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  1. I'm not necessarily saying we should moreso one of the clubs goals should surely be to grow the fan base. Not just be complacent and assume that my son will support Wednesday because I do. They need to put an offer out to young people, BAME, LGBTQ etc because these groups are under represented across our fanbase. Essentially for the club this is lost revenue and these groups are large part of the Sheffield population. Plus I would hope all people in Sheffield would feel welcome at Hillsborough. This isn't to say we should neglect our current hard-core.
  2. There are a lot of new people we could engage with students, BAME groups, LGBTQ etc . As has been said on here before our fan base is mostly white middle aged men. Some people will say what is wrong with that. I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with you a white middle aged man reading this supporting swfc. But our fan base no longer reflects the Sheffield population which is only a negative thing for the club in time particularly commercially with attendances, shop sales etc.
  3. On a serious note if we could have the 2021 Antonio on loan for the weekend he'd be a match winner
  4. He definetly appears to have mentally checked out
  5. On a serious note the £999 between two 11 a side teams and a few subs each, call it 14 in each team isn't that bad. £999 ÷ £35.68 each personally I'd pay that for a game at Hillsborough. Would be good to get an Owlstalk game sorted but it'd take far too much coordination.
  6. Great work from the club off the field, as others have said much more of this please where possible.
  7. Sounds like an offering on the concourses next season. Along with Dunkley Donuts
  8. I think him going on national team duty, training with Robertson etc certainly doesn't do him any harm.
  9. August 96 first game of the season against Villa. Seriously fell in love with football through Euro 96 and then Wednesday had a great start to the season, good times.
  10. Totally agree and the club needs to look at the bigger picture. Reduce dramatically or see attendances seriously nosedive. I've not had a season ticket for a couple of years before that had one since about 2000. Main reason I stopped was to get more family time. But now my son is 6 if my season ticket was £199 and his £50 I'd get one for the both of us. Again see the bigger picture it gets me back and brings in a young fan.
  11. Last time I rode the bike to a game 7th April 2018, we lost to Fulham 1-0. The bike didn't prove a lucky omen. As seen I'm not we can deem this as secure bike parking. Though I'm not sure if the demand is there based on the reaction from the stewards when I was locking the bike up. Wouldn’t leave a more valuable bike in such a place where the wheel could just be taken off.
  12. My tip..... park near the Cholera monument, its free. Gets busy on weekdays and lots of city centre workers do this. Weekends its much quieter. Have a steady walk though the train station, up Howard St possibly get a coffee to take out from Tamper, check out the latest exhibition at the Millennium Galleries, stroll through the Winter Gardens. Head up Division St or alternatively go to the Moor Market plenty of great stalls. Beer Central does a great trade it seems, plenty of other good items to pick up food wise. Possibly head up to Division St or down to Kommune for some lunch the
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