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  1. Stick with what we've got, and put it towards a striker. I've total confidence in the defence. None up front.
  2. Deducting total seats currently available, from Kop, North and South stand capacity, leaves a total of 17,867 seats taken up. My figures could be wrong though.
  3. Be reyt, it's actually a good ploy. Visible target for our players to pick out with the hoof balls. Might get some more encouraging passing now.
  4. I'm going to get one. Will have to cancel my Owlstalk Subscription renewal to finance it.
  5. It's hieroglyphics for promotion kit HMSPTL.
  6. Be reyt, Hulk Hagan chomping at the bit.
  7. They have to learn "The Suffering", as we all have before them.
  8. Nowt showing on ticketing website, need some for grandkids. Looks like a trudge down to ticket office. FFS gerrit together Wednesday.
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