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  1. He had service when he was here, he is just wasn’t /isn’t good enough any more. I think he has scored a whopping 3 or 4 goals this season.
  2. I personally hope Chesterfield join them in getting promoted, although they seem to have imploded and only just scraped into the playoffs.
  3. We were also given more for the away games to Gillingham and Accrington.
  4. Really? Have you seen contributions from Ian and Luke oh and that person that goes by the usenrmane of ~~~ or something similar.
  5. It’s not like Wednesday to concede a last minute goal is it
  6. Imagine if that is the deal breaker. “Well Chey, we were going to offer you a deal, but your poor grammar on Owlstalk means we have to say goodbye I’m afraid”
  7. I can’t be bothered to trawl through your posts, but do you ever say anything positive about anyone?
  8. Where is the actual evidence that Fletcher faked an injury? As for having him back? No thanks.
  9. I think some posters just pluck random figures out of their arse. I doubt anybody on here actually knows what he is on.
  10. One of the best posts I’ve ever seen on this forum. When I read this forum, I’m stunned that all these so called fans that think they know better haven’t got management jobs in football.
  11. I think Berahino is vastly overrated by some on here, but it’s all about opinions. Personally I think his poor games were more than the better ones.
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