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  1. The Trust must surely move against Chansiri as soon as possible, unless they know of something most of us don't regarding unpaid wages, late accounts, season ticket refunds etc.. The kid gloves approach has been tried, I was even in favour of it when I thought the Chairman could at least keep our club afloat, but the silence from him has been deafening while the house falls around us all. This vote is only going one way. Its time to get it out there in the local and national press that we don't have any faith left in him at all. Not one bit.
  2. Not over here he hasn't. Losing face in Thailand is horrific as far as I can gather.
  3. I have a feeling that casting shame on Chansiri in his homeland would achieve far greater things than any protest we carry out. Good shout.
  4. I suppose it comes down to going or not going to the games. I'll be going. Whenever I can. And I can't wait.
  5. No alarms and no surprises Siiiiiiiilence
  6. This article is behind a paywall, be careful with that. Making it available on here may get the site into trouble if the publisher or journo gets the hump.
  7. Can we take swear filters off just for an hour ffs
  8. Harris absolutely diabolical footballer. F off.
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