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Community Answers

  1. Accrington uncovered terrace late in November, could be a game for bringing out the best waterproofs.
  2. Surely his last chance at this level, this move is really important for him.
  3. At least of they used felt tips like I did that would go some way to easing the confusion eh
  4. Agree as long as it's not a betting company.
  5. I went through the link and suddenly I'm getting ads for Scotland shirts and kilts. The Celtic plan to not just recruits players but fans too is well underway.
  6. 48 months of getting paid on time, you can see the appeal.
  7. He'll be able to have some lovely day trips from there around Norfolk, good luck to him.
  8. Warm chips, warm gravy, crispy tasty chicken and good customer service
  9. Re the terrace my understanding was the club have a partnership with them. Therefore I imagine the club gets a percentage of each sale. This being why the club let them use the brand but Chansiri has clamped down on others such as fmconline.
  10. Anyone who thinks it'll be anything other than Elev8 will be disappointed. Would be a great move to put Shay or Bluebell Wood on the shirts. Hopefully with 10% etc to Bluebell Wood
  11. I'm not necessarily saying we should moreso one of the clubs goals should surely be to grow the fan base. Not just be complacent and assume that my son will support Wednesday because I do. They need to put an offer out to young people, BAME, LGBTQ etc because these groups are under represented across our fanbase. Essentially for the club this is lost revenue and these groups are large part of the Sheffield population. Plus I would hope all people in Sheffield would feel welcome at Hillsborough. This isn't to say we should neglect our current hard-core.
  12. There are a lot of new people we could engage with students, BAME groups, LGBTQ etc . As has been said on here before our fan base is mostly white middle aged men. Some people will say what is wrong with that. I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with you a white middle aged man reading this supporting swfc. But our fan base no longer reflects the Sheffield population which is only a negative thing for the club in time particularly commercially with attendances, shop sales etc.
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