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  1. That dean hughes looks about 12 and probably plays fifa all day with no clue about recuitment...
  2. Can’t understand why we play Pelupessy instead of Hunt. Everytime he gets the ball its just the same backwards/horizontal play and zero creativity. Whos decision was it to sign him...
  3. I rate Wildsmith much more than Dawson, but certainly aren’t helped by what’s in front of them. It’s crazy how many goals we concede because i genuinely rate Borner and Iorfa, and I think many others do. Have we been missing Tom Lees?
  4. Agree mostly, but who else is he supposed to select? To be fair Monk didn’t have a choice picking Pelupessy, Lee injured
  5. People keep saying this, but what players currently under contract are we actually supposed to get rid of? First of all who wants to buy them, second of all our squad is down to the bare bones. For me, when they decided to extend pelupessys contract that was a signal the club new they were really struggling. Will we be able to keep bannan? When he isn’t involved we have no one capable of stringing decent passes together.
  6. How many times were we caught out tonight? I love Borner, and he should have had a goal, but I thought he was far too forward and we were always chasing back. We can moan all we want about the disallowed goal, and Stockley that maybe could have been sent off, but caused our own downfall. Don’t have the stats to hand, but we must be up there with points lost after scoring first, absolutely ridiculous. Cant wait for the season to end. Monk out, Bullen out.
  7. Whats happened to Urgohide? Seems to have vanished off the scene
  8. Depends on the formation. I think Da Cruz would be more effective in a front three, he’s not an out and out striker like wickam. Everyone was probably hoping that Rhodes might have come out the otherside of lockdown a better player, but 4 games in I’m still not convinced - regardless of the formation. All monk needs to do is find out the best formation that is suited to the players we have, as opposed to being stubborn and playing what might he deemed as the other players with the most ‘technical abilty’ in any formation.
  9. We’ve probably not had to say this many times recently, but it genuinely is a must win. We have had this cloud hovering over us for far too long now and it’s only matter of time before it starts to pour, and quite heavily as well. Up the owls
  10. If its Ifollow then it’s illegal (apparently)... Just don’t create an event on Facebook in order to keep the snitches away. Id be fully behind it, but it be down to the decisions of the individuals running the pubs.
  11. Why the hell is this taking so long??!! All we want as fans is clarification, good or bad.
  12. By ‘it wouldn’t look good’ do you mean ‘we definitely shouldn’t spend big in order to avoid further drama down the line... But probably will anyway cause DC doesn’t know what the fek he is doing’?
  13. Of course, but we won’t find him. Our scouting system is the equivalent of david blunkett going fishing.
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