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  1. If we were playing a decent side we'd have been blown away. This is so poor.
  2. DC tho. He looks like he needs a good kip.
  3. Biggsy. Been stealing a living for years.
  4. The club is going nowhere fast and I have no faith in DC taking positive action in a timeous manner. He's got form.
  5. Coventry away mid nineties. Had my bag searched. In the bag I had a drink, sandwich and a banana. Steward. What's this? Me. A banana Steward. I'll have to confiscate it. Me. Why? Steward. Someone previously took in a razorblade in a banana. Me. I don't have a razorblade. I want to eat my banana. Steward. I'm having it. Me. (trying to be clever). It's an exploding banana. Steward calls over a copper and repeats our conversation. Copper. Sir, is this an exploding banana? Me. No officer, I was just trying to be funny. Copper. Well done, you've succeeded. In you go. Me. Officer, can I have my banana back? Copper. Go on then.
  6. Sadly, he's another one who's living off that great first season under Carlos. However, that's 4 seasons ago. If we're honest, our current full backs are not as good as Pudil and Hunt, Hutch, Bannan and Lee et al are 4 years older and on the decline. We have significantly regressed as a club and have sold the ground to pay for the regression. Bonkers.
  7. Rowett would be a sensible appointment. However, under DC, we just don't do sensible very well.
  8. I doubt DC will pay compensation for anyone currently in work. Therefore, Rowett would be my choice. He's managed 150 games in the Championship and done quite well. He'd be far better than Bullen.
  9. Sadly, history shows that DC waits far too long before taking decisive action where managers are concerned. We need a change but I doubt we'll get one.
  10. It's hard to fathom. Millions spent on players we didn't need and yet the main players are still the backbone of Stu Grays team. Bruce said it needed 3 transfer windows. He was right and he was the man to do it..... But this is Swfc and it's clear we are going nowhere fast.
  11. Out of those available, I think Rowett is a no brainer
  12. Tens of millions spent, ground had to be sold and we're a far worse team than under Stu Gray
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