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  1. None of the superstitions mentioned so far seem to be working.
  2. Well done LB! 3 wins from 4. Excellent start. My concern is that the pre-season was largely some one else's, the signings were someone else's and the game plan is probably someone else's. What will LB do when the plan needs to change through injury or suspension or lack of form. What will LB do in the January transfer window. I'm not knocking the start he's made but he's driving someone else's car at the moment.
  3. He played ok defensively although he looks a bit out of his depth at times. In the first half he had lots of opportunity to play the ball forward down the line but every time he played a 10 yard sideways pass to Bannan. In the second half he was more positive. I'm all for encouraging players but we need to be realistic about performances and the ability of players, otherwise it gets difficult to discuss things sensibly. It's just as ridiculous to say a player is better than they are as it is to criticise players for no good reason.
  4. Well done MiLord. Heart wants a win 2-0. Head says they'll come for the draw and we won't have enough creativity 1-1. UTO WAWAW
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