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  1. I booked a flight to LA, was a bit of a gamble but transferable so I thought I’d be ok. id heard of Opodo but didn’t research how crap their customer service is. When you phone up with your ref number it says they can’t do anything as it’s too far in the future. When you go on the website it says you need to phone up. I feel like I’ve been done. There’s an option to cancel the flights but I obviously don’t want to do that as I’m pretty sure I won’t get much/anything back. I think my best bet may be to try and get vouchers from KLM and Air France separately. Anyone else had a similar problem?
  2. I was stood on the triangle with the sun in my eyes. Reyt goal
  3. Actually it was 8/1 for them to get promoted I had not just top six....could happen though unbelievably
  4. Making a hostile atmosphere is just counterproductive for the club and of anything makes him leaving less likely as there’ll be less potential buyers when they see some fans anger.
  5. I had a tenner on little Barnsley last week at 100/1 to finish second. 8 of their last 13 games are against the bottom 8 I believe, and they’ve got a game in hand. Teams above term play each other as well. Now they’re beating QPR away as well .....and a tenner then finishing top 6 at 6/1 I think it was
  6. Welcome Darren, and good luck to you and your staff. I’ve seen some popping up on Facebook already about the size of his manhood etc. “It’s only a laugh, don’t know why it got took down”. These people don’t need encouraging. Just don’t do it, embarrassing.
  7. Me and a mate clocked Streetfighter in them amusements on the corner of Furnival Gate and Eyre street (JM?) off just one ten pence. Crowd of people round us and everything. I could get to the very last Boss on Ghosts n Goblins as well but could never do the biatch
  8. Selling beers on the north. Can’t get served, takes 30 mins when there’s 30 people lined up. £1.80 for a half but £3.80 for a pint of the same stuff. It’s been going on for 5 years
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