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  1. They looked decent attackin wise last week but once colin decided to attack they looked really vulnerable. 2-1
  2. Barstool must have been winding me up then! I'll give him a clip..... Should have guessed he is a miller. Apologies
  3. Heard from me mate that garner and another got a medical on sunday. Don't know other one.
  4. Already seeing loads of the bottom feeders shirts all over place. Won't be long before there's a 50/50 pigs/millers scarf knocking about
  5. The only reason he is a premier league player is because of the size of the squads( one of many) he was arguably a bit better than jj
  6. I heard pigs were sniffing but I'm guessing thats off with him moving house
  7. I am alex's cousin. He is Wednesday. Rest don't care about football
  8. Our best investment for years. Probably needs to stay another year for us to get a decent pay out unless we go up next year!
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