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  1. Everybody waffling on about Ron and totally ignoring the fact somebody is trying to charge 40 quid for that ! I think that’s the scandal here not Ron running off to villa !
  2. Doesn’t seem many are condoning it does it . Obviously we have history for poor transfers when it comes to injury prone players
  3. Worst on ability was Chris adamson. Bought purely as back up but he lacked every basic component to be a goalkeeper . disappointing would be abdi . Big money , decent reputation . Shame the muppets running the club are incapable of spotting a crock when they see one .
  4. Average player who dined off a couple of worldies . Far worse out there , but there is no potential . He’s just average
  5. Who’s gonna pay him the daft amount we have ?
  6. Like everything else at the club , the academy has been run crap . In this instance though , it’s no major loss . Horst hasn’t and never will make it . Anyone who’s actually watched him could see that
  7. I’d rather Wednesday keep my money than give me a voucher to watch more top quality football !
  8. And that he has always supported / admired / wanted to manage said club . Given. Just a shame we didn’t have a decent manager at the helm in 2016, could. Have gotten us over the line. Will be a very long time until we are in that position again
  9. I’d prefer him helping us to stay out of league one first . Baby steps Kadeem
  10. poor old clueless , he really does live in a fantasy world doesn’t he .
  11. Ah them were the days , hammering players shot for confidence and lacking ability to bits . Strange bunch of fans seeing as many on here constantly excused mega bucks crocked wasters like abdi yet batter those for giving it a go
  12. He was for a time a quality player. . That time has gone . What would we do without him , some ask? We’ve been without him for years. Too many passengers for too long aboard the Wednesday gravy train.
  13. Why the hell would you back them . They have both outstayed their welcome . Westwood is of no use anymore and well past his best , Hutchinson has seen better days too . Sod em both. Can’t wait to offload deadwood like this
  14. xavi aside , there was nobody better at that role than the mighty Irish warrior.
  15. It’s not that hard to work out . Players like Westwood, Loovens and Hutchinson were always injured , it was just a case of managing it . Gary hooper was knackered when he arrived hence Wednesday got him , same with abdi.
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