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  1. Do one you manipulative, scheming, disrespectful, selfish two hat.
  2. Carlos bottled it against Huddersfield. We should have been promoted in 2017. It's been a reyt farce ever since.
  3. Yep, one way or the other SB won't be managing swfc team affairs by next week.DC will either get HIS fee or SB will likely resign. If the latter occurs then Newcastle will be in for a long wait for SB as manager because DC is unlikely to accept it. A spell of gardening beckons I think.
  4. Hi Kev. I often take note of your posts as you seem to have some genuine knowledge surrounding swfc matters. Has DC got Stendel lined up if SB goes?
  5. If so, this is getting more surreal by the hour. He'll have no credibility left at all.
  6. I read that quickly and saw it as strapped on. Ffs
  7. Get Hector in DC and cheer me up.
  8. @Owlinmad You done on here pal. He's gone hasn't he.
  9. The Barnsley manager could be a good option.
  10. As though Bruce can now take training tomorrow having gone for talks. He shouldn't darken our door again and I doubt he will.
  11. I would think so. Cheers Steve. Thanks for feckin us all over.
  12. Absolutely. Now I'm simply outraged as well as being disgusted.
  13. My disgust and disappointment is centred around how we waited for him, made him feel wanted, paid him a top salary, allowed him to restructure the entire support staff, prepare in pre season, make signings to now throw it all in after 5 months.
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