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  1. Cursed, cursed I tell ee. Give back the pirate gold. Mwah hahaha ha etc.
  2. Can he play left side of a back three?
  3. I'm almost 100% convinced it's a made up name. I was going to Google search it then thought better of it.
  4. On the journey home now from London. First major championship that I remember watching was World Cup 1974. 2022, only finally gone and done it. Football has come home! Loving it.
  5. Great idea for a thread. Today's ref 8/10 on the rubbishometer. Ridiculous yellow cards. Not even handed. Massive confusion over sending off.
  6. Welcome back MiLord. Great start from you to the new season. On time and on message. Well done. Same from the team and we're well on the way. UTO And God Bless us, everyone.
  7. No it's not. (Unsupported flat contradiction is though)
  8. Went last night. ( and night before, got tickets a year ago ish) Great game and a great atmosphere. All ages and nationalities sat together. Going to Wembley on Sunday, buzzing for it.
  9. Brilliant experience tonight. Looking forward to a trip to Wembley. Come on Lionesses. Come on England.
  10. Went tonight. Great game, great atmosphere. Fantastic result. Going to Wembley Come on England!
  11. If you open that thread you're a braver man than I.
  12. Interesting to think that there might be agreement 1) that one could exist 2) that one might be needed 3) what it would point to Whatever the answers, Owlstalk is the very best place to thrash it out.
  13. Yes... hang on, the explanation will be along Imminently. For a given value of Imminently. Also we don't know what the explanation is so No actually, in fact.
  14. Have we reached the point where we 'Lump on' for who it is? I've got 3s 6d burning a hole in my collection plate etc etc Who's giving odds?
  15. I was cleverly calling his bluff but now you've spoiled it.
  16. Go on then... We've obviously given up.
  17. Reading the thread title I thought the OP might say not to get your hopes up, we take time to gel.
  18. Welcome back your Holiness. VC might feel cramped, there's already two of them in there. Bit like trying to play both Lampard and Gerrard.
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