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  1. james o connor

    Hector report

    Kind of player we should have signed last summer instead of spending money on more dross in van Aken
  2. Huge relief you aren’t in charge then
  3. james o connor

    Biased pundits etc

    Comments like this make our fans sound ‘tinpot’ .... it was a phenomenal goal yesterday . Sorry to burst your bubble but nobody cares about Sheffield Wednesday or Aston Villa for that mind . There certainly isn’t any conspiracy
  4. No I could see around 10th- 12th and that would be a good season .
  5. Best manager we have had in years , really rate the bloke . No bs , no ‘I’ve proved how good I am’ or silly puns , just an honest bloke who’s getting the best of a mediocre squad
  6. james o connor

    Is Hutch injured?

    What does he contribute to the team ? Zilcho ... his body can’t hack professional football , hence a fact he should retire
  7. james o connor


    Having mentioned elsewhere about deadwood like Hutchinson , this guy is the polar opposite. Not the finished article but is certainly the present and the future
  8. james o connor

    Is Hutch injured?

    No just a fact , the bloke should retire
  9. james o connor

    Is Hutch injured?

    I’m sure they won’t but only owlstalk could obsess about a crock who isn’t actually much good but pan honest hard workers like Pelupessy . I can’t wait until we can finally rid ourselves of these resource drainers and replace them with players fit for purpose
  10. james o connor

    Is Hutch injured?

    Another one people need to stop bleeting on about . Waste of a wage
  11. james o connor

    Marco Matias

    Matias has been available for selection a whole lot more , old coco never selected him . Matias is scoring goals and playing well why abdi is doing jack like he has since the day he signed . One is a waste of a wage the other scored a cracking goals to make it three for the season
  12. james o connor

    Marco Matias

    Vintage owlstalk again pan this guy who’s running his balls off yet obsess about a waste of good wage like abdi . He was gash against forest but has been pretty decent every other game . Fair play Marco , keep it up
  13. james o connor

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    Miles better than that hobbling crock Hutchinson but he still gets panned ....
  14. james o connor

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    Pelupessy proves that most on here talk garbage shocker
  15. james o connor

    Clare Fee

    How do you know he will get a big move ?