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  1. Hughton 10/11 now...come on, own up, who put a tenner on?
  2. Think he has made his mind up - just waiting for Mr C to get the money he wants by the sound of it.
  3. Lump on Wolves to be relegated after an unprecedented injury crisis. 28/1 with Sky bet. Get on it!!
  4. Wonder if he'd have brought this up without their recent slide out of the playoffs? Us and Derby are in completely different situations to them anyway given we've never had the parachute payments. If he's moaning about having to offload players to stay within the ffp guidelines even with the parachute payments then maybe he should have a look at the contracts he gave out in the premier League before pointing fingers. Also, didn't he chuck loads of his own money into the club to get them to the premier league in the first place before all the ffp rules came in? You could argue that his original actions are one of the reasons the rules exist in the first place. Glass houses and stones and all that...
  5. If money isn't the deciding factor and we're playing 4-4-2 then its Rhodes for for me. He's still got that goalscoring potential at this level in the right system and I think a pairing with Fletcher could work. However if wages are brought into it then you probably get the most bang for your buck from Nuhiu. Not as a regular obviously but hes a good option from the bench to mix things up. Winnall is neither one thing or the other, works hard but hasn't really shown a great deal in his time with us and Bruce clearly doesn't see him as anything other than a bit part player at best. So in reality....probably Nuhiu.
  6. What do you class as a mobile centre forward? Obviously Nuhiu is definitely not mobile, but you seem to be aiming this at Fletcher who I would argue is pretty mobile, he's been top class since Bruce came in imo. I don't think a lack of mobility is the issue for our forward line, more a lack of raw pace.
  7. Would the reaction have been the same had it been Joao refusing to chase a pass down?
  8. Don't see how the Mansfield ban can count as a previous red as he wasn't sent off at the time. He'll definitely miss Swansea. If somehow the FA/EFL decide his ban for the Mansfield 'situation' counts as a previous red He'll miss Brentford too. There is no way he can miss the Derby because of this.
  9. Derby are often sited in any discussions about money but the difference with them is they make at least one big sale each year, in fact they're about 3 million in profit on sales over the last 3 years. It's the reality of life in the championship. If you want to sustain any long term investment you have to sell players for a profit from time to time.
  10. Fox for me. With all the abuse he's taken since he's been here his last few performances have been excellent
  11. Fair enough. I can't really come up with anything to prove or disprove what you deem to be success as the criteria seem to be changing each time so probably best to leave it there.
  12. I got to five years then got bored. TBF it's not even been all bad over the last 20 years, granted we've had a couple of relegations but we've also had promotion through the playoffs, an auto promotion a champ play off final and another play off appearance in that time, I don't have the stats but I'd guess that's more success than half the clubs in the football league.
  13. https://www.soccerstats.com/timing.asp?league=england2 In the championship alone this season there are 5 teams who have conceded more than us after the 76th minute and another 4 on the same amount so granted, were not the best in this area but by no means the worst. If you look at the 2 seasons previous to this one we've been worse off than we are now (in the bottom 30% ) but the 2 seasons before that we were in the top 20% so really, id say we were about average in this particular area over the last 5 years. As with most things, we always think we have it worse than everyone else but in reality, we are, as ever, about average.
  14. Anyone moaning at that can fizz right off. Another good performance, obviously gutted we couldn't hold on but we've got a team we can be proud of again. Every single one of us would have taken a point today. Well done Wednesday, well done Bully, fizz of moaners. WAWAW
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