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  1. TommyCraig

    ODD ODDS are the bookies always right?

    I've just looked on oddschecker and sufc are best priced 11/2 for promotion and we are an astounding 40/1 with BetVictor. That can't be right. I know we all see through blue tinted glasses but I'm not having that. I'm taking that bet.
  2. TommyCraig

    Well this is awkward

    Could we cure our FFP problems with this. The 'Extra Ticket' HJ's on the Kop Heavy petting on the North Dinner and polite conversation on the South 30,000 average easy.
  3. TommyCraig

    Wednesday U18s 1 v 0 Forest U18s

    Great to keep seeing these young lads doing so well, especially coming up just after our very promising u23s. The futures bright. The futures Blue and White.
  4. TommyCraig

    We were very close

    Problem is Belfast, they don't like being reminded of the fact that they were calling for his head after just the third game, and calling him a lot worse too. Yes, some in this very thread. Still, I'd have left it well alone because you've somehow made that zz poster look popular.
  5. TommyCraig

    We were very close

    Had a constant moaner sat behind me yesterday. Everytime they got the ball at one nil he shouted 'two nil' and at two nil it was '3 nil' he was really enjoying himself slating us at every single little opportunity. I had the little un with me so didn't tell him to stfu but I stood and farted in his sad little face at one point which quietened him for 30 seconds at least. Said 'what a load of rubbish' at final whistle. I could have smaaaaashed him I tell thi.
  6. TommyCraig

    Stoke City V Joao

    His footwork today was Premier League. On his way to becoming a bonafide quality mofo.
  7. TommyCraig

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Just delete this thread already and leave Hillsborough alone. If you're suggesting refurbs for the ground, fair enough and some good ones mentioned. If you're suggesting a move, you're obviously a blade.
  8. TommyCraig

    Joao News?

    Cheers for that, bits of malted milk and tea all over my phone.
  9. Oh, and he was probably a trialist rather than a loan but...Cantona. Trev you plonker.
  10. I know a few on here we're not convinced by him but in my opinion, not signing Fred was a great loss for us at the start of this season.
  11. TommyCraig

    Best boss?

    Jos Luhukay. Seeing as we're going up this season.
  12. Roland Nilsson in any squad, ever. We were lucky to have him weren't we. Waddle the same.
  13. My five year old grandson said to me on the north just after Bannan scored that beauty the other week ' when I think we're gonna score granddad, it makes my belly go, like I'm on a rollercoaster' That's what it's all all about.
  14. It sounds like it went down well, can't wait to see it, would welcome the chance to go to a viewing in on of the lounges or whatnot. I bet our young un' copies us now. Can just imagine it will be called 'greasy chip butty' The 'bbc' could make it
  15. Terry Curran, Richard Creswell, Leigh Bromby, Alan Quinn, Carl Bradshaw, Franz Carr, Derek Geary, Owen Morrison, David Ford, Brian Marwood. Never heard of em.