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  1. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Just when you think Carlos has completely lost it he pulls it back. Big win for him.
  2. Inexcusable

    We keep failing to show up for big occasions. Playoff final, Hudds Semi and now today.
  3. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    These 6 mins have been so much better. Need Reach to place his crosses better.
  4. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    That is a surprise sub.
  5. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    CC needs to learn very quickly from that first half. We can't go up playing like that.
  6. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    This is going to turn ugly. Theres no passion.
  7. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Poor start but recoverable.
  8. Showing that there is a difference between the two clubs. We're just classier.
  9. Wonder whether they'll retract that claim like they did in Orlando.
  10. Wednesday 2 : 4 United - MATCHDAY THREAD

    Strong matchday thread, just need the performance on the pitch to match. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  11. Tickets were on sale to 5pm today weren't they?
  12. It's really not a big deal that we've got a couple of hundred of tickets left. The game is on Sky and is at a minimum £42 for non-members - membership in itself been £50. Tickets appear to be on sale until 5pm. Can imagine we will shift a fair few of the remaining.
  13. Winnall to Brum

    Maybe controversial, but one of Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes/FF should go before Winnall. We need a varied attack, I think the first four are too similar and we can afford to lose one.
  14. Winnall to Brum

    I don't think Winnall should be so 'low down' our pecking order. He is different to FF, Hooper and Fletcher and we need him. His value hasn't been recognised.