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  1. What definition of everyone are we working to? Asking for a friend.
  2. Drat you. The conspiracy theories were just kicking in and then you come along with a sensible reason. Drat you again.
  3. Just to broaden the topic out a little, I think reliability in terms of being injury free is more important than absolute talent. I'd rather have more mediocre players that can play more or less every game they are required for than good players who make cameos. A solid bunch can gel better. As for Dunkley, I don't thing we can judge on last season as others have said.
  4. So maybe if the critique is of Darren Moore the question could be asked what could be done instead? Anyone can shout Boo! The genius is to look at the same situation and come up with a better answer.
  5. I'm going, I've got Season Ticket refund difference credit to use up.
  6. I expect he'll go after all he supported them as a boy.
  7. You might agree that anyone could take this view about any government. They are elected though as all our governments have been for quite some time now.
  8. The OP requested it be in match day for more visibility. The site owner / mods agreed.
  9. I think in the long term the best way out of this is education. I'm not necessarily meaning just in schools but in society generally. I think my views have changed over time because of a general approach of being educated within a society about other people.
  10. I'm assuming that's a bit tongue on cheek. Asking parliament to debate something carries with it both political and potentially divisive.
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