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  1. On our way to positive points. 2nd game in, why can't we win again? UTO
  2. I'd happily rent Hillsborough out to them. We'd have to be careful on the share deal though. If its with the stadium's company then we won't get any FFP benefit. If they pay SWFC rent that might work. Can also see them trying to ground share with Rotherham.
  3. On ourrrr way On our way To positive points We're on our way
  4. Putting him in the U23s might be sidelining him a bit. Maybe he's aiming higher?
  5. Monk saying nothing urgent when Att has already followed him. We all know the best source for transfer news.
  6. This is an excellent precursor to a season where we'll lack bite up front and try to draw out way out of -12 Poor start, regardless of competition, in a time we need to smash it.
  7. I love how this is being blamed on diversity. Theres probably a bit of politics with a producer that has blown up behind the scenes, but sure, its all wokeness. Can't be anything else.
  8. When I saw the title of this thread i thought it would be about the actual number of players in the squad, which still remains quite low given the fixture congestion ahead.
  9. Great work by the social media team.
  10. I'd rather we have different players who can change the mentality of others from last season. He hasn't shown that he's worth taking on.
  11. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53807173 The state of the EFL. Heads should be rolling.
  12. The claim that punishment was delayed as we'd have avoided relegation shows an inconsistency in governance then the EFL fizzed up in bringing the charges is reason enough.
  13. This is explosive. Get the appeal in. F**k the EFL.
  14. Lets face it, 2020 is the year for crappy threads.
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