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  1. Acca for today

    39/1 now on 365
  2. Is metrodome open satdi?

    Actually, just phoned and open for us from 930am.
  3. If not where else for Wednesday fans? Any idea anyone?
  4. Swansea, I’d love to go down there for the replay and see us lose on penalties after a 0-0er and get home at 5am.
  5. Wembley semi-finals

    Having it at Wembley let’s more fans see the match, which is more important to me. And Cardiff? Mehh...
  6. Sounds like us at the start of the season before most of the first team got injured.
  7. They’ve lost three of their last four home games 1-0
  8. 5-1 to win at boro

    Btw, been looking a bit closer and they’ve lost 3 of their last 4 home games 1-0 which is 13/1 so going for that and a smaller one at 2-0 30/1. Makes more sense really than having the 8/1 win to nill
  9. 5-1 to win at boro

    No probs, Bet365, think I may as well. Actually, just checked and 17/2 with skybet
  10. 5-1 to win at boro

    8/1 to win to nill, which if we did win it probably would be 0-1
  11. Player ratings

    Pulling a caravan
  12. Book the hotels

  13. Jones

    I actually thought he was MoM, would’ve been Lucas if he’d carried on first half performance
  14. Accomodation

    Good for sausage butties in the morning for breakfast