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  1. Down to 10 men. 1-0 up. Mmmmmm what happens in those situations????
  2. Wave the flags and pass round the Laudanum the Owls are playing tonight. I'm guessing the aforementioned is your recreational of choice MiLord? Not a clear head in the house tonight all being well. Can't see anything other than another round of ignominy starting at 7pm but as my eldest says "You don't watch Wednesday for the football." TBF he's not provided an alternative reason but I think it's genetic. I know I got it from my dad.
  3. Thing is we don't have a good track record of actually selling players under DC. I expect those under contract to stay and maybe some short contract extensions handed out. I can't see us actually selling anyone under contract for a fee. Maybe a few new faces but the regulars will be whoever is left next season.
  4. I know. It was more because it fit the Latin theme better.
  5. Yes. Don't build your house on it. Quick fixes don't work, you need to have strong foundations.
  6. Bannan trying too hard to make up for the penalty miss.
  7. Yes. I thought so. Nice touch from Windass for the assist and confident header from Borner.
  8. Was wondering when the username would manifest in the comments
  9. Prayers with Darren and family. Thanks MiLord. It's just the inevitable playing out now I'm afraid. Anyway chins up, UTO
  10. I thought about offering a glib answer to the OPs question. Then I thought about it a bit more and decided it was actually deeply philosophical along the lines of other questions like 'is it me or is it cold?'. Then I thought nah we're on Owlstalk. So after all of that due consideration my answer is..... YES Glad to help
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