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  1. Yep, thinking about it, we're absolutely fecked.
  2. I've read the whole thread and I've come to the conclusion that we're basically fecked. FFS
  3. Here we go again. The club is a laughing stock at times. Monk will probably bail out at end of the season like he did at Birmingham. FFS.
  4. FFS. Here we go again. Fecking laughing stock.
  5. I believe the technique required is called plugging. So I'm told.
  6. JP is simply not up to championship level. League 2 perhaps. Praying that Jos comes in for his favourite player in January.
  7. An utterly awful signing by an absolute crackpot manager. Pelupessy was his first name on the matchday team sheet and imo, is league 2 standard at best. JP, Rhodes, Winnall all need shipping out and 3 potential starters come in on loan and we'll have a chance.
  8. Please please please let Jos come in for his former number one player on his Owls team sheet.
  9. There's clearly goi to be limited financial wriggle room in January. We really do need to be shipping out Rhodes even if we have to pay half his wages. That saving alone would allow us to bring a decent loan in. DC must become more flexible with this type of arrangement.
  10. I'm praying that Jos comes in for Pelupessy in January. He was his favourite player after all.
  11. He's league 2 standard imo. Let's hope and pray that Jos the dross comes in for him in January. After all, he was the first name on the team sheet under dross.Nowhere near championship standard.
  12. I miss Stubbs!!!! Come onnnnnnnnnnnn Wednesday!
  13. Just watched the game back. We were excellent particularly 2nd half. Hard to pick a MOM. I think if Borner and Luongo play, we win that. Pelupessy the only clear weak link imo.
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