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  1. Rev Owl

    Not good enough

    I agree it does come from the coach, but not the current one. Three years of coaching in of one way to play can't be coached out in three weeks.
  2. I wonder if there's any benefit in getting the players together between games and practising corners and freekicks? I'm not sure whether other clubs do this. If not it could give us the edge. If it works we could extend the idea to other areas of the game, shooting for example?
  3. I would agree. I think it's almost pointless us being awarded a corner. And don't get me started on the 5 yard sideways freekick.... (cue some statto proving me wrong)
  4. Rev Owl

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    It was a joke re the finishing the game early. He might have been crap but he didn't have much competition for MOM
  5. Rev Owl

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    Referee who blew up 20 seconds early, out of pity, and had a good game overall.
  6. Rev Owl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Boyd a yard short.
  7. Rev Owl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Poor pitch. Poor home attendance. Poor Owls display. Night to forget. Credit to all who went. Safe journeys home.
  8. Well it took a little bit of bizarre gardening euphemism and a rather tired old debate about Sky's influence on football but we got there. Three pages. Well done everyone good effort all round. Thank you. Great stuff. That's a wrap.
  9. Always a mistake. But I must say I was hoping for that too.
  10. Thanks for that A12 Very helpful for anyone who had missed the thread title and OP. Good lad.
  11. Thanks OG but not sure it's the best basis for a contentious debate. Unless we get the poster on who moans about Owlstalk cliques and people posting funny stuff instead of taking his/her posts seriously.
  12. Rev Owl

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Not one of the new lads?
  13. Thanks S36 Thought it was going to be an orphan.
  14. Rev Owl

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Well one reason might be if you could find someone who can defend at least as well as Fox but offered more threat going forwards. Best of both worlds.