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  1. 27% want this arrogant, incompetent fool to remain our chairman. He's brought shame and embarrassment on our club. Do one DC.
  2. DC is an incompetent, arrogant fool who is taking this club to league one and beyond. Do one DC.
  3. This. Utter incompetence from the man at the top. Paying crazy wages and worst of all, refusing to sell any player to mitigate ffp. Do one DC.
  4. I'm sure Carlos could have convinced someone to actually have a shot against their young reserve keeper in the away leg. Anyone, someone. Just an attempt. It might have negated their own goal and need for pens at Hillsborough.
  5. Well done Carlos. I'll still never forgive you though for the set up against a very average huddersfield over two legs.
  6. And then follow up with a new chairman, manager and coaching staff. Awesome.
  7. I used to have plenty of goodwill towards DC but that has been eroded by his utter incompetence and fookwittery in running the club. I look at where Leeds and the pigs were a few years ago, both a shambles. Look where they are now. Can any of us honestly say that under DC our club will have a similar dramatic positive turn around all the way to the Premier? From experience and viewing how he operates the answer is a resounding No. I'm convinced that if we are to get out of this division under DC it will be to league one and possibly beyond that.
  8. There's no way he's signing for us on a permanent basis. Too good and too expensive. What a mess DCs leadership has become.
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