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  1. Every small decision is the wrong one to make. Playing it around with no purpose and not thinking about it. Win a ball off a striker, turn around, forget they exist then invite the challenge from said striker.
  2. We're not looking smart atm. Playing defensive and sloppy.
  3. So just to understand the entire holding back and space argument - has every other ground been subject to this standard? It is a completely unreasonable measure to go off. Fans can easily be held inside the stadium, including their seats if needed. I do not buy the argument that space is required to accommodate every fan in the area.
  4. 4:59pm triple signing announcement on the way? Reach rumour will be rubbish.
  5. I can't decide if this is a good or bad move on our part. The fee is good, but Joao offered something different and we need a varied strike force. I don't think we'll be in the market for another striker. Hopefully means some of the funds will go to the squad, not entirely to debt repayment or keeping within FFP.
  6. its strange to have it as a one-off in a pre-season friendly. The attendance isn't high, the audience on Youtube isn't massive.
  7. It does seem to be for this game only. I do wonder how much we've got for this, bit odd.
  8. That video looks more like a game promo.
  9. Elsewhere - Man City 7 - 0 Schalke (10-2) on aggregate.
  10. A lot of teams might have a game in hand on us - but how on earth are we near the Playoffs?! We were terrible for the majority of the season under Jos.
  11. We had the best chance with Hutch. Overall we did very well against a side who have, annoyingly, been one of the best in the league. We've definitely turned a corner though which is reassuring.
  12. I personally don't mind the use of drones. We've had traditional CCTV and body cameras for years. Its the bloody segregation and iron fence which is O.T.T.
  13. We wouldn't have needed to attack from the off. We would have been better going forward.
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