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  1. Even though i was in Cardiff, one of my favourite bits of commentary when that first goal went in ‘jp mcgovern!!!!!!!’
  2. Exeter away 2012 - pretty sure we lost 3-0. The away end was uncovered and obviously was weeing down.
  3. I loved it, Epitomises the 90s. The decade where clubs could get away with crazy shirt designs, i mean come on it certainly isn’t as bad as the bruised banana arsenal shirt!
  4. Would happily have him back to replace Pelupessy
  5. Wasn’t fortunate to be alive during this era but heard there were some fantastic characters even if not great football.
  6. Where’s the summer transfer official thread n all
  7. May be good for us as efl surely can’t make any decisions in this period that may have financial/legal implications etc.?
  8. Hopefully the remainder of the season can be postponed, along with any impending EFL decisions
  9. I think chansiri has bigger tuna to fry right now than worry about this.
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