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  1. ...and we lost 4 of them, which doesn't fit in with one popular narrative either.
  2. My understanding is that it's unusual for that not to be the arrangement.
  3. It's weird isn't it? Why the hell would I want to remember that Leicester played in a green shirt with a double yellow pinstripe (same design as the home kit) that was sponsored by a local brewery; Ind Coope? Yet I do. Then someone will ask me about something important at my workplace that I did the day before and I will look at them like they are talking gibberish.
  4. That kind of arrangement is the rule, not the exception. I recall us losing out on a sale of Andy Booth to Leicester before we were relegated from the Premier League because we insisted on the full amount up front. As is our way, we ended up letting Huddersfield have him a few months later for something like 20% of the previous fee offered. Chansiri's comments about the proposed sale of Jordan Rhodes to Norwich also indicated this was the case for that deal. Even if we'd given him away to Norwich for a bag of footballs, it would have cost us big time because the balance of the fee due to Middlesbrough would have been required at that point instead of equally shared across the remainder of the original contract term.
  5. I won't pretend that Di Canio was a stable, unselfish character, but this is a tremendously one-sided view of what happened. Many of us believe that the club took the opportunity to get rid of what they saw as a disruption and managed the situation so that the player got much of the blame. The chairman and manager had already publicised their feelings before the Alcock pantomime and it's well reported that he had to arrange (and pay?) for his own representation at the subsequent disciplinary hearing. He was advised by the club to return to Italy until the dust had settled and then the media were being told we had no idea where he was, leading to Sky Sports News rather bizarrely following him around his home town demonstrating he was exactly where he'd been told to be. Di Canio also made an offer of clear the air talks which I believe the club dismissed. Eventually, as the board knew was likely, the player took matters into his own hands and could then be blamed with some mindless button pushing about 'disrespecting the shirt' and so forth that the gullible accepted readily. They can't even be defended by saying the club weren't unduly damaged by this strategy either. We lost a prize asset for loose change (repeating the trick a few months later with Carbone) and the decline in results began almost immediately. It was a major stride down the road to where we found ourselves for the next two decades and counting - besieged by debt and well adrift of our former status.
  6. Any list for the best Premier league players should only include what they did there. International considerations don't really come into it. Di Canio was obviously not considered because he was a borderline lunatic, and had feuds with at least two of the national team coaches, but despite that there was ridiculous competition in the Italy team at that time with the likes of Totti, Baggio, Mancini, Ravanelli, Casiraghi, Vieri, Del Piero etc.
  7. When I've seen this kind of thing done on major websites or publications, Di Canio normally rates somewhere in the 50s/60s overall for Premier League players.
  8. It's well documented that Ferguson tried to sign him at least twice.
  9. The only player we sold for any fee of note was Lucas Joao which was rumoured to be something like £5m up front and another couple of million conditional. Only other possible transaction I can think of would be compensation for Steve Bruce leaving but we had no confirmation that was ever satisfactorily settled apart from assumptions made due to the subsequent silence on the matter.
  10. Gary Lineker era Leicester turned up at Hillsborough in a green away shirt forcing the change. We beat them 5-0 for their impudence, with Imre Varadi getting a hat-trick. Back in those days it was quite a sensation to see a custodian in anything but green and from memory it was the only time we used that keeper top.
  11. Those were the days. Multiple internationals in our team playing imperiously, a squad full of people you'd actually heard of before they got here, a threat to actually win trophies (some even tipped us for the league title at one point) and one bloke getting recognition from a major body as the nation's player of the year. One wonders if we will see anything like that ever again with things as they stand in the club and wider game. Waddle wasn't just a tremendous footballer, with the ability to wriggle his way out of the middle of a rugby scrum with the ball and then deliver it right onto someone's toe fifty yards away, but he also managed to do all that making it look like it was effortless. And he also seemed to genuinely revel in it and the relationship with the fans. It's a shame we got so close to major honours and came away with nothing because that team deserved better.
  12. The Steve Howard one entered into Owlstalk lore thanks to some 'confusion' regarding fax correspondence.
  13. It was the infamous £750,000 that the club were desperate to give away but despite a lot of noise about it in the press (for some reason ) we just couldn't get anyone interested in taking it. From memory there was... Steve Howard, Nathan Tyson, Lee Trundle, Gregorsz Rasiak, Kenwyne Jones, Patrick Kluivert (yes, really), Clive Platts, Luke Beckett, Scott Taylor, Adam Le Fondre... And then we ended up with possibly our worst signing of the modern era who predictably was injured most of the time and crap when he occasionally deigned to turn out. There were reports that at least 3 clubs were taking it up with the FA because they thought we were using them to try and impress our supporters.
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