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  1. Whichever formation we go for Lees should play if available. Him Borner Westwood with Hutch in front make for a very solid central defence and if Palmer keeps up his standard and Fox/ Moses can step up, I'll tell you what, that's a hell of a base and even the better teams in the division might struggle to break us down. We might be a bit light going forward and for this reason I'd like to see Reach and Bannan etc.. start to speculate a bit more and have the confidence to have a 25 yard crack at goal. And the pacemen should follow up these efforts in case of spills and blocks. Might be able to nick a few 1-0s against the big names and if we can do that then play offs are a possibility. Slightly excited about this season.
  2. Chairman played a blinder if he get Danny Cowley. There's only one DC. Oh....
  3. I'll protest with my next vote. Get them out.
  4. Dotty, your Rowett thread was gold. Since then they've been brown. Go for gold son.
  5. A shame Harris and Bōrner can't share the MoM. It was one of those games where we didn't get many corners either otherwise our German might have topped it with a goal. Radar head. Wasn't a great game so to be able to dig a win out was impressive and could have sealed it a couple of times late on. Defensively we look very solid, attacking we have a good few options and picking the right men will be key. We'll see what Bullens made of. Great to hear the crowd getting behind them last night. Made one or two of the lads pick up visibly in second half, especially Murphy. Exciting times.
  6. What gets me though, some of you talk as if a new manager would guarantee us win after win. Like Rowett or Neil etc.. would be the obvious answer to promotion. Bullen is doing a grand job so far. If it breaks, try and fix it then. Ever considered a new manager, whoever it may be, might balls it up and put us back to square one.
  7. My six year old grandson has a great method for identifying the players. When they first come out he takes note of what boots they're wearing, all different nowadays, then he just clocks them by their boots. It works too, he lets me know who's got it. And Börner wears old school boots which makes him even more stupendous.
  8. In my opinion the few on the kop who booed him when his name was read out are an embarrassment. Thank God he's thick skinned and gets on with it. At Hillsborough there's nowt lower than a boo boy. Well done lad and keep it up.
  9. True. He's one hell of an option to have if we need some invention.
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