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  1. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Great stuff. I was also a Bramhall Lane for the return fixture. Sat amongst their fans with my Nan and Mum. What a player TC was and what a goal that was. TC was my all time favourite player until Waddle arrived at the club.
  2. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    I'm sure SYP are aware and have acted on this intell. (coughs nervously)
  3. Oh dear! A win will make you feel much better. A defeat though.................
  4. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    I was there aged 9. Sat in south with my nan, mum and brother. Always remember TC sliding on his knees in front of em.
  5. That idiot Kevin Gage

    What a stroker

    Yep, that'll do. I can live with that. I'm in

    Heart says 3-1 to us. Head says 2-2
  8. Flares on Sunday

    No surprise is it that the lower lep is selling slowly. People giving I some thought before they buy. You can't blame them
  9. Tudgay and the derbies

    Very good player for us at the time
  10. Increased capacity

    Well that's nice of em! What has changed since the Wycombe game?