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  1. If true which I'm sure it is it's very promising that we're getting our business done early. If we can have the core of the squad training together in pre season from day one it makes a massive difference
  2. Glamour tie against Reading to start followed by a tasty derby for the first home game. August looks like we could build some momentum.
  3. My son at 4 now is obsessed, would happily wear wednesday kits as his only clothing if me and his mum were to allow it. Few pics from recent fun day......
  4. Not sure if already mentioned on the 6 pages but with Terry there was video evidence due to his being a prem game. My understanding was lipreaders could confirm what he'd said. In our friendly with Mansfield there was decent level of recording so this is simply one person's word against another.
  5. Our first team pre season fixtures or lack of seems meze at the moment
  6. Having the kit for 1 or 2 seasons was inconsistent until we got to 2007 with Lotto since then it's been a change annually.
  7. Maybe I'm just old before my time but some of the tattoos young blokes are getting these days are horrendous. In isolation they're great pieces of art work in that I can appreciate the skill which has gone into the image. But if I had to have a pic of the African savannah I'd much rather it be on a canvas than my chest. Each to their own though eh and I hope Fletch can unleash the lion inside next season.
  8. Of the above promotions 11 have been achieved with the aid of parachute payments. Based on them achieving promotion within two years of relegation from the Premier League. Looking at promotions achieved after the introduction of parachute payments. Norwich 2015 West Brom 2010 Birmingham 2009 Burnley 2016 Hull 2016 Newcastle 2010 & 2017 Sunderland 2007 West Ham 2012 Aston Villa 2019
  9. Quite simply one HUGE factor is we got relegated at the wrong time. The debt we came down with in 2000 felt huge at the time but is nothing these days all thanks to parachute payments being introduced in 06/07.
  10. Few people mentioning football memorabilia stalls. Matrix Frames https://www.matrixframes.co/ were there last year and I suspect they may have a stall again. I personally highly recommend them if your looking for framed shirts, autographs etc. I had my son's first shirt framed by them and they did a superb job. Also when fundraising last year for a charity distance bike ride they were fantastic in donating 10 signed framed Wedneday items for my fundraising efforts.
  11. Your barking, dogs are great. I think having a dog would sit well with you once you got used to it
  12. He'd definitely bring a storm of excitement
  13. Started using it back when HallamFM had a decent phone in show after 10pm I would ring with alternative names. Carried on using for usernames since
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