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  1. Yep. If it was outside the box it would have been given ( which I’ve never understood why this is always the case) , so I don’t see the difference because he denied a goal scoring opportunity.
  2. It’s all about angles. At first it looked like a blatant penalty but then the tv replay showed there wasn’t much in it. The referee has only 1 angle and you can’t blame them for making a call, even if someone else has a better view. Thats why VAR was brought in; however the trouble with it is it takes that long to make decisions, most of which end up being wrong. Maybe wrong isn’t the best word, i think alot of the issues are down to the rule book which seems to be getting more and more pedantic each year. The one man utd conceded in their game yesterday, I’m not sure what else their defender could have done as his arm wasn’t in a ‘un natural’ position.
  3. Judging by the last few years he will run down his contract and if we sell him it will be for peanuts.
  4. That’s the first time I've seen an elev8 advert on tv haha, noticed they filmed above the train station.. Clearly just for ifollow purposes don’t expect it to be shown in between episodes of Corry
  5. Are the away team getting changed in a portakabin or something, noticed they are coming onto the pitch from Next to the north stand
  6. Not sure why that’s old fashioned.. from what i can gather training sessions these days are far more intense than what they used to be so not beyond the realms of possibility
  7. At 20 yrs old I assume he’s on low wages and if the transfer fee is low i see no reason why not. Then again, we really should be focusing our attention on a striker/another attacking midfielder.
  8. Can anyone advise re ifollow tomorrow? Another thread said there was a deadline of 4pm yesterday to subscribe and I queried it but didn’t get a response. Only asked just cause before you could pay for the match pass about 10 mins before
  9. Is that if you’re a season ticket holder? The games last season you could buy a match pass til about 15 mins before KO
  10. In my time.. Fastest, Jermaine Johnson Slowest, Atdhe Nuhui (Honourable mention to mark crossley)
  11. Hope not. Love the green one, the grey one is awful.
  12. Huddersfield and Coventry also interested apparently. Guess it would be up to him
  13. Both the thread title and article completely misleading.
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