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  1. 8 points from 5 games 72 points from 46 games -12 = 60 Yes we can
  2. Voted JVA because he played well and he's had loads of stick. Actually thought Luongo was MOM. Missed a big striker to bring on for Paterson at the end to hold the ball up and relieve the pressure. I'm sure we used to have one of those....
  3. Thanks for that confirmation. Dad said he thought he played on the right. It's nice to know he can remember somethings well.
  4. Just telling my dad about the new Jack Marriot. He remembered the original chap pictured here. Dad said he was a good player, a winger if he remembers correctly.
  5. Good try Yes No (Golden Gordon) (No) YES Ridiculous Yes
  6. The high spots in the north are all university cities, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool. I'd love to know if the rise in figures is because of students in halls of residence or if it's a rise in the general population? And I'd like to really know not just 'I bet it's the students' style Owlstalk guess.
  7. Yes. Spot on. Read interview with him where he said he grew up near Hallam FC and so went there. His first professional game was the dark side and he stuck with them. When he moved to London he started going with a friend to watch football and watched both Sheffield teams when they were in London. He is a blvde but is happy for us to win because he identified football with Sheffield. If you doubt his love for the game watch the Ripping Yarns episode he made 'Golden Gordon'. He's also a nice guy, open, warm and friendly.
  8. Tin hat on.... When Fletcher was being touted as coming to Hillsborough, he was said to be too old, too expensive, too injury prone and likely to have little impact for a high cost. It worked out ok in the end though. Could this be a similar situation?
  9. I thought in the QPR game it was because it had been raining for 12 hours previously and was still raining very heavily. However the Owlstalk Met Office assured me that while it was 'a bit wet', it was 'perfect weather for football'. So I can't help, sorry.
  10. Lots of people said he wouldn't come here because he wanted a job in the south. Turns out they were right.
  11. I'm wondering why the players keep falling over? Any ideas anyone? Wrong studs?
  12. Neither am I but it's been raining all night.
  13. The pitch is soaked and greasy. Players struggling to keep on their feet. Not the conditions for good football.
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