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  1. Forget all that. 0:45 behind Berahino. When did we sign a 20 year old Glen Loovens??
  2. Good to see. Keep him there for him m to get a full season of proper football under his belt, see where we are next season and hopefully he'll be in a position to push on with us.
  3. Ah. Didn't know that. That makes it more likely to be Ipswich then. I guess if it was us he'd have to have got £40k a week in there somewhere.
  4. Has to be Sunderland, followed by Portsmouth, Wigan, Rotherham, Ipswich and Wycombe. Very, very competitive at the top end this year.
  5. Portsmouth Chief Exec quote In the linked article the Portsmouth Chief Exec refers to 'one club who’ve skewed the market this summer' in terms of wages being offered in league 1. Is this us? We've certainly cut lots of high wage players from last season which should allow us to spend above average amounts at this level but then again both Sunderland and Wigan have had takeovers with reported significant sums to spend so maybe not..... Thoughts?
  6. This sums up his entire time here. Clearly on if the best players in the squad when fit and firing but that's been an all too rare occurrence. I'm not sure we'd need to find a replacement if he goes anyway. FDB should be able to step up if required now imo.
  7. https://www.footballgroundmap.com/grounds/england/league-1 Accrington apparently.
  8. And it's a fair point with Paterson and Brown in the wide attacking positions. Hopefully that side of our game will improve significantly with Sow, Corbeanu, Windass and Shodipo factored in.
  9. Overall I'd say with the high turnover of players in the summer and the short time the new players have been together, the stats and performances suggest Moore has focussed on defensive shape first and foremost in the few weeks the squad has been together. It looks to me like it's been a case of keep a good shape defensively and play from there so far. I don't think he quite knows what his best options are attacking wise yet. Hopefully that's something that can be worked on properly in the coming couple of weeks now the Sunderland game is off and also with Sow, Shodipo & Corbenu now in full training. With this many new players it's logical to get the defensive stuff down first as that's the easiest thing to get into the players quickly. Attacking patterns often take a little longer to instill.
  10. I think this is the main learning point from this game. We were totally in charge up until they scored but lost any composure after the goal. That's a mental thing as much as anything.
  11. OK, not fantastic, not awful. Basically a left footed Palmer (which is no bad thing to have in a squad). He's fine.
  12. That's some weapons grade glass half fullism there and I absolutely love it. Bravo Sir!!!!!
  13. Here we go 'Happy Clappers' v 'Realists' League 1 edition. WAWAW?
  14. Woooooo, white noise stopped just in time for the Hi Ho?! Still no commentary though.
  15. Line up and good luck wishes were on official club Twitter prematch and the result scorers and congratulations were posted about an hour ago. I'd post links but it always messes up when I try. I know that's only cursory and the club could do much more but still
  16. Can just hear the Wednesday fans now.
  17. Yeah, can hear Pearson chuntering on in the background.
  18. Gibsons got a 'slight' hamstring issue apparently. Dunkley picked up his knock v Rovrum so they'll have know about that one all week.
  19. I'm sure he'd be playing Gibson, Dunkley or Hutchinson if he could. It's not like he woke up this morning and thought 'lets spice things up a bit and leave out 3 centre halves for no reason'. Situations like this show the value Palmer has in the squad. He's perfectly acceptable cover at this level and so will Brennan be if required.
  20. Still top of the league! Can't believe a team containing piggy legend 'The Beard' Brayford couldn't beat Cheltenham.
  21. Apology accepted. Although still very offended. I'm not sure I'll get over it for some time tbh.
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