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  1. Anything but Pelupessy and Fletcher Fletcher couldn't hit a barn door
  2. http://www.skysports.com/transfer-centre Grant Hanley at Blackburn - why does our club take so long to finalise deals? This was apparently on the cards months ago and even as far back as January. Laughable really.
  3. Depends what you define as best? Quality or score? Atmosphere? A few spring to mind, 4-4 against Huddersfield. 6-0 against Leeds, the championship play off final.
  4. Don't know what it means by mark clement being a 'Sought After Host' either
  5. Yep, although come to think of it if they don't increase the size of their squad they may be unwilling to let him leave
  6. Harry what's his name from Spurs? No not Kane, the younger chap
  7. Preston (L) QPR (W) Sunderland (D) Fulham (W) Burton (W) Total: 10
  8. how is that madness? Modern day football is all about balancing the books. Rhodes has looked sharp in pre-season so I wouldn't exactly call it reckless
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