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  1. Pretty disgraceful post. It’s def not millers fan base doing the grooming is it. And it’s happened everywhere because nobody stood up to it or gave a fk about poor lasses in care getting abused. Makes my blood boil when we sing about this to millers, embarrassing.
  2. > Go to your account on the ticket website > Click on personal details then scroll down to the friends and family section > click “manage subscriptions” and then click “create new relationship” >fill in the details it asks for. You’ll need their season ticket or member ID and postcode I think
  3. Yeah it’s poo mate, didn’t read much before my post, didn’t actually realise people couldn’t get them whi have the points already.
  4. I had enough to buy at 11am today. But some mates didn’t. It’s let us all buy them today though when press release said there’s would be tomorrow so log in and buy if you’re in the same position. Some of them have 0 points.
  5. Day out drinking around London with my buddies is what I meant! Come down, we'll have a right laugh I'm sure...
  6. Sports talk commentator said their support was awful compared to ours the other night
  7. I’ve got mine for £27 return in the sale they’ve done today, day in London if we don’t get there.
  8. This is my favourite of the new flatpack stadiums tbf, and I've only been when there were only seats in the bottom tier.
  9. Done it at Birmingham, Brentford and Bramall Lane (me and my cousin actually got up at Lane when we scored but my y cle had got us tickets in the family stand on their South and I was only about 14 so got away with it. I remember lots of angry pointing from their kop though lol). You’ll be fine as long as you don’t ask for it
  10. There was an article in The star yesterday saying it was a refurb that they’re closing it for
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