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  1. You are wrong though. Anyone that understands football knows what he offers. I guess every Wednesday manager is wrong who have used him. Maybe we ought to employ the many voices of wisdom on here as the next Wednesday manager.
  2. The best impact sub we have had. That’s not debatable it’s a fact.
  3. Didn’t he get the winner in injury time against Rotherham in the league cup this season as well?
  4. I bet Fox does get a better deal. If not, then why wouldn’t he stay?
  5. Spot on 100% For some, it seems the fans can say what they want about a player, boo him, yet not once considering how that mIght make him feel. These people are human and have feelings. Yet because someone hasn’t signed an extension, they are possibly deemed unloyal or greedy. Sorry but that is pie in the Sky, fairy story thinking. Thankfully I live in the real world.
  6. I have to say I was very surprised about Fox and I would have liked him to have signed a new contract let alone an extension. I doubt he would be on mega money but he came on and played well in what he and everybody knew would be his last game. His attitude was excellent.
  7. But in the case of Hutch, he was deemed surplus to requirements and despite having a lack of players now, both him and Winnall were not offered an extension until the end of the season.
  8. I know that as I assume the vast majority of people would.
  9. The answer to that question is irrelevant. I was referring to football. I have yet to see ONE example of a player coming out and saying they will work a month for free until the end of the season.
  10. Maybe maybe not, but ask yourself why they haven’t signed. Let’s say for example FF was on 30k a week, but for the rest of the season we offered 15k a week. Surely 15k is better than £0 which he will be earning now as he isn’t employed by anybody. Why hasn’t FF, Fletcher and Fox signed? It can hardly be greed when right now none of them are on any clubs payroll.
  11. The poster on here ‘Hughdowd’ thinks they should do it for free though. 🤯
  12. What if the likes of FF and Fletcher have got other clubs lined up? What if said club has said we don’t want you to play again for SWFC. Then let’s say FF plays and breaks his leg. Wednesday get shut of him and he has no club to go to anymore.
  13. Im going to run with this for the purpose of my reply. So let’s just say all the players said they would do this, even if Hutch did this, what would anybody gain, as he wouldn’t be in any squad anyway. What would he be actually giving his free services for?
  14. I bet you wouldn’t if you were actually faced with that option. I’ve not seen ONE example of anybody doing this.
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