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  1. Ref - they've got a chance so I'll keep playing till they score. Cheating coont.
  2. We'll take that 9 point deduction and a clean slate now ta.
  3. That goal. Roy of the rovers in real life. Them were the days.
  4. I was named after my late fathers favourite player. As a young boy I was very proud of that.
  5. I think @2roland2 was right in this thread at the start, railing against slagging one of our own especially when we're on the up. Some just have to have a scapegoat even when it's not really called for. At this time Boyd is what we have and Bruce stuck him in. The game wasn't a total disaster was it? At least there is some optimism now for next season.
  6. 'Gather' we cry Gather this day The Sons and fair Maidens Even those led astray. Young lads and lasses Will you tag along? And listen how loud If you join in the song All able we are All in this together The weak and the small Will be made strong and tall The old men might creak Might threaten to fall But we'll catch them old fellas We'll catch them all And we'll sweep over hills And we'll fight through the streets And we'll meet at the place Where our hearts surge in beats Then the others will come But we'll have to standfast They'll be loud, they'll be creepy And bereft of all class And they'll gnash and they'll gnaw And they'll drool and they'll spit Even foul on themselves And then wallow in it Don't believe in their strength Or give time to their lies We'll go two back to back And we'll double our size And the wind and the rain And the dark of the skies Will pale and will cower To the blue in our eyes And the time is upon us Not days now, its hours And this song will ring true This City, It's ours
  7. Brilliant as always. C'mon lads make it one to remember. Reach is due a worldy by now surely. UTO.
  8. A colleague informed me that we were the 'piggies' because we have a Beres on the doorstep and scoff the heavenly pork sarnies whenever we can. I politely asked him if he knew what the food chain was several times and after initially refusing to answer, he said 'It' s like KFC or Harvester' He's only a young un but foook me they really are that dumb.
  9. FF not really hit the heights for us yet on his return from injury, understandable. I think he could be our x-factor on Monday. The slitty eyed miserable little chunt wilder, who is obsessed with us, has probably gone over our last 3 or 4 games with a microscope so will be fearing other players, especially Fletch. So I reckon it might be Fernandos game.
  10. God I hope we don't lose today and burst the bubble of good feeling we've had for last two days. C'mon boys let's start as we mean to go on. UTO.
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