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  1. Liverpool have ruined it a bit but pretty epic with Napoli.
  2. Definitely a bit worried that this has been done before the play off final ie. before the season has officially ended.
  3. Pretty much best scenario that we could have hoped for I reckon. 15-21 and we were def down
  4. With -21 we are guaranteed relegation next season. I’d rather just get it done this and start afresh next, rebuild rather than rebuild after a year of inevitability, if -21 was to be the case. -12 we could maybe deal with.
  5. Heard the other day that whenever he went into a pub In Ireland he’d buy the whole room a drink and everyone he was with, every pub he went in.....then said he didn’t have any cash and could he write them a check.....which they always accepted but framed it behind the bar so they never got cashed
  6. If it was a good resolution for us there wouldn’t be a delay I don’t think, there must be some kind of appeal going on behind closed doors or Chansiri is doing whatever. Would he do that if there were no points being deducted? I don’t think so. We’re fooked
  7. The ~1% I quoted is black males aged 15-25 btw
  8. Yep I’ve had people cut and paste that to me several times already a couple of weeks ago.....what good has it done in the UK except send race relations back 40 years?
  9. .....supporting, Marxism, anti-capitalism, defunding the police and ignoring the fact that ~1% of London’s (which has the highest proportion of black people in the UK I believe) population are doing up to 50% of its knife crime.....I’m no racist and have mixed race family but BLM is going to make it all so much worse I sadly feel by inflaming dormant bigots whilst weeing off and enraging black people at the same time.....recipe for disaster at the start of the summer and with unemployment looking like it’ll be as bad as it’s been since the early 80’s
  10. I voted for the Green Party in the last three local elections and I’m completely against BLM UK as I think holistically it’s divisive and will cause more harm to racial equality than good.
  11. Coincidence it happens on the day you can get your cash back for season tickets? where’s mi tin hat...
  12. Wasn’t it his man who scored the header for their second and he was nowhere near him as well?
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