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  1. Link to article with Lazaar.... https://www.themag.co.uk/2019/04/achraf-lazaar-tells-italian-media-he-is-in-talks-about-a-permanent-move-in-the-summer-newcastle-united/
  2. I think memberships will remain at the same price £50. Personally I think that's too expensive. We need to make it easier for people to get to games, especially in times of our neighbours attracting a lot if attention. Ourselves are at risk of losing a lot of the young football fans in the city with United having the Premier League factor. If parents can get affordable memberships much more chance of the kids getting the Wednesday bug.
  3. Nice to hear a positive story regarding the service from the ticket office
  4. Between these three for me:- Reach v Leeds Reach v West Brom Forestieri v Norwich
  5. Beat me to it @KivoOwl and the Partridge bit makes it
  6. No thanks, it would be full of fag ends within a week.
  7. I agree Winnall will be off. Bruce has said we have too many strikers and Winnall has barely had a look in recently despite being fit.
  8. Probably this on Facebook a few hours before the Owlstalk post. Equally this person is likely to be talking nonsense
  9. Great to see, fingers crossed we'll see a few of them make it to the first team within the next few years
  10. Bump, so anyone using the team knows to allow for extra time
  11. Didn't think his contract was up? Even if it is I'd keep him. Given his injury history I'd like to assume his basic weekly wage is in context low for a player of his ability. If you can get a good 25-30 games out of him it a worth having him at the club especially now he seems to have cut or a lot of the silly yellow cards. If he could could play 40 games a season like Reach he simply wouldn't be with us as would've spent his career in the top flight.
  12. Delighted he's had a fantastic game tonight. My son will enjoy watching that goal when he wakes up in the morning.
  13. Just thought the same I'll definetly be ordering a 87 silver away kit mobile cover for my Samsung Love this towel too https://theterracestore.com/products/official-sheffield-wednesday-88-away-beach-towel
  14. If you normally use the tram to get to games please be aware........
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