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  1. Heard we are signing a Brazilian lad called Freddo in January with the money this deal generates
  2. Been a long time since we've had a player like him, willing to get stuck in, do the ugly work and strong as an ox. Can see him being a fan favourite in time
  3. Great effort Jim, hope you had a chance to cash it out
  4. Couldn't have put it better myself. 20 years is a long time out of the top flight. It was only 30 years or so since the first 1 million pound player. Football has changed unfathomably in the time we have spent out of the Premier League and we are no more entitled or indeed likely than Brentford to become a household name in the Premier League again.
  5. It's a fit and proper long term strategy with substance, something that appears to be lost on our owner, amongst many other owners.
  6. It all depends on whether or not the boundaries of a league need to be confined to a country, something that is being challenged by globalization and the riches of European football and those that broadcast it. This move would take away the unlikely dream of fighting to be the best team in the country but given the way things are now how could a team outside of the Premier League ever achieve that? I don't like it at all but it's pretty obvious the way things are moving, it's a case of right time and right place and the only way it could ever stop is if football went ba
  7. Last season I had the bet of a lifetime. I hate the Blunts but I thought they'd shock some of the teams in the Prem so I went £10 on the following; - Blunts Top 10 Premier League - West Brom Promoted by any means - Toy Town promoted by any means - Swindon Promoted by any means It won me £15,300 after a bit of laying off. This season I have gone for the following: - Blunts to finish in last place - Coventry to be relegated - Hull to win the league - Cambridge to be
  8. Courtesy of Wikipedia here are some of the more obscure answers; Billy Betts - 1883 - 1885 Bill Bartlett - 1904 - 1910 Bob Bolder - 1977 - 1983 Bob Brandon - 1891 Bobby Brown - 1974 - 1975 Bob Brown - 1892 - 1894 Bob Bruce - 1935 Barry Butler - 1954 - 1955 Christopher Crapper - 1906 Drissa Diallo - 2004 - 2005 Derek Dooley - 1947 - 1953 Efan Ekoku - 2000 - 2003 Etienne Esajas - 2007 - 2010 Frank Foxall - 1907 - 1910 Frank Froggatt - 1921 - 1927 G Gray - 1921 - 1922 Jimmy Jamieson - 1893 - 1898 Ken
  9. I always thought his given name was Jonathon Woss Wallace
  10. I might add it went from hanging round my knees aged 12 to the modern day skinfit over those 6 years
  11. I thought I had banished this one from my memory. However, for some ungodly reason I wanted to be different and I'm pretty sure I was the only man with Nolan 3 on the back of my shirt in 1995.
  12. If I'd have worn that though people would've expected me to a) be twice as good as I was and b) twice the bell end
  13. I wore this in goal for my school team all the way from 12 to 18. I loved it.
  14. Match day revenue is peanuts and not a drop in the ocean compared to the money given to players. It operates on a scale, premier league clubs don't have to worry, championship clubs barely have to worry, league one clubs only have to worry if they've still got expensive players and or get big attendances, league 2 clubs only if they normally get massive attendances. Of course there are savings while this is happening, fewer matchday staff, minimal police costs etc etc. It would all be OK if players across all leagues took a 10% pay cut, pooled it across all leagues and created a cr
  15. Probably someone who will get a big break to the leg 2 games in
  16. Where has he gone? I must have missed that one!
  17. With many other players leaving and not being able to find a better club or even a club at all, it proves they are not good enough, committed enough, fit enough, young enough or cheap enough for others. Despite them being placed on a pedestal while at Hillsborough and many fretting about our lack of big names. Barely anyone who leaves us goes on to bigger or better things, managers included. Now that we are no longer operating a gravy train for robbers, pensioners and cripples we now appear to be going in the right direction with youth and strength added to our remaining more exper
  18. I had no idea how we were playing, Sky haven't bothered telling me whats happening at Hillsborough. They must really hate Watford
  19. Watford are a very strong side, if we get through this with a win it will feel like a huge sea change as far as spirits are concerned. I just hope that people don't lose their belief should Watford win. I like the squad we have at the moment, a good mix of experience and youth.
  20. They need to test him again, probably swine flu
  21. Best of luck Colin, my favourite pantomime villain despite a blunt.
  22. A good test and a chance to put some more minutes in the legs of the young lads that did so well last night
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