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  1. He's in the starting 11 for the team in first place for reason. For a period he was our best player, the season under Jos he kept us up and was all over the pitch. Towards the last 18 months he wasn't the player he was but not getting paid on time, fans on his back didn't help. He made the decision to take his social media private, my view is these influences really affected him. Needed a fresh start and don't begrudge him doing well. Hope he goes on to play in the Premier League.
  2. Didn't know Bobby Robson won a trophy with us either, thought he got sacked before Wilson came in
  3. They'll use photoshop to add him in
  4. The yellow ones are my favourite and reminds me of a holiday 13 years back and wearing it playing in a game against locals in Zambia
  5. Just answered my own question ....£30 for a membership https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/august/202122-memberships-on-sale-now/ So basically if your not a member and are going to buy a bundle..... It's worth buying a membership if you're also go to approx 5 home games in the second half of the season. Then you'll save more as a member
  6. Like the principle, is the membership £20? If so makes sense for any non members buying a bundle to buy a membership first then get the bundle
  7. Next Saturday he'll be at Scunthorpe, barely an hours drive. Anyone not going to Plymouth how about going in the Exeter end and supporting Cameron.
  8. First name is definitely pronounced Silla. Was sat close enough to offer Darren Moore and Jamie Smith one of my werthers on Tuesday so could hear the shouts.
  9. Doesn't appear to have any efl badges/ sky bet badges on the side so doubt it
  10. Indeed and the crowd behind the goal went wild
  11. 10 in context of where we were a couple of months ago, our budget etc Moore and his team have done a superb job.
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