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  1. HOLY CHRIST. This has got to be a joke, right? Did Steve Gibson make us bulldoze our way through the league's financial restrictions? Was it referees that prevented us paying the squad numerous times in the last 18 months? Did the BBC script the chairman's foaming at the mouth ranting after he got rid of Pulis? Maybe The Star were really in charge of us not cashing in on saleable assets at the most opportune times? The EFL actually tried to facilitate the shady stadium sale that could have prevented the points deduction that relegated us.
  2. For those not paying attention, the signs of cashflow problems began WAY before the pandemic.
  3. Chansiri singled out two clubs for special mention at how we were the ones getting it right and they were not. Both have been to the Premier League since then and we're in League One. Idiot.
  4. I'm glad they've been promoted. Their hard work, dilligence, resolve and common sense have got the reward they deserved. A few posters on here have been repeatedly bitter about them and I'm also happy if it makes them even more so. Just because we have been run by an arrogant, reckless, stubborn and incompetent owner should in no way reflect on the achievements of anyone else. Naturally, it will be a monumental struggle for them to remain in the Premier League for more than a single season, but more power to them. I hope they hang around for a while and I hope Chansiri
  5. If players don't post anything - they don't care, why don't they front up? If players do post anything - they don't mean it, why do they bother?
  6. One day, the wide-eyed and naïve will finally work out that about 80% of what people involved in football say is nothing more than hollow platitudes that serve no greater function than to get an obligation out of the way and to reveal almost nothing to anyone.
  7. Maybe it's just the women I know, but if they had a choice between plunging to their death with the rest of their family or berating me...
  8. ...and the players will get most of the blame if (more likely, when) we don't do very well.
  9. Nice touch to post that image. Always respected him as a poster here. Thoughts to all of those touched by this. If it's any consolation, I believe in an existence beyond this where we are at peace.
  10. In the context of what we could afford at the time and how predictable it all was, I'd also add Francis Jeffers into the conversation. In three years he managed 33+27 appearances in all competitions for 5 goals whilst using up just about every penny the chairman was prepared to throw in (and quite possibly loaning that to the club with interest due if I recall correctly). I've no idea what they cost in terms of fees or salary, but how about the combined 20 minutes or so that Darryl Lachman and Urby Emanuelson turned out for?
  11. Here's a couple from the last two pages of one thread...
  12. At the moment, it's entirely possible that our performance on the pitch on it's own would have been enough to keep us in the division. The difference will be the points deduction and that will be preserved for all time in the final league table. But some of the reactionaries in this thread are too busy grunting about 'pride in t'shirt innit' and beating their chests to even think about what has been happening to our club in the last few seasons. And sloganeering about not deserving full payment also shows petulance, an ignorance of the law and the status of footballers as protected creditors.
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