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  1. Joao

    Agree with all who say he should be in the matchday squad. Then I'd use him in many of the circumstance Rhodes had been used when we're 1 up he's a much better option than Rhodes to have add the lone 1 man striker. Times we've played Rhodes in such role he doesn't have the pace to chase a ball down/ run it into the corners. Not meant as a criticism to Rhodes just that he doesn't get used to his strengths and Joao can play the role Rhodes gets asked to play at times more effectively.
  2. Shirts

    Ask him on twitter.
  3. Seeing the shirt up close today I think it looks good though a shambles we can't buy it.

    Due to him being in the recent mindset of fans voting ?
  5. Just need Madine to score one to top it off
  6. MoM player ratings etc

    I'm glad to see Jones performing well with him getting a little run. Personally if we can get him on a good run of form I think it's better for the team he's in than Hutchinson. Jones being less likely to get injured or suspended can offer offer us the consistency we need in that position.
  7. Get Dean signed and sell the boy Hirst

    If talking about such a role in the last decade it could be argued Semedo performed such a role well in League One though we never ungraded in that necessary area when it became apparent he wasn't capable of such a role at Championship level.
  8. Sort all our problems out with one move....

    I'd agree with this if we could find someone who'll pay 15M for him. Very unlikely in my opinion, we have a player who doesn't seem to want to play for us, hasn't consistently performed in the last 6 months and has multiple injury niggles so we don't have the upper hand in negotiations. For that reason if he goes I see if being more likely we get 8 - 10M
  9. Umbro

    Don't get your hopes up. I think unless were in the prem and a brand offer significant sponsorship for kit manufacture we'll be seeing elev8 etc for a long time.
  10. Meltdown at Kop kiosk

    That's one option but I think we should opt for a bring and share for the next home game.

    Based on these I'll be looking to the release of the 3rd shirt for my annual shirt purchase
  12. Rare Photo, Tango with his shirt on

    Definitely not the man himself
  13. Milky Performance

    Let's hope we're the cream that rises to the top by next May
  14. Next season kit

    Decided to try and alternative match and shirt today. Took my son to his first match Sheffield FC v Hallam FC. Great for little kids as he could get up and walk around and be close to the action. Was contemplating taking him to the Rangers game but thought he wouldn't sit still. If anyone is itching to get a new football shirt I can recommend a look in the direction of the Sheffield FC website. They're selling their new shirt for under £20 (their away shirt is blue) https://www.classicfootballshirts.co.uk/other-uk-clubs/non-league/sheffield-fc.html
  15. I stand corrected. I was thinking he was a defensive midfielder at first but come to think about it he was a centre back. Great times they were back then eh