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  1. TommyCraig

    The Best Thing They Ever Did

    Fred Spiksley A serious gambling man. Died on ladies day at Goodwood holding a big winning bet.
  2. TommyCraig

    Jos out

    Not usually one that cringes about things but when some of you call the OP 'tinks'.......it boils my blood. Btw, not saying the OP is wrong but he/she wants to fire everyone, all of the time so, the fairy who cried wolf.
  3. TommyCraig

    Chansiri kicking off

    Might just be me but I'm impressed that he had a go back, he's passionate but needs to be hands off and appoint somebody who knows what they're doing. We are in turmoil at the moment aren't we. Lost 4 in a row now. It'd be just like us to go and beat united Friday. UTO
  4. TommyCraig

    The invisible giant.

    Well, looks like we are in a false position after that mess tonight. Tom Lees, what in the name of Waddle were you thinking. Hope we can bounce back straight away but that's four absolutely dire performances out of thirteen and we can't afford that if looking to get involved in the promotion race. Consolidation season after all. Damn.
  5. TommyCraig

    Team for Boro

    I meant putting him down as in slating him not, not picking him. Soz.
  6. TommyCraig

    Team for Boro

    Please keep putting Nuhiu down folks, hopefully he'll make you look like plonkers again.
  7. TommyCraig

    The invisible giant.

    Aye, but I'd love it, LOVE IT, if we proved em all wrong this season. Not in a Keegan way, of course.
  8. Seems like everyone away from Hillsborough thinks we're in a false position (should be lower). To be honest that suits me fine, especially if it filters down to opposition managers. We've had some really tough games so far and are still there or thereabouts. Typically, as a Wednesday fan, I'd be more worried if we were super consistent and favourites to go up, and we might even reach that stage this season and I'd really enjoy worrying about it. Speaking of Reach, spoke very well in his video earlier and sounds confident and realistic. We could actually do this, under the radar for now but building. Is anyone else bothered by others ignorance of us in this year's Championship or is it a positive?
  9. TommyCraig

    Sports psychologist

    The team as a whole does not need a sports phycologist in my opinion. If any of our players suffer from serious mental health issues then they should be treated by a medical professional just as they would be with any other disease or sickness. For me, the manager is the phycologist when it comes to the team.
  10. TommyCraig

    Boro Away form

    Not to put too fine a point on it err.. who's watching over you?
  11. TommyCraig

    Boro Away form

    That could be argued, yes. Be a pretty stupid arguement but could still be argued.
  12. I sincerely love this OMDT. Thanks for taking the time. You should consider writing a short story involving these two scoundrels, maybe Snoots day out-Wembley 93 or something. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Could raise a bit for charidy mayte. Time permitting of course, could be a slow burner. Anyway, keep em coming. UTO.
  13. "Not literally I hope Sir, Geoffrey might be reading." This is the one and only time in my life that I'll use this abbreviation. ROFL Oh, how I larfed.
  14. TommyCraig

    Leeds fan in peace

    I feel everything is starting to fall into place for us, I'm forever the optimist when it comes to Wednesday. That, of course means you're gonna beat us tomorrow. Nailed on. I live in hope though. Some fantastic words from our manager today about the way forward for the club. He's the right man at the right time.