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  1. I remember in mid late 80’s, hey dang throughout the whole of ty second half ‘John Lyalls Claret and Blue army’ continually, sounded pretty epic. yeah that Sunderland match, Glasgow Rangers, Newcastle generally my top picks.
  2. they’ve said worst case scenario 80% of the UK could get it. 65M x 0.8 = 52 million people
  3. Because they’re saying 50 million in the UK could get it and 5% of those die in a worst case scenario, on top of all the Suicides and flu and sepsis and cancer?!
  4. I don’t get these posts. Why is it anti Wednesday to have a softener bet? Just common sense to me, laying off your emotions. I had 10 at 100/1 when first announced by the EFL. Wish I’d had more. Having had my first season ticket in 1986, f it happens I’ll be as gutted as you, probably more, just with a grand in my pocket.
  5. http://www.drysaltersnew.co.uk/matchdays.htm
  6. Been in The Drysalters a couple of times before and was absolutely fine, 5ish min walk, right if you’ve got your back to the ground down Elland Rd
  7. Wednesday away at Blackburn league cup semi, still got semi
  8. Second highest attendance in England that day was 28k!! Yep, SAG and SYP would have had kittens
  9. Most expensive tickets in the FL? Most expensive second tier tickets in the WORLD! In fact UNIVERSE if there are no aliens. Hardly boring, astronomically ridiculous pricing without doubt, especially for a club based in one of the poorest areas of a city that’s in one of true poorest areas of the country.
  10. Lee Chapman header into kop V Man U 1985 after they were unbeaten till November. Win 1-0 UTO
  11. 100/1 on betway before me and mate got it suspended straight after 30 mins ago
  12. £1500 for me if it’d stayed 1-0 just to rub the salt in FML
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