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  1. Woods is rightly criticised imo as it was shocking goalkeeping. All keepers make mistakes, but he went down instead of standing tall where he would have just tipped it over or even caught it. As for Bright, yes he missed a sitter but it wasn’t as bad as that Brighton miss in 1983 He should have jumped better with Linighan, I can assume that it was possibly down to tiredness. Strikers miss chances all the time but goalkeepers whilst making errors should be expected to deal with a routine header and get their positioning correct.
  2. I find it somewhat staggering that an opposition player would say something like that during a game.
  3. I was right behind the goal at the back of the stand and it did seem to go in slow motion, I too was looking at the ref and linesman. Is my memory playing tricks on me, but straight from the kick off after the goal we also got a corner and I seem to remember Warhurst heading over or did I imagine that. The know we got a corner though.
  4. Bart Williams was specifically brought on with 2 minutes left to take one.
  5. Brights Miss was a shocker. It was easier to score. Penalties would have been a shocker to lose but it was the manner of their winner which still rankles to this day. It was just a straight forward header and Woods inexplicably went down instead of just keeping his position.
  6. All hypothetical of course, but if Chris Woods hadn’t made his monumental clanger and the game goes to penalties. Who would have been our 5 penalty takers? My guess at who was on the pitch, it would have been Hirst Sheridan Bart-Williams ( Inbelieve he was brought on near the end for them) Harkes Warhurst Who knows how the pens would have panned out ?
  7. Whilst there is a Trevor Francis thread, I’m sure many of you remember the incident which was aired on March of the Day then in a newspaper, whereby a member of the squad at that time ripped into tricky Trev with allegations such as he had lost the dressing room. Does anybody actually know who it was, I’ve heard rumours over the years, but I don’t think it ever came out. Who was the mole??
  8. I think the so called spat with Warhurst, when he allegedly refused to play. The blame can’t be laid with Francis for that one. If it’s true, we didn’t have any central defenders fit so he had to play there. What was the spat with Hirsty?
  9. Some fair points there, but all this he rode Atkinson’s team etc. It was Francis who signed Waddle/Warhurst/ Bright, Bartman. Francis put Graham Hyde into the side. He sadly did sign Chris Woods though.
  10. I cannot fathom how he got 35 caps for England. I’ve never been a fan. I really hope we don’t sign him.
  11. I remember a game in late 1981 v Luton at home which ended 3-3 It is the worst refereeing display I have ever seen at a game. Wednesday were well and truly robbed. The referee was called John Lovatt from Crewe. This game was shown in YTVs The Big game. At the end of the game several cushions were launched from the North stand.
  12. I wonder why Carlton wasn’t in the team photo??
  13. I’ve been watching Wednesday since 1979 and Lyons gets in my all time greatest Wednesday 11 (alongside Des Walker) The Best captain I've seen us have.
  14. Even though you don’t categorically state ( in your opinion) he missed it on purpose (you put almost),I find it staggering that you think a professional footballer might miss a penalty on purpose. His reaction showed how disappointed he was.
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