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  1. I'm not going to argue that Barry Bannan isn't a good player, he is. However he's not indispensable, he has averaged 6 assists and 2 goals per season in his 6 seasons with us (including this one). So far 15 other teams have been promoted to the Prem without having BB playing for them (I know not 15 different teams). So if he gets subbed off its not the end of the world, Is it?
  2. I'm 100% with you. Unfortunately, while we think we are at the heart of Sheffield, our current owner has no connection to or emotional investment in this city (beyond owning the club). Therefore while your ideas are great and we could between us generate many more there's no incentive at the top to do it. Furthermore there's no one on the ground (CEO etc.) to run it.
  3. A generation on Owlstalk is one year. FACT Don't know where you got 25 years from?
  4. As long it's a whole number of pounds. PROGRAMMES THREE QUID FIFTY doesn't have the same rhythm or ring to it.
  5. I'd say we've shot ourselves in the foot. But if we tried shooting ourselves in the foot we'd miss.
  6. I am so cross. Really really really cross! Fuming. Proper angrymad. It wasn't necessary. So fed up.
  7. Idiotic decision by Borner. Why get yourself sent off and a goal down?
  8. That's because he wasn't a Biblical scholar. A little knowledge is dangerous Reg!
  9. Can this quote be enlarged, framed, pinned to the front page in Gold Embossed lettering to deter numpty threads if we lose the next game?
  10. Lazarus is getting a decent level of name checking in the come back analogy stakes. I hope it's not going to rain on anyone's metaphor to point out that Lazarus wasn't responsible for his own 'come back'.
  11. It doesn't Generation - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Generation A generation is "all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively." It can also be described as, "the average period, generally considered to be about 20–⁠30 years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children."
  12. It doesn't. Football missed 7 seasons from 1939-1946. We haven't missed football for even one whole season because of SKY and Ifollow. I appreciate it's an exciting thread title but it doesn't reflect reality.
  13. It's only a year. One year doesn't equal a generation! People are going to go back to doing things they did before when they can. Probably with more enthusiasm because they realise what they've missed. There's always a drop off of support when any club is relegated. This won't be any different IMHO.
  14. Including but not limited to and specifically; Corners that don't beat the first man Free kicks that go backwards Free kicks that are taken so quickly that we aren't ready for them Long throws to their keeper Short throws where we don't retain possession Goal kicks that go directly to the head if their midfielder etc.
  15. A week ago everyone accepts we're doomed because we're a crap side with poor recruitment and the club is toxic and some poor sod has been drafted in to make the best of it. Darren Moore arrives, a day or two later in the same situation as previously and the players let him down. But now there's something wrong with his tactics or his substitutions as if we were world beaters suddenly let down by the new man. After 3 give our heads a good wobble 1... 2... 3
  16. What we really need to do is make sure we don't start blaming DM before he's had a fair crack at it next season.
  17. My worry is that we go down by losing loads of games with no fight because the players don't care and the result is people turning on DM without him ever having a proper go at the job.
  18. I'd say 'Its Wednesday love'. She'd be like 'oh dear' I'd take a deep breath. Life would go on. I've been at this about 50 years, so... you know it's.... Wednesday I can't live without them so I just accept they're usually crap and will always let you down and so that's that. I'm not sure I'm making sense but perhaps you'll understand?
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