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  1. And the Westwood ‘agenda’ starts. Monk has gone mate, get over it
  2. He was exactly the same in the game against the blunts, but he scored so people forget about that. In fact to my mind he used to stroll around a lot not doing a great deal.
  3. Yes he scored a decent goal agains the blunts, but he was awful that game. We were supposedly fighting for our lives and he was a passenger for that game, him scoring masked that a bit. Some used to knock O’Connor but he always put a shift in and for me he was doing the work for Potter as well. I wish Potter well in his retirement, but he was very poor for most part for Wednesday in my opinion.
  4. That’s the team I would pick. He may put Iorfa at RB and play Dunkley ( if he ever gets fit)
  5. Worth noting that since Wildsmith has come back into the team he has only conceded one goal and not done much wrong.
  6. If I was a defender in that team, I would want the best keeper behind me, one that can Instil confidence. I’ve no doubt Westwood’s best days are behind him, but i would like to see him back in the team to see if he is still the best keeper at the club ( I suspect he is)
  7. I want to know the same thing, I’ve heard and seen vague references. It’s about time somebody told us
  8. I don’t see what his class status has to do with anything?
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