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  1. The vet turns up to geld the stallion foal. To the farmers concern he takes two house bricks out of his bag. 'What are they for', asks the farmer. The vet explains 'You hold one brick either side and bring them together sharply. It crushes the appropriate parts and the horse is gelded.' Gosh says the farmer, ' Does it hurt?'. 'Only if you trap your thumbs,' says the vet.
  2. I think that you can admire the talent and skill someone has and appreciate them for the joy it brings you without having to imagine they won't make mistakes or that they are a perfect person. DH was brilliant to watch and that's what I liked about him. Outstanding striker. I've never admired his personal life, his religious or political standpoint etc. Because I don't know what they are and he wasn't paid to display them. He doesn't have to be all things to all people to be remembered as a great individual and team player.
  3. Rev Owl

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    That begs a question I am too polite to ask....
  4. Rev Owl

    More positives from #SWFC

    Well done all concerned! I really, really, hope (and pray) that this means the second half walk out music has been ditched, 'I O lets go' or whatever it was. Truly appalling song from an appalling genre of music. I can barely find the words to describe my abhorrence. If no one can think of anything better lets have 'Singing the Blues' (The Terry Curran version!)
  5. Rev Owl

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    I agree a massive amount of criticism is being unleashed based on speculation. Maybe the plan was to sell KW and the deal fell through. Simple as. Theories are one thing but to dish out stick to all and sundry based on them is neither fair nor sensible.
  6. We're not going to sell him as the window has closed. We might loan him. We don't know that he won't play until the team gets announced. We don't know if there have been any bids. Beyond that I'm at a loss of what to say. Which is a good job as I have to cook tea now. Pie and mash.
  7. Rev Owl

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Let them get on with it then. Once you start feeling you need to explain yourself over every decision then you have got yourself another full time job. If we moaned down the pub the club wouldn't pop down have a pint and address our concerns. Why should they respond all the time to the twitterers? Jos doesn't have to have a twitter account doesn't have to read it. I wouldn't in his position.
  8. Indeed it is. There's nothing wrong with pure speculation in my book but when people start getting criticised on the basis of it then that's when its wrong. I think if Westwood is fit and not going to be loaned out then he should play because I think he's the best keeper. We don't know that he isn't going to play.
  9. Rev Owl

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Continually responding to criticism based on speculation is a complete no win situation and an unnecessary waste of time.
  10. Rev Owl

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Or the club can keep a dignified silence and people on twitter could choose not to slag off someone they haven't met and when they don't have the facts. Novel eh?
  11. Answers on a postcard please..... For preference pure speculation preferred
  12. Rev Owl

    Ticket Upgrade

    My advice is go to the ticket office in person. The ticket line is outsourced and they aren't always the best way to go with a ticket upgrade. The ticket office have always been very good when I have needed to do this. Just realised from your username that you might not wan to come into Sheffield twice so you ca do it on the day. They probably won't value your Grandad's season ticket at much because they charge you POTG and subtract the average value per game from his ticket.
  13. Rev Owl

    Fernando watch

    I agree about no player bigger than club. At the moment though he's the stand out best and currently if he goes we can't replace him due to the umbongo.
  14. Rev Owl

    Fernando watch

    Clearly photoshopped.
  15. Rev Owl

    Fernando watch

    You can't trust anything you see on the internet.