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  1. Scouts will be out in force watching Reachinho after recent goals, I expect bids in Jan
  2. ReginaldD

    Hayley - Update

    RIP Hayley
  3. Looks like Rob Green in the opposition net
  4. I sent a few signed pics over a few months back. Wrote the address on the envelope and posted it then realised it seems they've had a change from the original address. Hope the local postie was able to get them to the right place
  5. ReginaldD

    Forestieri banned

    If so Forestieri is on about 15k less than most on here presumed for the last two years. I think there was an overral perception that after he was given a new contract he was then on an equal amount to Fletcher. Which again there was a perception this was 40k per week. This leads me to think the scale of the fine is an FA decision which can tailored to the status of the player on a case by case basis but not wholly dictated by weekly salary.
  6. Next edition ........Fernando caressing a rose at the Botanical Gardens
  7. Hoping for a good game with good atmosphere to go with it. Taking my son to his first game and hoping it's a memorable one
  8. Why don't we start making a list of points to be raised which are collated in here so whoever does go has the information quick to hand. I'll start 1. I worry we're losing the chance to catch a young generation of football supporter due to our ticket prices. If a child in primary school is starting to have an interest in football and their parents are choosing where to take them for a football experience. We charge very competitive kids prices. However a non adult member is £36 against Ipswich in the family area which isn't going to attract parents to choose Wednesday for their getting a football experience. . My thought would be to put the pricing strategy for the grandstand in line with that of the kop for adults and keep kids prices as they are.
  9. My first year in about 15 years I've not had a season ticket mostly due family commitments. Though I'm going to the Ipswich game on Saturday in the grandstand with my son who's 3 and a half. Haven't bought a membership yet so my ticket cost £36 and his wads £5. Great pricing for the young kids but a little bit counter productive as the adults is so expensive. I feel the adults season tickets and match day should be equal to kop pricing for the grandstand to attract local parents of children who are starting to become interested in football/SWFC. I'm sure my sons attention will drift etc and I fully expect to miss portions of the game. Though hoping after 2 ground tours, 3 owls in the parks, multiple pics with players, football training since 18 months. The hope is he'll get some positive experience from the game, fingers crossed. Is anyone able to state what current kids activities are offered in the grandstand. I asked in the ticket office at time of purchase and they mentioned there may be face painting and football in the community activities. But they weren't 100% sure. Does anyone know what was on offer in the grandstand at the Hull game Thks in advance
  10. Based on the recent podcast from owls America in regards our FFP/P&S situation I don't think we have any other option but to sell Fernando. Only question is whether he goes out on loan now with a clause to buy in Jan or whether we wait until January to sell. I'll be gutted to see him go but we don't appear to have any other option but to sell him. Also I have sympathy for Fernando in this situation too I'm sure he wants to test himself at the top level. He's in his late 20s now so unless he moves soon he won't get another chance to play in the premier league.
  11. Flicking through some old programmes tonight. In Wednesday v Newcastle 04.09.1957 I found an article in 'club news' which felt particularly relevant/ interesting 61 years on from when it was published. Thought I'd share.............
  12. Yep add in Wiggings and Urby too, scary to think of the lost wages
  13. ReginaldD

    Anyone up for this one?

    I'm up for this, great idea @OWLSTALK https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-portal/fundraiserPage?pageId=960253 From my understanding it's a case of get to £150 then get a pin to get the team free entry place?
  14. ReginaldD

    Nuhiu Goal

    Good determination from Atdhe. Shame elev8 again haven't been able to produce a shirt which requires him not to wear a t shirt under his match shirt. He must be roasting!
  15. Indeed and I doubt even 1k will buy membership. A bad move in every sense