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  1. I think an awful lot of us have been fooled into justifying the stupid prices based on this being needed for us to compete. However the amount of cash brought in through ticket sales appears relatively small. Selling 21000 season tickets with a price rise of £100 generates just over 2 million. When also taking into account match day tickets increases I guesstimate that brings in another 2 million per season. So by my tough estimations our price increase funded Abdi last year. Rather than a ticket price rise to compete I think we'd have been better off with a smaller price rise and a better recruitment policy.
  2. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    Recent birthday present........ If dark knickers worked for us then, then I say dark knickers is the way forward.
  3. You Broke John Terry

    In the context of pro footballers he's a horrible vile individual. Continued inappropriate actions show he's never learned from his mistakes and is a complete tool.
  4. Subscribed. Shirt would be appreciated by myself. Went last week and bought my son the new home shirt, last season's away kit and last season's away shirt for myself. After that I didn't fancy the extra £49 for a home shirt for myself but it'd be much appreciated as a Christmas pressie from OT.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Not sure if they'll be another of these meetings before season ticket strategy is set for next season. So I'd put this to DC. We've seen price rises every year for season tickets. Many like myself are approaching a ceiling for what we'll pay for a season ticket. This coupled with the likely outcome to this season being a much lower finish in the table than the previous season will lead to a big drop in sales unless season ticket prices are at least frozen.
  6. I'd have that, but not at £49
  7. Anyone got any hobbies?

    Haha yep I've seen they're are some very good examples of such shapes runners/cyclists have made on Strava. Zoomed in pic of the route near the M1. since I've been following some of the cycle networks on rides recently it's actually relatively interesting knowing how much green space is behind many of our busiest roads.
  8. I know what you mean I try watching match of the day sometimes. End up reading Owlstalk for half of it due to all the nonsense being talked.
  9. Anyone got any hobbies?

    Didn't go to today's match so decided to go on a bike ride with it being one of the last decent weekend's. Did a bit of a ground tour ideally wanted to get in Donny, Rotherham and Chesterfield too but ended up setting off much later than planned (1.30). By the time I'd messed about with the chain issues near Oughtibridge and puncture at Brampton it was really dark on the TPT and quiet roads between Elsecar and home (S12).
  10. Cycling Shirt tho...

    Should've done the away shirt as a high visibility option.
  11. Bannan: Not Pretty In Pink

    Didn't have pretty game based on the BBC rating
  12. Getting the 1935 F.A Cup Final Programme for my birthday later in the month. Known I'm getting it as highlighted it to the Mrs much earlier in the year when I saw it for sale in decent condition in the programme shop on Leppings Lane. She's had it tucked away for me until my 30th when I can then reflect on our last FA Cup winning glory!
  13. Joao

    Agree with all who say he should be in the matchday squad. Then I'd use him in many of the circumstance Rhodes had been used when we're 1 up he's a much better option than Rhodes to have add the lone 1 man striker. Times we've played Rhodes in such role he doesn't have the pace to chase a ball down/ run it into the corners. Not meant as a criticism to Rhodes just that he doesn't get used to his strengths and Joao can play the role Rhodes gets asked to play at times more effectively.
  14. Shirts

    Ask him on twitter.
  15. Seeing the shirt up close today I think it looks good though a shambles we can't buy it.