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  1. The academy never had any investment when Chansiri came in, apart from that new white tent they created.
  2. But again should we be surprised. At least we managed to get rid of fessi and fletch before they published that list
  3. If by nice you mean humble then yeah possibly. He has a lot to prove to himself as it’s only really his second job, wasn’t he caretaker boss at the baggies? Either way, its his biggest challenge and unfortunately one I think he will regret taking purely because there are no foundations in place to build anything positive. Suppose the only thing that might play in his favour, and there are several ifs, but if/when we do go down i can see him staying here. Chansiri generally speaking gives managers time - minus the pulis freak show, and also I think if we manage to hold onto
  4. Especially in a disastrous season like this when goals are being conceded left right and centre regardless of who plays or who we play
  5. Always take those stats with a pinch of salt
  6. Id say that’s the one thing he definitely wasn’t good at, although probably not as bad as Wildsmith. Definitely a better shot stopper though.
  7. Not sure if he’s still injured, but is it time to bring Dawson back? Can’t believe im saying that but yeah Wildsmith having a very poor run at this time. Might as well forgot about Westwood, doubt he will be back before the end of the season.
  8. When was the last time we came from a goal down to win - any takers? Can only assume it was last season.
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