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  1. Congratulations and well deserved.. He’s often been criticised and was arguably dropped in at the deep end, unfairly, by Dross Lukuhay. Be interesting to see what happens with wildsmith now. Injury certainly not helped him, may as well loan him out somewhere local
  2. I get that it will be good for Shrewsbury financially.. But equally, watching them get tonked by Liverpool reserves at anfield on a Tuesday night isn’t a spectacle that draws in a wide tv audience is it.
  3. Do you think the fa cup will end up on sky/bt within the next 5 years? There’s something about it being on the bbc making it available to everyone with no charges.. The league cup is obviously now on sky and the ridiculous thing about this is now it is ‘chelsea u23s v wycombe’, it’s madness. I’m too young to remember the league cup being on free to view tv but just seems inevitable with the fa cup now
  4. Yep, which would completely contradict the constant moaning about fixture congestions.. Winds me up so much
  5. He’s come out and said he’s selling us... Back to Mandaric
  6. I do massively agree that the fa cups reputation as the most treasured and famous history has rapidly declined in the last decade. Personally, I don’t think it is premier league clubs that should take the blame. I think everyone below the championship treats it with the sincerity that it certainly deserves. Whilst it’s easy to point the finger at commercialism, the competition needs to adapt. I think its ridiculous that we still have replays especially in the early rounds. What purpose is it serving? It will benefit some small teams like shrewsbury who’s fans have a big trip to anfield to look forward to. Why shouldn’t we have extra time in the third round? It’s little things like this that might help to reinvigorate the nation’s interest in it.
  7. For those who criticise the chairman... Think again Oh my...
  8. Shows how bad we were if people thought teale was a big name...
  9. I hear he’s a doubt for the euros.. Probably never fully recovered from being taken out by james o’connor
  10. Spot on.. People are deluded if they think it would.. We were on the back foot from the off and never looked like stringing two or three passes together
  11. Very worrying that it’s taking this long to go and get someone and yes we would have had targets coming into this. Even if these have been snapped up by other clubs it still worries me, anyone has to be an upgrade on winnall surely. Absolutely diabolical; league 1 player at best.
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