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  1. Time For Rhodes

    LEAGUE GAMES IN LAST 2 SEASONS Gary Hooper................30+7 appearances (13 goals) Fernando Forestieri.....26+11 (12) Steven Fletcher...........33+18 (12) Sam Winnall................11+5 (4) Jordan Rhodes............16+13 (3) Lucas Joao..................7+8 (1) Atdhe Nuhiu.................2+20 (0) Four of our strikers have been able to score goals at a decent rate in this team, regardless of our ponderous, cautious approach. Rhodes was bought to provide goals but has barely even hinted at being able to do so. And he certainly hasn't been giving us much of anything else. His signing was indicative of our erratic, wasteful and questionable recruitment policy. Were it not for the loan of Winnall and the injury to Forestieri, he should not be featuring even in the matchday squad, never mind getting a run of starts. At the moment, I would have him rated last on the above list. Nuhiu may not be a goal threat, but at least he has a defined role that he carries out reasonably well sometimes. I can't think of any facet of Rhodes' game that isn't bettered by numerous other players in the team.
  2. The Carlos to stay brigade

    ...well, if you ignore the large fire that was probably raging in the coal bunkers since before it set off from Southampton that likely contributed to the collision in the first place (as they were trying to control the fire by using the fuel as fast as they could) and also conceivably weakened the bulkheads, preventing them from holding the water back as designed.
  3. Carlos and John Sheridan

    Sheridan himself said that the booing was understandable and just what he needed.
  4. only lost 3 league games

    In the last 15 league and play-off games our form is W5 D6 L4. Over the course of the last three seasons that would see us finish 10th, around 10-15 points from the play-offs. Would anybody be satisfied with that kind of performance this time round? As things stand tonight, we are as close to the bottom three as we are to the top three.
  5. What are the stats for the nationalities of managers finishing mid-table or taking their clubs down from the Championship?
  6. Our two glorious chances

    I can forgive the defeat to Hull. They had the better big occasion players and it was rather new to us as a squad and a club. By rights, we shouldn't have even got there after somehow surviving an absolute battering by Brighton in the second leg at their place in the semi-final. But the Huddersfield loss was scandalous. We didn't even try to beat them and just hoped we'd scrape a boring 1-0 win. According to the BBC, in two and a third games against them we had just 3 shots on target. Absolutely infuriating negativity. It was like a boxer trying to win a fight by barely throwing a punch and just dancing round the ring and then hanging onto his opponent when things got tense. Had we stumbled luckily through that we'd probably only have gone and done the same thing in the final again. And one does have to wonder exactly where we stand when it comes to financial fair play over the last three years. We may be in a difficult position trying to take the next step any time soon.
  7. The Carlos to stay brigade

    This is exactly the kind of binary thinking I have just referenced in another post and that drives me insane. I have criticised the manager and his approach many times in recent weeks, including several times tonight and I was ambivalent about whether he stayed on after last season. Stop indulging in this George W Bush 'with us or against us' polarisation that does nothing to raise the standard of debate.
  8. Paul Lambert? Thoughts?

    It's bordering on the random... as usual. Sometimes the proposer even goes so far as to say themselves that we 'might as well', or 'it can't be much worse'. No room for anything as troublesome as a clear strategy or sound evidence then?
  9. The Carlos to stay brigade

    You take such bluster much too seriously. At least half of the clubs in every division of the football league probably tell their fans they're looking to challenge for promotion, every season. Do you expect the chairmen/managers/players of Villa, Norwich, Sunderland, Derby, Leeds, Hull, Forest, Ipswich, Wolves, Middlesbrough etc to just say they'll be happy with finishing mid-table?
  10. The Carlos to stay brigade

    That's a large percentage of football fans though isn't it? Everything is either blinding white or deepest black with little by way of grey in between. Often, it's only a whim or an impulse that can get them to switch abruptly from one to the other. And absolutely everything, no matter how fanciful or ridiculous, can be explained by a catalogue of mindless soundbites like 'lost the dressing room', 'tactically naive', 'no plan b', 'too stubborn', 'no passion', 'one pace' etc. etc.
  11. Steve Evans.

    Yep, his team would never give up a lead and lose in the last couple of minutes would it?
  12. Rhodes on at 0-0 before Joao

    No, but production at his last two clubs, and the way he ended his time at the one before, do. Not to mention comparisons with some of his teammates.
  13. Rhodes on at 0-0 before Joao

    After months of being ignored, written off, criticised and all but sold, when did Joao become our great hope? Having said that, he's more of one than Rhodes has proved to be.