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  1. The club took legal action against me for posting my version of that episode.
  2. Ah, the 'Steven MacLean' manoeuvre? If you might be the recipient of several offers, especially at this time when there is doubt about the status of where you are and there is no rush whatsoever, would you just accept the first thing thrown at you?
  3. From Loftus Road, just as they were scoring the late winner...
  4. Yeah... that's exactly how it went... We had such 'bad luck' trying to find someone who wanted to take that £750,000 off us for ages didn't we?
  5. The representative of the Safety Advisory Group will be hyperventilating if they see that picture.
  6. Even as charities and small businesses suffer and clubs go out of existence? A Pyrrhic (not to mention, despicable) victory. The situation is rather different now than it was in 1992 or whenever isn't it? If they can't make sacrifices in these times...
  7. The Charterhouse thing wasn't that much of a gamble given that at the time we were seriously challenging for the biggest honours in the domestic game (the magazine '90 Minutes' actually predicted we would win the title in 1993/4) that this was an injection of almost £16m and the bank were only getting minimal representation on the board. It also didn't hurt that "Mr Chairman's" advance knowledge of this meant the directors started buying shares up in anticipation of the profits to be made (as we were not a plc at the time this was questionable but not technically illegal). The remarkable thing is that we somehow managed to turn this windfall into a similarly sized deficit in just a handful of years whilst the team itself deteriorated markedly. And having overseen this gargantuan mess; a disaster for just about everyone involved but especially the club that was consigned to almost two decades of struggle, irrelvance, embarrassment and near extinction, the reptile slithered away to a nice new tank and forgot all about it.
  8. David Conn pointed out a few years ago that every single time a Football League club went into administration, the voluntary service of St John Ambulance was on the list of those forced to accept a small percentage in settlement. On the other hand, the players are 100% protected creditors. No matter what, they are legally entitled to the full extent of their agreed contracts. Capitalism in action.
  9. That's three times you've mentioned DJ Mortimer already. Seems like you've developed a bad case of 'must win on the internet'. DJ Mortimer will take it as a back-handed compliment. Unfortunately, many people succumb to this compulsion to reduce every argument to one of two simplistic, polarised opposites. And as DJ Mortimer obviously doesn't support the 'everything the manager has ever done is wrong and he must be sacked' option, then the only possible alternative view DJ Mortimer could hold is the 'everything the manager has ever done is right and he must be knighted' option. You're not likely to paint many nuanced masterpieces if you've only got two colours and the sort of brush they used to put roadside billboards up with. Ner, ner, ner-ner, ner.
  10. Holloway and Megson are hardly in keeping with any kind of 'brave new world'.
  11. Yeah, I was looking through a thread from some time ago that wondered about that.
  12. Individual examples are meaningless, especially when you consider what that university study of a few years ago found about the general trend. And certainly in the case of the latter example above, this coincided with a change of boardroom strategy that also contributed to the results, which is usually a much bigger factor. But that is quite an extreme example anyway. Not even Eustace's own mother would suggest he was as capable a manager as someone of the stature of Atkinson. Are we likely to see that kind of quantum leap if/when Monk is dispensed with? If we are, then bring it on. Did we improve when we went from Atkinson to Wilson to Jewell to Shreeves to Yorath to Turner? And even their successors; Sturrock, Laws, Irvine, Megson and Jones (with possibly only one exception) were unable to sustain the improvements they brought about for the long term and were soon faced with the same degree of criticism as their predecessors from people who in the main had little or no idea of what might have been contributing to the disappointing results. Just one example - at least one of those in my list faced extensive hostility and interference from the boardroom. A change of manager can of course bring about the kind of change desired, but most of the time it doesn't for long because it fails to address at least some of the foundational causes. And in our case at the moment, I think that is most certainly true.
  13. Monk may or may not be useless, but it seems this narrative is the only one ever as far as many supporters are concerned. It's a pre-programmed panacea that they are incapable of looking beyond even though year after year across the football leagues there is a constant spinning of the wheel that more often than not (as demonstrated by a university study a few years ago) has little or no effect in the long term without more extensive changes of logistics, finance or strategy behind the scenes. When was the last time this club had a manager who wasn't described in these terms? With the exception of Ron Atkinson (and possibly to a lesser extent Stuart Gray), every single one of them has faced sustained criticism since Howard Wilkinson in the latter part of the 1980s. And that includes people who took us to Europe, got us to cup finals, achieved promotions and worked with one of the lowest budgets of their contemporaries at the time. A few of them must have had some idea surely? The problems afflicting us at the moment clearly go well beyond the bloke holding the whistle in training. This should not be seen as an unconditional defence of Monk, by the way. Results and performances lately speak for themselves. As do some of his comments about them. If we can get someone better (which is somewhat doubtful given our circumstances, especially financial), then I'm all for it. Steve Bruce might have been someone of that calibre but he didn't hang around long enough to prove that. After all, the bottom line is that the club performs at the highest standard possible - in all areas. But if the answer is just another uninspiring journeyman or hopeful rookie, all we're probably doing is putting off by a few months the next time we go through this. And the real foundations of all this, whatever they are, remain untouched.
  14. I remember the first time I saw Sibon, in the Premier League relegation season. He was getting slagged off by all and sundry but it seemed to me that he was seeing things that others couldn't; putting the ball in areas where something might come of it whilst they just wanted a dumb, easy pass to feet or aimless lump upfield. Shame he didn't seem all that bothered much of the time, but he certainly produced some sublime moments well beyond the capabilities of most of his team mates.
  15. Now he was an attention seeking nobber. Wonder if he ever posted on here?
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