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  1. I think Pulis rates him though. He might be ‘rough and tumble’, but he certainly puts in a shift and chases the ball down compared to the likes of Rhodes and big Dave.
  2. The fact that two of the most experienced managers out there in Tony Pulis and Steve Bruce had no qualms whatsoever in picking both of them speaks volumes about the other managers we’ve had. Not going to lie, I think westwoods best days might be behind him. If Wildsmith can keep performing well consistently then I see no reason whatsoever to drop him as soon as Westwood is fit.
  3. According to the guidelines, fans are to avoid excessive singing and shouting. ... F*** this I’m out.
  4. Fantastic save. Just hope he can perform consistently over the course of the season.
  5. As many people on here we have said, we have to be realistic. The manager is making the best at his disposal, and so are the players. Can’t understand why there are still fans that expect more from this squad. Recruitment was horrendously mis managed in the summer. Failing to replace a more than competent left back and a quality striker. January will be critical for the club
  6. Its a shame norwich left their bad performance of the week for tonight.
  7. Would play iorfa in there. In an ideal world you would have him at centre back of course, but Lees and Borner have been excellent. Would mean we would have to play Odubajo at right back, which frightens the life out of most people especially as they should have had a penalty from him. Will be a tough call either way.
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