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  1. Shrewsbury commentators not only think they might win this but that they deserve to win it. Sounds like they are justified.
  2. How do you get the home one? I've got the Shropshire feed. Mind you I'm in Shropshire, mind you this is the internet.
  3. There's a huge amount of scrutiny on individual games and individual performances within a game. This is made possible by the easy availability of stats and the ease of discussion and comment on social media. There's also a demand for immediate response and analysis. In the end this brings a rush to judgement that's not always helpful and a tendency not to be able to see the wood for the trees..... Just saying.....
  4. Is it ok to panic if we want though? You know just to get it out of our system. Or is it completely ruled out?
  5. Listening to radio commentary, have heard Sow's name twice, Gregory's name twice and wouldn't be able tpo say who the other guy was.
  6. Didn't we 'rest' him after that and he was never as good again? Memory might be deceiving me.
  7. Mums and dads and grannies and grandads I imagine. All their subs were applauded off. I think it was a good night to take young kids. Nice atmosphere.
  8. Stand out players for me were Dele Bashiru and Adeniran. They hustled and bustled and covered acres of ground. Wing played very well too in a BB sort of playmaker role.
  9. Yes. Both did well. Corbeanu could have been given more of the ball IMO
  10. Was very composed and confident on the ball. Well done lad.
  11. Just wondering if he overlapped with DM at WBA and DM has an insight into his character that makes him think it's a good move?
  12. We had Palmer as CB v Morecambe. Does that suggest we would benefit from a recognised CB?
  13. I completely agree about the Mickey mouse nature of the competition and I think that's emphasised by Premier league youth teams being involved. However I'm still going and I still want to win. This is the road to Wembley, UTO.
  14. You're going to need my tin hat in a second.
  15. Blimey mate you were quick in there. A bit scary TBH. I'd forgotten my 'Sid'.
  16. Neil has banned negative comments so no real option for carnage. BTW carnage is from the Latin carne where we get carnivore and carnival from. Bit of (sort of) history for you
  17. I'm disappointed because I like us to win. I love to win in style but I prefer a scrappy win to any kind of non-win. However there's always next time. My advice is to take the longer view and don't get too upset over these passing troubles.
  18. Are you abroad or VPN? Assuming you have to be one or the other?
  19. Comedy greats with philosophical advice which hopefully we won't need at 4:50. 'When you feel down, try positive thinking: That's what I'm told a man said; Don't wear a frown, try positive thinking, Laugh at your troubles instead; You've got to look on the bright side, On hope so much depends; With your confidence sinking, positive thinking Helps you on the way my friend!' UTO 2-0 the Wednesday!
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