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  1. Have some faith (or whatever it is you have ) man.
  2. You may be wondering where everyone else is. And why the lack of lifeboats. Look over the side...
  3. I'm a bit fed up about the thought we are playing Oxford and might not steamroller them. Oxford though... I mean if it was university challenge, fair play. Before anyone gets on about being entitled or we're not a big club or were in League one, I know that. But I don't like it. Sorry. UTO WAWAW
  4. That's what I'm saying. Happy days
  5. I know it can't be helped but it leads to this endless speculation and repetition of the obvious. The bonkers thing is people falling out over it on social media.
  6. I wonder how people managed when club news came in the Green Un once a week?
  7. It's a great idea but there must be some reason it hasn't been tried before.
  8. Where did you get that? I thought we'd had all the copies destroyed.
  9. Played well and won 26 pages. Generally when we don't play well and lose or draw 50+ pages. What does that tell us?
  10. Stats don't lie. (They do sometimes, but I think Kamberi plus Gregory is our best forward line at the moment)
  11. Thank you m'lud Let's see what the jury say. (See what I did there... topical eh!)
  12. I'm all for a derailed thread as much as I am for meandering walks. However there's the slightly bonkers Owlstalk derailment where people just wander off topic and then there's the sort of derailment by deliberate attack. This thread felt like the latter.
  13. I've counted 5 replies that discuss what's in the actual article. The rest is a discussion about the journalist or the website. Just wondering if this is what the OP was hoping for? Talk about derailment of a thread.
  14. I'm all for sacking people but who would we get in? That's the bigger question. Can we have a poll with some names on? I'll start ... What about Hutch, 'he'd sort dressing room aht.'
  15. I'm not claiming a lot of tactical football nous but I agree with the OP. And to support the point, I think the good results we have hadhave come when we have played more direct, pressing football.
  16. Ooooh good use of Epiphany, see what you did there
  17. Drew at home, lost away according to 11 v 11 website. (Just in case you think I'm remembering all this ).
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