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  1. If true PSG should sack him. Then he can go and earn his crust back home in Senegal or Qatar.
  2. Why don't you just do you, and everyone else will do themselves ehh. Ohhh other fans are taking the p1ss. Grow up. Man up.
  3. I honestly think the guy is lacking tactical nous. I don't think he has what it takes to be the man in charge. He can motivate the players to an extent and our home record this year has been fabulous but tbh, I could probably have done that with our squad and our support. Away, we've been far too soft and one dimensional and have not been able to change it up. I think we finished in the play offs because of our squad and overall setup, not because of Darren's management. The gaffer is by far the most important part of the team in this league and there are better out there who we should now be looking to employ. Sorry, but he gave it a go and came up short.
  4. Is he big Dave now? Sorry, I'm not up on my Daves. Who next in line for the honorary title?
  5. I'd go Berahino. Think the lad has something still left to prove on the big stage. He can be massive for us in these next 3 games.
  6. Alex Neil likes to analyse teams thoroughly and set up to play against their style. Well, he's f00k5d now isn't he. Darren Moore's tombola machine comes into its own tonight. It's obviously been the plan all along.
  7. Just read their players names to myself. Before, they meant nowt, now they all sound like Spartans on meth. That strange buzz before a massive game, nowt like it. We go into a lions den tonight, let's tame the 4ucker5. 2-1 Wednesday. UTO
  8. If anybody ever had a face that could be described as slappable, it's that Wycombe manager. What a tossapottamous.
  9. Grandsons football presentation starts at 6.30 at Stars. Gregory was meant to be handing the kids their trophies but he's now otherwise engaged. I'm a nervous wreck inside but trying to will be acting all stoic for the little uns benefit. He's struggling a bit as he really wants Wembley. Be reyt.
  10. Just ordered mine, didn't think it would let me while 1pm as it says but went through no issue. Had to choose print at home though as no option to load onto membership cards. There's loads of tickets left.
  11. Bloody hell, just realised I've answered this thread twice now, thought it was new. And I've raised the price by 11 quid.
  12. Friday and Saturday night at the Hyde in Hendon. £144 for myself and the grandson. Going even if we don't make it as he's never been. Booked in March. Train down to St Pancras early morning then a 10 minute transfer to Hendon. Just Sunderland in the way now.
  13. Aye. These puppies have yet to realise the transition comes in the blink of an eye.
  14. They've all gone down for the craic. To see old friends and chat excitedly about a possible trip to Wembley. To peruse the wares in the shop and chat to the knowledgeable staff. To gaze thoughtfully at the stupendous murals on the walls. To feel like they've put in a bit of graft to get to the promised land of rare victory, just like the players. Or just to get out the house. More power to em.
  15. Why are folk inventing problems? We've just had near 34,000 attend the last game without any hiccups. If I wanted some refreshments, I could have gotten some. Who had problems with transport? The majority live in Sheffield or surrounding, don't they? Its no harder to get in and out of than almost all stadiums when those numbers attend. Why is it more expensive to run than a flat pack on the outskirts? In 10 year that flat pack would need work too. The facilities would need to be improved if we ever get back to the top flight but that is more than doable if there is a will. The ones who want to move from Hillsborough, one of the best football stadiums in the country and therefore the world, I just don't get it.
  16. He got a bit of the marijuana song today. I felt for him. That one was of its time and should stay in the archives.
  17. Chansiri obviously had far more faith in DM than most of us and should be applauded for that. He backed him. I thought some of his in game tactical decisions in the first two thirds of the season were somewhat bizarre and cost us points. His selections, apart from the recent past, likewise. However, this doesn't make me a Moore botherer. It's very possible to be critical of a manager and still celebrate the success when it comes. DM has definitely grown through this season and is obviously still learning. If we miss out in the playoffs I think he may well get us automatic next season if he's backed again by the chairman and keeps players or replaces them with a similar level. I'm basing this on the last third of this season. I feel he's found his feet now at Hillsborough and he's a likeable, principled guy. He obviously loves the club. Well done Darren. Well done Dejphon.
  18. Just the four George Hirst threads on the 1st page then.
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