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  1. I remember him playing the game with enthusiasm and a smile on his face. Seemed to be enjoying himself on the pitch. I like players who play like that. The promotion season under Paul Sturrock was my son's first season of going along, around age 9, Lee Peacock was his favourite player.
  2. No one claimed it was a word. Your accusation has left me speechless. Logopathy....
  3. Knew you were thinking that. Telepathy...
  4. Not wanting to be critical but you're a bit late to the party with this. Already covered in great detail on page one. My sympathy for your mistake. See what I did?
  5. Apathy = without pathy, 'a' meaning without or lacking in. Not pathy would be the opposite of pathy which would be 'anti'pathy. You're welcome.
  6. 433? Pelupessy Bannan Lee Harris Forestieri Murphy Pace and movement?
  7. Tell you what. Let's imagine just for this thread that it's only a game of football and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things what the result is. Let's reserve our anger and dismay for actual injustice and tragedies in the world. Eh! Just once? Kidding obviously, we are Owlstalk.
  8. The head / heart thing used to be my OMDT motif. I've lost the will. If you can make it work, good luck my young apprentice.
  9. A brilliant summation MiLord. Trouble is, it's all too true. Personally it's a coin-flip who I'm more frustrated with, the frustraters or the frustratees. Cheeky 0-1 to the Massive. UTO
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