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  1. Great Post. Every team gave managers much, much longer back then. Alex Ferguson was the prime example - no way he'd be given the time nowadays. There were some dreadful games at Hillsborough in the 1970s with very low crowds, and more than a few under Jack Charlton, but I can't recall anyone calling for his head. His track record was so outstanding that we knew he'd get it right eventually. With DM it's a leap of faith because he doesn't have the track record of success that JC had. He doesn't convince me but unless there is a credible alternative, we have to stick with him whilst we remain in touch with the play offs.
  2. Just seen the goals. These aren’t as questionable keeper ‘errors’ compared with those of BPF when he has made them. Problem is that neither keeper is convincing at the moment.
  3. I agree, but I live in Rotherham and know a lot of Millers and they were the same as us in Warner’s early rein, and both times he got them promoted they were inconsistent and only upper-mid table early in their campaign. I’m clutching a big bunch of straws that DM can do the same, but he doesn’t fill me with confidence so far as I agree that his selections, subs and tactics haven’t been great.
  4. We appear to have signed a lot of athletes rather than footballers.
  5. That’s got to be an all time record for any club, ever!
  6. There isn’t an obvious replacement, so although I’m not convinced by DM we have to stick with him. He’s clearly a rookie manager who I’m hoping will learn and improve, a bit like Paul Warne has. However, a big club like Wednesday have higher expectations, so he won’t get the same level of patience as some clubs.
  7. John Pearson is right though - it was one of our better performances, yet we mucked it up again so it doesn’t feel like it.
  8. The worry for DM is how many goals we have conceded that the goalkeeper is at fault for - must be a high percentage.
  9. The wide men can hardly complain because no one has set the world alight yet. Having said that, we haven’t really played a proper 4-3-3 system and the wide men don’t look good in a 4-5-1.
  10. We’ve been bad when going ahead and getting pegged back for the last two years in particular. That’s under different managers and different players. Away from home in particular we know that when in front, the home team will have to come at us. Under all managers in the last two years we always sit back and try to ‘manage’ the game out - but rarely do. DM needs to scrap that approach and set up the whole mentality about pushing on even more to get another goal. It won’t always work but clearly the ‘see the game out’ approach isn’t something that works for us.
  11. Perhaps my memory is going but this is champagne football compared to what Irvine served up
  12. While we are close to the play offs on points, DC will stick with DM. Unless we really fall off the pace, and I can’t see that in this league, then DM is safe. We do need a thumping win to help boost confidence - at 2-0 today I thought we might get 4 or 5, but once they scored you just knew we wouldn’t push on to get a third.
  13. I’m not convinced by Moore, but we are 7th and I think this team will improve, and we do have more depth than most in this league, which may well tell as the season goes on. OK, I know I’m looking for positives, but unless there is a credible replacement then we have to stick with the current manager.
  14. Sadly so many modern day managers simply don’t attack.
  15. Giving away leads on this scale has gone on a couple of year with different players and managers. Must be cursed.
  16. Thanks for the source. Still think something doesn’t make sense about his departure. In any event, it’s his tenure as manager that was the real let down for me.
  17. I don't believe TP wasn't aware of the issues at the club before he took over. Neither do I believe he offered to walk away from his contract for nothing. However, I'm not in the know so happy to stand corrected. What isn't in doubt is what a huge let down he was on the footballing side. A man of his experience couldn't make any improvement on Monk's results or performances (he was considerably worse).
  18. I thought Pauli’s would come in, get us organised and improve results, albeit with unentertaining football. Despite his experience, he failed to improve players individually or as a team, produced terrible results and the worst football I’ve seen (albeit viewed on TV). He also gave up trying to do these things from very early in his tenure and did what all poor coaches do - wait for the next transfer window. The worst manager in my lifetime not least for the circumstances surrounding his departure.
  19. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I think it works against us on balance, particularly this season as we'll be seen as big time Charlies by refs.
  20. Yes. All teams will have players in the ref's ear. It can sway some refs but for the most part it works against them. Prime example was Pearson when at Preston. Got booked or sent off more than anyone else, sometimes through reputation rather than actions. Similar with Forestieri - not a moaner but his reputation stopped him getting some key decisions. Personally I don't like to see the shenanigans of Patterson and petulance of Bannan - Bannan is class player and Patterson a workhorse, so neither need to spoil the professionalism, and I don't see it helping the team get referees decisions.
  21. I was replying to a poster who was saying Patterson wasn't getting decisions from refs. It came up in the Shodipo thread, which is why I answered it there. Also you have put something in quotes when replying to my post that I didn't say.
  22. Patterson (and Bannan for that matter) are the problem when it comes to referees. EVERY game they berate them from start to finish and pretty much every game they have to be spoken to by the refs to calm down. If I was a ref they would get nothing from me, certainly not any borderline decisions. Prime example was yesterday when Patterson was injured off the pitch then walked back on and went to ground. Pathetic. How on earth does he think the ref is going to be towards the team after that nonsense. He should have booked him and if I were the manager I’d be stamping out this pantomime villain stuff immediately or he wouldn’t play. He and Bannan need to cut out this harassment of refs. I for one are fed up of seeing it as it works against us.
  23. Football is over complicated by modern day managers. Our last two goals have come from simple crosses into the box. We need to play a system that allows wingers/wide men to get into these positions more often by working with full backs or midfielders to create opportunities to overlap- eg the Worthington/King partnership and Harkes/Neilson - or more recently Wallace/Hunt.
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