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  1. Flicking through some old programmes tonight. In Wednesday v Newcastle 04.09.1957 I found an article in 'club news' which felt particularly relevant/ interesting 61 years on from when it was published. Thought I'd share.............
  2. Yep add in Wiggings and Urby too, scary to think of the lost wages
  3. ReginaldD

    Anyone up for this one?

    I'm up for this, great idea @OWLSTALK https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-portal/fundraiserPage?pageId=960253 From my understanding it's a case of get to £150 then get a pin to get the team free entry place?
  4. ReginaldD

    Nuhiu Goal

    Good determination from Atdhe. Shame elev8 again haven't been able to produce a shirt which requires him not to wear a t shirt under his match shirt. He must be roasting!
  5. Indeed and I doubt even 1k will buy membership. A bad move in every sense
  6. ReginaldD

    What do you think of this?

    We'll all be sat at home watching on a VR headset with tech adding in a fake crowd
  7. Wilder was on radio Sheffield the am of the game and he was asked the same question by Toby Foster. Response was the United academy has built a good reputation and as a result the academy side of the club has forged relationships with their Inter counterparts. Shared learning, visits to each others facilities etc. Subsequently the Inter first team are visiting England this pre season and an opportunity came up for United to play then which they jumped at.
  8. My first year in about a decade without a season tickey (chose to spend the money towards a family holiday instead). Was planning on getting a membership at £50 and then taking in a number games as the season progresses. Now I won't be getting a membership and I'll struggle to justify pay on the gate prices and will mean I'll go from a planned 10-15 games to less than 5 I imagine in reality.
  9. ReginaldD

    Our new CEO

    I wouldn't say invisible She hasn't been making headlines, which could be perceived as a good thing based in initial fears. Though in my experience she's been busy in an appropriate context. I attended the family fun day around April time she was the first person on the gate welcoming people in, talking to fans generally telling them about the day. On Sunday when I was in the que to get a shirt for my son she was up and down the que listening to people's issues re the lack of sizes and price point of pro kit. Then in the park later in the day. If anything she's been the opposite of invisible when it comes to dealing with fans.
  10. ReginaldD


    Maybe a ladies size size 18/20
  11. ReginaldD


    After asking Ozzie and Barney if they like mouse flavour ice cream.......
  12. ReginaldD


    Nope just this 'pro' version.
  13. ReginaldD


    To clarify infant shirt up to 3-4 is £35 This is for shirt only (some places do infant package as a whole kit).
  14. ReginaldD


    Pro kit I honestly can't see why this priced at this point. Expected it to at least have 'vents' on the side. Honestly is what I'd expect from a standard shirt. Just getting one for my 3 year old
  15. ReginaldD


    Current que