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  1. Poor Game Management

    I recall we were told he'd signed an extended contract based on his track record of getting teams promoted.
  2. Or even asking why you posted that Jos is leaving in May, to then spend the subsequent 5 hours avoiding people who ask you why you posted that Jos is leaving in May.
  3. Poor Game Management

    Yes, and so can Neil. Jos is leaving in May. He posted it but you're not allowed to ask about it.
  4. Sean Clare

    Go on...
  5. Sean Clare

    Players like Clare sprinkled amongst our top quality players next season. Add in a few quality signings to reinvigorate the squad and we could go places.
  6. Sean Clare

    That midfielder we've all wanted Carlos to sign has been here all along. FFS
  7. Young George

    If we have it makes sound business sense. If he performs well, as Clare is doing, he could be worth a fortune in the current market.
  8. Ever get the feeling

  9. Young George

    Why the change in heart. I understood he had a far more lucrative offer waiting ?
  10. Young George

    Wow! If true.
  11. He's a grade A stroker.
  12. Ever get the feeling

    Me too Tinks. I can't seem where the required points are coming from. Played well today but couldn't get a point despite being 2-1 up. I think we'll drop.
  13. Long term Jos....

    Neil posted that Jos is leaving. Over the course of 5 hours, 18 threads and 95 posts, I pursued him around Owlstalk to request he elaborate. He disappeared. Tinks started a thread about it. It was deleted after 5 minutes. A seven page thread entitled "Braddo" appeared in the Owlstalk Site Information section in relation to my efforts. Neil still refuses to engage or elaborate on his post that states Jos is leaving at season end. His post. His site. Just left it hanging out there. It's not on tbf.
  14. There is apparently a thread now, thanks to Tinks. You could try asking Neil considering he started it.