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  1. He’s seemed lost positionally when he’s come on. I suspect he could play in a 4-2-3-1 system as one on the three, a looked a bit more comfortable in a wide role, but he’s not a striker.
  2. Football doesn’t seem to want to make their leagues a genuine competition. The big clubs are so dominant now that the rest simply make up the numbers; merely cannon-fodder.
  3. It’s always a balance though with younger players, unless they are exceptional. Adeniran and FDB did OK but once Byers and Luongo were back we looked a different team.
  4. Sunderland deserved it. Alex Neill knows how to see a game out even if not always good to watch.
  5. As the play off final today shows, goalkeepers are so key. They all make errors but it's the amount and nature of those errors that's key. We also saw with Westwood at his peak, the importance of a keeper who is respected (feared) by his defenders. I think Joe being offered a new deal makes sense as he won't be on big wages, has experience of playing for Wednesday and is a decent back up if not no.1, particularly as it's sensible to start the season with three keepers.
  6. Should have let him stay at Grimsby where he was playing regularly. Let's see how he has developed in the summer. He'll not be on big wages so good to have him in the squad. If he's surplus then he can go out on loan to give him a chance of keeping a career in football .
  7. May be Hunt, Luongo and NML don't re-sign which would leave further gaps. It's clear from that team that we are massively under resourced in defenders. He'll have to bring a lot in from now to get through a 46 game campaign.
  8. Good luck to him. My mate is a Wigan fan and rated him so highly. He said but for his broken leg his career would have had more if an upwards trajectory.
  9. I've always enjoyed watching his performances. He has a reputation of being injured or sent off but both those things are massively overstated. For the most part he's been a class act and this season he was outstanding in defence. He's always put 100% in but the quality of his play has nearly always been excellent.
  10. Have an official clock in the stadium so everyone can see that the ref has ‘stopped the clock’ for time wasting. Also, to include time punishments by incident as they happen e.g. x amount of seconds added at the point of a goalkeeper time wasting, or outfield player taking ages to take a throw. A cheer would go up every time seconds we’re added and it would reduce time wasting, particularly players feigning injury.
  11. I think you’re on to something here with a tiered system of deterrents.
  12. Everyone has a price, but he’s got to make sure he gets a good deal. DC has had his pants taken down so many times on issues to do with players.
  13. DM brought him in (despite his reputation) and knows him best (from WBA). I’ll trust his judgement on this one.
  14. It’s hard for a manager to say “no” to a player being recommended to them by someone who is clearly such a personal contact of the owner. Unless you’re flying high at the top of the league, it’s a stick to beat you with when you lose, or if you’re on a bit of a bad run, if you’ve rejected players offered to you.
  15. I think I read a couple of years back that the average height of a male goalkeeper when the football league started is similar to that of a female goalkeeper today.
  16. The end of season club sponsors event was cancelled at the last minute after the Sunderland game, with Darren Moore recording a video saying they would reschedule and include in the revised event for all the sponsors to be taken to see the the players train. The cancellation of Owls in the Park doesn’t seem consistent with that, albeit a much bigger event. If they are that bothered about Covid, why offer to take the sponsors to the training ground - it wasn’t something being demanded? I’ve no gripe with them cancelling the event if there was genuine concerns (I’ve lost a close friend due to Covid) but to me it seems disingenuous to cancel it for Covid when I suspect most players will have been vaccinated, or have gained some resilience through catching it, like many of us have. To me it seems as though the event is seen internally as a bit of an inconvenience. They know supporters will still buy the shirts, OiTP event or not, and the club doesn’t really ‘get it’ when it comes to engaging with supporters of the future.
  17. Christ. Just seen the head-butt on Billy Sharp. Cowardly and disgraceful. He must have suffered quite a facial/head injury. Maximum prison sentence for the perpetrator and life ban. No messing.
  18. Forest were excellent on Saturday. United equally excellent tonight. Play offs are often decided by fine margins. Tonight was another example. Don’t think there was a lot between us and Sunderland either.
  19. We needed to play him week in, week out with another striker alongside him and his goals would have kept us up.
  20. Third division football at high prices, after a pandemic and mostly thin gruel for 20 odd years…I don’t think we’re doing too bad!
  21. DM has never really won me over but he exceeded what I personally thought we'd do this season. I didn't expect the play offs from the shambles we were and having to bring in so many new players. The second half of the season has been very good so, in the absence of anyone realistically available who would do better, I'd stick with him.
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