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  1. Feel bad for Fox with his time at Wednesday.
  2. If I'm correct there is two types of defending, Zonal and Man Mark and having a Man Mark sacrifices those players on the post.
  3. Feel bad for them. Does this mean we can get Windass on a free?
  4. Don't think he would come here but I'd like to see some ambition with trying to get those big names in
  5. Might sound optimistic but take a look at Leeds with Bielsa, the same man that inspired Guardiola and Poch ect. I'd like to see some sort of ambition with a managerial appointment rather than what we've got recently
  6. Apologies if this has already been done, just interested to see the response
  7. Is getting rid of Gary really the best plan here? Feel like the next would most likely be some German no name who will achieve nothing then the cycle repeats itself. Unless there is someone really promising out there I cant see getting rid of Monk a step forward
  8. Bit harsh on Wildsmith dont you think?
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