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  1. I do agree with your observations, I thought as much myself. During the worst if the injury crisis Reach carried the team on his own. Where I might differ is that I think there is a talented player in there who, could with the right coaching, become a very talented player for us in a talented side. However in the short term I would accept an £8 million offer because that would lighten the load. The undoubted difference for me is the manager not the players.
  2. Thanks MiLord, if that's who you are... Not a criticism but feel the fourth wall breached with this one. Perhaps Snoots in reflective mood and simply giving a brilliant analysis of the current situation without the usual domestic Argy bargy? Anyway I think we'll be trying to win tomorrow but also looking after one or two with knocks etc. Not making a prediction just looking forwards to a good game. Hillsborough is a positive place to be at the moment. Happy Easter to you all. God bless Rev
  3. Sky commentators all Norwich. We was robbed. A moral victory to the mighty Owls.
  4. I agree 100% Have you read Owlstalk before though?
  5. Thanks again Milord. There's plenty in what SB says to keep the speculators in business during the next few weeks, you and me included. As to Norwich, head says they can clinch promotion and nothing in it for us so 2-0. Heart says it the Wednesday way to have previously thrown away our chance and then to pull off a great result 0-2.
  6. My memory of the day is going to a friend's house in Crookes around 5 past 3 and seeing the pictures on the TV. We didn't really realise then what was happening. When we got in the car we put Radio Sheffield on and heard there was a call for registered blood donors to go to town to give blood. When we were half way there we heard they had enough so we continued our journey. The aftermath of the way it was investigated, the way it was reported and the lack of all round honesty just made everything worse. I suppose because I wasn't there on the day and the Owls weren't playing in the match, I find I am strangely detached from it all and don't really connect SWFC with it. RIP the 96 I'm praying the families get some closure and find some peace.
  7. In fact if you are at Hillsborough and hear someone shouting 'Bye line, get to the bye line y'chuff' that'll be yours truly.
  8. Gosh that's an in depth reply . I always learn something from these sorts of posts. I do have to say though that the two formations that include both Fletcher and Hooper are what I want to see because, it's as you also rightly say, it's also about personnel. If I were Fletcher or Hooper I would want someone to share the responsibility with for putting the ball in the net. Perhaps it's my age but I think in terms of strike partners. Whatever happens though let's play more on the front foot, less passing round our own half, more wing play beating a man, getting to the bye line and putting in a cross. Old school !
  9. Well the current trend is for 433 so I'm not sure how that helps out with midfield? 352 helps midfield and allows a front two but requires exceptional wing backs. Bruce seems to play 442. I don't think the problem in midfield is the formation but rather the current personnel. We had no out ball against Leeds because there was no pace from Boyd and no effective overlapping from Fox. Bannan huffs and puffs but can easily be out muscled. Midfield is the place to sort out but it also relies on two good fullbacks. I'd rather stay at home than go to Hillsborough and watch 451 regardless of who the one is.
  10. No because this is a forum about football and we're only discussing it because you decided to make unfounded and throw away comments.
  11. I do know different and you are wrong on both counts.
  12. I think we're going to have Rhodes next season because no one will buy him. I think with the likes of Aaron's and possibly Lazaar or that type of player they'll be more crosses for him. So I think it will be Fletcher plus one of Hooper or Rhodes if Hooper stays. Forestieri will have to play in midfield and lump it. If Hooper doesn't stay I think Winnall and Rhodes will fight it out to partner Fletcher. I don't think SB fancies João. Matias if he stays will be in midfield and Nuhiu if he stays will come on last 10 from time to time. Not saying these are necessarily my preferred options but I think that's how it will go.
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