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  1. What a tremendous interview, full of insight, perspective and common sense. The whole 'no plan B' thing is usually just one of those cliches that fans throw around mindlessly (like 'lost the dressing room') when things aren't going well to give the false impression that they have some kind of solution to improve things. Martin is right - this 'genius' usually represents little more than hopefully lumping the ball into the box. I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this squad as it's almost entirely different from last season's and there are also 23 other teams that I have little interest in all aiming for the same objectives. Sharpening the knives for the manager before we've even kicked off the first match is absolute nonsense and is another demonstration of the petulance of the modern football fan.
  2. I have no idea whether Cosgrove is any good or not, but I know this post is throwaway stuff in isolation, especially when almost all of those games were from the bench. As just one of a thousand examples, in the middle of a season in which he scored 32 in all competitions, David Hirst had a spell where he scored 1 in 14 league games I think it was (January - April 1991). It's also worth bearing in mind that not only are we a League One club, but we seem to be operating under some quite restrictive financial constraints. Anyone worth a damn will probably have better options than us and we'll have to be creative or just plain fortunate.
  3. So the consensus is that Reach was either excellent or hopeless? That's strange because I don't really see him as either. I suppose his legacy will be of performing somewhat above the average of those around him. Unfortunately, as the overall talent of the squad declined, he didn't have the personality to compensate for some of these failings and was part of the general malaise. It would be interesting to know what has really been going on behind the scenes that affected the overall atmosphere around the team as we've seen enough just in the public realm to suggest there were some real issues. A new start at an obviously more talented team may seem his play improve significantly. There's certainly ability there to produce some highlight moments, as we've seen.
  4. Is that Paul Hart coming back from an overlapping run? Strange position to have him in.
  5. It seems even basic skills of interpretation are beyond you, so I'll leave you to it. You argue about the statistics of one person, I say the whole thing is contextual and open to interpretation. I even showed you how the best team in the country spread the goals around. But I'm the one "over reliant on stats"? And quite why you keep going on about the whole thing as if I'm advocating the abolishing of the position is totally beyond me.
  6. Again, you are arguing a point I'm not making. And you fail to appreciate the concept of a team. Even in a heavily financially skewed Premier League, of the top 19 scorers last season only 6 of them played for teams that finished in the top six and only two of those (both at Leicester) were conventional strikers.
  7. You seem to be having an argument in which I'm advocating not even bothering with strikers at all. Great, but that's not what I'm doing. City's success last season by rotating midfielders in advanced positions is not my opinion, but rather a matter of fact wouldn't you say?
  8. Actually, they are a great example of my point. Last season they had only one player score more than 10 league goals and he had previously been more of a deep lying midfielder. Their two recognised strikers only started 29 Premier League games between them and they used a load of different options instead (Mahrez, Sterling, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Foden and Torres) . But they cantered to the title and came within one game of a treble. Last time we had someone score 20 in a season we finished in the bottom half of League One.
  9. Squad numbers were introduced almost 30 years ago now. I think it's about time some people came to terms with them. It is funny though that many complain about not using the traditional format and then can't even agree about what that actually is.
  10. Surely they are on the field to help the team score goals? No one obsesses over individuals like that at the other end when it comes to keeping them out. Fixating on a talismanic goalscorer as if nothing else matters is something for teenagers.
  11. He played 4 times in the Premier League last season... ...conceding 14 !!!
  12. Off the top of my head, we've only had 2 players score 20 in a season in the last 27 years (both of those fall short if you don't include cup goals). And the most recent one came in a season when we finished in the bottom half of League One. But two at the same time!? You realise that's something we've not had even once in the last 36 years, despite some periods of actually being very good in there?
  13. Several months ago I went through a long thread about Jordan Rhodes just before he signed and I was surprised at just how much trepidation there was. There were many reasons for this, but concern about the finances was among them. A lot of £2-3m fees had been paid out in the previous season and a half, plus the circa £6m for Reach, so adding another £8m to that (not including the generous salaries that came with all this) required absolutely no hindsight to realise we were already likely going to have an issue regarding a £39m three year rolling limit. And in the entire Chansiri era, with the exception of Lucas Joao, we've probably recouped only three or four million in transfer fees. If that wasn't enough, the warning signs kept coming thick and fast thereafter. But as is human nature, those expressing doubts about what was happening were decried by many, especially when we were challenging for promotion. Some still don't understand even now that the flood waters are up to their quivering bottom lips. Like it or not, posters have been making these points for at least four and a half years. It's hardly unreasonable for the majority to assume that the chairman is not an irresponsible maniac working on the assumption that the rules don't apply to him and that he is always right.
  14. Who would have thought that spending £10m on a seventh forward, probably taking us over the three year FFP limits when we had greater needs in central midfield and defence wouldn't work out very well?
  15. It's amazing that people can get quite so outraged at this kind of thing. Babies wearing pink is nothing more than a social convention. As pointed out elsewhere, it used to be the colour for boys but just like that went the other way. We even had someone in another thread saying they "couldn't express in words my disappointment" about the plain back. It's just a design aspect of a football shirt that will be replaced twelve months from now. If you don't like it, say "oh well" and go back to your day. Hardly like they put a giant Blades badge on the front is it?
  16. I've seen harder-hitting, 18-rated episodes of 'Tales of the Riverbank' than this. Chansiri has presided over one shameful, embarrassing, incompetent, reckless catastrophe after another and you make him sound like nothing more than the helpless victim of misfortune. If I'm ever in the dock as a defendant, I hope you're in the jury, sat there with 12 pairs of rose-tinted glasses on.
  17. I tried looking it up and the picture is not as clear as it ought to be. So far as I can tell, there was a league AGM scheduled for last month where these things should have been settled. The suggestion before that was clubs in League One would be allowed squads of 22 senior outfield players with goalkeepers and those under the age of 21 not counting towards that total. There were also indications that rather than a salary cap, clubs would be able to spend up to 60% of their turnover on player salaries.
  18. In 90% of games at least 3 forwards will be used in most formations. So that leaves only 1 spare option before you even start. All it would take is a single injury and the cupboard would already be empty in that position. And of course our main scoring threat is currently sidelined for a while. Obviously, financial circumstances and potential league sanctions may have an impact, and that's a different matter. You certainly wouldn't choose to have such a small squad if that could be avoided. It's just not sustainable these days. I wouldn't mind betting that the last time we only used 20 senior players in a season would go back to the 1990s at the very least.
  19. Lombardo most certainly did NOT play for us in the Intertoto Cup. In the first game we struggled to even get a full team together and ended up borrowing a few from other clubs, including John Pearson in his twilight years. After that, it was the regular squad.
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