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  1. Completely agree. Take it you didn’t rate Jay Bothroyd then
  2. That said, i do hope they go down never liked them even before both clubs were subject to any EFL punishment.
  3. Sounds daft but depends if they can keep hold of Rooney. Yes he has very little experience in management, however not only does he have better connections than most in terms of bringing in possible loans in January - they also would have more chance with 1 manager than going through 4 in the same season like us which gave us no end of trouble.
  4. Just following suit with all of our other academy graduates then.
  5. Didn’t realise they got relegated out of the FL. Ffs keep up we don’t loan our players to anyone half decent
  6. Described by the club as a ‘massive move’. By us, not them btw
  7. That’s some claim that. Assuming you’ve only been going since about 2000 then
  8. He’s garbage, and I think the reason he gets more slack than most because he’s ‘one of our own’
  9. The only other one in a similar position that isn’t static is adeniran and he looks so lively but was odd that he got brought off when he did.
  10. No one is saying he’s a consistently bad player but its just that every single manager has never tried to do anything different when it’s not working. Nothing wrong with experimenting especially when we’ve got so many new players.
  11. Did anyone see the ‘trouble’ at the top of Hillsborough park? Some 17 year olds from Shrewsbury scrapping with some of our lot… Stone island, what a badge of honour that is
  12. We robbed ourselves by missing a penalty and not putting the game to bed after 30 mins.
  13. What do you mean by strong exactly? He’s abysmal going forward, runs as far as he can then turns round and passes back. At least Jack Hunt capable of putting a good ball in.
  14. the one at home 2019 just before Christmas. We won the game 1-0 and think we were 3rd. The rest as they say, is history.
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