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  1. Yeah, I think Meggo and DC would get on like a house on fire.
  2. It's really not time to be changing the manager.
  3. I loved watching TC and Roger Wylde. Great days and great memories.
  4. Spot on Jim. An incredible talent. He was utterly barking but a stunning player. A Fancy Dan indeed Mr Wilson. FFS.
  5. Call it a hunch. I just feel that the manager will get them going and the new signings are a vast improvement.
  6. The new signings have clearly improved them and they have an excellent manager at that level. However, they still look a bit short of quality compared to the top teams. Sadly, I think they will make top 6.
  7. We lack grit, needle, physicality and a serious goal threat. All attributes required to do well in this league
  8. We're just another also ran at this level. Lots of new players but there's little physicality, needle or attacking threat. I was hoping for top 6 but realistically we're a lower mid table side with lots of nicey nice ball players.
  9. I'm not panicking. Just accepting of the fact that we're quite ordinary without physicality or a goal threat at this level.
  10. Yeah, I was mainly referring to the 2003 and 2010 seasons where we struggled but got it together the following seasons
  11. It's all good according to Hutch. Better than the play off sides innit.
  12. I think there are some very worrying signs that this side has nowhere near what it takes to get out of this league.
  13. Spot on Historically we always struggle first season back in this league. I said before the season started we would be mid table but hoping we could push for 6th spot. It's looking increasingly like mid / lower table for me.
  14. I think you might be onto something there. Is he back in the country?
  15. It's simply not good enough. A big reality check for the players, coaches, Moore and many on here. The 3rd division is a nightmare to get out of and we clearly at the moment do not have the physical and mental toughness to deliver.
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