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  1. Please don't quote the whole OP when replying - so much scroll.
  2. Not been on all week or looked at owt to do with us after last week's result. OMDT alert comes up on my Google newsfeed. Click it. See poll at the top. Oh OT I've missed you. UTO
  3. My fave 2 teams. Love Wednesday and England rugby. It's England for me, world cup final. Rather win that than footy world cup.
  4. Morgan Fox, great block, magnificent hooter.
  5. I hope we can play with an ounce of what England have just shown on a field in Japan. Amazing. Cmon England Cmon Wednesday.
  6. What worries me a little if he carries on the premier League will come sniffing. He's got all the tools and I'm amazed by his maturity. £500k was it? Had Wolves pants down. A refreshing change.
  7. I can't fathom the doom on here. We're 3rd as it stands, loads of room for improvement up front, battling like crazy with arguably the best defence in the champ. We can build on this. Bring on Leeds. Bring em all on.
  8. We may have won the game had Monk brought him on, who knows. We might have lost 2-1. The little man has a huge part to play in our promotion season though. Take note Garry, it's written in the stars.. and the stands.
  9. If Messi had scored Börners goal it would have been superlative.
  10. Jubilee club on Claywheels. That's members too but they never ever check.
  11. Apparently if we win by 2 goals we go top so I'm predicting a 4-1 loss obviously. UTO
  12. Kadeem Kadeem, oh with your eyes so blue Kareem Kadeem, I've got a crush on you Kadeem Kadeem, I'm so in love with youuhuh Blondie.
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