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  1. What lessons from last season would they be? We were the sixth highest scorers in all of the top four divisions, with two of those above us being Man City and Liverpool. Since the turn of the calendar year we have been averaging two goals per game.
  2. Fabulous day for England football and hopefully one that will have a lasting effect in many different ways. I cheered the goals and suffered the nerves just as much as I did twelve months ago when we fell at the last hurdle. So pleased to see the game played with such freedom, commitment and joy both on and off the field. How can you not be thrilled for that team, especially given the struggles some of them have had? The referee was erratic and it wasn't pleasing to see the Germans trying on a little of the gamesmanship that the tournament has been largely free of. But overall it was a momentous occasion and the first major trophy our nation's teams have produced in more than half a century. Shame that there remains the stubborn few who have to be contrary and dismissive, but screw them. They're choosing to lose out on a great sporting moment for thoroughly petulant reasons.
  3. I am judging her (to paraphrase Martin Luther King) by the content of her character, as anyone should be. It is what it is. Nothing to do whatsoever with her looks, sexuality, hair colour, politics etc.
  4. I'm absolutely on board with women's football and have been watching it on and off for a few years; even staying up at ungodly hours watching overseas international tournaments. But what a truly horrible character she is. Presumably she perceives herself as an icon for a cause but I would think she has had much more of an effect turning people against it rather than for it, such is her utter lack of humility, perspective and respect.
  5. Although the tournament as a whole has been refreshingly free of it in the main, there have been a few moments of shithousery in this one, from a laughable dive in the box, pretending the slightest touch in the face was like a Mike Tyson haymaker and even a brief confrontation between two players. Sadly, it feels like this kind of cynicism will only increase. Proper old fashioned centre forward's header has given Germany the lead late on.
  6. That's the one with the 'warming stripes' on the sleeve showing annual average temperatures to highlight climate change that was created at the University of Reading.
  7. "After looking at @Emerson Thome's worst players thread on Owlstalk and noting that people like Butterfield and Bothroyd could get a game, I thought I had a decent chance of getting into the squad."
  8. The last time we finished top of any division was 1959. Actually, we won the old division 2 three times in that decade.
  9. There is a vast, vast difference though. It will sadly creep in almost inevitably I'm sure. In this tournament, Spain seemed to start with a gameplan against us that included a fair amount of sh*thousing and in the last World Cup, the US in particular were not short of a few dirty tricks.
  10. Well done for noticing that women are generally smaller, weaker and less aggressive than their male counterparts. That's startling news to all us fools who have been enjoying the tournament in blissful ignorance. It's relatively well known that the women's world champions were comfortably beaten by an American team of teenage boys. What do you propose they do about that? Become men? As I understand it, the science is that not only are females at an obvious physical disadvantage, but also in terms of the brain's reaction time and visual-spatial processing abilities. Fortunately, the enlightened are able to incorporate such realities and enjoy the game regardless. The genders should complement each other, not be in constant competition.
  11. What is sport about at it's heart? Teamwork, commitment, skill, excitement, achievement and enjoyment. All of that has been displayed by this England team in abundance. And all without the whinging, diving, pretending to be hurt, snarling furiously at every decision, time wasting, trying to break anyone's jaw or shins, spectators posturing about fighting each other because of the shirt they're wearing... Representatives of this country are doing well in the biggest game on the planet and are on the verge of a major prize. If you don't want to join in and celebrate that, it's up to you although I would argue you are spiting yourself for no good reason. But to be taking offence at the joy it's bringing? Really?
  12. It has been leaked online a few days ago. But I won't post it here for the sake of decency.
  13. By comparison for the serial complainers, Premier League Fulham, with their kit produced by supposedly elite brand Adidas, still have not revealed even the design of any of their shirts for this season.
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