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  1. Based on recent statistics alone (which is after all the supposed major selling point for him), it's difficult to see what Rhodes has done to justify this ongoing faith for those with no shortage of excuses for him. Current form (based largely on full seasons to spare me a much lengthier task of trying to compare the same number of games)... Winnall 88+35 appearances, 45 goals at 3 clubs Joao 69+71 appearances, 31 goals at 2 clubs Nuhiu 59+87 appearances, 24 goals at 1 club Rhodes 76+61 appearances, 23 goals at 4 clubs
  2. Amazing how many times Bruce seems to have found himself in the kind of traumatic situation where he bravely suffers the nightmare for as long as he can but is eventually forced to leave with no advance warning isn't it?
  3. On it's own, what Bruce seems to be on the verge of doing is somewhat understandable, if deeply frustrating. Newcastle are in a considerably better position than us in most measurable ways and this could be the last chance he gets to take his dream job. Many would still question the wisdom of it given the circumstances there regarding the ownership (whether Ashley stays or not), hostility from the supporters and likely relegation battle, but one way or another he'll be suitably compensated. The problem is, he has done this several times when there hasn't been that kind of emotional imperative. Any waffle about career progression or unique opportunities would ring hollow. Sadly, this is who he is and Bruce looks like adding one more name to the list of clubs who feel betrayed by him.
  4. Some are doing that, yes. And that is perfectly normal. Whether you like a design or not is purely subjective after all. But that does not account for everybody in this thread. The attention seekers, trolls and drama queens see another spotlight to jump into for a few seconds.
  5. As usual, many consider themselves the sole arbiter of the club's identity with all sorts of spurious reasoning for their disproportionate degrees of outrage. For example, comparisons with other teams would rule out several dozen possibilities at a stroke. Green? That's Plymouth and Ireland. Orange? Blackpool and Netherlands. Purple? Northampton or Hearts. White? Ugh; Leeds. Red? Obviously can't have that. Solid blue? Ipswich and Everton. Lighter blue? Huddersfield. Darker blue? West Brom. Other variations of stripes get derided as Wigan, Colchester or Brighton. So that opens the door for more original options which then gives us another excuse to have a freak out. After the colour is out of the way we can then move onto whether we like the shape of the collar, the fabric, the sponsor, the size/fitting, the price, the release date, marketing strategy, the manufacturer, how it's displayed in the superstore... And I'm not sure how all this fits in with those who insist that replica shirts are just for children anyway and not worth getting upset about in the first place. Seems like some people just can't help themselves and either are addicted to complaining about everything the club does or doesn't do or indulge in it because they think it makes them edgy or trendy. Never mind though, it will hopefully only be a few days before you can complain all over again about the new home shirt. Personally, I think this new shirt isn't too bad and I'm glad they've tried a different colour rather than the black we've had a lot of recently.
  6. What about his goal tonight (and invisible crucifix celebration)?
  7. ...and how did that third season go? ...and where has it left us now?
  8. A more meaningful comparison would be when he was in the same team as the rest of them last year and was outscored (pro rata) by all of them, even Nuhiu. You reckon Joao, Forestieri, Winnall and Fletcher in particular wouldn't have scored at a similar (or better) rate in that Norwich team? And 3 of Rhodes' goals this season came against a mid table League One team.
  9. A list of "great players" that includes Morata ? Fletcher and Nuhiu could hardly have done worse for Chelsea than him and Giroud in terms of goal threat.
  10. I wouldn't be quite so fatalistic about it, but it does feel like the glory days of the early 1990s will never happen again. Modern football sucks.
  11. Nor can being in the High Court attempting to preserve the right of the club to even trade at all, nor being 90 minutes from the 4th tier, nor averaging 12,000 attendances at home, nor begging through the local newspaper for money to keep the club going, nor scoring just twice in the final 17 games of a season, nor the club attempting to sue fans into silent submission, nor the chairman being at war with a supporters association... Right now is crap; there's no denying that. But saying it's the worst ever all smacks a bit of social media drama-queenery.
  12. Football fans are constantly saying that [insert recent event] is the worst thing ever. As a consequence, it rather becomes like white noise after a while, regardless of any actual merit it might have. It's difficult to believe that anyone genuinely believes this is the worst time to be a Wednesday fan given some of what we've had to suck up even in just the last few years, never mind casting the net further back.
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