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  1. Attacking wise we played some decent high tempo stuff (apart from the finish obviously) but none of that matters if you've got a defence with the rigidity of a paper bag full of p*ss.
  2. That long throw in the last seconds sums it up. Useless.
  3. Just done the old classic log out and back on again and it's working now. Better not be another Sunderland now.
  4. Even via VPN it's not available, just getting en error message.....had something similar pre Sunderland them it finally worked just before their 1st goal. Might be worth not bothering in that basis
  5. This. Were just painfully slow both physically and mentally.
  6. This is actually the biggest real concern I can see having read the whole 12 pages.
  7. Glad it's not just me. He was supposed to be from the Brian Clough school of management, sounds like he attended his drinking classes too on today's evidence.
  8. No argument there, but he's only pointed out his negatives the entire game.
  9. TBF Bannan had a couple of really good deliveries from free kicks around the box. His corners however, were utter bobbar as per usual.
  10. He's caught gangrene if Chris O'Grady
  11. He actually did us a favour on the one for the 'penalty'. If he'd stayed on his feet he'd have scored. Still loves us
  12. I think this is the main takeaway for us tonight. We've all been very quick to pile on the team when they've conceded late goals so the deserve credit for their resilience tonight. Hopefully it's the start of a longer term change of narrative for this team.
  13. I'd have taken a point having seen our back line before the game. Add in the sending off and it has to be a point gained.
  14. Shocking dive that. He really needs to work on his technique
  15. Never said it wasn't, the comment was on if there was any malice.
  16. Absolutely none, he's just let the ball slip too far away from him and overstretched trying to recover. Unfortunately in today's game you get sent of for that 99 time out of 100.
  17. I'd like to hear more about all the Portsmouth injuries personally
  18. Decent half overall. Was a bit worried after the first 15 but we've settled down well since then. Hunts looking decent down the right, get Corbeanu on for Shodipo down the left and we'll win this.
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