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  1. The ~1% I quoted is black males aged 15-25 btw
  2. Yep I’ve had people cut and paste that to me several times already a couple of weeks ago.....what good has it done in the UK except send race relations back 40 years?
  3. .....supporting, Marxism, anti-capitalism, defunding the police and ignoring the fact that ~1% of London’s (which has the highest proportion of black people in the UK I believe) population are doing up to 50% of its knife crime.....I’m no racist and have mixed race family but BLM is going to make it all so much worse I sadly feel by inflaming dormant bigots whilst weeing off and enraging black people at the same time.....recipe for disaster at the start of the summer and with unemployment looking like it’ll be as bad as it’s been since the early 80’s
  4. I voted for the Green Party in the last three local elections and I’m completely against BLM UK as I think holistically it’s divisive and will cause more harm to racial equality than good.
  5. Coincidence it happens on the day you can get your cash back for season tickets? where’s mi tin hat...
  6. Wasn’t it his man who scored the header for their second and he was nowhere near him as well?
  7. Looked like he had two arms round his waist to me
  8. Imre Viradi plays a bit at Genting......Yeah you can set up your own tournaments on Pokerstars so they could do that.
  9. Losing to Forest and getting relegated 89/90 season was my first heartache. All that fiasco with them getting the score wrong for the Derby match made it so much worse. I remember Pierce scoring and not celebrating. Losing to Everton in the 86 semi was bad but i was only 10 and at home listening on the radio.
  10. I remember in mid late 80’s, hey dang throughout the whole of ty second half ‘John Lyalls Claret and Blue army’ continually, sounded pretty epic. yeah that Sunderland match, Glasgow Rangers, Newcastle generally my top picks.
  11. they’ve said worst case scenario 80% of the UK could get it. 65M x 0.8 = 52 million people
  12. Because they’re saying 50 million in the UK could get it and 5% of those die in a worst case scenario, on top of all the Suicides and flu and sepsis and cancer?!
  13. I don’t get these posts. Why is it anti Wednesday to have a softener bet? Just common sense to me, laying off your emotions. I had 10 at 100/1 when first announced by the EFL. Wish I’d had more. Having had my first season ticket in 1986, f it happens I’ll be as gutted as you, probably more, just with a grand in my pocket.
  14. http://www.drysaltersnew.co.uk/matchdays.htm
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