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  1. Can't see this thread flying TBH. Admitting previously voiced opinions might be wrong is not a big internet thing. Still good luck with it all. PS I've always backed Rhodes.
  2. Would have gone with this line up. Need Reach, Harris and Rhodes to turn up. That will be the difference.
  3. That's the power and wonder of the internet. Taking simple ideas and making them overly complicated and controversial.
  4. According to Urban Dictionary, "Boop the Snoot" is: Providing a boop to another being's nose or snout (stylized as snoot), preferably in a gentle or affectionate manner. Often, this is something one feels the need to do to cute animals.27 Feb 2018
  5. Thanks MiLord. I'm lacking confidence never mind the team, the strikers (except Fletch), the management or the good Burghers of Owlstalk. However Head 2-1 Heart 1-2 UTO
  6. Thanks Snoots. In my constituency the incumbent MP polled 60+% of the vote last time. It feels a bit pointless but I will vote because that's absolutely crucial. There's no point buying a poppy for November 11th if you're not voting on December 12th. Back to football, head says we're not consistent enough 2-1. Heart says come on Wednesday 1-2. UTO
  7. Newspapers are sold to make a profit for their owners. The information in them and the way it is presented is designed to attract and keep readers.* There's no other purpose. There everything you need to know about newspapers. *This is also true of the Guardian** **Guardian readers won't believe this bit.
  8. Garry Monk thought Rhodes was instrumental in that.
  9. Brentford? Brentford? Ridiculous! Brentford, at best, struggling 3rd division side. Most likely encountered in an early round of the League cup. Brentford tho. Really? Playing Brentford in the league? Really. Ridiculous. Don't need the head / heart thing. 5-0 UTO
  10. Sky love him. He wasn't our MOM today.
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