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  1. ReginaldD

    SWFC Tracksuits

    Indeed £35 for a non branded tracksuit. Probably not even the same quality as Sondico (Sports Direct) and £20-25 more than the equivalent. Like you say you should at least be able to get the same as the players from 3-4 years old
  2. ReginaldD

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    The last time I bought food from the club there was no peas or gravy to go with my pie has this been resolved? Providing peas/ gravy would go a small way to solving our financial issues due to increased sales of pastry based treats with warm veg and meat juices.
  3. ReginaldD

    Middlewood Road

  4. ReginaldD

    Bannan & Forestieri Overrated?

    As others have said, would both look great in another team
  5. ReginaldD

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Hope we don't get Chesterfield............. can't be doing with two drawn games and an endless penalty shootout
  6. ReginaldD

    Matthew Le Tissier

    He flattered by our interest apparently https://www.skysports.com/share/2621782
  7. ReginaldD

    Match day announcement

    See my above form from previous post of form which needs to be completed (gives you the info re prices). Get in touch with.... Announcements@swfc.co.uk
  8. ReginaldD

    Match day announcement

    I enquiried earlier this season. Here is a screenshot of the form you need to complete and return about 5 days before the game
  9. ReginaldD

    Please assist ...

    Previous thread ....
  10. ReginaldD

    Please assist ...

    Martyn Ware is definitely a Wednesday fan. From his Twitter profile.....
  11. ReginaldD

    Adam reach

    We're in a no win situation. Keep him we fall foul of FFP/P&S, sell him and I can't see us staying up as the money won't be reinvested. My conclusion sell and yes I'd sell for 12 million but a small proportion to attempt to get another decent young loanee or an experienced head or relegation is an almost certainty.
  12. Looked yesterday for odds on us going down 'Best price' was sky bet at 6/1, others had us at 5/1 I can see the odds getting shorter after the next two games.
  13. The whole situation at the moment.....