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  1. When you have so many fans saying they wont watch on tv or they wont go again while dc in charge then something has to give. I'm sure some are emotional and off the cuff responses but not all. Your hobby/obsession shouldn't be poo all the time
  2. Growing up going to my first matches all that there was to worry about was if we won the next game. I feel sorry for kids following Wednesday now that there is no hope. Only a fools hope (gandalf). Following your team should be fun, have hope, tears maybe joy but surely not the positivity vacuum its become. Personally i would have liked stuart gray to have been given a chance but i can see why the owner went for carlos and it nearly worked but he has made an absolute arse biscuit of this club ever since alienating so many people. The damage he is doing reputationally is not going to go away an
  3. Both garbage but dave had nuisance value for last ten minutes.
  4. Phil neville just irritates/bores/annoys/baffles me. No thanks
  5. If we had plenty of money i would be happy with howe
  6. Not saying its not a great achievement but it was done by overspending massively. Something he wouldn't have here.
  7. Don't think he is the worst suggestion but all he's done is achieve promotions at a small club while overspending massively. Something he wouldn't be able to do here.
  8. Don't know if he's been mentioned but i wouldn't mind alex neil at preston. Not a likeable character but that's not a bad thing. Seems to do a decent job where he's been.
  9. Woul be nice to see the opposition worry about us for a change.
  10. If the football was great and we were top monk would get the plaudits. So he should get the flak when thats not the case. If he thinks thats unfair don't take the job.
  11. Just referring to Wednesday fans i know or some on here.
  12. Rotherham is Wednesday always has been. Its where the hate comes from. Ignore the muppet
  13. With the way we play i only see paterson as being any use and i don't think he's great. Our formations are suitable for retaining posession but we are hopeless at it. We might as well play hoofball and put 2 strikers down middle
  14. I've no doubt chansiri would string it out longer than needed but i was referring to th point of no return in fans eyes. I know a lo are there already
  15. I'd like to agree with you but i can't see past the next 2 games. Problem now is he could win those but be back to square one with losing the next. I think he's doomed as once a good percentage of fanbase is disgruntled it's only a matter of time.
  16. Its up there with jos playing no forwards at milwall
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