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  1. I honestly think we will finish as Champions as we have a very strong, experienced squad and it's long overdue. Have a feeling it's our time. Wednesday Peterboro Ipswich Oxford Bolton Wycombe
  2. I like NML as when he's played in the right position with a remit to attack he's tricky at this level and can score and create. But we are a L1 club and we have to cut our cloth accordingly even if we are still one of the highest payers in the league. So it's all about comparative return on any investment you make in a player. I think we saw it in patches with him, I think we would have seen more value if he had been played in the right position but if we believe we can find a replacement with a better value/return then we have to go for it. Likewise, I don't blame him if he can find a club who will pay higher wages - such is the way of the world and loyalty is secondary in most players as they have to earn what they can, while they can.
  3. Ipswich and Peterborough will be the ones to finish ahead of next season.
  4. We've been making excuses for far too long with poor leadership given pretty much a free ride.
  5. I think neither team were impressive and on the recent times I've seen Forest, they have a huge build job just to survive. Commentators going overboard that Huddersfield should have had 2 penalties but I don't think either were.. they are sometimes given, sometimes not.. but I was not convinced on either. Pleased that Forest went up after 23 years. We've got to make sure it's our time very soon - it's been far too long.
  6. Aside from their talent on the pitch, a critical part of the criteria must be mentality. We want winners, fighters, battlers and strong characters - these play such a big part in any team's success and particularly at a club like ours where the expectation is high. It's alright performing really well in front of 3,000 at Cheltenham, but doing it week in week out for us needs a different level of mentality.
  7. Having just missed out, rightly there is going to be more pressure and expectation next season - as should be the case for the biggest club in the division with significantly more resources than most. It's not going to be easy, as we know this league is a battle, but we should not dilute the expectation of automatic promotion. I don't take it for granted, but I expect us to be challenging around the top 2 all season. I'd expect the Chairman, manager and players to have similar expectations and we have to take our game to teams away from home more, if we want to get more points than last season.
  8. All about signings, performances and results - with results being the main determining factor. If we are doing well, people will turn up. If we are drawing or losing too many games, people will not come out and pay.
  9. Agent Heckingbottom, you have successfully completed your mission.
  10. Other businesses offer special deals to first timers and these deals aren't available to existing customers - it's all part of marketing. We should do great deals to attract those who have never been season ticket holders before as an introductory offer. This includes to students who are only in Sheffield for college, as well as adults and kids in our region. Have deals for first time pensioners, business owners, families and go to the thousands of companies in and around the city to offer the same deal to their employees and list the companies who take this up in the program at every match. Organize a competition through the media and give away 10 season tickets (in return for the database of those who entered). The aim has to fill up the ground so that getting nearer the Portsmouth and Sunderland attendances become the norm, and those seats on the lower Leppings Lane end are always full.
  11. It's a shame we didn't build a warehouse in the Wednesdayite carpark which could provide pre and post match food and drink at attractive prices, plus the ability to rent it out for conferences, weddings, events, concerts etc. So close to the stadium that it might as well be considered a part of it. We could have got a great atmosphere in there so that everybody was warmed up to walk across the road into the stadium. Aside from very basic maintenance, all available funds should be directed into the team as a good team puts bums on seats (and we have plenty of spare seats most games), and on balance would give us a better chance of getting into the Premier League. Once we earn Premier League money we can then think about more long term issues concerning the stadium. There are limited funds available and I'd rather them be directed to a striker who might score the goals to get us up rather than a lick of paint which won't.
  12. Great post - takes us right back to the first half of the season when we were more interested in not losing than going out to win. We were so negative in both games and it seems that in the home game, not conceding a second was more of the focus than trying to have a real go at Sunderland. It was like the Huddersfield ties all over again. Fortune favors the brave and Moore didn't trust in our quality or playing in the way which had resulted in a great run. It was all too much safety first and we are all left frustrated about what might have been. Oh for a manager who lets the opposition worry about us instead of fearing them. I'd have rather lost the tie with all guns blazing but instead, we fought with nothing more than a water pistol.
  13. He had a great season once we started giving him support in the attack and stopped being so safety first. Well done to him.
  14. We just didn't perform like we have been doing - for some reason we abandoned our front foot approach and sat far too deep for most of the 2 games. It looked like safety first tactics to me, more important not to concede than to actually go out and win the tie. Should have gone out with a bang, but instead, we went out with a whimper. Feels very much like the Huddersfield semi, where we are left thinking what might have been if we had been braver. Really disappointing tactics for me.
  15. There are many parts of Hillsborough on a match day where you can find a seat in a quieter area and avoid this kind of thing. Better to be there than on a couch and I's love the chance to be there in person but I'm 4,500 miles away, missing the live match day experience enormously. I used to take my boys when they were 5 through to late teens, and I was a little worried about the language, but realized they were hearing much worse at school. There's even equally worse on TV nowadays. And then there's the option of the family seating where it will be more sanitized if the language is still a worry. I'd love to see Hillsborough with 30,000 in it every game - Sunderland achieved that on many occasions this season - but it also needs attractive pricing and some thought behind various sections at Hillsborough e.g. a section for those who go away so they can recreate the away atmosphere at home by all sitting together, and we need to recruit those fans who want to sing and put them in blocks so the atmosphere comes from different parts of the ground - left field thinking but why not create a kids singing section so kids can be all together inside the ground and let them play a part in the atmosphere - while the parents sit in the same stand somewhere else and meet them afterwards. We need a brainstorm as to how we can most effectively meet all of our fans needs- those who want it quiet and sanitized, those who want to sing their hearts out etc... football tends to treat all of its 'customers' the same - here is a seat, watch the match - we need to be more creative and different than everybody else.
  16. Even Barry Bannan said our season had been a failure. I respect him for his sober summary of the reality. We dropped too many points away from home from poor tactics and some poor defending. That's what cost us autos and then we didn't really turn up for the 2 games v Sunderland. Many seem to think because of our improvement this season, that we will walk it next year. If Sunderland go up, we will be the biggest scalp in the division and we have a little rebuilding to do, so we have no room for error. The pressure is going to be huge from a more expectant and impatient fan base - we've been here before and I can see DM being ousted before the end of September if we are not firing on all cylinders home and away. I hope he makes it, but it's going to be harder than this season - this was our best chance with the squad we had compared to virtually anyone in this league.
  17. I wasn't convinced by DM's appointment as he had no track record of getting teams promoted and was relatively inexperienced. It appears he can pick out good players and that's a positive. We also were very good at home and got 85 points over the season. Also positive. But I can't help but think he didn't maximize our advantage over virtually every club at this level. Almost every team would have taken our squad over any other. Yet for all the good performances at home, we were very underwhelming away, with a defence which seemed to concede far too easily and rarely taking our game to the opposition. Most of our away victories (which were too few in number) were scraps where we never really put anybody to the sword. As soon as we led, we sat back instead of showing a killer instinct. MK Dons summed that mentality up when we invited them onto us at 3-0 up. Too many away games like Sunderland away last week when we looked distinctly like a draw would be ok. It's like watching 2 different teams watching us home and away. That has to be the responsibility of the manager and for me, he's far too negative away. The late goals conceded are also a feature which has not really been addressed all season. No surprise tonight once we got into stoppage - we've seen it all before. I need some convincing, but I think he deserves to start next season and hope he can bring in good players early so we hit the ground running. I expect to see him having the team totally committed, the defence much tighter and the pressure taken off the defence by a strong attacking philosophy home and away. If we believe in our quality advantage and if DM is as good as some are claiming, then it's front foot, high tempo, no fear. We will win many more then we lose and avoid so many draws which have cost us dearly this season. However you look at it, the pressure is on DM as the expectation will be even higher next season.
  18. Wycombe look poor, how did they make the playoffs? They are offering absolutely nothing in attack.
  19. Here they go, time-wasting again... stopping the momentum that MK were building..
  20. We look vulnerable away from home and the bottom line is that we need to win more away games. I think we've been too cautious and instead, should take our game to the opposition and trust in our quality. We've seen that defences at this level struggle to deal with us, so we should not sit so deep in away games. 53 home points and 32 away points shows exactly where we need to improve.
  21. Thank you and that’s very kind, although I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it
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