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  1. Hes in the under 40s... Think they train down at the Leisure centre
  2. When are we going to stop feeling sorry for ourselves christ alive.
  3. Disagree.. He was one of our more consistent performers this year even though it was a shocking season. Whatever we may have gotten for him it wouldn’t have been worth it given that we would have had to play Odubajo all season
  4. Will bring even more competition to the cm/cam of the park... We do need at least two more strikers as well.
  5. Also, are there any players at the teams that got relegated worth looking at that we might be able to get on a cheap. Whatever happened to Lyle taylor by the way? I know Barnsley survived relegation at the last moment I was also hoping we might have gone in for woodrow in January. At that point they looked relegated and we could have got him on the cheap. Now that they’ve stayed up they will demand more money... Oh the Wednesday way
  6. I get what you mean but I think our transfer objectives will have been put on the back burner until last week purely because, if we were expecting to win the appeal we probably had better players in mind. We now have to accept that any of those players will not likely want to come to a club on a 12 point deduction. Although saying that, most transfers these days are heavily influenced by agents. Higher fees and wages offered by a particular club means they will get more money so will try and move players to said club.
  7. Heeeyzuus, take a sad song and make it betterrr
  8. You say that, but with fletch, Foristieri and Hutchinson gone we have cut our cloth significantly. I think we should be flexible with our approach and offer to pay some of the wages for any loan deals, especially if they are high quality players
  9. You say that, but with Fletch, Foriestieri and Hutchinson gone we have cut our cloth significantly.
  10. So they were interested in both Fox and Rhodes in the last couple of seasons. Are we missing something? Not saying fox isn’t a decent player but I’m surprised they are looking at him considering they will be pushing for promotion next season
  11. ‘Could do a job for us‘... Only got 1 striker at the club so no competition!!
  12. Hopefully 4 games after the season starts... We can play against the U23s 4 times without them realising. It’s the EFL so they probably won’t realise!
  13. That’s because he had no money to spend
  14. I hate it as well. But technically it’s money that they have ‘earned’ and generated by playing in the premier league, so in theory it’s not spending above their means. I’m not saying it’s right though. The whole system needs a complete review, from a moral perspective if anything. Then again, there’s no morals in modern day football so will be like this for years to come I imagine.
  15. And more to the point, when was the last time Rhodes actually scored a goal for us?
  16. Why? Considering that we have now signed that young lad from man city, we’ve actually got quite a few options in cm (Luongo, banan, hunt, pelupessy (unfortunately)) Up front, as it stands we have Rhodes that’s it.
  17. £100 a week in 2006 even in league 1? Sorry but i just don’t believe that.
  18. Finally someone that speaks sense. Sometimes i struggle to tell the difference when people on here say ‘bring mego back’ if its a joke or serious...
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