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  1. We will be helping lots of other fans out with that as well
  2. I think 1-0 was a fair score, we looked brilliant in spells but the heat will have been draining also even for croatia who I think were poor to say they had a number of starters that were World Cup runners up 3 years ago. For me the best thing about this england side is the ability to adapt our personnel and shape according to their opposition. I think against scotland grealish will need to start because they will just sit back. Add rashford and sancho to the mix, it’s a frightening front line. Also shout out to Pickford and mings,they’ve had his critics but were outstandin
  3. Obviously it’s your opinion but personally I couldn’t disagree more. This is the first major event where people from all across Europe have been able to come together and celebrate with each other and in different countries. England have got a fantastic young team and i just feel the whole occasion will lift people’s spirits and finally put the scaremongering media to bed. And of course the sooner last season ended the better.
  4. What are people expecting? Some right muppets on here, everyone is fully aware of the circumstances the club finds itself in, barely able to sign players and on the brink of going out of business.
  5. Signing players released by Grimsby epitomises Sheffield Wednesday in 2020/2021
  6. Iorfa will certainly not be here. Once he’s finished his rehab here he will be off. Dunkley is a sick note and won’t be able to do over 25 games a season.
  7. Quite probably the best news we’ve had in the last 2 years... How depressing.
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