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  1. It's a no brainer for me. Can't see it happening though. DC would probably want 150 million. Not a penny less. That's his MO.
  2. Yes I agree. I personally would have Ashley here over DC who has been a disaster. However, DC always asks for crazy money which frequently scuppers deals.
  3. Credit to DC where it's due. If only he was as sensible and pragmatic in all areas of the business...
  4. Agreed. He talks a good game and keeps things positive. However, he refuses to take proper advice and learn. Consequently, the club will most likely be in league 1 before the premier.
  5. Does anyone seriously be anything DC says. I wouldn't trust him to run a bath.
  6. Well, having read the thread it is clear DC intends to run business as usual. He's taking us to league 2 imho.
  7. So what. He's taking us to oblivion, subsidy or not. It's going to end in carnage sooner or later.
  8. Nothing good will come of this. It never does.
  9. I'd like to see DC Walking like an Egyptian. Might put a feckin smile on my face.
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