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  1. IN (again) Onomah - loan Lazaar - loan Aarons - loan David Marshall (free) OUT (released/not renewed) Westwood Boyd Hooper Abdi Pudil Jones Preston OUT - fees Winnall All complete guesswork.
  2. The manner in which Dawson got into the team under Jos has done him no favours and seems to have forever tainted him in the eyes of some.
  3. Let's play Football Manager. Hypothetical values attached. Let's say we have to raise £12m. Who goes?... Reach £12m Rhodes £3m Winnall £2m Joao £4m Forestieri £4m Bannan £3m Lees £3m Nuhiu £2m
  4. He's got so little composure. The good things he does are always impulsive or spontaneous. The moment he has to think he's in trouble, and he's an absolute liability defensively, as demonstrated by the hopeless header our for a corner, two botched 'clearances' and of course the free kick at the end (although their player played for it) If he could somehow gain some discipline he could do a similar job to Guy Whittingham back in the 90's but I just can't see him developing beyond where he's at now.
  5. Penney's best performance of the season was under Bruce's nose at Villa Park. I like him, but Jos got carried away and started playing him here there and everywhere. Bruce will bring him on and I think he'll be back up left back next season ahead of Fox, who may be moved on.
  6. Have a feeling we'll see Onomah again next season. Unless Matias is on a very low wage he's gone for me. Just don't rate him. Goalkeeper is a key position. Keep Westwood if it's financially viable. Palmer you would think will renew on slightly improved terms. Hooper is quality and I'd try and move Winnall and Rhodes on and keep him if the terms are realistic. Lee won't get a deal anywhere else without a long trial so it's common sense that we should effectively offer the same opportunity. Hector should be our number one priority. He's potentially the best centre half in the division. Quite like Aarons and wouldn't be adverse to a season long loan. Not seem enough of Lazaar. The others can go, along with Van Acken, Pulepessy and Fox.
  7. He's a good player who contributes a lot, but by no means irreplaceable. If selling Reach means we can avoid an embargo, get Hector in and keep hold.of whoever Bruce wants to allow us tohave a proper go again next season them it's a no brainer.
  8. Someone has got confused because Carlos is there wearing his old Elev8 gear. Tight git.
  9. Actually it's probably the second most Wednesday thing to do. The first being to draw
  10. Not saying it's the team i'd pick. It's my guess at who'll play.
  11. Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Fox Reach Joey Hutch FF Nuhiu Winnall
  12. That's a different story then. If you're saying we probably can't afford him then, as we're likely to be under embargo then I'd agree. If Hector goes anywhere else for a low fee and anything under or around £20k then they're getting good value I would imagine.
  13. I'd rather play Reach in there than JP. In fact I'd rather give one of the young lads like Hunt or Kirby a go.
  14. Again, you don't know what his wage will be and you've no idea what anyone else's wage will be. Value isn't the same as cost is it?
  15. Bizarre statement. You've no idea what he'll cost.
  16. Was thinking this about Fulham this week. All the euphoria at the end of last May- back to square one (albeit with a healthier bank balance) a little over 10 months later. I suspect Wilder has enough about him to keep the Blunts up though unfortunately
  17. The market will ultimately decide whether Hooper can still demand this kind of wage. If the best Hooper's agent can do for him is a 2 year deal on £20k a week then it's a different question, but I suspect he'll have choices- Celtic wouldn't surprise me.
  18. I think we'd be making a bigger noise if we'd had the season they've had. Important to remember our home support has had the life sucked out of it by the back end of CC and The JL era - Bruce is breathing new life back into things but the crowd are still in rehab.
  19. This is the key- can we balance the books without losing anyone we would ideally keep. This wouldn't just be losing the out of contract players - it would mean otherd that we can get a fee for such as the two you mention, plus Rhodes, Van Acken. Then there's the Forestieri dilemma. Everyone knows how good he is, but if we're trying to keep Fletcher, Hooper supplemented by Joao, is it time to cash in on FF while he still has a sell-on value? If it meant keeping Westwood and Hooper for another crack at it and being able to take Hector I'd probably (with a heavy heart) have to let Nando go.
  20. Hmmm, I get the financial side of it, but isn't this all about build the best team to get us out of the division next season? 2 other names that wouldn't fit the profile of player that's being suggested we should go for - Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick. Taking the finances completely away from it- Fletcher and Hooper as a pairing (if they could stay fit) is good enough to get us promoted if the rest of the team is up to it. It's a tough call, and a 12.month contract certainly wouldn't be 'ridiculous' in my book. I do get where you're coming from though- depends if we're prepared to look at the squad rebuilding as a long term product, or if we're still looking for the quick win.
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