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  1. At least he's formed an opinion. It's a step in the right direction.
  2. I needed a laugh. 'I've even started boycotting John West products'. Thanks
  3. Had a fair few over the years. One a couple seasons back sat on South. Some drunk idiot starts trying to strike up a conversation with my then 5 year old Grandson. Really strange and inappropriate. Tried laughing him off but he was persistent. He chucked a few swear words in and my boy was uncomfortable. Then he moved to touch his head or something so I shoved him back and told him to do one. A couple of lads sat behind had a go at him and told him to wee off. Then a fine Sheffield lass tore him a new one. It was a really awkward and strange incident. He moved over to the next block and starte
  4. Who've they got? No wait, it really doesn't matter does it
  5. Give it to Thombull till end of season. Sign striker. Job done then go again.
  6. Rooneys mind is on the bingo Hall up on kilner way, the dirty bleeder. Lock up your grannies.
  7. I've got fireworks inside and outside. Super spectral surround sound, it's the future re I tell thi. UTO FTDolby.
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