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  1. Who cares when we kick off. It's not like anyone will be watching anyway.
  2. Dawson is under contact until 2024, Wildsmith still has another year left too so unless some absolute nutcase decides to take either off our hands they will be our keepers next year. Out of the two I'd go with Dawson as there might still be something to salvage with him. Wildsmith is done, I'm afraid, hasn't improved at all since he first broke through into the first team and I just can't see any signs of that ever happening. Ship him out on loan next season if anyone will have him and bring in a Bywater type.
  3. If we get a result today we need to invite our Garry to every game till the end of the season.
  4. Sadly I think this is right. We've been given countless chances to salvage at least our championship status out of this pit of dispair we call a football season and have passed up every single one. I think Darren Moore is doing a half decent job so far and can definitely see improvement but the frailties of this group are too engrained. We'll have some good performances over the next 11games and even the odd good result but this group simply does not have the mental fortitude to get the amount if results we need at this stage.
  5. Fair enough. That's football. People often see different things in the same game. Don't agree though. But that's fine, contrary to current popular opinion we can disagree and it's not the end of the world.
  6. I think he has actually brought a couple of half decent changes. You can see he's trying to get some positivity into this group and us actually setting them up to have a go at teams. In every games so far he's been consistently let down by individuals making brainless decisions.
  7. Really can't level any if this at Moore. This is entirely down to the chairman and this set of players. Moore's rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic at the moment.
  8. Him Windass and Bannan let their teammates down today. Terrible
  9. Not just that. Utterly brainless on the ball and lazy off it. Maybe Paul Cook was right.
  10. Brum 3 down now so that ones done. I thought I'd already given up hope but the other teams around us keep giving us that glimmer.... I agree though, fail to take any advantage again tomorrow and that faint, faint glimmer will be extinguished for me. But then again.....
  11. Brum 2-0 down now. Looking increasingly likely they'll be coming down with us. Their only hope (and ours I guess if you want to be ridiculously optimistic) would be themini pigs impending fixture pile up.
  12. I mean, it's 4 points but it doesn't really make any difference. Its still like arguing about the size of the hole in the Titanic.
  13. That's true in terms of the late filing with HMRC but surely the EFL only know if FFP guidelines have been breached when the accounts have been published. Or are they two completely separate issues? AAAAAAARRRGH!!!! Its bad enough having to watch us play without having to become a financial and legal expert too.
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