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  1. Goes back to his old role no doubt, hasn't done his reputation any harm. Has given his best and I imagine like Bullen he's one of Chansiri's trusted members of staff.
  2. Great appointment. Knows the championship and L1, highly regarded by many. Of all the people I would've hoped we'd get he'd be up there with Paul Cook. Just hope whatever happens now he's given support from DC whatever happens this season.
  3. I emailed them a week or two ago as wanted day son's name/age on for his birthday. The response I got was printing isn't available at the moment as the staff are on furlough.
  4. The guy in the video seems like he's spent too long on his own in lockdown, definitely need to bubble up with someone
  5. It's like the outside of the train on Snowpiercer in Sheffield right now
  6. He said many times he didn't like it and more than once between radio Sheffield and the club media said slowly how to pronounce his name. Many just thought it was funny to call him Dave and didn't consider how important it might be to him.
  7. Stopped putting square pegs in round holes
  8. Dropped my season ticket a couple of years ago to spend more time with family, young son and Mrs kick starting her photography so busy on some weekends with weddings. Last couple of years before covid I bought a ticket a few times a season would've been more but didn't feel I could justify to pay single ticket prices. Ticket prices need a serious review but like others have said while we have so many people tied until multi year deals I don't see how we can do that
  9. I wish for midtable Championship mediocrity and the biggest moan being about the club shop
  10. So sounds positive and Thompson for me and the best person in the current situation. A new manager/ coaching team in this period isn't what the squad needs.
  11. Yep have been available online since September ish time
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