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  1. What about Ole ole Ole ole All Wednesday aren't we We're all Wednesday aren't we Ole ole See what I did there.....
  2. I think strong foundations are the key in any area of life. I'm not convinced that we have properly invested in either physical infrastructure or background personnel. Training, fitness, coaching, scouting, recovery, professional approach, medical team etc etc Success comes through getting the edge and small margins in many areas. It may all be happening in the background but the overall impression is an amateurish set up given the relative amount of money sloshing around compared to other similar sized businesses. Long term success on the field starts off the field otherwise you are building on sand.
  3. A really thoughtful OP. Thanks. Not very Owlstalk that. Must admit my initial thought when I saw the thread title was... Bannan isn't an annoying, cheating overhyped, self-important chuff. Not that I think anyone else is either....
  4. Yes. There is. But.... No one knows what it is
  5. The Man city players cost tens of millions each. If you spent 2 or 3 million on support staff, you'd get a lot of really great people looking after your investment. It's a sensible long term investment. We should invest in support staff too although it would be on a smaller scale.
  6. These kinds of posts should be a no-brainer. Why spend millions on buying players and millions on their wages withough spending relatively small amounts on support and infrastructure? It's bonkers.
  7. Been going on a lot longer than last couple of seasons. Although so has signing crocks.
  8. Training ground: Good facilities. Isn't that one possible source of our injury crisis?
  9. Saw it from South. Annoyed by noise TBH more than banner. Might have been better to send a positive message to their own fans wherever they were playing. Proves we live in their heads.
  10. Thanks for posting this. It highlights areas to improve and the level of improvement needed. I wonder if anyone at the club does this kind of analysis. I'm sure they do...... But wouldn't be surprised if they don't!
  11. Reminds me of an old joke. ( Adapted) This guy has a dream and God says to him you've been very faithful I'll answer one prayer, anything you like. So the guy says, well Lord I'd really like to go the USA but I hate flying. Any chance you could create a highway across the Atlantic so I could drive there? Ooooh says the Lord that's a huge thing, almost impossible, very difficult. Is there anything else? Well says the guy I'm a Wednesdayite and I'd love to see them being successful. Right says the Lord, this Transatlantic highway, how many lanes.
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