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  1. Stop being such a drama queen. From your posting totals, you're no stranger to this site. So you'll have seen members regularly arguing about just about everything you can imagine. The very subject you chose to post about has seen all the usual hysteria, assumptions, insults, petulance, speculation, ridicule, doom mongering, pragmatism, lecturing, gallows humour etc. The idea that we all are of the same mindset and sit in wait for the occasional outsider so we can gang up on them regardless of the circumstances is just snowflake nonsense.
  2. To be a bit more precise we've sold Rhoys Wiggins, Jack Hunt and Lucas Joao for decent sums in that period. But the general overall point remains valid enough.
  3. @asteener1867 has been in imperious form these last couple of days. A succession of tremendous posts that do away with the misty-eyed romanticism and blind loyalty and just sticks to the brutal reality and it's potential implications. Chansiri deserves credit for his efforts, and no doubt he would have happily accepted the plaudits if we'd been promoted. By the same token, he has to accept the criticism of his mistakes and the culpability for putting us now in a position of severe threat.
  4. I'm no better placed than anyone else here (worse in fact than a few, like mkowl) to know the precise details of what we have done or whether it can be maneuvered around the finer points of the regulations. But come on, let's not pretend we are the victims here. That stuff about taxis and energy drinks has been openly ridiculed on here for months. And that has surprisingly been completely out in the open. If it's not against the letter of the 'law' (in football terms) then it's certainly against the spirit of it. And selling the stadium to the party that effectively owns it in the first place, without evidently transferring any cash or allegedly registering it anywhere until months later is at least desperate and grubby, if it's not actually against the rules (and plenty of others have resorted to similar without penalty it seems). As I've said a couple of times already in this thread; maybe we end up getting away with this. But that doesn't make it any less reprehensible. The club's name has been cheapened, everyone connected to it has been caused anxiety for who knows how long and it's clear that this has been an enormous risk that could have jeopardised our status in this division, potentially for years to come. Scrutiny of the chairman (and his advisors) and his methods, which had been slowly been dissipating will rise again and affect confidence in how well placed we are for the future. And that's the best way it can turn out. If we are found guilty, the punishment will presumably be severe, and who knows what the long term effects of that might be? It's certainly appropriate to advise caution in these circumstances, but some appear to be completely oblivious to the worst of the possibilities; armed with nothing more than blind faith and a cheery disposition (or aggressive arrogance in a few cases). It's nothing to do with point-scoring, emotional insecurity or revelling in the misery - it's simple pragmatism. If the building is burning down around you and you can't find the exit, I'd say it's entirely reasonable to be concerned about your future prospects instead of whistling a happy tune and angrily chastising those around you who are getting worried.
  5. One has to wonder what it was the EFL were presented with that satisfied them (twice no less) to release us from transfer embargos.
  6. OK then. It's already been pointed out in this thread (may have been @rickygoo, but I'm not going through all these pages to confirm it) that there seems to be some inconsistency between what the club is claiming in it's accounts and comments made by Chansiri in December 2018 (as quoted in the analysis by Kieran Maguire linked to elsewhere in this thread) regarding the problems we faced complying with the financial requirements. Not exactly documentary proof, but certainly a good deal more than 'idle speculation'. We can meet to discuss it further if you like. But one pre-requisite is that you travel to the meeting by D-Taxi.
  7. I kind of appreciate the point you are making, as this site has certainly seen some outrageously biased, libellous, false and downright mental accusations made. But it's strange you should choose my post with which to make it, when you explicitly acknowledged that I had made it clear it was only my assessment of the limited evidence available. And I'm rather bemused in the first place that you're expecting a standard of evidence more befitting of the House of Commons or Old Bailey than a football club forum. I was going to suggest us switching to the 3-5-2 formation next weekend but my scientific paper isn't quite ready yet because I'm still making my way through the trillions of calculations necessary to demonstrate what I'm anticipating to be a 0.00047% increase in the likelihood of winning.
  8. Dismiss it if you like. That's your prerogative. But what a strange reply for an online forum about a football club. Am I supposed to feel affronted or something?
  9. This is what society has become more widely as well. Never mind the details; they're boring. Look at the bright colours. Hear the loud noises. Be in awe of the celebrity players. Obsess about the glamorous clubs. Buy the chewing gum and the fluffy slippers. Visit our Twitter feed and pretend like we give the tiniest shit about you and your worthless team. What? You want to be invited to the party too? Sorry; you're not one of the beautiful people. Now f*ck off. It's clear something very unusual was going on during that period and I did speculate along these lines that Luhukay was appointed to be a short term sacrificial lamb for the almost inevitable difficulties that this strategy would cause. The notion that the manager exclusively was behind all those strange squad decisions was something I was not convinced by in the first instance and I believe it even less now. For me the cost-cutting became clear when we ended the previous season knowing we would only have one senior centre back on the books (and he subsequently got injured), yet didn't bring anyone else in until after the first couple of games, and they ended up being unheralded, and quite likely (despite the cover stories) cheap.
  10. And the pious lectures about trying to score points over other posters are exposed as flagrant hypocrisy when they lecture right back about how you should conduct yourself when discussing the club. It's truly staggering that with a potential catastrophe like this on the horizon (in football terms), some have nothing more on their minds relative to the club than telling fans who were concerned at something like this unfolding to shut up and smile as the bridge we're standing on creaks and splinters under our feet. Even if we are not ultimately punished for this, it has been a dangerously reckless gamble that has flirted with disaster. And regardless of the full circumstances, it is clear that we have resorted to the grubby and 'creative' as a last ditch panic measure that does not instil confidence in how the club may be run in future. What an unholy mess.
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