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  1. This, this and thrice this!!! I'm delighted it's not just me.
  2. Me too. Said as much to my mate, he's got that same all or nothing look about him that Thome had. If he goes for a ball he's fully committed. Also happy to come out with the ball from the back. Did it a couple of times first half and Hutch sat in to cover for him. First I impressions suggest he could he a steal, hopefully he can continue in this vein.
  3. And if that happens it's another £4.4m for us. Win win.
  4. If he can stay fit through the first half of the season we need to make sure he gets a new contract sorted. A fantastic footballer.
  5. I think this is actually a key point (apart from hugging a dingle obvs, who knows what they'll do with that extra finger). Most of us know from experience over the years that the authorities jump on any opportunity to portray football fans as knuckle dragging thugs. Let's not give them the opportunity. Anyway, well all be delighted after a 6-0 win for the mighty owls so it won't be an issue. Shut up, it's the morning of the first home game of the season, at least let me dream for another few hours.
  6. Ok, so if the club are responsible for traffic management let's just shut penistone road completely from 2 till 6 rather than just cone off 1 lane. I'm sure the council and SYP won't have any issues with us doing that. After all public safety is their primary concern right? This report has clearly been produced with the sole purpose of deflecting any blame for the issues at the derby game away from SYP. I guess we shouldnt be surprised, lets be honest, they got previous in this area. A perfect example of this is the assertion that they couldn't keep the fans back because the concourses aren't big enough to hold e everyone. I mean it's not as if theres a large space with allocated seating ideal for this readily available is it?
  7. The report even specifically states that it's recommendations for all fans from the north stand to 'egress' to the east side of the stadium onto Penistone Rd should only be implemented after further analysis has been carried out on the impact of that action. Has anyone seen THAT report.....?
  8. This is starting to feel like some sort of conspiracy now SAG, SYP, EFL, FA, FSA, fans and chairmen of our rival clubs all lining up to slap us down every time we can see even the faintest light at the end of the tunnel. Mr C has clearly been weeing a lot of people off over the last few years. fizz em.
  9. Our very own Ritchie Humpries. Not a chance the PFA will support FF. Pearce is a member too so they'll just keep their heads down and say nowt, just like the rest of football does in these situations cos they're just glad it's not happening to them. Meanwhile FF & SWFCs names get dragged through the mud again.
  10. Good strong statement that. The club were clearly expecting this given the speed and eloquence of the statement. I really do think this is less about the ban rather than the s stain in his character. Every we know about him personally points to this being totally out of character and therefore unlikely. If the allegations are just Pearce's word against his surely previous conduct should come into play. Not sure how long appeals take but he should be available for the first couple of games at least. How the hell it's taken over a year to get to this point I'll never know. Having something like this hanging over you for over a year after already bring banned and fined once is bad enough but then to have it end with another ban and fine is just ridiculous.
  11. So what was the 3 game ban and £25k fine for last season?
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