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  1. Making sure people can get care when they need to by managing the flow into the NHS. Lowering the risk of people dying until more research can be completed - like todays T-cell news. Stopping needless deaths. There is a balance with quality of life and preserving life. There is with many decisions that governments make. In this case, the risk to life was too high and the balance tipped to preserving life. Now we understand more things will get back to a new normal. Humans are social creatures, but asking you to be sensible, not attend football and interact in different ways isn't a ridiculous ask. You're not been asked to enlist and throw yourself into oncoming fire. EDIT: Now back on topic. Football is a game and this situation is farcical. Can we not just resume the season when its safe to do so then assess?
  2. Probably is offensive in some way to someone. However, I do like it when unrelated videos and music match so well.
  3. Just read this thread. I can't stand the negative mind-set of some people. We have no green spaces, BUT Manchester does. - That is completely incorrect. Manchester's green spaces are poor, so are a lot of its public spaces. Its still a concrete jungle - It is a CITY CENTRE where there are some parks, and on-street landscaping. Will you only be satisfied if we got rid of everything and had fields? Beggars and graffiti - happens everywhere. If you want to get some perspective go to Italy. Never seen as much graffiti as I did in Milan (that leading, global city). The council paying for development and been in control of busses and public transport - the Council's hands are tied by national gov and are at the mercy of development economics. The council can only guide development through good planning. They do not have unlimited funds to work with. They also do not pay to build student accommodation. They can simply approve or refuse (and then maybe lose an appeal) planning applications. The council have to work with the decline of national retail - don't expect Debenhams to last much longer. Once they go, a huge unit will be vacant and in private hands. Its things like this where the council will have to react and encourage private investment. Sheffield's urban design and public spaces compete with the best in the country.
  4. Ashley isn't going to have the cash to spend as the Saudi's won't get through the fit and proper tests.
  5. In summary, there have been no major ground improvements. Have any corporate areas been refurbished? Last time I was in the South Stand it screamed the 90s.
  6. There will likely be a few of these centres in Sheffield.
  7. Looking at the pictures of all the other test centres - no. You need space and multiple lanes (otherwise theres going to be a huge queue).
  8. Surely people would accept transferring the remaining games for the equivalent number of games when fans are allowed to return?
  9. Wasn't expecting anything but that was uninspired. Boring football without an attempt to win a knock out game. If theres no motivation to put on a performance against one of the best sides in England then what effort are the players going to put in against regular teams in the league? This summer needs a full clear out, i'm not sure if Monk needs to be included in that or not. Not hopeful that he would be able to reform a squad to compete for promotion.
  10. If we've got it in black and white with specific references to regulations from the EFL (any employee of) we will have the upper hand. This appears to be a shift in the EFL's position with the new head taking a tougher line on P&S. Problem is for EFL, if the institution has given professional advice then Wednesday should be able to claim against the equivalent of professional indemnity (if a governing body require it?). Theoretically, no matter what points deduction is applied, Wednesday could claim compensation which would need to be paid to counteract any points deduction served.
  11. Every small decision is the wrong one to make. Playing it around with no purpose and not thinking about it. Win a ball off a striker, turn around, forget they exist then invite the challenge from said striker.
  12. We're not looking smart atm. Playing defensive and sloppy.
  13. So just to understand the entire holding back and space argument - has every other ground been subject to this standard? It is a completely unreasonable measure to go off. Fans can easily be held inside the stadium, including their seats if needed. I do not buy the argument that space is required to accommodate every fan in the area.
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