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  1. N*gro in Spanish means black. What if he called him a big black bully in Spanish? What if the blokes just made it up and he didn’t say anything at all?
  2. goodytheowl


    I saw one lad getting nicked, not sure if he was Wednesday or Mansfield. 3 or 4 Mad Max-esque bikers came down the hill at the end on dirt bikes and one of them pointed at me in an intimidating manner and mentioned something about me being a Wednesday W**ker, which was quite exciting tbf
  3. goodytheowl


  4. You’re full of superior sarcasm aren’t you in many of your posts. That’s how I read it all from early on and actually have heard from people that know him that he is actually an incredibly difficult person to deal with. He also goes to my gym and I’ve seen him in there loads with his Mrs. Has he really been busting his bllx to do it for this club in those 18 months day in day out? Definitely not the opinion I get at all.
  5. Debate sensibly unless it’s simething that someone doesn’t agree with so they remove my post? The man evidently does not give a throw about this club and gives zero effort week in week out in training and is just taking pay checks since he spat his dummy out when he first arrived and the team wasn’t taken away from FF and moulded around him. Disgrace and he needed to go a year ago. Zero passion and heart.
  6. How can you possibly defend him and where has my post gone?
  7. Hate to say it but Barnsley have three home games in a row now. Hull, Reading, Burton and Barnsley have a game in hand on us. We've got to play Hull and Sunderland away, Reading at home. Without doubt I think the four below us will overtake us if we stay in this form. Get a few players back? It generally takes players a month to get firing properly and we've got 6 or 7 weeks left! The only question is will one of the bottom three then go on a run? Well, there's three of them so there's a really good chance that one of them will with the stakes at play and the randomness of this league. I am a lot more fearful than most people at the pub who laughed at me when I put cover bets on a few weeks ago but I am $hitting it right now even more tbf. Have you looked at our run in? I seriously can not see where we can win a game. We'll probably go and lose at Sunderland, then we've got in form Fulham at home, may as well not even turn up to QPR and Wolves away as we'll get nothing. Other two games before we go and get shafted 4-0 in Wolves victory parade are 6 pointers if there ever was one, against Hull away and Reading at home. Then Norwich at home on last day where we all know that anything can and will happen. The nightmare is becoming reality.
  8. goodytheowl


    Fletcher out? Strongly disagree, can’t temember him not putting a shift in. 100% every appearance for me
  9. goodytheowl

    Liam Palmer

    He had a mare tonight absolutely and we said his head had gone when he smashed that shot/cross 10 yards high and wide. The booing without doubt increases pressure and I just don’t get it. He is not Roland Nilsson without a doubt but there is an Internet lemming witch hunt out for the poor lad which is ridiculous, he is definitely not as bad as people too easily say. Admittedly he had an absolute shocker tonight though.
  10. goodytheowl

    Acca for today

    39/1 now on 365
  11. goodytheowl

    Is metrodome open satdi?

    Actually, just phoned and open for us from 930am.
  12. If not where else for Wednesday fans? Any idea anyone?
  13. Swansea, I’d love to go down there for the replay and see us lose on penalties after a 0-0er and get home at 5am.