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  1. Probably something to do with the lazy, witless pundits picking broadly the same teams as favourites for decades. Given the rather short list of past winners it's not exactly an onerous undertaking. If I become Brazil coach one day I'm going to name a squad solely consisting of toddlers and octogenarians just to see if these idiots would still be slavishly cooing about them.
  2. DJMortimer

    Team for 18/19

    I'm surprised there's not been more mention of us needing reinforcements in the middle of the formation, especially if Luhukay sticks to the 3-5-2 he used for most of his time with us so far. In the defensive role we are OK with Hutchinson, Pelupessy and Jones, but in forward areas we've really only got Bannan who can be counted on regularly. We don't know what Lee's long term status is and obviously Abdi has been absent for huge periods and done nothing when he's actually played.
  3. Me neither. He's the one player I'd be tempted to drop for this game, regardless of his goal against Sweden, which otherwise was a poor performance by him. But we're starting to come together as a unit very effectively and it would be wise to try and maintain that momentum by leaving things much as they are. If only we could make better decisions in the final third and take advantage of some of the openings we create. We can't be relying on penalties and the centre backs for goals.
  4. DJMortimer

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    He's been pretty fortunate though hasn't he? 3 penalties, one dropping on his toe two yards out and an utter fluke off his heel? He's obviously played a big part in our success so far, but perhaps not quite in the way we'd expected. In the last couple of games he's been doing the unglamorous work like Atdhe Nuhiu for us without really having a sniff of a goal.
  5. This is good news. A striker who was on big money and not performing well has hopefully gone to recover his form so he and the club can start again next summer. In the meantime, this has hopefully freed up some resources to bring in a player or two at positions of need such as right wingback, central defence or in the middle of midfield.
  6. How many of his 55 appearances for us has he played well in or shown the kind of skill and instinct that would justify your faith? He doesn't win many headers, can't hold the ball up, is painfully slow, can't run at defenders, loses the ball too often and misses too many of the chances that come his way. He's sixth in line in his position at the moment (and he's only that high because Winnall is injured). And financially, he is one of the best options for us to get some leeway under P & S rules.
  7. In terms of playing resources, finances and maximising what we have, it's imperative that Rhodes leaves as soon as possible. It does appear we are right at the P&S limits and can't do anything to strengthen the squad until we get some leeway.
  8. DJMortimer

    Player Look Alikes

    The all time classic...
  9. Footballers are protected creditors when clubs go into administration. In other words, even as everyone else may have to accept a small percentage of what's owed to them, the players are guaranteed to get 100% of their contract's value. So good luck getting them to accept the kinds of terms being proposed by one radical in case of injuries, regardless of the implications regarding Employment Law.
  10. DJMortimer


    I'd agree with near enough all of that except for point number 5. We could do with at least one more central midfielder when you consider that unit includes the injury prone Hutchinson, almost invisible Abdi (rumoured to be leaving) and the unknown long term status of Lee. It really is ridiculous that we get posts like the opener every single season as if everyone else will have their squads settled by next week and will spend the remaining two months relaxing on the beach.
  11. DJMortimer


    LAST 2 SEASONS (SWFC ONLY) MINUTES PER GOAL, LEAGUE GAMES Nuhiu 167 Forestieri 190 Hooper 211 Winnall 250 Fletcher 252 Joao 262 Clare 349 Rhodes 370 Lee 425 For his first three months at the club, Luhukay had only 3 fit strikers with any experience. After rotating them all for a while, he settled on the two that were working and Rhodes got little action after that. He was even an unused substitute a number of times which is quite remarkable under those circumstances. When Forestieri returned, his playing time reduced further still. The manager was clearly thoroughly unimpressed. He clearly wasn't preoccupied with statistics from three years ago that have little bearing on his performances for us these last 18 months.
  12. DJMortimer

    Rhodes to Rangers

    It seems there is absolutely no limit to the tin foil hat conspiracies that have prevented Rhodes from scoring, even as all our other strikers (just the 7 of them if you include Matias) have been considerably more prolific in terms of minutes per goal.
  13. Are you kidding !? His antics were notorious like probably no one else in the world at that time. How can you watch this and not want to punch him in the face? But yes, he was a tremendous player, which makes the cheating all the more annoying.
  14. Your lordship... 1) The design will already have been finalised and production is probably imminent. Nothing you can say is going to cause anyone to start from scratch. 2) Get help before you need a rubber bedroom. This is like watching Jack Torrance in 'The Shining' repeating 'all work and no play...'
  15. DJMortimer

    Big sam

    I still remember that Panorama programme on the BBC about 20 years ago.