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  1. Spurs have not been all that good, but still far too good for them. Hoping for them doing better second half and pushing on for a close 0-5.
  2. Crawley were good value for their victory and look quite a handful on their own patch. Leeds were shocking today, too much intricate passing when 2 passes will do, and poor defending.
  3. Cook every day of the week for me. Knows the league and did well with unfancied Wigan - his team played us off the park when they beat us at the start of the season a couple of years ago. Won titles in league 2 and 1 and has a knowledge of the league and lower league players who might be able to make the step up. This is going to be essential as we are not exactly flush with cash and there would also be no compensation package to pay to another club. He had Wigan playing out of their skins in the second half of last season when they looked to be in trouble. Choosing an overseas man
  4. He’s blowing such a gasket I can see him walking today.. hope not though!
  5. They’ve just shown Wilder and the coaching staff standing outside the changing room and Wilder going off on one before they eventually went in to see the players. What a season
  6. Rob is a class act as a radio journalist and I'm looking forward to seeing him get a break at a national level sometime soon. He's a great guy too, I gave him a lift to our game at Burnley when we had already been relegated and smashed them 7-2. (We struggle to score that many goals in a month nowadays sadly). Always nice seeing one of our own progress in his profession and he has lots of potential.
  7. Must have been, given it has taken us a whole year to get over the hangover
  8. They’ve all been busy cancelling their European tour trips they were all predicting before the season started.
  9. I don't buy into this fatigue argument. It's the same for all teams and I'd love to see the total miles covered stats for us as a team compared to others. We shadow and sit back and play the vast majority of games in a single half of the pitch. We don't work hard enough to close down the opposition and force them into mistakes and we don't support the man with the ball - I wish I had a pound for everytime the commentators complained there weren't enough men in the box when we attack. It's all down to attitude and it saddens me to say we just don't have any. We go throu
  10. We played with energy and desire on Saturday, while tonight could not be more opposite. Nobody looks like they are fighting relegation, we simply rolled over from the first kick of the game. These players should be ashamed of themselves if they think this is acceptable. The games will start running out and none seem to be playing with pride. How can it change so quickly since Saturday?
  11. What a shambles of a performance. Nobody has any bottle or desire.
  12. I went with my girlfriend to this game and sat on the back row of their main stand. I think they were top of the league and they had a really good team but we gave them a good game. After the match, heading to the station was one of the scariest experiences I’ve experienced, on par with Millwall, Chelsea and Newcastle away in that era.
  13. Have to be honest, he was truly awful when he came on today. Lost possession far too easily and added absolutely nothing. Very disappointed with him and he’s going to have to do so much better to even stay on the subs bench. I hope he comes through this.
  14. Read my post again. He’s had 5 games with someone else’s squad. Ridiculous to make such comparisons at such an early stage. i’ll be honest, I was pretty underwhelmed with the selection of Pulis, but he already has us more organized and hard working, and is getting more out of individual players such as a Reach. I am very confident he will keep us up and that was always the target this season.
  15. Come on. Monk came up against the Luton’s, Rotherham’s and Wycombe’s while Pulis has had to compete with the Norwich’, Swansea’s and Reading’s. You’re kidding yourself if you cannot see more organization, commitment and better performances from individual players already. And remember that Monk had a year to produce those results and the chance to bring in players, while Pulis has only just joined us and can only pick from what he inherited. Ridiculous comparison.
  16. This is what makes me so proud to be a Wednesday fan. Brings back memories of our fan ban back in the 80’s and how many fans got in to places as far away as Swansea. This guy deserves s medal for ingenuity! Hope the players clapped him at the end.
  17. First one, clear cut. Second one, their defender got the ball so would have been harsh on them.
  18. Best performance of the season for me. Organized, hard working, committed and could easily have had a penalty to put the game out of reach. Just wish we could have held on and we definitely deserved more out of that game. Always had a threat going forward and should have scored more than one.
  19. Wonder when their European tour starts? Haven't seen any announcements recently
  20. That was as dull as dishwater and we won't win many games sitting too deep and playing in our own half. The only saving grace is that it's early days under this manager and we were down to 10 men. However, I'm pretty sure this is as good as it gets with this team - they aren't capable of anything other than going through the motions. Let's hope Pulis can wheel and deal to get some frees in and he can have a decent transfer window, otherwise we will be waving goodbye to this division if we have to rely on the current squad.
  21. Monk’s teams played too deep and lacked any degree of consistent offensive intent so it’s always going to be harder to win games when you primarily try not to lose. The teams that do well in this division have less fear and go out to win games. I always felt that under Monk, we played with our hands tied behind our backs and it was so frustrating. I wish him well on a human level, but his tactics were as dull as dishwater, sadly.
  22. Icing on the cake would be a Fulham win at West Ham to open up a very nice gap!
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