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  1. DJMortimer


    Still don't understand the modern fan who feels it is his right to know every detail of what happens at the club. Get over it. We are doing OK without him. He is not the difference between our current position and the top two.
  2. DJMortimer

    Who's the second toughest

    Should have pointed out that was at the Lane against the swine.
  3. DJMortimer

    Who's the second toughest

    I saw him a few times playing for the reserves towards the end of his time with us. He was like a minder to the kids. I remember one of them being the victim of a dirty foul that started a melee and Madden was just pushing our players away telling them not to get involved. But I knew what he was really doing. Sure enough, a few miinutes later he put the bloke on the ground (might have been Bob Booker) and then booted him again while he was down there for good measure.
  4. DJMortimer

    Ian Cranson??

    I remember a home game when they were reading the teams out before kick-off and when they announced he was playing, one bloke shouted as loudly as he could so half of the Kop must have heard him, "F*cking Cranson? F*ck off." His assessment was sadly quite accurate.
  5. This is something @Lord Snooty mentioned a few weeks ago. In a 4-4-2, Forestieri doesn't fit in very well. He's neither a full-time striker nor a conventional winger.
  6. DJMortimer

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    Fletcher might have the better pedigree and be more consistent, but he badly needs a couple of goals. His recent scoring record is pretty poor. But I'm all for the competition and the rotation. It gives the manager options, prevents the players from getting fatigued and maximises our resources.
  7. DJMortimer


    If some of the projections about our financial position next summer are true it may be more out of necessity than desire.
  8. We ended last season really strongly (I think it was 20 points from 10 games) yet we repeatedly saw people trying to undermine it by claiming that the opponents had nothing to play for. This was not only bemusingly negative after a horrendous few months but was also untrue. Off the top of my head I think only two of them were genuinely in a situation where they could be relatively relaxed in mid-table, and we lost one of those.
  9. You're doing nothing to suggest I was wrong about you needing my attention. There is not a problem with people giving an opinion beforehand. If football was that predictable they wouldn't need to play the games. But when they hysterically lose their sh*t and pronounce no hope just before we win (as happened before the Millwall game), then they fully merit a verbal kicking. And they ought to have the humility to accept it instead of making themselves look silly by refusing to accept the obvious. And if you find it patronising and appoint yourself a hero of the people to take me down, then that's up to you. Sometimes it's deliberate; but not as often as you think.
  10. It was a general point I've made many times down the years rather than attacking any individual or circumstance. It was really that pre-Millwall 'monstrosity' thread I had most in mind this time. But you seem to have a habit of wanting to be offended by me.
  11. Some supporters are quick to criticise the team for not being tough or determined enough, yet are complete snowflakes themselves, not even waiting for the game to start before declaring certain defeat.
  12. DJMortimer

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    The self-appointed 'experts' keep predicting doom and disaster before games, but like the arrogant fools they are and completely lacking in humility at their inaccuracy, keep coming back before the next one to do the same. I suppose it's the broken clock being right twice a day approach?