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  1. Yep if well planned all the stickers could be in each home games programme. Thus forcing a fair few extra programme sales on match day and after so people can get necessary stickers to fill their books.
  2. Separate subject in a sense though there is a lot of mileage in this in my opinion. Set it cheap to draw in kids/ parents to capture the kids as Wednesday fans. But offer a very good package to win the kids hearts (and parents wallets). £20 per child - Package comes with sticker book (the type of one any parent with young kids knows of). - SWFC balloons - SWFC stationery - Entry into draw to be a mascot. With a winner from the membership club for every home game. - Birthday card delivered prior to child's birthday signed by a first team player. Christmas party (have a couple for different age groups) Disco, pictures with mascots, player appearances.
  3. ReginaldD

    I pay £30 a month for this!!!

    I agree they could've at least made the background colour blue
  4. ReginaldD


    Maybe he's needed in the kitchen........https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-s-marco-matias-brings-a-taste-of-home-to-the-steel-city-with-opening-of-portuguese-patisserie-1-9485256
  5. ReginaldD

    Last nights clash of kit

    If that's the basis of his decision that prompts questions about whether the ref has good enough eye sight to officiate a professional game.
  6. First paragraph relates to Aarons....
  7. Edit of last post, bad grammerr.
  8. ReginaldD

    Planet Wednesday - Tattoo/Art

    Won't get you any priority points though eh
  9. We've previously signed older players on big wages and I can see a change in approach so I can't see him bringing in Tim Cahill
  10. ReginaldD

    Brucey Bingo (press conference)

    No mention of Alex on the bingo list
  11. ReginaldD

    Ben Gibson

    This will be enquiring about a possible loan. He's been out injured not played many games recently. No way we could afford to sign him, Burnley paid 15M for him in the summer and he was talked about as a future England player.
  12. ReginaldD

    Apart From Blinker.......

    Played host to what looked like a quality mid season break for the squad a couple of years back
  13. ReginaldD

    Bruce’s instructions from here

    We could still get promoted, strangers things have happened....... Donald Trump is US president
  14. ReginaldD

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    If you got through and said you wanted to talk about Man Utd's unbeaten run they would've put you on. Then the airwaves are yours to address the point with Murphy. The story made the excellent Guardian weekly David Squires cartoon......
  15. ReginaldD

    Adam Reach

    Yep I agree, put him in the Wolves team and I don't think he'd look out of place