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  1. Sadly I predict a 3-0 defeat tonight, but at least sone of the youngsters are gaining experience and others game time.
  2. That was one of Tom Lees best games I’ve seen in a Wednesday shirt. He was outstanding.
  3. Waddle was brilliant and you could argue he was world class, but Gareth Bale is arguably the best footballer from the U.K. since George Best.
  4. Modest barely played for us, but in a 100m race between JJ, Helan and Warhurst. I would go with JJ
  5. Regarding Andy Booth. Does anybody remember that horrendous sitter he missed. I think it was against Stoke in the league cup and it was one of the worst misses I’ve ever seen. There was a fan behind the goal with his head in his hands at what he had just witnessed. Somebody must have the video of it?
  6. How could I ever forget Andy Booth ( I wish I could) for the slowest player. Without doubt the slowest forward I’ve seen play at Wednesday, no one comes close. One of the most offensive things I’ve seen was that book that came out whereby it gave stats on every Wednesday season upto about 2010 I think? It was a very well researched and well written book, the only downside was the inclusion of Andy Booth as one of Wednesdays greatest 125 players ???? I mean really. Bar one decent first season, Booth was abysmal in my opinion, but he tried hard so some Wednesday fans will love him. He also had the worst chant by our fans ever. 😡
  7. That is Steve Strange. I think it might be the Visage greatest hits cover. I’ve got that somewhere.
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