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  1. Nuihu Header

    I keep seeing people saying that ‘he has played 86 games for us since his last goal’ WTF? Does that include substitute games where he didn’t get on? We haven’t even played that many games since when he last scored at QPR have we?
  2. There are lockers in the bus station btw
  3. I’ve been worrying about this, however small the probability
  4. To be honest I worry slightly when walking past the kop before a match. Prime target for some maniac to drive over and injure /kill countless people. The state of the bastrd world that these things even enter into our heads FFS :-(
  5. Olive Grove Years Tonight

    Was a superb evening. Thanks to all involved. You really got eh feel of the place. I would have loved to stand there for a match. Shame we just missed video technology by a few years. I bought the Fred Spiksley book too which has been a great read so far, loads of amazing old pictures of Olive Grove. thanks to all involved.
  6. Spare villa ticket for sale

    Hope your dad's ok btw
  7. Spare villa ticket for sale

    Mate can't make it now, thanks anyway
  8. Spare villa ticket for sale

    still available?
  9. Think I may have listened to some years ago, is it an American dude that does them? Forgot most of it though now obs The Robert Harris Cicero trilogy are a good read if you like politics and historical novels. Depicts his life alongside the rise of Caesar to Dictator. Highly recommended.
  10. Highlight of my day learning that, impressive knowledge! I've just learnt something. They did name it after him though (Colossus of Nero statue was next to it so they called it the Coloseum).......or maybe I did know that and I was 3rd or 4th level thinking and I'm actually ITK about our soon to be new owner and stadium.......
  11. It could turn very very nasty if that happens
  12. Sad but true :-( Part of me thinks maybe that's what he's waiting for so he can feel like Emperor Nero at the Coloseum
  13. POLL - Carlos in or Carlos out?

    Last night had dinner with my old man who's a piggy. Moved computer onto shelf so we could watch their match and I could take wee wee. That didn't happen unfortunately. Also, As I moved my computer, this fell off and broke, bad times :-(
  14. Scary. I've always thought the pricing is just a tool to get people to buy season tickets so you've prob got a point, both could go up FFS
  15. I know but surely we're at breaking point already with ticket prices