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  1. Rev Owl

    The Lost Boys

    Hutch wouldn't have played all 22 games.
  2. Rev Owl

    Worth a watch....

    Hi mate. Netflix can be watched online with a computer a smartphone a tablet or a smart TV. Even with those you need a subscription account. So the link is only useful if you specifically pay for Netflix. Hope that helps. PS I think it's a documentary about Sunderland FC
  3. Rev Owl

    1970’s was worse! Absolute B***ocks!

    That's very true but mostly people are trying to put some perspective on a situation where we are still in the second tier and we had a recent trip to Wembley. There have been worse times.
  4. Rev Owl

    1970’s was worse! Absolute B***ocks!

    No roof on the Kop for starters. I remember standing watching the game sideways on to avoid the worst of the hail. Some good sides and players, some awful ones. I remember a pitch invasion when we avoided relegation to the old fourth, like we'd been promoted. It was rubbish sometimes then and it's rubbish sometimes now. That's what it is.
  5. I want to do a joke about my lowest point as a Wednesday fan being about 3 foot 6 when I was 5 years old. Can I do that? Would it be appropriate to this thread or would it be a bit too flippant? Anyone ?
  6. Rev Owl

    Need your help.

    So sorry that this was the outcome. A really tragic situation. Please accept my prayers and condolences. Much love to you and your family.
  7. Rev Owl

    That’s it, i’m done

    I for one am holding my breath.... Tin hat time. PS I'm not judging you or the team. I didn't go. However in the current climate etc....
  8. Rev Owl

    Jos storms out

    In other news the cheeky bet didn't help us. How's the filthy lucre feel?
  9. Rev Owl

    Dealt a bad hand

    Not sure the first six words of that sentence read that well. Ooer
  10. Rev Owl

    That’s it, i’m done

    Quite correct. The OP of the OP was reasonable and his / her right to their opinion. We don't have to be criticised for choosing to not leave.
  11. Rev Owl

    That’s it, i’m done

    Too late to agree he's gone.
  12. Rev Owl

    That’s it, i’m done

    Was. Past tense. However that's an unkind thing to say.
  13. Rev Owl

    That’s it, i’m done

    My money is pre-wasted for the next 2 and half years. I'm stuck with it, but then I'm a tru-fan apparently (whatever that is). I'm genuinely sorry that you are feeling upset.
  14. Rev Owl

    Dealt a bad hand

    mmmm not sure Santa is to blame particularly? Anyone?
  15. Rev Owl

    JOS OUT!

    A disappointing haul of plusses for the first post of a thread with that title in this atmosphere. In going to plus it for sheer entrepreneureal spirit.