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  1. Are you kidding !? His antics were notorious like probably no one else in the world at that time. How can you watch this and not want to punch him in the face? But yes, he was a tremendous player, which makes the cheating all the more annoying.
  2. Your lordship... 1) The design will already have been finalised and production is probably imminent. Nothing you can say is going to cause anyone to start from scratch. 2) Get help before you need a rubber bedroom. This is like watching Jack Torrance in 'The Shining' repeating 'all work and no play...'
  3. DJMortimer

    Big sam

    I still remember that Panorama programme on the BBC about 20 years ago.
  4. DJMortimer

    I just watched! #swfc

    ...and it made no difference whatsoever to whether that shot went in or not. In fact, had he been a little further forward he might have reached it as it was rising all the time and went right into the top of the net.
  5. DJMortimer

    New Kit

    Brand slave. Plenty of designs from the likes of Nike and Adidas are derivative and uninspiring.
  6. DJMortimer

    Offload dilemma

    From earlier in this thread...
  7. ALL of our other strikers (just the SEVEN of them, including Matias) have been outscoring Rhodes comprehensively on a pro rata basis since he arrived last January. Kieran Lee's strike rate isn't that far behind either. Excuses about service, teammates, managers or lack of creativity don't really wash when so many other players have been able to be productive in those same circumstances. And all of those other colleagues contribute much more than him outside of just scoring. He's had 53 appearances so far, 33 of them starts, and has shown precious few signs of justifying consideration for the starting line up. That's a lot of game time (2,967 minutes in the league according to whoscored.com). Even when we were down to our last 3 fit strikers for a long period, he was an unused substitute several times. Luhukay is clearly not impressed either. Until Rhodes proves otherwise, some people need to stop living in 2015 - the last time he was scoring regularly.
  8. ...and the rest.
  9. You don't need any inside knowledge to see that Luhukay does not rate Rhodes (at the moment at least). Until the last few weeks of the season when Forestieri came back, we had only 3 fit strikers of any repute. After rotating them for a while he decided on the two he thought were doing the best job and pretty much stuck with them. Rhodes was unused a number of times when he was the only alternative on the bench and striker is far and away the position that sees the most substitutions. Even Matias was getting a couple of run outs ahead of him.
  10. For the life of me, I cannot understand why this bothers anyone in the slightest, especially given the fact that we haven't even had stripes for the last two years.
  11. DJMortimer

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    Are you actually serious?
  12. DJMortimer

    R I P mum and fly high

    It's only a couple of years since I lost my mother so I feel your sense of bewilderment, regret, confusion and anguish. But I believe this life is not all there is. I have faith in a much more expansive reality than that which we are usually aware of in the here and now. Hopefully you can find comfort in the possibility of your mum's spirit living on; freed of the limitations of this realm of existence. Best wishes to you and your family.
  13. DJMortimer

    Breaking news, coming up

    I've wondered that as well. They simply could not shake off images in their mind of Andy McCulloch and Lee Chapman bullying defenders competing high balls; completely failing to appreciate that Nuhiu has a more cultured skill set than that. A modest goals return (which many exasperatingly still see as the only parameter by which to measure strikers) on top of that has only underlined his deficiencies as far as they were concerned.
  14. DJMortimer

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    I simply cannot comprehend this widespread and rabid obsession about only having 4 strikers in the squad, which is what you're advocating above. Presumably you have 2 in the starting line-up and 2 on the bench each game? In which case, even a single injury severely limits the options. If you have a couple of absences at the same time you have no choices whatsoever. So what then? The loan window is only open for a few weeks in the season these days and using someone out of position or youngsters is unlikely to be sustainable for a team with promotion aspirations. Consider that 5 of the 8 listed above have been unavailable for several months each (3 of them are becoming serial offenders in that regard) and another has been chronically lacking in form. The bare minimum squad requirement is 5 and probably the safer and more sensible option is 6.