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  1. I'm bitterly disappointed by our season so far but DM needs more time.
  2. Can't see Ryan coming here. In all honesty I think it would be a mistake. For him.
  3. You are absolutely right. Completely out of order to name call. The trouble is that it's the 'banter' defence. Sometimes it's allowed on OT sometimes it's not.
  4. Who listens to the Wednesday commentary to find the Rotherham score anyway?
  5. If my reasoning is correct that's equivalent on average to everyone attending 70% of their games in a season. That's the average season ticket holder going to 16 games and missing 7. I don't go to all the home games but if I was missing 7 every season I wouldn't be buying a season ticket.
  6. Unless a manager gets relegated after having a full season and pre-season then he should have minimum 2 years. That would be my preferred policy. I think that applies to DM. Give him this season and all next season to turn it round. 4 transfer windows and 2 pre-seasons. Then if it's not working, make a change. In regards to my earlier post in this thread, I wasn't calling for him to go, I was saying I can't see what he's trying to do.
  7. What I don't see is a plan going forward. When we are in their half what's the plan to score? Moore gets criticized for getting the players to play out from the back (rightly so) but it's when we get in their half that we seem lost. The other worry is that he said in his post match interview that he sets up differently all the time to match the opposites. He's not experimenting to get his best side, as maybe some, including me, thought, it's deliberate. I want him to succeed but I can't see it at this rate.
  8. Up to the goal, I don't think we put a cross into the box. After the goal we didn't put in another cross. Why?
  9. I happened to be looking towards the kop when he appeared. He tottered to the hoardings and tried to climb over. He fell over onto the pitchside which drew a cheer. He then wandered slowly into the pitch and stood in their goal. Not only did the stewards react for what seemed an age, none of them seemed to see him. Eventually a couple of stewards ran to him and he was led away. All seemed good natured and I was a bit surprised at the booing. However it was a shocking breach of security considering he could have had more unpleasant intentions.
  10. UTO. Its not so much the win I want to see, I want to see a performance that looks like the players know what they are doing when they go forward.
  11. Better not lose to Cambridge as well as Oxford. The shame of a varsity double defeat.
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