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  1. Oh it could and should be better, but the overreactions on here are beyond the pale.
  2. Hardly insurmountable though is it?
  3. I thought going forward we were good today and upto their first goal it was a good performance. We miss a sitter to go 3-0 up ( not Moore’s fault) then Wildsmith parry’s a shot he should have caught, you know the rest. ps I’m no Wildsmith fan, but he deserved his place today.
  4. Absolutely bang on. We had control of that game. Moore wasn’t to blame today for me. As usual lots of over the top reactions on here.
  5. We created chances today and missed sitters.
  6. I thought we were good against Wigan tbf.
  7. Wow, the doom and gloom on here and we haven’t kicked off yet. Just to remind everyone, we have won 3 out of our last 4
  8. I know they aren’t in the FA cup but I’d love Staveley Miners welfare to qualify one day. I think they are in the 9th level of the league pyramid, but there ground has a capacity of 5000 and baring ex league teams in the non league system, they must have one of the best non league grounds.
  9. I’d like Buxton away, as I dreamt that or someone we can wallop at home about 8-0
  10. No but the Wednesday team were all wearing suspenders.
  11. I dreamt last night we played Buxton away and the game was selected for live tv ( which would happen) Wednesday won 4-0 and the Wednesday fans smashed the ground up. I must stop eating cheese before bedtime. ps Jamie Ward plays for Buxton.
  12. sexpistol


    Everybody AJ has fought, Fury would have most likely beaten. AJ got lucky in the fact that he got to fight for the world title against arguably the worst belt holder ever ( not AJs fault admittedly) after Fury’s personal problems, when he was stripped of his belts.
  13. sexpistol


    To be fair I don’t think Ellis was rude to me, I don’t agree with what he says but he wasn’t personal, nor should anybody be tbh. However I would like to know for those that think he can how AJ would beat Fury. If he tries to box him he would be made to look stupid. I don’t think he has the game to brawl Fury and he would imo come off second best. He would have to try to get Fury on the back foot, good luck in trying to do that.
  14. sexpistol


    Fury never almost lost to Chisora, he won easily on points first time around and battered him in the rematch.
  15. sexpistol


    Imo Fury v Usyk would be a stinker of a fight, as I would imagine Fury would use his weight to nullify Usyk. I think Fury would win on points. Usyk may also lose due to cuts, to say AJ didn’t lend a great deal on Usyk, his face was pretty marked up. Rest assured Fury would land more than AJ. Fury beats AJ very easily and I think same if he fights Whyte.
  16. sexpistol


    Oh come on. Klitschko was a heavy favourite to beat Fury but despite being champion for years, Fury got inside his head and schooled him. Fast forward 17 months and Klitschko who hadn’t fought since the Fury fight went in with AJ and really should have beaten him. Seriously though, who are the names that stand out on AJs resume? A past it Wlad, Usyk who schooled him and he fought Dillian Whyte before he was world champion. Wilder beats the version of Klitschko that AJ beat and any other opponent bar Usyk in my opinion. Are you of the opinion that AJ actually stands a chance against Fury?
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