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  1. He's currently got his hands full as First Minister of Scotland. It wouldn't be getting any wetter.
  2. Firstly, nowhere does he say that we are a bigger club than Burnley; only the potential to be an attractive proposition in time with the right leadership. Three of our last four managers have had jobs in the Premier League before coming here, after leaving us, or both, so it's not that remarkable in itself. Secondly, he doesn't suggest Dyche would leave just because it us either. You are clearly not keeping up with what is going on there in the last few months. There are plenty of reports that there has been a considerable falling out and that both parties are considering their options. In a couple of weeks, it's possible he could be out of a job and I don't see many Premier League clubs that would be looking at him as an urgent appointment. It' a much more substantive idea than some of the random shouting that has gone on here lately. Most appealing is that it remarkably comes with a plan rather than a 'couldn't do much worse' shrug or 'keep changing until we get lucky' gamble. But as I posted previously, it's probably financially out of our reach even if there was any interest.
  3. Far and away the best suggestion yet. Not only is he someone who has actually achieved something of note that wasn't in League One or half a lifetime ago, but it actually involves a prudent, long term strategy rather than just randomly shouting out one of the fashionable names of the week or going space cadet. Of course there are some major problems though. Even if he was interested in a club like ours, and we were amenable to the kind of freedom you suggest, I suspect our financial position right now makes it highly unlikely.
  4. What should I be offering exactly? If I had these answers do you think I'd be sat here posting them on Owlstalk? Maybe if I randomly suggest a formation or a substitution or a manager everything will change?
  5. It's true though isn't it? Supporters generally know next to nothing (including me). What's not being done? Then do that. It's not rocket science etc. When that isn't working go back again - why did you change it? That's not insight, it's second guessing, pouting and grandstanding. You seem to have fallen into the all too predictable modern trap of assuming absolutely everything can be distilled into one of two polar opposites. Because I'm not apoplectic with rage and trying to blame Monk for everything from the Whitechapel Murders to the extinction of the dinosaurs then I can only possibly be his biggest fan. I'm utterly ambivalent about his future as he has done little to demonstrate he will be a success in these circumstances, but this constant shrieking to get rid of him is not the solution by itself either. But it's the equivalent of going home and kicking the dog for a bad result (or long run of them).
  6. Classic example of spinning cliches to arrive at a predetermined result. Carvalhal was criticised for running his favourites into the ground and not rotating the squad enough. After he went, Luhukay came in and got blasted for changing things too much. Supporters moaned that 4-4-2 was out of date, Monk changes it to 5-3-2 and now they want to go back. Carlos gave the players too easy a ride and now the current manager is too much of a disciplinarian. They go on about someone with experience then suggest someone like Ryan Lowe or the Cowley Brothers. Take Reach out, put Reach in. Don't play Rhodes, why not try Rhodes? Try the youngsters, Urhoghide is not ready, Hunt is too small. And now Bates is the magic ingredient. Any muppet can point out something that isn't being done and say that changing it is the elixir. It's easy when your record is not the one being scrutinised or you're not signing the cheques.
  7. Yeah... I can see the correlation between those two scenarios.
  8. Reminds me of Danny Wilson. It makes you wonder why it took us so long to appoint the manager we have currently and why he couldn't bring a single assistant with him. Not difficult to assume that the process looked a bit similar to what you suggest here.
  9. There are some worrying indications that the financial position might be worse than feared. And that's before the outcome of the tribunal.
  10. Why did Monk choose to dispense with Hutchinson's services? Without a substantive answer to that, I don't see how it's possible to assign responsibility for it. Forestieri has averaged only 11 starts for the last 3 seasons and was called out by a colleague for being unprofessional. Injuries have played their part, but is there more to it? I have no answers either by the way, but I'm not constructing a particular narrative.
  11. That is all speculative and loaded.
  12. You're kidding right? Monk has made precisely 0 permanent signings and brought in 3 loanees.
  13. Oh; so if it's as easy as that would you mind enlightening us how many we should play at the back to ensure success?
  14. You said it was a decent squad. I beg to differ.
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