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Community Answers

  1. Fantastic. God bless Big Jack and TT
  2. Yeah, I think Meggo and DC would get on like a house on fire.
  3. It's really not time to be changing the manager.
  4. I loved watching TC and Roger Wylde. Great days and great memories.
  5. Spot on Jim. An incredible talent. He was utterly barking but a stunning player. A Fancy Dan indeed Mr Wilson. FFS.
  6. Call it a hunch. I just feel that the manager will get them going and the new signings are a vast improvement.
  7. The new signings have clearly improved them and they have an excellent manager at that level. However, they still look a bit short of quality compared to the top teams. Sadly, I think they will make top 6.
  8. We lack grit, needle, physicality and a serious goal threat. All attributes required to do well in this league
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