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  1. That'd be mine that I've just swapped for a West Stand ticket so I can take my nephews.
  2. Just been down to the ticket I office and she said there's 'only a couple of hundred left plus a few restricted view on the kop'.
  3. Which areas are Wednesday

    Worked at City school
  4. Which areas are Wednesday

    Used to work in Richmond S13 and 80% blades I reckon
  5. I once went into the penny black by myself on Derby day in 2007/8 with my Wednesday shirt sticking out after we'd won 2-0, carrying 4 cans of Stella in a carrier bag absolutely slaughtered for a laugh whilst waiting for a coach back to l**ds where I lived for a couple of years. I remember necking 4 cans of Stella on the train down in the morning on pre Derby day adrenaline in an hour, carrying on when I got to Sheff and not too much else after I remember getting a pint of Guinness in there, necking it then being asked to leave by the manager then standing outside smoking talking to people. Thought it was funny at the time, absolutely $hat myself day after when I thought of what could have been. Can only remeber the date because it was Keegan's comeback game at Newcastle that night on tv and I remember watching that too. Its ridiculous that all this goes on and people are wary to go into certain pubs. 15 pints of Stella will postpone this fear though I find.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United

    At the Laaaaaaaaaaane, at the laaaaaaaaaaaaane............
  7. iFollow

    Mine was almost perfect while match. 2nd half it froze twice for about 20 seconds but was perfect otherwise
  8. iFollow

    Success! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  9. iFollow

    I feel like I'm fairly I.T. literate but has just taken me nearly 10 mins to suss this out! Ridiculous. They must be losing out on plenty cash.
  10. iFollow

    Anyone know what I click on to just buy a one off match? It says 'available in the matchday centre' but I can't find it. Edit Just found it at last! If anyone's not sure, click on Listen and the watch availability pops up as well.
  11. Joost van Aken

    The way he reacted after they scored shows he knew he'd foooked up. my exact thoughts what you said. Pinged few 50 yard beauties. Promising debut without a doubt.
  12. Man of the match

    Can't believe Fletcher only got one vote so far! He put a proper shift in first half and scored. Had to vote for Kieran Lee though.
  13. That first 15 minutes...

    Definitely, should've been 3 up by 20 mins
  14. Maddest 20 mins I can remember
  15. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    £12M? Hmmmmm, believe it whenever I see it. Conspiracy theory, this all goes through then last minute deal 'collapses' and there's more turmoil in one of their play off rivals camps for a month or two after.