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  1. Obviously shown nothing so far but to be fair to him he was playing in a team that appeared to have a limit of 3 players in their half at any one time. He was never cut out to play one as a lone striker. Even with Thompson's slightly less defensive approach he might get a little more opportunity to actually get on the ball in the opposition half. Clean slate and let's see what he can produce in the 2nd half of the season.
  2. Absolutely 0 chance he'll come here. He'll have his pick of the championship clubs and probably a couple of Premier League ones too.
  3. Last minute equaliser against the pigs? He's already a Wednesday legend.
  4. The only way if for owners to continue to pump in their own funds to keep clubs going. Oh the irony....
  5. It's going to be carnage across the EFL before this season is out.
  6. TBH mate, if the internet really does go down we've all had it. Including you.
  7. It's not even a question. Shaw was headband shoulders above the rest.
  8. I think they would have been if we had more than 15 players available.
  9. Shaw's rightly taking all the plaudits but hats off the Brennan and Galvin too. Looked like we had no chance of a clean sheet after the first 15 mins but they settled down really well and handled one of the top scoring teams in the country with relative ease. Very impressive.
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