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  1. 0-2 down with 6 minutes left, win 3-2 94th If you’re gonna win it make as well be in style, we’ll played Daz! Any idea exactly when the next one will start Whitechapel?
  2. Went down to Exeter in the snow a few years ago just before Christmas and we lost 1-5. We set off mega early cos of the snow and I’d had about 2 hours kip and was hungover as fizz cos of Xmas do night before. Had an argument with Lee Strafford on here about something that I can’t even remember. Got back to the car after 5-1 and we had a flat tire and no spare. Everywhere shut so had to stay the night. Decided to go and see the Fawlty Towers hotel in Torquey to cheer us up, got really excited as we were gonna go and have a drink in the bar etc, looked it up in the internet, got there and it wasn’t actually the hotel but the hotel that they’d based it on. Had heartburn all day and night really bad so beers wouldn’t go down so couldn’t even get pi$$ed up. Shared a room with mate who was worlds loudest snorer and actually sleep walked over to the wardrobe and started shaking it and ragging it about in his sleep at 3am so didn’t sleep a wink all night. Eventually found a garage but it took hours to get sorted, drove back home in the snow and realised I’d left my ipod under he pillow in the hotel. Got home 8pm Sunday night. WTID
  3. ‘In February 2015, Campbell announced his intention to run for the Conservative Partynomination for Mayor of London in the 2016 election.[3] He was not selected as the Conservative candidate.’ sorry it’s a no from me then!
  4. Strange person wanting a flat pack down don valley with no pubs around it. been to Derby, Stoke, Donny, Coventry, Hull, Huddersfield, Reading etc etc? All tommyTank stadiums with a long walk away from pubs = shizer atmosphere, no thanks EVER
  5. Not in my eyes and most Wednesdayites
  6. Flatten and rebuild leapings Lane, connecting to north and south. Open more bars and kiosks in spare ground behind north next to terraced houses. a lot cheaper than a new shizer flat pack stadium out in don valley with no pubs around it. Feck a new ground, redevelop beautiful Hillsborough
  7. ....they pi$$ on the carpet, they$heet in the bath, they finger their grandmas, they think it’s a laugh, in the single slums
  8. Wonder how many times a day he says ‘vindicated’ and ‘abhorrent’?! Lol
  9. I had 90 at 11/1. Be reyt after Norwich, we’ll pick up enough points in last few games. Too many others around us that have to better us. Hull especially have the worst run in - West Brom, blades, Swansea and Bristol. Easy money
  10. Not a massive Fox fan but best I’ve seen him play today, looked solid
  11. Win these two games this week and itll be interesting from there
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