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  1. We could learn something from our neighbours, looks like a great scheme https://www.sufc.co.uk/fans/families-juniors/home-debut-scheme/
  2. https://twitter.com/robstaton/status/1523789032769339393?t=SoeHziwN1KFUjAe5WT_93g&s=19
  3. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/19058514.bolton-family-plan-go-global-healthy-energy-drink-brand-blu-steel/
  4. Everyone should get behind this. Great first game/ accessible price for any families that normally struggle to get to a match too
  5. Agree with Neil's post. I've made donations to the DEC and we have owlstalk members jng great action as in the pinned thread. I don't think turning the corners flags yellow and blue would make a significant difference. If we were going to do something I'd suggest the club ask if Daniel Pudil would be willing to be interviewed similar to the BBC interview with Zinchenko. Alongside that the club could then give details for the DEC.
  6. To the time of he's one of our own He's not Carlton's son He's not Carlton's son Liam Palmer he's not Carlton's son
  7. Yep was just going to post the same, great news. Also I wanted to make the point too it's a good reminder that footballers are humans first. Someone's son, dad, brother, partner or husband etc. The players as individuals could have any sort of personal issues in their lives we as fans have no right to know of. Which for me is another reason why we should get behind the players that represent SWFC so they know we've got their backs and we're with them through the good and bad.
  8. Sure he's earning a very healthy wage out in Malaysia and having a great quality of life. In some ways a shame as he could still light up a better quality league but I'm sure he's happy.
  9. To be fair it should be able to withstand a football team warming up on it for half an hour
  10. Waddle, Chamberlain, varadi, sterland, Smith, fox, shirtliff, Pearson, Bright, Stainrod, Williamson
  11. Bit of half time colouring for the kids in the family stand. I made these online in less than 10 mins.
  12. Yep totally when I was going to my first Wednesday games in 96 there were exciting times top of the Premier League after a few games. Following years there were be goals from Di Canio, Carbone etc to see on match of the day, stickers to collect. We really do need to do more otherwise as in your example they get to 16/17 and there is plenty of other things to do/spend money on these days
  13. As a first priority the club needs to sort the family stand offer. I don't have a season ticket this year after many years having one I dropped out the season before COVID-19 to spend more time with my son. He's now almost 7 and this season I've taken him to a few games and been to a few more myself. Yesterday I took him to the family stand we've previously this season been on the North but with it being a local derby thought I'd take him to the family stand so we surrounded by angry blokes shouting obscenities. Anyway whole point of telling that story is to say the family stand offer is very poor. Apart from the fact people didn't stand up so 7 year old son was able to see the game and no one near us was swearing etc there was nothing else to give families an experience. There are spaces in the stand designated for facepainting and another activity but they were vacant other than people using it as a space to eat their chips etc. There is a room I took him in where I was half expecting there to be some colouring, mascot/player appearance etc. But this was unused other than a group of kids about 11/12 trying to play a game of football with circular cone ( the kind used in PE lessons). The member of staff in there asked if he could help, I explained I half expected there to be some form of activities for families at half time. He responded by informing me the room I was in used to contain games consoles but they were removed due to COVID-19. I empathise with the club we've only just come out of recent covid restrictions. However I'd urge them moving forward to do more at half time particularly in the family area. There are little things they can do to help the youngest fans have a good match day experience that will leave them having enjoyed their day out even if they didn't see any goals like yesterday. Basics I'd suggest: - - full time send ozzie and barney up. Kids in the family stand don't get to see them pre game or half time as they stay on lower tiers. Possibly they go in the family stand half hour before kick off etc and we may have missed them. - Colouring competition (just take photo copies of the colouring book in the club shop). Everyone who enters gets an entry to win a club shop voucher, club football etc. I'm sure there is more they can think of but lots they can come up with that gets the kids enjoying their game experience. Something that gets kids thinking about Sheffield Wednesday and gets them off their Nintendo switch like I saw a few kids around me doing most of the 90 minutes.
  14. To be fair it sounds like we've started talks with other players. It wouldn't be wise to offer Luongo anything right now, needs to consistently show the injuries are behind him
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