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  1. Hot tip MiLord..... don't read Facebook. Re Garry Monk, I think he'll do ok. Football managers ought to be judged over 2 full seasons minimum, everything else is knee jerk nonsense from people who don't understand the time it takes to turn any institution around.
  2. When people talk about our performance and how the opposition played and make judgements they have to factor in the impact of the referee. Today the referee had a very poor game, conned from start to finish by Fulham and that had a really negative effect on our performance. Referees do affect games and today he spoiled it.
  3. Thanks MiLord though a fraction before midnight! Mind you after a couple of Bishop's Fingers at the Verger's Head I'm ready for an early compline. Head says, first home game for Monk and a strong Fulham side, a disappointing 0-2. Heart desperate for the win because this ought to be our season 2-1. UTO
  4. He played well but seems to need to be in a two. So if we start 433 can only see him as sub. (but I'd play 442 despite everything) Get t'by-line!
  5. Morning MiLord. Head 'We should beat these' 0-2 Heart 'its SWFC, new manager, feel good, on Sky etc. Can only be a defeat 1-0'
  6. Yep that's Sam on BBC sports App. When you follow the SWFC page you see that the home team get top billing even on what's supposed to be our BBC homepage. Lord Snooty does it too. You read the match day thread there's an unconscious bias towards the home team.
  7. Mrs Rev always lets me watch the game if there's any sort of conflict of interest. What you need is a relative to watch it with. For me it's either father-son bonding with my son or father-son time with my dad or like today all three generations watching match together. Family outranks soft furnishings. Either that or throw a sickie, putting your foot down is a non-starter.
  8. It's my reflective listening training kicking in. Pastoral reflexes etc.
  9. Mmmmm.... Yep! Ok. Thanks...... Good luck with it all.
  10. Head says he's got experience and a decent track record. Heart says he's managing SWFC, so you know, good luck with all that!!!!!!
  11. Agreed. I've watched both Bruce and then Bullen screaming at him to release the ball early. Westwood is great, he's a great keeper and a big character but he does his own thing.
  12. PS did you like the chant I wrote for you in the Monk Chant thread?
  13. Let me stop you there.... I realise you are being tongue in cheek, but there's tongue in cheek and there's downright ridiculous.
  14. I agree with the OP 100%. What Monk will need is some time. SB began an overhaul of playing staff but the spine of the team are still CCs guys. Either GM will need time to move them on or get them playing his way, don't forget this is their 4th manager in as many years (not counting LB).
  15. Yes it's obviously more poetic in the original Latin.
  16. Google translate is your friend. It was mine. I'll start you off. Latin to English. Garry Monk had a dream....
  17. Nice. Mind you encouraging children to gamble isn't good . Mind you this being Sheffield, 'my lad' could be more or less any age .
  18. He's handsome He's punctual He's very good at his job He's the Prowl, He's the prowl Your welcome @prowl (Wouldn't take a deal of change if you happen to be female. Still scans.)
  19. garry monachus erat somnium, facere a eu bigas nihil pecuniarum ita creditum esset illis signum ... To the original tune.
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