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  1. He was excellent against WBA at home. We were 2-0 up until he was subbed. The midfield then collapsed. Has good potential and worth doing at the right price.
  2. I would imagine it would be a relatively low fee. By all accounts Norwich paid us circa one million loan fee and a 6 figure bonus on promotion (circa 500k?). Add on his wages for a season of around 1.75 million then they could argue they've already paid around 3.25 million for him. Maybe a fee of 1.75 million on top would do it. I can't realistically see us getting much more from Norwich.
  3. MK, I often enjoy reading your posts. You seem knowledgeable with regard to financial matters. Do you have an idea as to what value would be put on the purchase of the ground?
  4. How the feck was Mick not included in the Dream Scene? He was brilliant.
  5. GH can do one. He chased the money, it's backfired and he'll likely end up in obscurity.
  6. I think deep down we all know it's going to be a tall order to sign Hec. He clearly likes it here but at the end of the day both he and his family are from the South. If teams such as Fulham with their parachute money are after him then we can't compete with them.
  7. I was in the RAF at the time. I remember listening to the live commentary on Radio 5 in the barracks whilst ironing my kit. Great memories.
  8. I would think that if Fulham want Hector, that'll be the end of it for us. They're minted.
  9. I'm not bored. I'm analysing hundreds of photographs of the Hillsborough sky taken by fans at yesterdays match. Apparently there was a light aircraft in the area carrying a message for Owls supporters. I'm onto photo 597 and I have to tell you all, I'm yet to spot it. Oh well.
  10. I think it's hilarious. Just think what payback will look like in due course when the time is right. I am sure we'll be far more imaginative and competent.
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