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  1. Season tickets paid for over 12 monthly payments. £30 a month may be more affordable for some. Good bands with a decent sound system, pre match and half time. Player meet and greets for the kids. Had a great time watching my grandkids scurrying around for photos with players over the last 2 games. They are the future, keep em interested.
  2. Sunderland team name just toppled down on team bus. It's a sign I tell yer.
  3. Lady Astor " You sir are drunk" Churchill " And you madam are ugly, but I shall be sober in the morning "
  4. I firmly believe, that any mans finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in good cause, and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious. Vince Lombardi COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITE WIZARDS !!!
  5. Full of excitement. Off early in the morning to cash in mi Wembley Jar and the 2 overspill jars. Ruddy expensive these Wembley tickets.
  6. I'm up for Lola making another.scintillating appearance.
  7. Reyt gone to town on that. Is it a snowflake thing, 1 tear.
  8. Could be any number of factors. When was the last time you logged in. Make sure there's no space between your email address and the cursor, if you've entered it from predictive text. Did you try logging on using Buy Tickets from the drop down menu.
  9. Tha's gone and done nah. Quietly confident till that cropped up.
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