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  1. Crazy crazy figures as much as he shows publicly to be committed to the club he must really be questioning the sustainability. Worrying times indeed as if he gets bored etc it isn't exactly the best financial climate to be looking for a new owner
  2. Yep know exactly what you mean my son is 5 and thinks of Fernando as his favourite player. Has met him a number of times and Fernando has always been great with him. As much as I'm reading comments about him being immature he too had a fun nature about his personality and brought smiles to a lot of fans. Unfortunately in the last few years it's been off the pitch moreso rather than on. It's a shame he hasn't accepted the offer to extend to until end of the season especially how much we've given him financially in the last 3 years though i wasn't surprised at the news. I'll remember him for the first season, the goal against Norwich last year, the off the field interactions with him and that he ultimately had his prime years with us but unfortunately for him and us he never fulfilled his potential.
  3. Apt for current times, a quiz.......
  4. One for the travel agents out there....... The Maldives, like being in a bounty advert
  5. The lesser known Ritchie Humpheys abducted by aliens
  6. Ritchie Humphreys rated by Van Basten.....
  7. The unresolved XFiles case of SWFC
  8. Guy Whiitingham not a big fan of a BBQ.....
  9. I recently acquired a lot of my old possessions from my parents loft. Included was a stash of 90s football mags shoot and match. Bit of light relief, will keep on adding of there is interest...... If only Ian Nolan was playing in the Chansiri era.....
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