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  1. He should start on Saturday, mix it up
  2. The problem with the players? In that wonderful first season it was all new. Hungry to please the fans and manager. What happened next? Lose miserably in the final v Hull and they all get rewarded with huge lengthy contracts. Except our best player, which leads to friction and unhappiness, which affects the whole camp. Then? We fail even more miserably against a weaker side in udders. Then? The very same players who failed two seasons running simply don't have it in them as a unit to go for it a third time. Throw in CCs tactical approach and who can blame them
  3. Fair enough. I'd considered Rhodes was last January but even so, if we hadn't spent up then, we surely have now.
  4. OK, point taken. Do you think we'll sign anyone of note in January?
  5. I can't honestly see DC spending anything of note in January. He didn't in the summer. I think we're all spent up
  6. Alan Irvine football played by a team costing 30 million.
  7. Not the manager......

    Agreed about the second goal. Shambolic
  8. Where's the money coming from
  9. Mr Chansiri.....

    He's here for the season folks. Simples. The new manager will attempt to revamp this squad but with so many old players on huge contracts his room for manoeuvre will be limited. We will struggle to offload the dross and most likely have to sell two or three best players to finance the overhaul. He'll be operating with one hand behind his back.
  10. Now or Never

    Agreed. I originally thought the final v Hull was THE chance. But they were better than us. Then we go 1-0 up v Udders with 30 minutes to go, take of our goalscorer and defend our 18 yard box. Reading waiting in the final. That really was our time wasn't it.
  11. Right...Team for Saturday

    Absolutely spot on. Dave really unnerves the opposites CBs and anything can happen. I would be very interested to see if he could bring out the best in Rhodes. It's certainly an option but would require flexibility from Carlos. Now, that could be a problem!
  12. Right...Team for Saturday

    I think Hutch should play CB when fit, agreed. I also agree we should mix it up. Hirst clearly will never play for us again so I would be up for big Dave playing a bigger role at present. Let's milk his increase in confidence from the goal
  13. Can you imagine what Wilder could do with the big man
  14. Great attitude from the big man. Get him on the bench regularly. Gives us the plan b we so often lack