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  1. 63% of possession

    Manchester City had 79-83% possession against Wigan (depending on the source you use), had 29 goal attempts to 4 and won the corner count 15-0. Didn't do them much good. Statistics like these are taken much too seriously sometimes if you ask me. They're more suited to American sports.
  2. Jos post-match interview

    Well it would if I had been the one telling you not to live in the past. Although to be fair, the numbers aren't enormously relevant to the here and now, especially if we're not doing very well. I was trying to find a slightly more sophisticated way of putting some of the whinger's comments into perspective instead of just going "well he's got 164 more wins than you're ever likely to get".
  3. Jos post-match interview

    Well, you've certainly got the patronising arrogance aspect of posting that is so common around here sorted out.
  4. OK let it begin

    Well it was obviously the manager's fault that a defender took the ball away from the keeper to give the opponent an early goal. Then the keeper let a feeble shot squirm right through him for another. And the referee deciding to send Matias off for an incident that happened only in his own imagination. Then going down to 9 men. We even won the second half !
  5. Season 2018/19 Expectations

    I thought Luhukay favoured a 4-2-3-1 line-up (no idea myself, but it's been stated numerous times on here)? That being the case, this suggestion could be redundant before this season is even over.
  6. Jos post-match interview

    There have been several prolonged absences, including the 18 months before he came to us. His record overall is pretty decent. To accuse him of being out of his depth is laughable.
  7. The incident looked so harmless, it's surprising it has resulted in something so severe. Not sure I can recall seeing anything quite like that before. All the best to the young fella.
  8. Jos post-match interview

    His teams have won 164 games in the last 18 years and led his team to a points record in 2. Bundesliga in 2013. What a charlatan.
  9. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    No argument with that bit. I think a lot of us will remember the circumstances in which one of our top assets was forced to leave for nothing with the club on the financial brink.
  10. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    Thanks for patronising me, but the whole basis of your response is bizarre. Not once did I even hint at advocating playing with no strikers (although it can work in some circumstances), never mind do so explicitly. All this because I suggested that Brian Laws was right when he said that just because a bloke has scored it should not mean he is an automatic selection for the next game?
  11. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    So Laws believes keeping strikers who have scored in the line-up is absolutely sacrosanct... unless they are Steve MacLean? Of course it was an observation with wider implications, regardless of who it referred to on that one occasion.
  12. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    And I don't recall advocating a 3-7-0 formation either. That was not so much a straw man as a straw behemoth.
  13. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    Seems to me that Laws was making a general point about players scoring goals, even if on that particular occasion it referred to MacLean. Fans can be simple-minded assuming that a goalscorer should automatically keep his place. Well done on the rules with the bin. But you know the point I was making.
  14. Tactical Genius ...

    Good to see you're keeping a sense of perspective. How ever did you get through the Wilson, Jewell, Yorath, Turner, Irvine years?