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  1. You too Snoots, might partake in a few Holsteins myself this afters.
  2. Not a bad shout seeing as we are all at sea after that bloke just left us in the lurch (his name shall not pass my lips no more). 12 month contract so not too costly if it goes t its up. Could surprise us and wouldn't be boring. And he loves us. Or so I keep hearing.
  3. Ahh. So he wrote.... And you all thought...... Hang the barsteward. Tbh I've seen a lot less negs for a lot worse posts lol.
  4. Get rid of Winnall and Chuck Van Arken up front.
  5. I don't think it matters how many arrows you fire to try to fracture the current goodwill between the Chairman and Fans. We're solid without Bruce. Good season comining.
  6. Not one Not two Not three Not four But five Bellies? Chins? Noses? And two hats.
  7. So we can get a descent manager for up to 2 mil a year and buy Hector with the 4 mil. Nice bit o business. Mr Cs next move. A hostile takeover bid for Sports Direct. Ya done fooked wi the wrong chairman.
  8. He's looking the business isn't he. Agree he's Prem bound, hopefully with us next season.
  9. I wouldn't be totally against him, not my first choice but would be a fun season and promotion achievable.
  10. We end up going with dark blue stripes this season but they're too dark and look almost black. Then we finally manage to get a legit sponsor, Norwich Union Financial Centres.
  11. Would you like a £1 bag to go with your purchase Mike? Yeah we do XL super large ones. No we don't do refunds. That'll be £4,000,001 please sir. Thanks. Bye.
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