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  1. Already seeing loads of the bottom feeders shirts all over place. Won't be long before there's a 50/50 pigs/millers scarf knocking about
  2. The only reason he is a premier league player is because of the size of the squads( one of many) he was arguably a bit better than jj
  3. I heard pigs were sniffing but I'm guessing thats off with him moving house
  4. I am alex's cousin. He is Wednesday. Rest don't care about football
  5. Got to be better than howson. No info just glee when it went boobs up
  6. Our best investment for years. Probably needs to stay another year for us to get a decent pay out unless we go up next year!
  7. I'm up for someone beating that. I'm sloshed so might have missed a few
  8. Pressman sterland williamson smith shirtliff haslam hyde hamshaw quinn pearson Reeves
  9. Sorry if anyone mentioned it but i think fairest way is stop season where it is and start next season as handicap points wise. At least what you did this season will count for summat. Doesn't help us but i think best solution
  10. How good he was depends on what you've seen and the era you watched it. I wasn't a fan but he isnt anywhere near as bad as some of the poo ive seen in last 40 yearsyearsl
  11. Thoughts are when table says we are minus points i will believe it. Until then i will try not to die or kill anyone 😷😷😷
  12. Bang on mate.add the babbling jim white to the list of muppets.if football does go teets up the only upside is that mcmoron having to get another job
  13. You appear to want to find holes my point of view........ Yours is just as good. I think i put a fair view forward
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