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  1. We needto start again. The club is an utter sheeteshow.
  2. DC is clueless and needs help from experienced football people. It's not going to happen though and the regression will continue.
  3. The only direction the club is going is down. It's a disgrace.
  4. What a disgraceful result that is. The club is regressing by the week. No further forward than under Gray and Mandy.
  5. Was Tony an ex Commando? Absolute no nonsense character.
  6. Yep. Sadly it's just not working. Time to go but who would take him on those wages?
  7. Let's have man utd at Hillsborough.
  8. This exactly. The chairman has caused me concern for ages and he continues to do so.
  9. Deservedly beat the league leaders away last week. Capitulate 5-0 at home to a mid table side today. The Wednesday way isn't it and the reason why we aren't getting promoted any time soon.
  10. Gary Barlow is not a bad singer tbh.
  11. Excellent Snoots as always. It's great to have Stubbs back in the fold. Come onnnnnnnnnnnn Wednesday!
  12. Old DC is at it again isn't he. Will he ever learn to run the club in a correct fiscal manner?
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