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  1. My second ever season ticket. Although for many this is one of our worst times as my second season and also it being combined with numerous away days I have lots of really good memories from this time.
  2. Problem is I imagine he'll not be openly saying he won't play / won't sit on the bench. But Monk has probably come to the conclusion if he forces him to sit on the bench/ travel to the away game he isn't in the right frame of mind and may likely be a negative impact on team mates. Difficult to prove that though and not pay him, probably just Monk's opinion.
  3. Openly available on Twitter that his UK location is Manchester.
  4. There was no option of waiting until the summer in my view. Real risk unless new striker/s and new faces were brought in the recent poor form would continue and we could very easily quickly sink down the league.
  5. 3,000 fans willing them on last night. Other big vocal followings at the other away games. Atmosphere at home is terrible in comparison though they may not feel it consciously if the players are in a working environment where there cheered on my right is this certainly plays a part. Yes the players have a part to play to get the fans singing at home but it can't be all the players. Club as whole may need to look at what is done such as a singing section etc. Cheaper tickets are unlikely to come soon but the pay on the gate offer needs to be revised asap.
  6. Get a couple of fans doing this with Westwood/Jones in the net (one of the fit goalkeepers who can't make the match day squad). Failing that put a staff member from the community team between the sticks.
  7. I imagine many missed the first half hour..........
  8. Terrible decision but very easy for me to say that with access to watch the replay a few times. Travis you totally cons the ref.
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