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  1. Why? We have gregory who’s far more prolific, less injury prone and on less wages.
  2. Probably sounds worse than what it actually is…. Given that the likes of Shodipo and Kamberi fall into that category
  3. Players only ever get booked for time wasting towards the end of games, yet all season we’ve had teams rock up and start with these antics 10 mins into the game. Defeats the whole point of it - if the refs are going to book them (as its seen as an offence in their book), then why wait til the end? Pointless.
  4. Didn’t he buy steven Fletchers house in fulwood?
  5. Yeah, i mean its not like he’s played 50+ games this season and lost in the last minute of a play off semi final…. wouldn’t read that much into it.
  6. I wouldn’t be too concerned about that at this stage. Yes Iorfa struggled once he came back from his injury but form is temporary, class is permanent and he’s more than shown his ability over the last few seasons and I think with a good pre season under his belt he will be back to his best next season. And for Che Dunkley, felt a little bit for him as he was an absolute colossus mid way through the season and don’t think he got as much playing time as maybe he deserved. In my opinion he should have played much more because of his strong aerial ability and had if he is here next season playing more games I would be confident we would concede less set pieces.
  7. They were more energetic and won most of the first/second/third balls so by my reckoning, that is being more up for it.
  8. Tactically outclassed - care to elaborate? It’s obvious over both legs that Sunderland were more up it and were first to all the balls - jack all to do with tactics.
  9. Read stuff about tactics and how he got it wrong over 2 legs - but if anyone can make suggestions about what he should have done differently then feel free to post. Both legs it came down to them wanting it more and being first to most of the balls - can a manager do that much to influence that, I’m not so sure. And there will be people that say ‘get rid of those who don’t play for the shirt’ - that’s utter rubbish, every single player on that pitch has hid the right mentality all season. Sometimes got to hold your hand up and accept we were out played and out fought. Hope Sunderland do it in the final as it’s a massive club that’s been in that division for too long.
  10. If I'm being honest, I don’t think he got that much wrong tactically. Palmer starting ahead of Hunt in the first leg was the right call as he’s stronger defensively.
  11. Think we just ran out of steam. Can’t knock the players all season. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept the other team is better - Sunderland were far better and were more up with it both teams/ Whether DM is the man is another discussion.
  12. Agreed. There’s only so much one man can do once the other men cross the white line.
  13. On what ground (not middlewood road as it’s cursed, apparently)
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