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  1. Yes and no. We've been down the swanny before and back up it again. Navigating the swanny is over hyped. 😇
  2. Great interview and why I like him. He's got a good perspective on what's important, he enjoys the game and loves the club. I'm sad to see him go. It's not like he's been dragging down a team of otherwise world beaters is it.
  3. How will that help? If Eddie Howe becomes Wednesday manager I will.... Cheer Buy a season ticket Buy an Eddie Howe club towel Sponsor a player Not sure how mooning will help?
  4. There's something in this. The OP already showed it's not necessary to have a 20+ season striker. Didn't our playoff seasons also come with record clean sheets? Perhaps investment should go in to defenders not strikers (or maybe good defensive coaches).
  5. Other clubs seem to manage it though. Are they just lucky to get motivated injury resistant players and we're unlucky?
  6. I'll accept your more detailed knowledge of the game. Do you think we have the infrastructure? If not, do you think we should be building it as a priority?
  7. Where did that come from? You're not usually one for metaphysics and it's not in the OP. Are you having a funny turn?
  8. Never met him but don't like his persona. It's a no from me.
  9. Ok accepting your figures. It's still a worthwhile investment Vs buying rubbish players or finding good ones.
  10. You'll be claiming we have a business plan next. You'd imagine we have scouts, I'd take it for granted we have scouts but like all the other plans and infrastructure it's really hard to see the evidence for it either in its own terms or in its outcomes.
  11. Can we afford not to scout? 10 scouts on £40k a year (guess) = £400k That's roughly 8k a week. Perhaps the wage of one squad player? Infrastructure costs peanuts Vs the cost of the actual players transfers and wages, but still we seem not to invest in it.
  12. This all day long. These are the must have first two signings of the summer.
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