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  1. Looks like we've missed our chance to sign Ben Marshall for another transfer window https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2020/01/20/former-wolves-man-ben-marshall-signs-for-12th-tier-side/
  2. Terrible decision but very easy for me to say that with access to watch the replay a few times. Travis you totally cons the ref.
  3. No monitor for the refs to look at in the championship.
  4. Seems to be just concentrating and giving it his best in front of the seniors. Doesn't throw jokes etc and no banter when he does it and at the end but maybe he is a quieter character and it's a good move from Bullen etc to make him more comfortable in front of all the seniors. As others have said I hope he gets a loan this month with regular L1 or L2 games.
  5. http://newsnow.co.uk/share?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.leeds-live.co.uk%2Fsport%2Fleeds-united%2Fben-white-makes-admission-over-17554067&sgt=shv2&sg=8925be1f&sid=1 Like many opposition have said before he's a handful.
  6. My post certainly wasn't meant to be a dig at Fernando far from it. Just pointing out he's back at Middlewood Rd as it seemed some people in earlier posts seemed to be questioning his whereabouts. I was moreso pointing out he's training separately as not ready to join in with others yet. Still vulnerable to a knock etc. I can say there certainly aren't many people who want Fernando to get back to his best as much as me. I've had some personal experiences with him where he's been fantastic with my son. First pic is from the family fun day last year when he'd got hit in the stomach by a shot from Ozzie Fernando was fantastic with him. Second pic is the card my son made (bit of help from myself) for Fernando in pre season with 'Good luck' in Spanish.
  7. He's in the latest training video from about 2 minutes 30 seconds. Though doing some jogging/ ball work with one of the coaches rather than the rest of the team
  8. Seems to have originated from a post by H on a Wednesday Facebook group yesterday. Could be some truth in it though hopefully not
  9. 2.5 MILLION views on Twitter!! I really do like the Iorfa, Borner pairing from what I've seen. Very tempted to keep them two together and leave Urhoghide in for the next game. Harsh on Tom Lees though but he's been part of a defence that's conceded too many recently especially at the wrong part of the game.
  10. Few tweets from AFC Wimbledon academy manager
  11. Yep Thorniley came through the Everton academy rather than ours. We picked him following his release from Everton.
  12. Would be interesting to know how much we spend on our academy structure and if we'd be better off considering the route Brentford took...... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/apr/05/brentford-ditched-their-academy-premier-league-outcasts
  13. Made a similar point in a post a month or so back and seems a good time to say it again..... My son is 4 (5 soon) for first couple of years after he was born I continued to have a season ticket as I had for 15 years or so before that. Then around when he was 2 I was continually see pics from nice days out my Mrs had with my son. Also she was starting a photography degree so needed time for essays and taken course pics/plus work that coming her way. I had to take the decision not to renew which in hindsight was a good decision for me/family. However it's very true what people have been saying about football being a habit which once people brake it can be hard to entice them back. I've been taken my son to 4 games in the last 2 seasons and been a couple of times without him. There are times when I think we'll go and I check the price and it most definetly puts me off. Also personally I wouldn't take my young son on the Kop and I know plenty of other people who wouldn't take younger children on the Kop. Having sat on the Kop for years I know it's usual behaviour from many to be calling the ref every expletive possible etc. Whereas on the Grandstand (designated family area) this is frowned upon and pretty much doesn't happen. When it costs £40 + for an adult ticket in the Grandstand many just simply won't do it. For me I'd say the club should make a better offer to families to capture the next generation of fans. Especially when United are doing well and for the young kids in the playground this is a big factor. Whilst we're pricing families out of the official designated family area the only Sheffield football a lot of potential Wednesday fans will see is United on Match of the day. If the club are going to put decent investment somewhere put more on for the kids. Last time I took my son in the grandstand Ozzie/Barney didn't even come up. Buy another mascot outfit and have another mascot permanently in the Grandstand family stand. Put more on for the kids rather than just a PlayStation to attract the kids/parent into the stand early, kids have fun and parents get spending. Plus these kids get the Wednesday bug and the club has long term 'customers'. As much as some of us might not like it we could learn a great deal by looking across the city at how this should be done. Yep takes some investment (some of the below from the links wouldn't cost much) but worth the spend if the kids enjoy themselves and ask family to take them back https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2019/august/family-hub/ https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2019/august/john-street-family-stand/ This next bit too costs very little other than the staff for the mini tour and giving a free programme away but potential to catch kids for life. With parents feeling they've been given something worth a lot with the shared memories on their kids first game so the parents are likely to buy a shirt etc for their kids. https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2019/july/home-debut-scheme/
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