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  1. Given up trying with mine. Don't even mention the score. We're losing a generation.
  2. ...an away defeat at Plymouth. For me it signals just how we are now nothing but a mediocre League One side. I had absolutely no expectation of a positive result this evening. I am no longer surprised when we draw at home to Gillingham. A bottom half finish feels.more likely than a play off place. That's not only how far we have fallen, but how we arent even close to turning the corner. Moore is not going to turn this around, but more importantly neither is Chansiri. Unless there is a change of manager the short term outlook is miserable. Unless there is a change of owner, the long term prognosis is dire. What an absolute car crash of a football club. Where on earth do we ho from here?
  3. Nailed it here for me... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-owls-legend-chris-waddle-shares-controversial-opinion-on-barry-bannan-3448597
  4. Absolutely nailed on for the bench next league game.
  5. 1000% better than what we are about to be treated to.
  6. If I was going to pick a team I didn't want him to pick, this wouldnt be far off. Wouldn't be surprised to see us concede 4 or more tonight looking at that line up. It's verging on suicidal.
  7. Agree with most if this, but Johnson didnt do ok at centre half - he looked like a midfielder trying to play there, which is what he is. Should never have been put in that position. Quite bizarre again from Moore, as is the fact that just as Patterson and Gregory started to look like a partnership he split them up. For three quarters of the game today we just looked completely disjointed- an absolute mess and totally devoid of confidence as a team. We're getting worse rather than better, which is pretty astonishing.
  8. I'd be reluctant to get rid on the basis it would just create more turmoil, but in terms of hos actual abilities I don't think he'd be missed.
  9. 1. We need a Hutch/Luongo type character to win the ball back if we're going to play a 3 and release Wing and Bannan (or Adeniran) to do the things they're good at and affect the game, so considering the two that I have mentioned have poor injury records, that was poor planning. 2. The wide players of the 3 up front need to be able to drive on towards goal (at a higher level obviously, but think Henry, Walcott, Salah, Sterling, Rashford) We've tried Berahino, Paterson, Shodipo, Adeniran, Brown. Whether they're not that type of player or they're under different instructions I don't know, but more often than not the momentum of attacks is stopping when it reaches these players rather than increasing. Strangely the recognised defender out of them all (Brown).seems the one most willing to commit defenders. Windass desperately needed. Liam Palmer - imo he's done very well at finding space and taking up great positions from right back- but his delivery isn't good enough. We need a player getting on the ball in these positions with a quality delivery. Bannan - just out of form. Passing accuracy is off when he tries something different- struggling to find players to link up with and make things happen.
  11. interesting that someone has brought his name up after yesterday. I was watching the game, looking at the individuals that we have and the investments we have made and thinking these players should be good enough to challenge at the top end of the division, and that pound for pound (ie Championship/League One) this squad isn't far off the squad Carlos had to work with initially. I was 100% in agreement when we got rid of him (should have gone sooner) and never once before have I thought it wouid be a good idea to have him back, but I'm convinced he'd get a better tune out of most of these players than Moore is, and we'd be a lot more entertaining to watch too.
  12. Only player finding space is Palmer. We aren't good enough to pass our way up the pitch, but the system ensures that once we're forced to go long it invariably comes back We dont have a ball winner to play a 4 in the middle and 4-3-3 isn't working. Only real option is to go 3-5-2. / 3-4--1-2 BPF Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Patterson Wing Adeniran Brown Bannan Berahino Gregory
  13. I can't believe noone shouted "don't drop the ball st your feet without checking if there's anyone near you"
  14. I was optimistic at the end of last season. I thought, despite notbgetitng the results, there was a method. I'm.not convinced anymore and I'm wondering how important Paul Williams was to Moore.
  15. Don't care. They're all as bad as each other at the moment, apart from Iorfa and perhaps Adeniran - they"re the only ones to meet expectations. We're playing in L1 and the rest look average- even in this league, and I include Bannan in that on the last few performances.
  16. He's put himself under huge pressure now with his performances over the last three weeks.
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