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  1. Nope I was wrong. Ian Snodin didn't play for us.
  2. What about Fathers and sons. Didnt Ron Atkinson's lad turn out for us. Began with a D....
  3. Yes. Pretty sure they played in the same team.
  4. Bookies keep promoting favourites to encourage betting then they drift out. One of them will get the job but which favourite will it be?
  5. Track record of the people they have 'allowed to work' and the results they have expected shows a poor track record. We're in a worse place than when we started. FACT
  6. Surely nothing to do with Brexit. Serbia not an EU country so would have as much right or otherwise as any non-EU citizen?
  7. The latter or Usain Bolt would have been signed up in the Prem.
  8. Book makers shorten odds to get you to bet. Since TP left several names have come into short odds then drifted out again. I'm not saying Coleman won't get the job but I'm not convinced the bookies odds reflect any knowledge on their behalf of the process.
  9. Players not knowing what to do with a throw in as if they had never thought they might get a throw in during a game so didn't practice it in training.
  10. VAR Especially VAR used in some games but not others in the same round of the same competition. It's like playing different rules! 4th officials 4th officials especially when fouls are committed under their nose but they don't tell the ref. Extra time not shown in the stadium so you have to time it yourself. Squad numbers. Not going off the field for treatment. Stopping the game when someone has cramp. And so on and so forth....
  11. If you play someone up front as a 1 or in a 2 you play them there hoping they will score or make scoring more likely for others. Paterson just scored 3 in 3 playing up front. The only debate is whether we have someone who could replace him in that position who would have / will score more. If we do, play them. If we don't play Paterson.
  12. I enjoyed watching the game. I'd like to have had a bit more support for Paterson up front though. I prefer a formation that is x-x-2 than x-x-1.
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