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  1. Elsewhere - Man City 7 - 0 Schalke (10-2) on aggregate.
  2. A lot of teams might have a game in hand on us - but how on earth are we near the Playoffs?! We were terrible for the majority of the season under Jos.
  3. We had the best chance with Hutch. Overall we did very well against a side who have, annoyingly, been one of the best in the league. We've definitely turned a corner though which is reassuring.
  4. I personally don't mind the use of drones. We've had traditional CCTV and body cameras for years. Its the bloody segregation and iron fence which is O.T.T.
  5. We wouldn't have needed to attack from the off. We would have been better going forward.
  6. Regardless of effort, our tactics from the start were way too negative. I know its Chelsea, but this could've been very different.
  7. Stop passing it around the back and launching it forward.
  8. fizzes sake. 2-0. If we don't go all out attack now whats the point?!
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