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  1. The absolutely god awful approach to these games cost us. Not the referee. We had nothing to lose tonight and produced barely anything. We have ourselves to blame. Next season, automatic promotion please.
  2. 20 minutes to save this. There's just nothing to suggest we will do it.
  3. If Moore loses this game he deserves to walk. God awful tactics and approach to a big occasion. I do not understand the attitude here. We're 1-0 down.
  4. Someone in that stadium run up to Moore and wake him up. It's the playoffs, not pre-season.
  5. Should've changed things at half time. What the fizz are we waiting for? To lose 1-0?
  6. Painful this. I think we all know we're not winning the game at this rate and we are doing little to try to salvage it.
  7. It's 5am and following on twitter, if we've not put our attacking options on the bench Moore has messed up.
  8. We need to change this up massively, Dele could add pace and have the ability to drive us forward. Not sure if Moore will go all out attack, but it's needed and there is no point waiting till the 70/80th minute to change things.
  9. Ah yes, those extra four rows then the added segregation on the block nearest the north too. SAG really need to be told where to go sometimes.
  10. So having a look at some pics, there's an area of the Kop behind the left pillar which was relatively empty. Not a sell out?
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