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  1. Thought I saw someone wearing the away shirt from the season just gone on the Moor today. Then realised it was an Ikea member of staff on their way to work
  2. ReginaldD

    Our fire sale

    I feel we need a huge offer for Forestieri to justify selling. Anything less with 15 million I'd be dissapointed. In context Norwich apparently want upwards of 20 million for Maddison
  3. I had a few signed 6x 4 pics I put in the last thread for the bar. Meant to send them out a while back but misplaced them. Found them this week and posted them out using the address in the previous thread. Hopefully the envelope will reach its destination despite the previous address
  4. @KivoOwlif you'd be tempted to make it an annual /bi-annual game I'd definetly have another go.
  5. Went to some away Scottish friendlies must've been about 2002 or 2003 . I seem to recall one of the games being Motherwell
  6. ReginaldD

    Hayley - Update

    Hayley makes posts on the Wednesday sing Facebook page thatf could be a good route
  7. Hiya  mate, I don’t think the private messages are sending, I’ll make the donation now. Sorry for the delay!

  8. ReginaldD

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Voted for Snodgrass then thought maybe I should've voted for someone else. As I'm sure Snodgrass would quite enjoy winning this poll though he would be a deserving winner.
  9. Rather than parachute payments I'd prefer a system where every premiership player's contract states they'll have their wage reduced to an apt figure on relegation. Obviously the contract etc would have to be very complex but in principle of prefer something like this. Then any players in the relegated side who've come down would either have to move or get promoted to earn a prem salary again.
  10. ReginaldD

    Reece Burke

    He'd have to be a Burke not to sign for us
  11. I've heard we're wearing a 2018-19 version for our annual friendly with Rangers
  12. To an extent I hope we don't sign anyone from the world cup if the extent of the research has been 3-7 games of tournament football. Those players more well known as others have said will probably be out of our budget. Worth looking at teams like Iceland but as above I wouldn't want the purchase to be based on a few group games etc.
  13. ReginaldD

    The Regi Wig

    I really need to my sort a Regi wig for myself.
  14. Fully deserved showed good qualities at a particularly tough time. Outcome this season could've been much worse without Reach's consistency.
  15. ReginaldD

    Ciaran Brennen signs New Deal

    Hope he vying for first team selection in the next few years