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  1. Absolutely terrible news. My thoughts go to Tango and his family. Very upsetting reading this thread.
  2. You must have signed upto that forum then as I have had a nosey a couple of times and couldn’t get access to the Wednesday thread, unless you are signed up you cannot read it.
  3. Absolutely yes. I’ll be ticking Alfreton off the list next Saturday
  4. They both went down. We would have been strong favourites against both teams.
  5. Is the very good Norwich side that got relegated alongside Sunderland the same season???
  6. 1981/82 v Luton at home 3-3 draw. The worst refereeing performance I’ve ever seen ( John Lovatt from Crewe) 1983 semi final 4-4 draw with Chelsea in 1985 ( we would have won the league cup if we had seen that game out) 1986 semi final 0-3 v Forest in 1990 Both games against the pigs 91/92 3-3 away to Derby 1999/00 And the winner by a country mile… 1993 FA cup final replay.
  7. This x100000000 A Sunday league keeper could have saved what was a routine header straight at him. Yet somehow an England international misread it and went down instead of standing there when it was an easy tip over.
  8. Pompey will bring a fair few so I think our first game attendance will be between 27-28k
  9. Forest Green at home first game. I just hope we have a vegan option on the menu.
  10. The 90/91 season is the best I’ve known watching Wednesday, but if we are really honest, that team should have won the title that season. Okay the league cup win more than made up for that though. Too many draws at home cost us the title.
  11. I was at Ipswich behind the goal. It certainly felt and looked to be overcrowded. In the first half Wednesday were superb and should have been more than 2-0 up. As for the hottest at a match? Like others have said, Swindon is probably the hottest I’ve known a game. I seem to recall the 1983 Semi final being very hot despite it being in April. Middlesbrough at home at the start of the 82/83 season was a scorcher as well.
  12. I seem to remember Colin West missing a very easy chance within the first minute.
  13. I would say that the players fitness levels, tactics for games, transfer decisions, players diet, effort levels all have an impact on the season for SWFC. What kit they wear won’t do. Some people need to get out more.
  14. Why do some people get so hung up about a football shirt? Does it really matter?
  15. For reasons I won’t go into, on the very same day I was at Highbury watching Arsenal beat Sunderland 1-0 Forest half I was sat with Sunderland fans who were screaming at Arsenal fans saying they couldn’t afford Gabbiadini. Second half I sat with the people I went with ( Arsenal fans) I knew Wednesday were 2-0 up at half time then it came over the speakers at full time Millwall 4 Sheffield Wednesday 2. I was like WTF
  16. That game was played December 6th 1980 and we lost 2-1 Just two days later a terrible thing happened at W72nd street in NYC
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