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  1. I think he slipped and smashed his head, anyone know if he’s ok? There was blood everywhere. coppers just stood there for ages and did nothing when everyone was screaming at them. Could’ve had a heart attack and could’ve been difference between life and death. Seemed pretty poor, they didn’t seem to give a poo .
  2. goodytheowl

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Yeah, just meant recently more than anything. It all balances out in the end, apart from us FFS. A penalty before 2020 would be nice
  3. goodytheowl

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    I got 12/1 and gutted I only had £80 on it.
  4. goodytheowl

    Hopefully a big crowd next week

    So Reading will bring 500ish You reckon there's 6000 people in Sheffield that will pay £35-£45 on the gate? More like 23,500 I reckon will be there
  5. goodytheowl

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    Those 4 points we've dropped from West Brom and Birmingham too FFS. How we didn't win those games Go off on the first proper hot spell of the season and do the unimaginable and win the 5 more games left in February and then we're talking. On paper this looks like the easiest month of fixtures in the whole season. Believe in Steve
  6. goodytheowl

    Manager odds

    There was one to start with but they all got stopped with the Brice news
  7. Ah, talk was at Hillsborough, thought someone said it was in town earlier. False alarm
  8. Someone separate posted this and said it was tonight so looks genuine. if he’s at a Do in town why’s he at Hillsborough?
  9. Bloke on FB said it was tonight but could be bllx
  10. Ah! didn’t know that, although bit odd he’s there on a Sunday evening imho
  11. Just seen this on FB. Looks legit to me but who knows
  12. Anyone know if they post out the tickets for the forum or do you have to collect from ticket office?
  13. goodytheowl

    Top prices in the league.

    Yes we’re the most expensive team in the league, but we’re also the most expensive second tier team in the WHOLE WORLD, literally