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  1. Read an article some years ago. If I remember correctly, he did have a very powerful shot, which ultimately caused his injury. A shot of his rebounded off the keeper, and hit him in the stomach. He carried on playing till half time, whereupon he complained of feeling unwell. He was hospitalised, and I think had a kidney removed. Unfortunately still succumbing to his injury, or result of the operation on New Years Eve. He received a posthumous Winners Medal when Wednesday Reserves won the Midland League that season, 1922/23.
  2. Soz, I was having a last fag before retiring to bed.
  3. I know we've got a big following heading down to Plymouth, hoping for a big win, but who the hell ordered 2 tons of coke. 0 - 4 to THE MIGHTY OWLS COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  4. Yep, terrible this new ticketing site. I'd much rather travel down and use the ticket office. Or potg if I'm taking more of the grandkids.
  5. If you haven't a season ticket or membership, general sale is on Friday 10th. Probably why that error code is coming up. Try again on Friday.
  6. If you can't see how to on there, then trawl back to June on the swfc latest news, and there should be a link on there to do a password reset, and then assign ownership. Or summat.
  7. Did you do a new password reset for the new ticketing website ?
  8. I'm sure that came up on the rebate options back in June/July. Did you do any rebate options on the new ticketing website. Your details from 25 years ago would have been on the old Seetickets website, not the new Seatgeek website.
  9. Stockton a worry against Morecambe, but think the hiccup will come against Sunderland. Just to put a downer on mi birthday plans.
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