasn't that good .
  10. I agree , and we usually do literally let teams waltz through . It's funny when it happens the other way round you know we won't punish them back though . How we have assembled so many players who can't shoot is unreal
  11. james o connor

    ‘We will just replace him’

    Everybody remembers lee was good but he's been finished for two years and in that time we have signed past it players like Boyd or players not upto scratch in pelupessy. We need to stop living in the past , get these crocks shipped out and start re building
  12. james o connor

    ‘We will just replace him’

    And there lies the problem , living in the past . Its funny how other teams seem to loan young talent i.e. Derby and they are successful , that never happens here . Many clubs (dare I say it the pigs) unearth lower league talent on the cheap . It's out there if you look , We as a club and fan base seem obsessed with past it dross and players that used to be good and who would be amazing if they were 'fully fit'
  13. james o connor

    Fresh Blood

    Yet I was criticised for questioning last week why we should be greatful to chansiri, when we we stop buying crap and start actually playing Half decent football I might be a tad more thankful
  14. james o connor

    If we sold every single player tonight

    Exactly ! He’s a crock with a poor attitude . Surplus to requirements and one of the first I’d like to see the back of
  15. james o connor


    Didn’t say he did nothing and didn’t say he’s a poor player . For me games pass him by sometimes and he doesn’t get stuck in enough . One of our better players , of which there isn’t much competition. Cheers for the stats though .