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  1. Really hope this happens and allows English football the reset its been needing for decades.
  2. As far as I'm aware the money spent on season tickets for this year will just be held as a credit against your account to be used as and when we are allowed back. If we do get to attend games this season then they'll be charged at the pro rata price of the ST and the difference carried forward as credit to next season. I guess if we're not allowed back this season and you're not using follow then the whole amount will just carry forward to go towards next season's ticket. They've not said anything with regards to cash refunds for 20/21 tickets as far as I'm
  3. Based the Owlstalk Kneejerkometer(tm) Somewhere between everything and nothing
  4. Nothing.....there is nothing going on......everything is fine......go about your business...... everything is fine......
  5. As I said in the other thread before it got locked....... This wasn't supposed to be until Thursday. That Maguire's a reight lyin get.
  6. Wasn't supposed to be till Thursday. That Maguire's a reight liar.
  7. It'll just be late accounts. It's not quite nothing to worry about but in comparison to everything else we've dealt with over the last couple of years its not exactly major. Perhaps the delay is to include the ground sale in preparation for Spendageddon in January.
  8. *In the voice of Ivan Drago* If he goes, he goes.
  9. Borner & Penney are the new Hutchinson & Westwood.
  10. Such a shame Fletcher left, he would have been perfect in this team (if he stayed fit obviously).
  11. Hell of a midfield 3 this. Let's just hope we can keep them fit.
  12. Luongos put in 2 or 3 great tackles already. Looking nice and lively again so far.
  13. At the risk of sounding smug mines been fine since 12:45 streaming to Chromecast via chrome on my laptop
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