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  1. Paxo I if he’s with us is bad news for us.
  2. He will get away with it because he has money to get a good legal team in place. Joe public would not have the money and would be found guilty. Sorry but that’s the way it did is.
  3. Reap what you sow? Just like billy ?
  4. They are probably millionaires so why do they look like chavs who hang around the mini mart at night?
  5. Someone is punching above his weight. Or has Lisa blade had cosmetic surgery.
  6. They are more lightly to support Ireland
  7. I’m sure you will be able to park nearer the ground
  8. Yes we’ve plenty on the books who can do that now
  9. Don’t worry, it’s the likes of Boro, QPR Blackburn and WBA. who should be apologising.
  10. From what I’ve been told by Rotherham people that’s a myth
  11. Try to look positive probably not the n your nature
  12. Different game on Monday. Need to attack so hunt plays that’s no reflection on palmer who played well so hunt comes in.
  13. Hutchinson dropped a ball it happens in football get over it
  14. Some people don’t get football. Yes we’ve lost tonight but you can’t win every game. We are at home in a few days we are scoring goals at home so expect us to score more than a couple of goals against Sunderland. Thing is some on here can’t wait to knock our club UTO
  15. Dean will play tonight. Good defender and a great organiser.
  16. I’m not so sure. Wycombe will bring all their spoiling tactics
  17. Yes the same bust but with a different name under it.
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