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  1. Best mate is a Sunderland fan so will possibly watch it with him otherwise not interested.
  2. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; Wm Shakespeare
  3. Any organisation that employs people should have a budget so it can make sure it can meet its obligations. A football club docked points for overspending should certainly have one. Perhaps not having a plan and no fixed budget means something different to Mr C than it sounds to us.
  4. Sunderland going up is more benefit to us. However, hope they both lose tomorrow. It's anti-football, ref conning tactics all the way. If they get a decent ref there will be about a dozen yellow cards and 20 minutes injury time. In both halves.
  5. Apparently things can only get better. I heard someone say so.
  6. If the managers tactics and plan was time waste, con the ref etc he was spot on. Terrible anti-football. What a final it will be Sunderland v Wycombe, dear o dear. There will be 20 minutes added time each half. Terrible manager. Awful spectacle.
  7. There was a whole list of things he let them get away with. They should make sure the refs are good for important games. The man was a complete ..... Can't say it because I'm a vicar but he was a complete one of them.
  8. I think Luongo will go anyway.
  9. Thanks MiLord Well this is it boys and girls. UTO Believe!
  10. More disappointed with the performance than the result.
  11. Very disappointed but in the end we withstood the onslaught and conceded to a mistake. Could have been worse.
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