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  1. My first ever Wednesday game was against Villa. I recall walking into the ground and being amazed at the scale of the place when before that my only regular sporting experience was Don Valley for rugby games.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets some time on the pitch v Swansea
  3. At least he got to pose with a cooked pizza unlike Di Canio and Carbone
  4. Stripes next

    Blue and white stripes would elev8 us up the league next season
  5. FFP

    I think for the next 18 months if anyone types FFP when their post is uploaded instead of FFP it should have http://www.thewednesdayweek.co.uk/ffp-explained-tww-oa-special-edition/ a bit like how L O L is replaced with
  6. Loan players

    All the way to Exeter to be an unused sub, football ain't all glamour eh.
  7. FFP

    This tells all anyone needs to know about FFP and puts in context for SWFC http://www.thewednesdayweek.co.uk/ffp-explained-tww-oa-special-edition/
  8. Earlier this season I had some leftover gammon with spinach and pesto in tiger bread. Cashew nuts and a caramel Freddo for afters. Reyt meal, the above would fly out as a meal deal on the kop
  9. My mum says one had ago at me when I was 3/4 on a family holiday. Can't say I remember it, my young self must've been a match for the pale rascal. Hopefully our lads tomorrow deal with the swans in similar swift fashion.
  10. Let's hope Jos equips the defence with some tight rubber bands so as we can restrict their beak. So no leaks and defence can build up a streak (of clean sheets).
  11. We should not be intimidated by the swans and they're not very dangerous http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/11033858/Should-you-be-intimidated-by-a-swan.html
  12. Snow

    Hopefully the game isn't as flat as the pancakes being cooked on Tuesday.
  13. First I knew of this, before I the time going to games. Sounds ridiculously harsh
  14. IF we were relegated ...

    It'd be total financial disaster. Many on long term contracts which we won't be able to move on as no one would pat close to what we pay for Fletcher, Abdi, Rhodes. Those who are saleable assets have lost huge value this season such as Lees, Bannan, Forestieri and Westwood although he has been a good keeper for us won't command a big gee his injury history. Plus if we're in L1 we'll have lost much bargaining power. Hooper would get bought by a championship club but no guarantee as again element of risk for any buying club given his injury history. So doubt we'd get more than 1million for him. Relegation for us really would be a financial disaster and i could see is taking as long if not longer than United to get back up
  15. League 1

    No way to dress it up relegation to League 1 in the context of our long term injuries, FFP and lack of quality in depth (as shown in recent performances) would be an absolute disaster.