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  1. Watching the good place on Netflix, very easy and light-hearted. Don't think I want to watch Squid Game.
  2. A world cup every year is a ridiculous idea. A reason will probably be given it allows for more host countries to spread promote football further, which it absolutely does not need.
  3. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-58357046 Safe-standing is to be allowed. Plans to lift the ban on standing in the English Premier League and Championship are set to be announced by the government, the BBC has learned. No real comment on league one?
  4. If people are expecting to win every game this loss is exactly what they needed. We can't just turn up and expect to win, from players to fans we need to be grounded. Quite happy we've lost, this new squad can learn from it and move on.
  5. I don't think our signings look 'heavy' at all. Reminds me more of the Chris Turner/Sturrock league one rebuild. Reading fans forums of other league one teams we're mentioned as favourites for promotion a fair bit, not just based on coming down. It looks like quite a competitive league, but we've got a competitive squad. Let's see how we go.
  6. The amount of criticism against the pink kit is laughable. Most comments say 'why not yellow', cause it can't be yellow every season!
  7. They'll do. Nice to have a different away kit too.
  8. Even with international influence online, controlling access by verified IDs on social media will reduce home grown radicalisation, extremism and hate crime.
  9. I think people forget Southgate is also learning. He learnt a very harsh lesson last night. Hopefully we don't repeat the same mistakes at the World Cup.
  10. Saw this and joined in. Him and every virtue signalling right wing journo can kindly, jump off a bridge. That England squad showed spirit and a togetherness that has been rare in an increasingly nasty UK.
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