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  1. There's nothing new here apart from maybe the point that the ruling will come before the end of the season, but even that looks like conjecture rather than fact. This reads like a planted story to remind everyone how terrible we are and to keep this story high up on the news agenda to keep the pressure up for a significant punishment. Now, what sort of curly haired smoggy crybaby would go squealing to the media about other clubs conduct......
  2. Based on this....to not die would be a result.
  3. So not only do we have to watch the 2 worst teams in the league on a freezing Wednesday night but we might get Corona virus too!! Does anyone know where I can get a Wednesday branded Hazmat suit and an industrial size bottle of hand sanitizer?
  4. Ok soz, not if Preston get a draw or a win at Stoke, fair enough. Just my (obviously poor) attempt to highlight both how tight this league is and the bipolar nature of our support. That'll teach me UTO
  5. Win tonight and we're 3 points off the playoffs again...
  6. As long as Luongo is in the middle and Borner and Iorfa are centre halves the rest can be any combination for me. If Hutchinson isn't going to play then Luongo is vital.
  7. Living up to your user name beautifully there. Bravo
  8. Monk said on his press conference today that Da Cruz is predominantly a striker.
  9. Hope he's had that extra bottle of lucozade to get him through the medical!
  10. Very sensible. You're not from round here are you?
  11. And if the club stumped up the cash they were asking for now they'd get lambasted for being crap at negotiation and overspending.
  12. Home to anyone who'll draw a decent crowd (Man U, Liverpool, Pigs etc) away to anyone else.
  13. This doesn't fit the narrative of our club management being incompetent though does it? Also if you're actually going for targets other clubs want too it stands to reason both the player and loaning club will wait until the end of the window to give themselves the chance of the best offer for them. Unfortunately it's just how these things work theses days. Patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to loans from premier league clubs in January.
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