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  1. Good winger at this level. Questionable wing back/striker. Not many teams at this level could handle him when he was fully fit and played in his preferred position. If Derby play him as an out and out wide man and he can stay fit he'll be a good player for them. A couple of big ifs in that statement though....
  2. Good luck to him (within reason obviously) Never really worked out for him here through no fault of his or the club's tbh. Just one of those situations where he never quite made the breakthrough for whatever reason. FWIW I always thought Dawson looked the better prospect out of the two, maybe we'll get a chance to find out this season.
  3. Fair point, but plenty say the same about us. Let's be honest, Vaulks, Smith and Ihekwe haven't really joined us just cos we're a massive club have they?
  4. Yeah, he signed earlier this month but the length of contract wasn't revealed at that time.
  5. Just seemed a bit cold to me to suggest he somehow shouldn't be entitled to help cos hes an ex footballer so must by definition be loaded. Maybe I misread it. Apologies if so. Even if he did earn that much for that long he does still have to, you know, buy stuff to live on for those 13 years, he doesn't just get to save it all in a special rich footballers tax free account.
  6. Wow. That seems to be a massive presumption to say the parents are millionaires. What exactly are you basing that on? Obviously we don't know how much he earned but I'd guess mid to lower end championship wages for an average squad player over the last 20 years weren't quite as much as you think they were.
  7. Donated. Tommy is an owl through and through. A good servant to the club in some tough times so it's only right we step up for him in his tough times. Best of luck Tommy Chloe and especially Rio. Owlstalkers....Assemble!!
  8. He signed earlier this month, it was just never revealed how long the contract was.
  9. He's under contract with Hull so we wouldn't have been able to talk to him without their agreement in the first place. That would suggest a ballpark fee must have been at least discussed. IMO Mr C is not budging on the fee and they're just trying to make it as public as possible to flush out any other interest.
  10. It's long been suggested that Iorfa could be effective in a defensive midfield role. He has all the physical attributes to play there and given his defensive weaknesses tend to be down to positioning and his tendancy to drop the odd clanger on the ball a move up the pitch might also help to mask these and accentuate his strengths. He's also made of spaghetti so he'd be direct replacement for Hutchinson fitness wise too.
  11. There's a young lad up at Celtic who might fit the bill.
  12. In all honesty I know next to nowt about this lad other than his stats but based on that video he looks much more a striker than a winger to me. Seems to have a good knack of finding himself a bit of space in the box. A few more headers in there than I was expecting too. Very encouraging.
  13. Also seemed to suggest he'll be competing with Dawson for the starting job too.
  14. Me too. I said on another thread Moore has always preferred 4 at the back. He was forced into 3 this year due to centre half injuries and sensibly stick with it but I'd expect him to go back to 4 now.
  15. Same here. Moore has always preferred a 4-3-3 and started last season playing that way which brought us good results and put us top of the table. Then all our centre halves got injured so he was pretty much forced to go to a back 3. We seemed to settle into that formation so he (rightly) stuck with it for the rest of the season. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see us go back to a 4.
  16. There's a few getting a bit ahead of themselves here. Lads only just turned 17 so for me let him establish himself in the u23s to start with and maybe give him a taste of the first team in the pizza cup. If he's progressing well come January then maybe think about sending him out on loan to a National League side or similar. Let's not do a Hirst with this lad, give him the space to develop at his own pace. Fair play to the club for getting him tied down at the earliest opportunity.
  17. There's a keeper down at Exeter who's had a cracking season by all accounts. I think we should be taking a look at him. 17 clean sheets last season, 26 so just coming up towards his prime, Championship experience, even saved a pen against the pigs! Sounds ideal right?
  18. Not for Bannan it's not. It's his job and his livelihood.
  19. Thanks for the clarification. Whilst we're on the subject, do you also know whether Nigel Jenson really did smoke 20 Benson's?
  20. Should we stop singing the 'were by far the greatest team the world has ever seen' song until we've won the world club championship too then? You might also be shocked to learn that Carlton Palmer might not have actually smoked marijuana either.
  21. Isn't this one of the signs of the coming apocalypse?
  22. McDons. I've got a fiver on us both to go through at 13-1 after the first legs
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