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  1. The main area that really needs priority in the next window IMO. Winnall, Big Dave, Rhodes (I think), Fletcher all out of contract in the summer. Niether of which will ever score the 20 plus goals a season which is critical to any team pushing for promotion. If no contracts are renewed then surely we are only left with Foristeri. Given the financial and contractual complications we face with the Coronavirus and the likely fines/points deductions, I actually don’t see it as an opportunity to ‘wipe the slate clean’ in this area as many seem to think. I think we may be left in a situation where we have no other viable option but to offer short term contracts to some. I was hoping we would go for that Lyle Taylor and the lad at Barnsley (forget his name) in January. Any other strikers in the lower leagues that could be worth a look at? It may actually be beneficial from a financial perspective because I think some clubs in the lower leagues may be forced into selling some of their better players due to the current situation.
  2. with everything as It is at the moment, I fear the worst for clubs at that level.
  3. This season aside, Fletcher hasn’t scored enough goals for us IMO.
  4. I absolutely love Fletcher and he’s been far and above our best player this season. However, both him and Fox are certainly not premier league material. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Has there actually been any official clarification on what happens in terms of relegations? Am i also right in saying that the teams in the conference league unanimously voted to end the season with no promotions. This then surely means no relegations from league 2 and no promotions and so on. I can see the reason for allowing promotions from the championship to the prem, but relegations from the championship wouldn’t make sense on the basis of the impacts on Leagues 1 and 2. It therefore seems only logical they should just conclude the leagues on a PPG basis ( not to mention the obvious health and safety concerns). But as its the EFL, who the fek knows.
  6. I’m not sure what Luongo actually brings to the side to be honest. As such, I would go with: Dawson (for now) Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Bannan Hunt (See how he goes for the rest of the season) Reach Foriesteri Murphy Fletcher
  7. No point suggesting Westwood. As much as I would like to give Wildsmith a run, I actually think we should stick with Dawson. The long break may have helped him. If there is no improvement then I would bring Wildsmith in at the start of next season. Our only issue then is that he could want to move on and who could blame him. We then face the prospect of being stuck with a keeper who is prone to mistakes and with consistently poor distribution.
  8. DC ‘Well, why did you only just say he had only played 6 games Garry - he’s perfect for us!’
  9. Both Windass and Wickam had 2 months to bed in.
  10. The new fitness guy we got last year? I remember when it was announced he was coming, having previously been involved in England set up, it was good news considering our dreadful injury record last few seasons. One of the few positives of this season I think
  11. ‘more advanced’ simply because they tested all their players before all the other clubs did. Just don’t know how all EFL teams weren’t able to facilitate this though
  12. I agree. Will be a two year deal i reckon.
  13. Isn’t this the date they’ve officially said all PL fixtures will resume. If the premier league resumes before championship it will be ridiculous. The league in which significantly more players have tested positive than in the championship. Joke.
  14. If Fletcher was to leave now I have no idea where they would come from. Worrying.
  15. Not sure about this. In the last few years we’ve struggled massively with injuries to key players. I know he’s not consistent with his technical quality but you can’t deny his fitness. In all my time supporting Wednesday I’ve not seen anyone play as much as him, very rarely injured and hardly ever brought off as the manager knows he will give absolutely everything for 90+ mins. I think on this basis we should keep him. I keep seeing all these posts about how various players should be moved on - Reach and Fox in particular. People need to remember that it’s more than likely we will struggle to compete in the forthcoming transfer window. This is as a result of likely pending embargos. I think the club is finally realising we can’t operate in the financial way that we have been doing over the last 5 years
  16. I’m sure there had been talk of Fox wanting to move on. We would be foolish not to offer him a new deal. Fletcher 1 year. Only place i could see fletcher going, if we didn’t offer him a deal, is Sunderland.
  17. It would be useful to know how much the club actually makes from this. We won’t know exact figures but there will be a significant expenditure on the printing and distribution side and I think the number of people buying them has probably dropped significantly in the last 20 years or so. Aside from the programs themselves, I think we have been slow to adapt to the world of social media and getting up to speed in terms of digital interactions be it ‘decent’ podcasts etc. I know that several clubs, albeit at a higher level, have their own tv channels/radio stations etc. Probably too ambitious for a club our size and I think we need to make the most of what we can do. I’ve suggested in other threads that instead of individual efforts such as random ad hoc podcasts etc, there should be something on a bigger scale internally. I think this is where things will head over the next 5/10 years.
  18. On the pitch I would say Hutch. Off the pitch, any suggestions possibly Gary Madine?
  19. To be honest he’s probably one of our most charismatic players when being interviewed. Certainly wouldn’t want Fessi being interviewed, his English still isn’t great!
  20. I like the idea of starting a weekly/monthly podcast during which we have a current player/coaching staff member. This wouldn’t have to involve journalists it could just be a few lads having more of an informal chat with that particular person. I think its a much better option of the weekly thursday rubbish with the same questions each time. I know there was a podcast called the owls sanctuary. It was a good laugh but the guests were players of years gone by. We need to focus on the present rather than 25/30 years ago.
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