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  1. Football simply does not lend itself to this kind of statistical pigeonholing in the way that a lot of people seem to assume it does. Attempting to analyse it with stuff like pass and cross completions and so on is joining randomly scattered dots to make a picture of your own choosing. Just by way of example, Bannan has 4 assists from our team's woeful output. Yet at Manchester City, where they score when they want, the assists in the Premier League (not including De Bruyne's 11) look like this... 5 Sterling 4 Mahrez 3 Foden, Jesus, Silva 2 Cancelo, Torres 1 Ede
  2. If a ball is played across the six yard box and a player whiffs it completely, surely it still counts as a 'chance' even if it is absent from the statistics? Or if someone is stood in front of an open goal but the pass to him is off target? Stuff like pass completions and possession percentages are almost entirely irrelevant. Attempting to quantify games purely from numbers is often a fool's errand.
  3. It's a completely different environment these days where the ability to compete at the highest level has been distilled into mainly just six select clubs with everyone else struggling to even register a threat. In the 28 seasons of the Premier League, the major trophies have gone like this... BIG SIX THE REST Premier League 26 2 (one since 1995) (runners up) 24 4 (none since 1997) (third place) 23 5 (none since 2003)
  4. I agree that it was the second year where it started to go awry (and you missed Fletcher). It's not a simple choice of either spending little or going for broke. The strategy has to be more nuanced. Brentford (scoffed at by Chansiri) have been tremendous at realising what their potential was and working within it. It has been a steady process of buying assets, selling them for a profit, then using this to obtain more expensive players so that the cycle is maintained with increasing returns. In the last 5 years, there is a quite incredible difference of £113m in terms of net transfe
  5. Even if the ratio truly was 50:50, it would be mindless recklessness and by definition every bit as likely to fail as it is to succeed. However, I suspect the odds aren't even that favourable. The strategy that was followed of acquiring costly assets, often in the autumn of their career, fundamentally increased the likelihood that the initial spend would largely not be retrievable (not helped by the board not being savvy enough to capitalise when such opportunities arose) and therefore would bring the wolf knocking before too long. That it appears there wasn't much in reserve even
  6. Given how this utterly reckless lack of foresight or perspective turned out in the long run (and the signs are that the decline has not bottomed out yet), it's really quite remarkable that anyone could glibly shrug that it was just the unfortunate circumstance of someone being 'too ambitious'.
  7. According to Soccerbase, in August 2015, Barry Bannan and the legendary Modou Sougou were signed on undisclosed terms which presumably required a fee.
  8. Luongo and Dele-Bashiru were still connected to clubs weren't they and so would have required a fee, even if a relatively modest one?
  9. This is from The Star a few days ago, and ranks the net transfer activity of all the clubs in the Championship for the last 5 seasons (and therefore does not include our substantial losses in 2015/6). According to them we are 19th, having made a net loss of £19m. The only teams doing worse than us have all been in the Premier League during that period. Brentford (that club our chairman scoffs at), lead the way with a meagre profit of £94m. With our accounts so shamefully out of date, one wonders where the data came from though. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wed
  10. Didn't Thomas Brolin score for Leeds at the Kop end with his face while he was laid out on the floor? We won 6-2, so it was fine. And I remember a shambolic scramble at the Leppings Lane end against Manchester United where between them, Chris Woods, Viv Anderson and Paul Warhurst (?) made a mess of clearing it two or three times from inside the six yard box before someone (Brian McClair ?) got fed up of watching the clown show and put it in the net.
  11. A very good list, but there is another significant item to add to it. Half of the squad are out of contract at the end of the current season. By now, those that the club have no desire to retain beyond that will be aware of this, whether they have been told formally or not. Given the overall circumstances, some of them may want to leave regardless. Even if they are all entirely upstanding (and some may not be), the effects on their motivation are the routine consequences of human nature and completely obvious. In some cases, this might also cost the club a potential transfer fee that m
  12. It really is quite incredible that something like that last sentence could ever have been said about a chairman of our club. And all the more remarkable that it should come from someone who has the history with Allen and his minions that you do. But it's becoming the cold and brutal truth. For a long period our boards were handcuffed by the situation they had inherited following the squandering of the Charterhouse investment and were just trying to keep us going until salvation could somehow be stumbled upon. This one has created those very conditions and seems to be doing almost n
  13. That's the longest "gi' kids a go" post I've ever seen. Well played at trying to flesh out such a weary and worn out cliché.
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