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  1. Personally would have persisted with Rhodes but can see why he's made the change. Da Cruz has looked lively since the restart so deserves the start. Can't see any complaints with that lineup (although I'm sure there will be).
  2. For me a mobile midfield 3 is the key to thisformation, especially if you want your wide players to be more forward thinking. When Lee, Luongo and Bannan play we have a great balance of players who can contribute both supporting attacks and helping plug the gaps when the wide players commit forward. We all know Lee isn't capable of playing every game these days so we will need to recruit well in this area to sustain this formation over a longer period next season. I actually think the wide players we have are relatively well suited to this formation overall as we seem to be putting more emphasis on the attacking side. What we've seen in the last 3 games give me more optimism for the future than I've had for some time tbh. I just hope they're given the time to implement the changes properly.
  3. Who'd have thought He'd come back as a Physio at Hillsborough?
  4. I think when they returned to full training after lockdown they had a clear 2 weeks to work on this shape. Obviously Monk didn't get a pre season and as has already been said we were still in a healthy league position and picking up results at the time of the two international breaks. I'm sure he would have been slated had he decided to implement a formation change at either of those points. I think given the fact that we continued picking up results up to Christmas would have postponed any plans he may have had to change the system. Then when things did slide he tried to make changes 'in flight' without the required time in the training ground which is never easy, particularly when you have players not fully buying into the changes (allegedly). Essentially the lockdown break has given him breathing space to settle on a plan, remove those players not buying in and have mini pre season to try to lock in the basics of the new formation. For me, based on the 3 games so far, we look much better for that. So how about giving him a chance to build something?
  5. Maybe he's not had the time on the training ground to get it bedded in and the break afforded him that.
  6. No he can't because the German league has finished.
  7. Always wondered what Di Piedi got up to after he left us.
  8. I'm guessing it'll be some sort of dispute arising from not playing all the games of the 19/20 season. Club doesn't pay up in full cos they haven't played all the season, player thinks they've completed their contract by date so should be paid in full........or summat
  9. I'll be perfectly happy if his contract is renewed for next year. Obviously on the understanding he's a squad player who will be used in certain situations. Similar to Pelupessy, certainly not a starter but a useful player to have as an option in specific situations. Basically like special teams in the NFL.
  10. This has always been my gripe with Bannan. Too often wants to get the ball from the centre half as try worldy 50 yard passes. When we get him further forward playing shorter passes in their final third is when he really shines for me.
  11. Ok, how about this....we already know we're going to be docked the maximum points (21) which effectively relegates us so we're not extending any if the ooc players and just playing out the season with da yoof..... ITK.
  12. Bottom line here is we gambled and lost. Now we have to pay the price for that loss. It just remains to be seen what the price will be. Whatever it is I'll just be glad to get it over with. It'll give us the opportunity to reset no matter which division were in. The sooner this is all done the better.
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