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  1. I just can’t see how Europe can win, especially as it is in the USA. I think Rose should have been picked personally.
  2. Spot on mate, however this is Owlstalk so I or the to see whinging, moaning and negativity. Don’t get me wrong after 30 minutes it was poor yesterday but there is a long long way to go in the season.
  3. I thought we were good for the first 30 mins yesterday. If Bazza scores the pen, it’s a different game.
  4. Not really, it’s hardly like they were threatening.
  5. We have dominated this game. Unbelievable. It looked like BPF dropped it over the line.
  6. There are a few dart players that you could say have a good physique, there are still many that are overweight and some grossly overweight.
  7. Absolutely spot on. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone claim BPF is the new Ola Tidman after his howler yesterday.
  8. You have just summed up Owlstalk mate.
  9. Nice to see the plaque on the wall.
  10. Yes I’ve seen it mentioned on one of their forums Tops I reckon 100 or so Wednesday in their end.
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