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  1. Which part of 'I'll never manage those dirty Wendy bar stewards' are you lot failing to understand.
  2. Not read the whole thread but 93 positive reactions for your post versus 3 laughing smilies (are they down votes?) says it all really and I wholeheartedly agree he should go.
  3. Is this the day the tide turns? Me and the Grandson always go on the South. Only time we've e ever been on the North we beat Preston 4-1 and Athde scored a wordie. He asked at the last game if we could try the North again, I'm a bit dubious, lack of legroom, a distinct lack of Werthers and also a bit shouty. However, what the little blighter asks for he always gets so the North stand has been booked and if we win that's where we will remain. Up the Owls
  4. If he's not going to go we need an old head to help him out with tactics and we need one ASAP.
  5. I think it's because he always minds his Ps and Qs. Never hangs any of his players out to dry. A bit of a father figure for some of the younger ones. Always complimentary about the opposition. All very good qualities. Unfortunately the qualities he needs most as a manager is a good tactical brain and the ability react to situations as they arise during game time. He doesn't possess these qualities and that has been obvious for some time now.
  6. No it stops with him. His selections and in game decisions are cretinous. I'm not normally a sack the manager kind of guy but he seriously doesn't have a clue and the longer he's here the worse off we'll be.
  7. Moore is pretending to be a manager. Get him gone ASAP before we have to write another season off too early. Can't wait for the banal soundbites from the post match interview. Erm.
  8. Brilliant goal lads, don't sit on it, push on and get a couple more.
  9. We play the 15th, 16th and 17th placed teams in an 8 day period starting Saturday. Two away (with the usual great support) and one home. All these teams are on minus goal difference. I'm hoping for 9 points from this period and when we leave Hillsborough at around 5ish next Saturday we should be firmly in the play off places and pushing for top 2. Its very do-able with a more attacking mindset. Time to stop all the talk and fancy training videos and do it on the pitch when it matters. Anything less than 7 points and I'm spitting the dummy out.
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