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  1. The petrol bomb incident happened in 1980
  2. I remember that game and he did play a blinder. Shame he never did it in certain big games.
  3. The 85/86 was on a Saturday. It might have been November time, and Wednesday were the first team to beat Man U that season in the league. I’m sure Man U had all the Lep.
  4. Worst support in numbers was Shrewsbury 81/82 season I think. It was a night match and an absolutely dreadful game. I counted THREE on the Lep.
  5. For noise levels I would say Sunderland in the FA cup game in 1993
  6. I think Man U in 85/86 season sold out the Lep. The attendance was over 48,000 I think.
  7. I thought on the whole Blinker was a disappointment for Wednesday, but his performance against Villa was the best debut performance I have ever seen from a Wednesday player.
  8. He was a boo boy for some sections of our supporters. I seem to recall Mick Lyons asking fans to lay off him in his program notes.
  9. An honourable mention to Cardiff away 1984
  10. I believe we took around 7000 for that game. I was told that they expected about 3000
  11. Leicester 1990 won 4-2 what a day/ game that was.
  12. I’ve actually put the goals from that game in the first awayday thread as someone stated it was the first away game they went to.
  13. Slightly before my time going to games, but I’ve got an old program and I’m sure it there’s a photo from that game whereby a Policeman had been hit with a missile from the Wednesday fans.
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