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  1. It was the loss to Tottenham back in September. Narrow defeat but then this followed by the loss to Real sparked a flurry of pessimistic threads on OT
  2. Yep just a screenshot of my current career in football manager mobile 19. If only my current saved game has some reflection on reality especially when looking at these two league tables......
  3. Had just been thinking a similar thought too after put the post on. Yep as you say I certainly wouldn't surprised if this happened at some point.
  4. It's March 2025 after a hugey successful 6 years were struggling to get more than 51000 fans in Hillsborough (the pricing policy was reviewed following promotion). This being after the Euro Cup (UEFA Cup) win in 2022. Followed by the Champions Cup (Champions League) win in 2024. The board (our ever popular Dejphon) has made plans for a new 75000 seater stadium (No safe standing quite yet). Also apparently SAG, SYP and SCC (all the S's) are happy with the proposed plans. Now I have the serious consideration of what would be an appropriate name for our new theatre of dreams in which to watch our array of world class players. Should I base the name on the city's industrial heritage, a part of city with adequate space/ good transport links or maybe we go down the sponsored route Prime Park (Amazon's continued push for new customers to their streaming service seeping into stadium naming rights after they become the only company with the rights to broadcast Premiership games in 2023).
  5. I think the main learning point from the current debacle is whilever were not a premiership team every player has his price. We have to recruit wisely Iorfa being a good example. But if indeed Burnley do offer around 15M sell as we've seen before things can soon change in football. If Iorfa's form nosedived or he got a bad injury we'd seriously regret not selling. It could be said Forestieri is an example of this. We could've had 10 - 12m for Forestieri a few years ago now we'd be lucky to get some water bottles and bibs for him with his contract up in the summer.
  6. Served me very well across a few loan spells on my recent football manager save.
  7. Personally I think the family stand (Grandstand) should mirror the Kop in pricing for adults when a adult purchasers a season tickets alongside kids season tickets. My son is 4 (first year) of school and I wouldn't take him on the Kop though I had a season ticket on there for many years. Wouldn't take him on there at least for the next few years given I don't want him to come home with a new colourful vocabulary. If the Grandstand was the same price for adults as the Kop when taking a child I would certainly look at buying one of these. Yes I accept the Grandstand has much better facilities than the Kop. But we do need to do more to attract the next generation of Wednesday fans I think my suggestion would be a good start. This alongside additional activities other than just a games console to make the Grandstand a good place for kids to spend time before the game. At the moment when I've taking him in the Grandstand Ozzie/Barney don't even make it up to the Grandstand with seems a bit odd with it being the designated family area.
  8. Surely it'd need to be evidenced he's actually put the cash in specifically in relation to the stadium sale.
  9. Just had this from a mate, not sure how much truth is in it..... Heard about this. The sale was attributed to the years accounts but theres still no money exchanged. Against one of the fundamental rules of accounting.
  10. The vehicle maintenance and repair unit will be useful following a match for those parking on Herries Rd.
  11. Unfortunately I can't see the outcome being anything else other than a points deduction. Probably 9 points as per the Birmingham precedent. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47667742 Nine points would put us in 18th level on points with Huddersfield but we have a better goal difference.
  12. Think it was the re design of the South in the 90s with new grandstand. Money for the ground which could've been used to sustain the ability to compete in the top half out the Prem
  13. By the side of the park.......
  14. I don't think many would be moaning half as much if United weren't doing as well as they are.
  15. George Hurst now moved to Leicester, which felt rather inevitable when he first moved to OH Leuven. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/chance-george-hirst-fulfill-potential-3058611
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