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  1. Pretty poor so far. Luton playing better. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  2. Great post. Although i think 20 goals from him is stretching it a bit.
  3. When he scored that goal against Barnsley, he was generally regarded as being one of our best players that day, yet he was dropped the next match for Fletcher who then scored 2 against toytown. When he first came I thought he looked promising when he played and always seemed to put himself about. I hope he is on the bench this coming Tuesday.
  4. Sorry to be pedantic, but Barnsley’s first game was against Fulham.
  5. No disrespect to you, but that is absolute bobbar. It’s a myth he hasn’t performed, he’s been injured for a fair part. Look at the season before last when he came back, he was brilliant for us. Some people are still annoyed at the Norwich scenario and haven’t forgiven him.
  6. If Bojo delivers Brexit on Oct 31st and there is a general election more or less straight after. Corbyns Labour will be hammered at the polls.
  7. To say Adams and Pearce were “much better players” is very subjective to say the least.
  8. Waffle, Warhurst, Bright, Bartman All Francis signings. I shan’t mention Woods Im not suggesting Francis was anywhere near as good as Atkinson, but it’s a bit of a myth to say it was Atkinsons team when we got to two cup finals etc.
  9. If we get 14 points or more from the second set of fixtures, then I’ll believe we will get automatic promotion.
  10. I just hope we aren’t saying one day ‘Look at what you could have won’
  11. I really hope we play them next round. Would Nando play though? If he did I could see him either scoring a hatrick or getting sent off within 20 minutes.
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