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  1. I don't know much about the Hadron Collider or Physics but I'm pretty sure it ain't a big chuff off telescope.
  2. Probably the best we can hope for. What we really need is a manager that will kick them into shape and play positive/attacking football, is out of a job and fancies going somewhere that is now pretty notorious for being a managers graveyard. I'm not hopeful
  3. I think the memories that each shirt brings with it has a large baring on whether we remember it fondly or not. We could have an absolute dog of a kit but if we were succesful at the time, I think we will all have a better opinion of it. The 92/93 wasp one for example, dog ugly but the team and players wearing it were better than we've had since.
  4. I would like a professional approach across the board. I would like us to sign players sourced according to a strong plan and in line with a budget. I would like to hear ideas and see initiatives from our owner, and think "that's genius". I would like to watch a game and think, "I can see what we are trying to do here". I'd like to stand on the terrace and know that we are ready for whatever shithousery the opposition are going to throw at us. I would like us to be better than underperforming/mediocre as per the last 25 years. So Owlstalk, I don't go anymore but if I saw any green shoots of recovery under a new owner I will be there like a shot. Guess that's a 4th category. CHANSIRI OUT
  5. To be honest, I wish him well. He looked lively and you can see that he has plenty of ability, strong and runs just like his Dad did. Who can blame him really for leaving if other clubs were chucking money at him. Be daft not to, football isn't Roy of the Rovers at your home club anymore. Still needs to prove himself but if he had stayed at Hillsborough, I doubt either he or SWFC would have been much better off.
  6. No recognised CB I'm the starting line up and Hirst Jnr starting after his first league goal. What could possibly go wrong
  7. Wish him all the best of luck and hope he does well there. We had a window of opportunity to get him at Hillsborough and I think he would be great for our club and the fans. On the plus side, that's at least one team above us in the league table I am confident we can overtake
  8. We are in luck, my betting instinct predicts a home win so that invariably means it will be a comfortable 3 points for the Owls COME ON WEDNESDAY
  9. Understand your point but I simply don't want to invest in something that I struggle to believe in. There is no strategic direction, there may not be with a different owner either but DC completely lost me when he said at a forum, that you cannot have a strategic plan in football. Ironically, most of the categorical disasters he's caused are due to the absence of one. The next owner may be worse but at least there's a fair chance they might be better. It's got to the stage where I'd take that risk 10 times out of 10, the Wednesday Chansiri has created isn't worth saving or paying for to watch the massacre happen, IMO. Acveo others might be different. I believe that the longer you make excuses for someone that is so clearly incompetent it is tantamount to accepting failure. I want this club to go places again but it will only go one way under DC as he has proved year on year.
  10. Personally, I think he's ruined the club. We are in a far worse position than when he took over. Why do you think we need money now? Because DC made a reyt old mess of the club that's why. It is all on him. Perhaps I'm not cut out to be a modern football fan, our identity has gone out of the window and we are at the mercy of a man that still knows Jack about running a football club. Mostly made good decisions? I'd say it's more that he hasn't made an absolute shocker for a few months, rather than suddenly shown the type of leadership a fine club like ours deserves. His 'product' is not my Sheffield Wednesday.
  11. Sounds good, however, Is it bad that I read this promo with the Deal or No Deal music in my head? What is the Hillsborough banker going to do this week...
  12. 'Kinell, I was looking forward to reminiscing the tremendous signings of Simon Donnelly and Phil O'Donnell (RIP).
  13. Will not consider buying a season ticket until Chansiri has gone
  14. The three blunts that have to be in there are Billy Sharp, Chris Morgan and Paddy Kenny. Just looking at the 3 of them reinforced what a shithouse of a club dem blades are.
  15. The only important things about fixtures like this are that you use them to maintain performance levels and see who is champing at the bit to earn a start. Yes a trip to Wembley would be nice but we'd then have to worry about whether we claimed it as an honour. Even though it was the pizza cup, we have thrown a shocker in and there is a risk that we will lose the momentum and positivity we were building, that's why us a shocker
  16. Things are looking better, more settled and more attacking intent shown. If we can get some defenders fit I think we will start to climb. That said, I'd still like to see us lay a couple of real markers down and put some fear into the league, before I dare to dream again. This is a poor league and we want to be winning games like yesterday's. I know Wycombe are doing well but it's Wycombe FFS.
  17. Glad there is a mini-crisis occurring over there, seems we have dodgy owners in common
  18. I can not bring myself to get carried away after 1 brilliant performance and only a handful of good ones in nearly half a season! The bottom right of this triangle forms an arrow that points to the deepest and darkest corner of football supporterdom. That's where I am. There is the occasional glimmer of light like this but it hurts my eyes. I am finding it hard to gain the courage to find my way back to the triangle, let alone to bottom left or top of it!
  19. Didn't go to the game but saw the brief Sky highlights. What was the ref like in general, was he gutted we went on to win? There is also a tackle from behind on our player in their box shortly before we scored the equalizer. That looked an absolute stonewall penalty that was waved off.
  20. That there is probably the reason for growing frustrations over the previous 2 months, Moore did not appear to know what to do with his squad. 2 wins on the bounce now and a decent unbeaten record, he may become one of very few managers that can turn the ship around after being largely unpopular and looking like he might suffer the chop soon. How much last night was down to 2 very important returning players it is hard to tell. It is still far too early to say that he/they have turned it round but things are looking a bit more positive.
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