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  1. I only have anecdotal evidence for this*, my own memory, but I think SWFC seem to have been more injury hit than most over last few decades, ie pre-Carlos. I don't know the cause but I don't think it's a new promble. *Anecdotal evidence on here = cast iron, irrefutable fact.
  2. We beat Villa. This was and is the match report page. No quote from Jos.
  3. Good. The elderly need their rest. Us kids can keep going all night daddio.
  4. A) 4 years older than you. B) Not really serious. C) What's your explanation. D) All of the above.
  5. There's no sense in only showing top 5. It's a meaningless grouping. Top 6 makes sense. Top 5 doesn't so why do it.
  6. Yep. Exactly that. Not the first time it's happened. Won't be the last.
  7. For those conspiracy theorists, like me, that think the national media deliberately ignore us..... Some fuel for the fire! Why not show the top 6????? BBC Sport website today.
  8. In terms of players who grafted without scoring too many then Deon Burton. In terms of players who played with enjoyment and seemed to like the club without scoring too many then Lee Peacock. I started off as a huge critic of Nuhiu but he has really won me over.
  9. Rev Owl


    Presumably a 'wrong' result will give rise to a call for Hexit 2. Or a vote on the terms of Exit at the very least?
  10. There are a lot of brave people on this thread. Both my kids struggle / struggled with anxiety in some form or another and thankfully are getting help. My dad is also prone. The frightening thing about mental illness is that it can sometimes appear to come from out of the blue and can make the sufferer feel out of control. I hope you will take this in the spirit in which it is intended - I am going to make a point of praying for Owlstalkers suffering in this way. Blessings
  11. I am a big fan of Jos. I think though that the Owlstalk pendulum tends to swing so wildly backwards and forwards that we are in danger of putting Jos and others on a pedestal only to later knock them off. It is possible to fully support and encourage Jos and the players (and at times critique them) while still taking each game at a time and enjoying it as it comes.
  12. Gosh. Not about the toe. Just gosh. Err... Mmmmmmm
  13. I got the screen shot yesterday from the score centre app. It's still there now. I don't use the App to watch it. I use red button. So I cant help any further sorry.