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  1. You've made it look like a one legged budgie.


    If he wants to play 2 holding midfielders he'd be better off asking Bannan to play there. He's better defensively than Pulepessy and he can still affect the game, albeit from a deeper position. Pulepessy offers nothing. The perception he somehow protects the back four is simply not right. Every now and again he gets a foot in..That's it. He's maybe had a handful of decent games in a year. Sticking Bannan out wide to accommodate him was a bad bad move.

    Positivity on a night of moaning

    Westwood, Palmer, Hector and Thorniley were all very good. Fox was ok Hutch did well. Bannan was average Pulepessey is the most ineffective footballer in the squad. Reach was ok Fletcher was ok, Joao was slightly below ok. Boyd did well, particularly first 30 mins of second half.

    Adam Reach

    Forming a decent partnership with Palmer on the right. Defensively way more solid and linking up quite well going forward. I think Reach's form in the last 2 games has been an improvement on the previous 3 or 4. No problem with the right side tonight. The clanger Bruce dropped was sacrificing our best midfielder and playing him out wide to accommodate our worst. Thankfully he spotted it at half time.


    Reserving judgement.

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    My guess is between 50 and 100. Didn't they say if there wasn't a substantial update the scheme will be pulled? I'm still amazed thwy gave it another go. To be fair though, nobody is having their hand forced. Just seems it's a lot of energy and airtime that may have been better placed elsewhere.

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    Nice one. I've heard it's such an exclusive club your name will be in the book at font size 72.
  8. 3 in a row now in the league. 7 from 11 in all competitions since Jos left. it's an astonishing turnaround really. What's the main reason? Or is it a combination of all the factors below?... Not really playing for/believing in Jos Not playing out from the back Not playing 3 at the back Westwood for Dawson Palmer for Baker Hutch for Pulepessey Pressing higher up the pitch Any other reasons/theories?

    These clean sheets

    So did Stuart Gray

    These clean sheets

    I said this too. Perhaps no surprise they're getting similar results.


    The lad's had a very good season.

    Iorfa...bought in as a Centre Back?

    Yep, on the whole Palmer has been very good since Jos went, but we'll need to mix it up a bit as there's a little run of games in quick succession coming up.

    Starting 11 v Reading

    Unchanged is my guess, with Lazaar and lorfa coming in on the bench. Not a lot wrong on Saturday apart from the finishing. Reach and FF were below par for long periods at Ipswich, but if they can both up their levels than that side is more than capable of beating Reading. I'm a big Joao fan, but we need to give Nando the game time to get up to speed asap. Ultimately I would like to see Nando left with Joao up top with Fletch- certainly at home anyway.

    Morgan Fox

    Tend to agree with this. Ultimately, if we are to compete at the top end of the table, we need better. Balls of steel for picking up his form though, despite the abuse. Fair play to him.
  15. Interesting that Onomah's back with us immediately too and straight back into the action.
  16. Don't think we'll see any of the new lads start... Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Fox Reach Bannan Hutchinson Boyd Forestieri Fletcher
  17. Forgot we're going up. No Umbongo then after all.

    Team for Saturday

    Maybe Lazaar as a wide man in a midfield 5. Can't see him chucking a defender in to a reasonably settled back 4. I think he'll want a full week with them before he makes any significant changes to personnel or formation.
  19. Maybe we've done the business now so that we can ride out an embargo for a window? Dawson Iorfa Lees Thorniley Fox Reach Bannan Hutch Forestieri Joao Fletcher Subs Wildsmith Rhodes Nuhiu Pulepessy Van Acken Penney Palmer Wouldn't be a disaster kicking off 19/20 with this starting line up considering we'd have reduced the wage bill and not signed anyone.

    Winnall to Sunderland ?

    Hopefully fires them to promotion and earns himself a permanent move there for a few million.
  21. In today's market that probably puts him around the £20m mark.

    One or two things in the pipeline

    Left back, central midfielder.

    Playoff promotion guaranteed

    I did the same a few months ago.
  24. He needs to understand that 'our bit is buying tickets and merchandise. That's it. Always has been. Always will be.
  25. Angry call to Football Heaven from Pitsmoor... "Worrit iz rite I fort a wer gerrin a season ticket "