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  1. Oh put your big boy pants back on. I've actually answered the question many times before. Rhodes might be a better finisher than some of the other options but there are at least three problems. Firstly, it would probably come at the expense of the overall team effort because he offers so little in all other areas of the role, secondly, based on recent years, even the evidence that he would offer that much is debatable and thirdly, we have been creating little anyway. I've never been a fan of judging players on scoring statistics alone because it is like getting your news from only
  2. This is pretty much how I feel on every point. In terms of the football, it's going to be grim and frustrating. The bloke himself comes across as rather stubborn, if not dismissively arrogant. And increasingly, people think they are the centre of the universe and that it's entirely appropriate to lose their sh*t at the tiniest misfortune. But given the situation we are in, Pulis does at least bring some of the 'qualities' we are going to need. Our priority is staying at this level and I'm probably more confident of doing that now than I have been at any point since the points deduc
  3. Football fans usually want whatever it is they don't have at that time. And if that means contradicting tomorrow what they said yesterday without shame or humility, they are quite happy to do so.
  4. Go on then, add it fanboy if it makes you happier. His record for us in the last three years then 'improves' to 20+21 appearances and 5 goals.
  5. In the last season and a quarter, he's made 11+17 appearances. Obviously a long way from being ever present, but hardly indicative of someone not being played because of such clauses. Maybe the reason he hasn't featured much is a lot more straightforward and is also consistent with much of the last five years despite being at three clubs under several managers? As for 'hitting form', either side of the City Ground miracle, Rhodes' form for Wednesday (between 30th December 2017 and the present day) is 19+21 appearances and 2 goals.
  6. Not quite true. After Di Canio's last appearance, we won just 3 of the next 14 league games, failing to even score in exactly half of them. Our form improved around the time the Italian actually left the club (end of January 1999), as we won 4 out of 5, and as it turned out, that just about saved our bacon. Because before winning the final two games, we'd been successful in only 1 out of 10. The season after that was just one long hopeless, desperate surrender to relegation.
  7. That's not fair on Wilkinson has served the club in just about every capacity down the years apart from tea lady and who really didn't want to go, but was getting frustrated that he'd taken the club to a position where it might be able to challenge for honours if only the chairman would open up the budget a little for slightly better signings. He went on and proved his point abundantly by taking Leeds to the title a couple of years later with a squad that had several former Wednesday players (Chapman, Sterland, Newsome, Varadi, Shutt, Snodin and err... Cantona).
  8. We twice had a red goalkeeper shirt. The first was in the mid 1980s when Leicester's away kit was green and then again in 1990 when it was used a few times.
  9. Killer edge? Against three of the worst teams in the Championship we've mustered 8 attempts on target combined. In the last NINE matches, our scorers are... Paterson 1 Bannan 1 (penalty) Opponents 1
  10. What the hell? No one is more culpable than the chairman and by a long way.
  11. Consecutive defeats without scoring (or really looking like we might) to powerhouses Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe. That's now 3 goals in the last 9 games, and that includes a penalty and own goal. Even without the points penalty, we'd be 20th. If there was only one season where we could not afford to look so abject it was this one. Garry Monk inherited a bad situation and he has clearly fought his corner, but it plainly isn't working. He can go and history will not look back kindly at the results. But the majority of the blame rests with the shambles in the boardroom in my opinion.
  12. Seems to me that 5 is the right number for a formation where you start with 2 and will almost certainly bring on a third as substitute. There's also the bonus that at least three of them have experience in other positions if required.
  13. Seriously; how do you think the future of the game will look if a few clubs who have already proved their callous selfishness and greed are given the power formally to wield this attitude across the league, essentially without the possibility of effective opposition?
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