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  1. Welcome on board. Bit of a bonkers time to join. It's not usually like this on here.... Oh hang on! It's Owlstalk
  2. Shrewsbury away April 1982, I can remember the year because it was Falklands war and we sang 'The Wednesday hate Fray Bentos'. Went with friend Ian and his dad in his dad's Triumph Stag! Won 1-0. There was a game away at Mansfield around that time but can't place it because can't remember the score and we weren't at war with anyone.
  3. Had the pleasure and privilege of a few long chats with Chris Waddle. Thoroughly nice chap.
  4. Excellent matchday thread Snoots. A tough one this heart says.... O hang on I gave that away in a fit of depressed pique... Nothing seems to matter now. Off to wash my hands, Pontius Pilate style.
  5. Shhhh Brad, shhh go back to sleep. Shhhhh let him dream.
  6. Have no idea why but I cried laughing at this. Ace post!
  7. You must have had loads of free time on your hands recently.
  8. 13 pages and no actual information. It's a 'hot' topic. It doesn't tell you anything whatsoever. It's pure 100% distilled essence of Owlstalk. Right here ladies and gentlemen, right here.
  9. Is that the one where we got hammered and all had to run away? Just kidding.
  10. Absolutely 100% agree. I have been saying something like this for ages. The biggest investment is players but without the infrastructure it's wasted money. Without all this in place, changing managers or playing this or that player is just sticking plaster.
  11. Honestly if you're worried you have my heart felt sympathy. However we've been through some right rubbish in the last 50 years and were still going, so take heart.
  12. My point being that if someone were in that position who would believe it? On here?
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