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  1. If Dawson had done that there would be threads slating him.
  2. On the whole most liked Frankie Simek. Also Lewis Buxton was universally for significant periods of his time here.
  3. To be fair to Radio Sheffield I think they do a decent job with the resources they've got. I don't think they come across as biased, on that note it we interesting yesterday a caller accused Adam of being a Barnsley fan when he isn't. I thin on the whole they're balanced and what all local teams to do well.
  4. Loving the optimism Bob. We don't know who DC spoke to in the time since Bruce left to now get to the stage of appointing Monk. Many other candidates may have ruled themselves out. Though the majority would say we need someone with Championship experience and Monk may now be the best remaining option. Let's all get behind him eh
  5. This time last year he said he was in the process of getting them..... https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/who-glenn-loovens-look-experienced-14933200
  6. Bruce fair play to him identified the gaps/ needs of the squad many of us have highlighted over the last few years. We've been crying out for more pace for years, pace makes a huge difference and in itself can change a game. The great thing about Harris and Murphy they're not just pacey but appear to have good all round attacking qualities too. If we can keep them both fit I'm very excited for the rest of the season.
  7. If he's changing his mind now based on our first two games I don't want him. I want someone who wants to manage us not someone who has his head turned after a couple of wins.
  8. Think it's more the case the bloke who runs the Wednesday sing on Facebook rang out of comments from Reading fans which suit his agenda of creating debate comments etc. The Wednesday sing is the talksport of Wednesday social media group.
  9. Gary Hooper was last seen on his instagram sinking to extremes lengths to find a club for the new season.
  10. Probably only via visiting Hillsborough, no shirt printing at Meadowhall.
  11. I think Moses is better than he showed today, must've been distracted by the thought of birthday cake.
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