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  1. In order 90/91 11/12 I haven’t read all this thread but this is high up. To pip the blunts to promotion at the death was awesome. 83/84. I was a bit peeved we didn’t win the title. 79/80 ( my first season) 92/93 ( If we win one of the cups that wins it, but too much heartache thanks to Woods) 84/85 04/05 81/82 91/92 85/86
  2. Do you really believe we would sell out every game?
  3. I would quit while you are behind mate.
  4. I haven’t sat in the upper West for many a year but I think from memory the Grandstand tops it.
  5. I thought the same. I think quite a few on here haven’t read properly or understood the thread.
  6. De Bilde did score 11 goals when we went down in 2000 10 of those in the PL. If we had a player that did that today, they would probably be hero worshipped.
  7. I think you haven’t read the OP. Nobody is saying he was the worst player, but pound for pound he is undoubtedly the worst signing I have seen and I’ve been watching Wednesday since 1979
  8. That’s all very well and good, but what I want to know is... Did you kill Nancy?
  9. Lee’s was arguably our best player this last season. Reach wasn’t a terrible signing. He carried the team the season he won player of the year.
  10. Why would you loan him out? We are a league 1 club now. Surely if he signed a 2 year deal, he would be looking to break into the first team?
  11. I think last season he didn’t have the best, but the season just gone he could easily have won player of the year. It was his best season for a few years.
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