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  1. Can’t remember the last time someone said that
  2. They will struggle to get rid of their high earners, just as we struggled. The only teams that will want them are championship at best and they will not pay large fees and wages for them. The players will just run their contracts down same as they did here
  3. United World will be the downfall of Sheffield United. Money is been taken away from them to prop up the other teams in U W.
  4. They said Hecky wasn’t good enough in June and chased Slav to the end of the earth. Then six months later hecky becomes the manager with a four year contract. You couldn’t make it up.
  5. If I was a United fan I would be asking how much Premiership money has gone into United World. I wouldn’t mind betting that the majority of the money for these other teams As come from TV money
  6. With the Appointment of Heckingbottom with Mac Call and Lester in such a short time I think he was a dead man walking before the Reading game.
  7. Reason why Slav has no money to spend is because Wilder spent it all last year.
  8. If he’s sacked I hope he takes them to the cleaners like cwissy did.
  9. He will be better off at Everton. I’m sure their medical staff will be better than ours.
  10. Shucks I enjoyed the first two series so much.
  11. Sorry but he doesn’t seem interested. Should be doing better would not get a start for me
  12. Good to see a strong lineup. Hope we can put a good show on for the fans and the TV. The last few televised FA cup matches we have played in we haven’t even tried to win the match
  13. A match made in heaven. Gibson and Wilder both grade one tvvats
  14. How many penalties did they have disallowed today?
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