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  1. DJMortimer

    From a Wigan fans forum

    ...and how did that third season go? ...and where has it left us now?
  2. DJMortimer


    A more meaningful comparison would be when he was in the same team as the rest of them last year and was outscored (pro rata) by all of them, even Nuhiu. You reckon Joao, Forestieri, Winnall and Fletcher in particular wouldn't have scored at a similar (or better) rate in that Norwich team? And 3 of Rhodes' goals this season came against a mid table League One team.
  3. DJMortimer

    Liam Palmer vs Eden Hazard

    A list of "great players" that includes Morata ? Fletcher and Nuhiu could hardly have done worse for Chelsea than him and Giroud in terms of goal threat.
  4. I wouldn't be quite so fatalistic about it, but it does feel like the glory days of the early 1990s will never happen again. Modern football sucks.
  5. Nor can being in the High Court attempting to preserve the right of the club to even trade at all, nor being 90 minutes from the 4th tier, nor averaging 12,000 attendances at home, nor begging through the local newspaper for money to keep the club going, nor scoring just twice in the final 17 games of a season, nor the club attempting to sue fans into silent submission, nor the chairman being at war with a supporters association... Right now is crap; there's no denying that. But saying it's the worst ever all smacks a bit of social media drama-queenery.
  6. Football fans are constantly saying that [insert recent event] is the worst thing ever. As a consequence, it rather becomes like white noise after a while, regardless of any actual merit it might have. It's difficult to believe that anyone genuinely believes this is the worst time to be a Wednesday fan given some of what we've had to suck up even in just the last few years, never mind casting the net further back.
  7. DJMortimer

    That’s it, i’m done

    Given the embarrassing shambles of the long running campaign that brought him here, you'd think he might be a little more humble about the quality and wisdom of his own judgement, especially where it relates to the qualities of an individual aspiring to run a football club.
  8. DJMortimer

    That’s it, i’m done

    I've always been amazed at just how often one person can use an uncommon word like 'apologist'. Maybe it's a curious form of Tourettes or something. His posts are so consistent you have to wonder if he's some sort of automated bot that just responds simply according to a basic scripting.
  9. DJMortimer

    Van Aken

    I refused to believe that figure right from the beginning. When you look at our recruitment after the ridiculous signing of Jordan Rhodes it was clear that the realisation was setting in that we were in very big financial trouble. And as I posted earlier, we were down to our last 2 senior centre backs, and one of those was injured for a while. The club would have known weeks in advance of Sasso not wanting to stay and the release of Semedo and therefore had plenty of time to prepare for the summer. It's difficult to imagine why we were already into the next campaign before making those essential signings of van Aken and Venancio if it wasn't for lack of funds. If there really was anything like £4m available it would have been sorted out much earlier.
  10. DJMortimer

    Slightly disturbing

    Well, apart from the only one that actually decides that - the league table. That's not to say that we're not in a very disturbing position right now however; both on and off the pitch.
  11. DJMortimer

    Van Aken

    Is there a prize for the post most divorced from common sense and reality? If so, we have a clear winner. Is there any evidence we spent anywhere near that amount on him? That summer was when the first signs developed of just how bad our financial position was. With the departures of Sasso and Semedo, we were left with only 2 full time centre backs at the club to start the next season, and one of those would be injured for the first few games. In the pre-season we were forced to use Pudil and O'Grady there much of the time as I remember. And yet the lack of cover dragged on for weeks before we eventually signed van Aken and Venancio just before the deadline. If we had that kind of money available, it's difficult to imagine why it took so long to sort out when the club would have realised the need weeks before the previous season had ended.
  12. DJMortimer

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Seasons come and seasons go but one thing never seems to change. Some supporters still think it's the easiest thing in the world to constantly turn the squad over, both in and out regardless of contracts, discipline, finances, age, fees, injuries, reputations, agents etc. Furthermore, the club has it's back pressed firmly against the wall with regards it's footballing finances. This was down to the reckless and directionless spending of the two and a half years Carvalhal was in charge. Quite how this is Luhukay's fault (we're actually in net profit transfer wise since he arrived in January) is anybody's guess.
  13. I take your point, but how many players have we had who won the National Press Player of the Year like Waddle did? Such a feat is almost unthinkable, especially in the last 20 years or so.
  14. DJMortimer

    Mel Sterland, underrated?

    He's been summed up very well by others in this thread. Absolutely all out effort in defence and attack that compensated for a slight lack of a more cultured touch. If you were a winger running at him you had every right to be nervous as he would fight you every inch of the way and occasionally boot you up into the air if necessary. Going forward everything he did was thunderous, including his shooting. In our current situation we could definitely do with players like him, Gary Megson, Mike Lyons, David Hirst etc who played like every second of the game mattered absolutely. The younger generations who were not there to see Howard Wilkinson's team at it's best may never again get to witness Wednesday playing with such relentless determination and energy.