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  1. Wednesday in debt

    Do you think we have lots of money to spend SiJ?
  2. #OnThis Day in 1980

    Enjoyed watching that team. Good days.
  3. Wednesday in debt

    Here's a suggestion. We're skint.
  4. I wish they'd stop this ludicrous phased price increase. Just have set price from February and let fans purchase when finances allow.
  5. I am all for this new approach but it looks like DCs plan, alluded to in the survey results, has been ditched. Not much spending going forwards but realistically we all knew that. What was that survey about FFS.
  6. I know. However if that is the case we must surely be heading for an embargo.
  7. I agree. I want us to keep our very best players. It's just that with our FFP situation, I don't think we can.
  8. We could maybe get a part exchange with Bannan or hooper who I'm sure Carlos will be looking at.
  9. Nixon

    No sheeite Al.
  10. We will beat Wolves

  11. Gossip

    In that case I think we're fecked. Embargo time. Refer to Forest to see how that works. Expect all the crown jewels to be sold and little coming in.
  12. I'm convinced we're finally going to sign Basil Boli and Attillio Lombardo. Can't wait.
  13. Goal of the Season Competition

    Great video that. Can't decide between Reach at Villa or Atdhe's screamer
  14. Forestieri appreciation thread

    Sadly I agree with the latter part of your post. There are numerous clubs in our league with parachute payments and the 3 coming down will have serious cash to spend. I'm not sure our perilous FFP status would allow us to resist any offer north of 10 million. I think we will take two steps back before a step is taken forward tbh.