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  1. My take, we were absolutely garbage the first 45mins!!! Clueless like watching a pub team play for the first time! During the brake they must of got paid, because for the first 10mins we actually looked like we were trying!! Like others have mentioned we need to play wingers on the wing Shodipo score 10 goals (L1) last season, should be in starting line up. Corbeanu wolves fans wanted to keep him, we ain't even playing him in L1, had a good game then not played since What I noticed last nite. 1, we have stopped playing every ball out from the back (suicide football) we are actually going long and that's how we scored! From a long goal kick! 2, Bannan wasn't demanding the ball as much. there were time in the game when Bannan would of ran over to the player and demanded the ball off them. But Last night I was watching him and several occasions he was open put just looked at the player on the ball, as it to say 'go on then I can't do everything..... ' whether this has come from Moore or Bannan tho knows.
  2. Good goal from Dele-Bashiru all from a long goal kick!!!! That's what happens when we stop f@@kin passing it out from the back, took him long enought to realise it!
  3. Anyone who supports moore after this wants their head checking!!! We are terrible no fight no tactics no leadership...!!! Can't belive people saying yeah, but what if we dident make that silly mistake or what if he had scored there........we dident and we are totally dreadfully! We have been for the last 8-10 games its a blood good job we got off to a flyer or we would be in relagation zone!!!
  4. I dident think we could ever have a crappier team than last season......... but well done Moore you have achieved this
  5. out played again WTF!!!! Absolutely terrible this can't go on Moore out!!!
  6. WTF is the fight??? Do they think they are Barcelona??? WAKE UP CALL!! we are we need to start battling to get out of this league!!!!
  7. Not enthusiastic about this team selection!!! Why is he refusing to play any of his 100 wingers he brought in? What does that tell us about his summer recruitment!
  8. Out from me! but this won't happen any time soon, chansiri hasent even been in England in ages..... and I dout he's even bothered in the club anymore! He just letting things tick along. Its a shame cos I think 99% of us wanted Darren Moore to do well he's changed the club around and in training it looks like he's brought the squad together but....... on the pitch its clueless, out fought every game, constantly playing out from the back (suicide football) 100 wingers but play midfielders or strikers on the wing, one up front.....no in game tactical changes to match other team... we are just clueless with no identity.
  9. Same every week, out played, out fought no tactical changes during play!.... if other team changes tactics during play. We buggered moore ain't got any counter tactics ....it's plan A and that's it!!!!
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