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  1. It was me my mate and about 15 in small family groups and across road 150 of them. Fancied our chances till old bill turned up....,was just about to start bouncing and pointing. I was a fright pointer back in day. Promo season under Ron. Hirst scored.
  2. Some people are so sensitive. It's just a friendly don't be the big I am!
  3. Only with vodka. Never touched a monster
  4. Well he is a defender so it indicates joined up thinking
  5. Stockport lost 3-1 carnage all day got in sheff at 10 pm off train blades waiting at howard
  6. Bannans corners are woeful. Tbf to him it might benefit him sharing the load with better players.
  7. They weren't as far behind Wycombe or Rotherham though
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