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  1. According to the star his representatives are in Argentina https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-josh-windass-agent-out-in-argentina-latest-on-remarkable-transfer-pursuit-of-owls-man-3705073
  2. People may disagree but my opinion is - Hunt never pulled up any trees last season he was just a average in the division nothing wrong with that but - he's the wrong side of 30 and probably on a decent wage, if he does go maybe it will free up money for a younger hungrier right wing back. Not bothered if he stays or goes but money must come into it ️
  3. That's bang out of order! They got the win WTF is wrong with people! Needs banning for life and doing for assault!
  4. Not been a great week for the wee little Lost 0-3 to Tottenham woops Lost 2-0 to Newcastle woops And pigs just lost on pens woops Kama right there!!
  5. None of my parents are interested in football so it dident get passed down through them. but i remember as a 9/10 year old being taken on the weekly shop to the old Asda on handwsorth and seeing pictures of us (wednesday) winning the 1991 Cup and I was like ' I'm having some of that' Wembley was our second home in the early 90's premier league all the way through the 90s Carbone and Di canio Then after that been down hill feel sorry for Those who missed out on that era! Chin up we go again!!!
  6. Article in Dailymail Middlesbrough, Derby & Wigan are after our number 9!!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10822037/Middlesbrough-interested-signing-Sheffield-Wednesday-striker-Lee-Gregory.html
  7. I guarantee you if he had come, he'd be on the scrap heap now not worth £25m
  8. Always knew chansiri had a cracking set of abs on him!
  9. I'd prefer Jessica Fletcher, find out what the bloody hell is going on at the training ground
  10. Get the players working on the ground painting, cleaning ect... there on good money and shouldn't complain to much ️
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