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  1. it was a back 4 with luongo dropping back to make the third in the First half
  2. players gave their all, you can tell they were all knackered by the end of it. If you booed the players then there is truly something wrong with you
  3. I know he's not one of the new ones but I really think this could be a good season for Penney. I've rated him since that Leeds and Stoke game under Jos.
  4. I would normally agree to letting the older players go but I'd like to see Bannan stay for as long as possible, I feel like he has really helped Alex Hunt progress in the midfield and maybe when its the time for Bannan to go, Hunt will some what fill Bannan's boots.
  5. Rhodes should start, its one of the few games which we will be against a Defensive minded team. Time to see if he'll step up
  6. I'm optimistic for this one, Cheeky 0-1 to us
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