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  1. Family Fun Day info?

    Thanks for the info. He's been to every home game bar one this season and completely obsessed. Wish I'd seen the treasure hunt thing earlier but will still give it a go. Tbh if he gets a high five from a player the trip will have been worth it, he saw Lucas João in Law Bros garage the other day and if Thor and The Hulk had been there too, he'd have shouldered them out of the way to see Lucas
  2. Family Fun Day info?

    Yeah seen both those, make no mention of activities other than treasure hunt, which you've also got to be at least 5 for apparently. No mention of the other activities which is what I was after.
  3. I'm looking at taking the Grandson. When I originally saw the post on official SWFC site it looked like it was just playing on the pitch but Grandson is only four so I ruled it out as it says you have to be 5 at least. Then I've seen the map and it looks like there will be other things to do so might be worth going after all. Think I'm gonna go down at 10 and see what it's all about, I've just registered interest through the ticket office website. Is anyone else going without having a child playing on the pitch? Or is there any more detailed info out there? Can't find anything else on website. Thanks.
  4. Nuhiu

    I'll tell you what, I wouldn't like him playing against us next season for another championship club. He's proving himself in the now, get him signed.
  5. Naah then Colin!!

    I wouldn't cut off my nose to spite my face but Neil Warnock - Wednesday manager, give over. You can probably give good reasons why but still, give over. He hates us and most of us hate him and he's proved he carries a grudge for a long time. Shouldn't even be discussing it. Give our Jos a chance.
  6. Naah then Colin!!

    Shurrup Neville.
  7. Naah then Colin!!

    Some Owls never cease to amaze me. Reading this thread, it sounds like a good fair few of you would like Colin as our manager. That's very disappointing. I'm not going to question your intelligence but I am going to question your character. It's not win at all costs, this life, you know. Or it shouldn't be. We're not Aussie cricketers. I think of you SWFC Colin lovers as The Chamberlain's. We that would never see that man grace our South stand as the home manager are The Churchill's. Unless you're trolling, then it's ok.
  8. I wouldn't pay this no mark in buttons. Journalist? He's pinching money. I won't read the article and advise others not to. You'll get a face full of bad grammar and pop-up ads and at the end of it you'll be asking yourself why?
  9. You know what to do guys...

    Opera built in vpn, not cheating, it's creative thinking.
  10. Young George Hirst

    Greedy players are the ruination of football. Top teams who will pay anything for success are also massively to blame. Yes, you can say that's life, have to live in today's world, that kind of thing but ultimately it's the fans who suffer. George Hirst won't suffer one bit. In a perfect world, clubs would stick together and not allow the kind of horrendous greed from today's players but that won't happen. Before Bosman they were hardly underpaid. Now they are disgustingly greedy rich.
  11. Bt Sports for Sat

    I've looked into it. You can cast from BT app but you must have a genuine Google Chromecast stick thing plugged into your tv. That's the problem I had, was trying to use other methods of casting. It does work on laptop or PC but you don't cast it, you just go to BT sport website and sign in to play it through your browser. When you sign up with plusnet it's basically the same as BT package.
  12. Bt Sports for Sat

    Not sure, you have to a create a bt logon to do it through plusnet and apparently the apps are the same so I don't know why it should not work. Mine would not cast to Amazon fire box or built in TV Chromecast. I had to use an old original Chromecast stick that I had.
  13. Bt Sports for Sat

    If you've got Plusnet broadband or know anyone who has you can get it through them to watch through an app on phone or tablet. You can get all the channels. I'm paying £2.50 a month for first six months, then goes up to a fiver. I watched all the ashes on it, footy, boxing etc. Great value and you can cast it to TV if you've got Chromecast. Ps. Two people can use it at the same time in different location as well.
  14. I take umbrage regarding this post. Now is the time like no other for us all to be together and stop spreading lies. We must stand up, rally the troops, be brave and truthful with ourselves if we are to overcome the unclean tonight. So quit with the lies. The lies will tear us apart. Beres have never served bread sauce.
  15. He's here for the rest of the season. Get used to that fact. Accept that fact. Then stop your tantrums. Then blindly support your club, as you should do. You never know, we just might surprise ourselves. I'm not talking about the habitual moaning minnies. There's no hope for them.