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Wednesday - V - Watford OMDT

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Thanks Mi'Lord.

What a great start to the season.

When we scored our second v Cardiff, I  commented to the son and heir that Owlstalk must be in total confusion.

Three wins in three with three clean sheets is not following the script!

However tomorrow is a tough ask so I'd be content with a gutsy 1-1 but I'm hoping we might sneak something.

I'd have said head / heart but that baton has been passed on.

God bless you all 😇


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5 minutes ago, ReginaldD said:

I fancy us for this their side seems much changed from the regular prem 11 when they were doing well. 


WATFORD Unavailable: Capoue (Injured), Deeney (Injured), Deulofeu (Injured), Gray (Injured), Hughes (Injured), Janmaat (Injured), Masina (Injured), Pereyra (Injured), Success (Injured), Welbeck (Injured)

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It’s stating the obvious I know but home form will be the difference between staying up and going down.


Cardiff was a test, this will be even bigger. A win would be amazing, a draw acceptable for this one.

In the event the worst happens I won’t panic, so long as the effort and application is still there. 

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2 hours ago, Sefton owl said:

Can anyone advise re ifollow tomorrow? Another thread said there was a deadline of 4pm yesterday to subscribe and I queried it but didn’t get a response. Only asked just cause before you could pay for the match pass about 10 mins before 

I think the deadline was for using season ticket credit to get a code for I follow. I think the option to buy for £10 cash is still there up to kick off as normal.

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