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  1. I don't understand why it can't work with modern smart TV platforms. I'd use it more if I could just use an app on my TV or use existing apps such as amazon prime etc.. PC/phone/tablet only is not gonna cut it.
  2. John Harkes - A bit leftfield being a yank, which was rare at the time. There was a huge buzz after World Cup. Great signing. Great Times.
  3. On talksport now, everyone is against this, rightly so. A good listen.
  4. Need a government enquiry about this, especially around Parrys actions. We have one for everything else so can't see why not for this as it affects so many nationwide. Trying to push this through now, while this crisis is happening just beggars belief. Fooooook the 9 and Fooooook Parry, rhe bent two hat.
  5. I'm amazed it's page 6 of a thread about biased stirring journos where no one has actually said that really, not even the OP. Just six pages of weirdness where owlstalk is obviously having a little bit of a breakdown and his clique just keep laughing manically at him.
  6. What about when their goalie makes a fingertip save? Can they guarantee it wasn't the extra digit giving unfair advantage? Ban em to hell along with marmite. Vegemite is where its at.
  7. I remember reading about the blades stadium business not that long ago so saying it wasn't reported is nonsense. The one and only difference here is the huge disparity in the size of meltdown. Unfortunately in this we are well and truly Premier League.
  8. Imagine him without the advice though. The popcorn Pro's - its warm like the stuff at the cinema. Never tire of hearing it pop. Cons - hard to get it all to pop without burning it so it leaves quite a few little tooth breaking bar steward kernels.
  9. Its starting to look like Chansiri has done what is regular practise among club owners. I'd speculate, as others are doing, that he's been financially advised to do this. If this is what that podcast chap was on about, why didn't he just say it the bleeding cretin. Would have saved me a bit of grief earlier. I'm enjoying the meltdown though. The sweet and salted is in the microwave popping away.
  10. They've had it too good for too long. It's bent as a nine bob bit. The obscene money they pay for players sales and wages has filtered down to the lower leagues, how could it not.? You'd think this incomparable world crisis would have made the PL clubs look at things differently but obviously not when you see the crazy amounts are still being paid as we speak. It's truly disgusting. They assume they're invincible I suppose, like Mr Trump. Non PL team supporters, like myself, could make them less invincible by talking away our Sky subscriptions. It wouldn't be a killing b
  11. I hope 'programmes 3 quid' bloke is morally sufficient. Dude gets around.
  12. You say you correct people. You get angry when they don't think the same as you. It's not a good look.
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