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  1. Have you got that North Korean esque picture of DC in the corner at the other side of the room?
  2. 200 CBs observed and considered. Venancio at the club and underused despite being a very good CB. And yet we decide to purchase this guy on a long contract and significant fee. A defender who can't defend or stay on his feet. Another bonkers decision. But at least he can play pretty passes!
  3. In that case mate, could I suggest you visit your GP as a matter of urgency.
  4. Sadly, this may be the reality of the situation
  5. Draws are no good to us. We have to have a real go at them. 3 pts needed.
  6. Can't you simply revel in your lucky but vital win against Leeds?
  7. Sign Palmer and Westwood up. Would love Hector but doubt we can afford him and his wages unlike numerous parachute payment clubs. Bruce will be a big draw but if under embargo the latest info appears to be 10k pw max on a players wages. Hector will be on way more than that.
  8. Nail on the head Snoots. Those days were brilliant and exciting and I am grateful for them. I think deep down we all know it was just going to get better and better over the subsequent seasons with Ron in charge. I have to say though, imo the current manager is the highest profile appointment since Ron and, given the time I think he'll take us up.
  9. Oh FFS. Will this nonsense ever stop. Mods, please get rid of these wasters.
  10. Had he remained with us for another 3 seasons I'm convinced we would have won another couple of major honours. I include the league title in that. Such a shame he left us. I was heartbroken.
  11. We won 4-2, one defeat in 16. Auto promotion form over those 16 matches. The most positivity around the club in 18 months. A possible play off finish on the horizon. And yet, you decide to post this divisive drivel. How very sad and utterly bizarre.
  12. As hard as I try I only see us getting 13 points from the remaining fixtures. Normally that would be the good return but sadly it won't be enough for the play offs.
  13. Agreed. What was it, 5 pts from 10 games on that awful run? Diabolical
  14. Let's do this impossible, glorious promotion!!!!
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