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  1. I think you might be right. It's a time for us to rebuild and hopefully keep the Chairman and his money onside and learn lessons from the recent past. I'll still be excited come the first game.
  2. Are you actually stamping your feet too. Why appalled tonight? You knew what we'd done all along. Chairman guilty of spending too much of his own cash and getting caught out by ridiculous rules. He's the only one to give it a go. You're a goddam drama queen.
  3. Hi Ho Hi Ho we are THE WEDNESDAY boys (and girls)
  4. All agreed then. The tannoy should be blasting out 'Gibson is a Colin'. Two birds, one stone. I'll ring and let them know.
  5. Have it on good authority that Snoots has been spotted in Portugal. ITK.
  6. Murphy looks like he's scared to score. We look good again going forward.
  7. Commentary is on talksport 2 for anyone who can't get a stream.
  8. Curiouser and curiouser. It's twisting my melon man.
  9. Ah, you said my local. I should have known really. She had an Adams apple like a cakeball.
  10. Oh no no no, not again. You put your hand down her drawers and it's meat and two veg time. I've had my share of the crying game, thanks very much.
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