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Haway the forest

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Forest fans have been fantastic whenever I've seen them on TV. They were brilliant tonight and wow what a celebration after the game had finished. 

The fans deserve success and are fortunate to have secured a good manager after all those that went before. Too numerous to name. A certain Houghton I seem to remember was going to be their salvation. Summat like Pulis did for us. 

Well done the fans. I like the Mull of Kintyre song as well. 

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Christ. Just seen the head-butt on Billy Sharp. Cowardly and disgraceful. He must have suffered quite a facial/head injury. Maximum prison sentence for the perpetrator and life ban. No messing.

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1 minute ago, Five Archers said:

I hate anything grunter but that’s bang out of order

Very cowardly as Sharp wouldn’t have even seen him coming. I’m guessing the moron that has attacked Sharp will be getting a knock on the door vey soon

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33 minutes ago, mrbluesky said:


That's bang out of order! They got the win WTF is wrong with people! Needs banning for life and doing for assault!

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