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  1. I think the breach occurred for some of them when they claimed to be professional footballers.
  2. I dread to think how much of an even worse state we would be in if Chansiri and his advisor were allowed to continue with there recruiting.
  3. You would think BBC radio Sheffield would have a bit of sympathy for us seen as there decline is pretty much akin to ours. Pot and kettle and all that.
  4. Cake ball factory, it’s about time he started cashing in on them bad boys.
  5. Yeah, we need his experience especially if any of the young lads step out of line next season.
  6. The players and coaches are the only real benefactors of the club, and to the tune of about 40m a year. They definitely should shoulder there fair share of responsibility.
  7. What else would he say? Of course the aim is promotion as it is for 50% of clubs in all leagues.
  8. Lucky theres not a match on then or you would struggle to due to the 11 other turds gathered on the pitch.
  9. Our protests are has half arsed as our team’s performances..
  10. It would be nice to think there performance levels had only dropped by 5%, based on some on the second half performance this session Chansiri must have fined then during the break.
  11. I’m not really sure why I would be offended by your opinion?
  12. I’m sure many people in many professions haven’t been paid correctly throughout the pandemic and still managed to conduct themselves in a professional manner, a lot of these players have earned mega amounts of money from the club so a little goodwill wouldn’t have gone a miss.
  13. Lol classic, we call our players dog meat yet point to three players from a team that have managed to generated less points than us and claim that there the better option. If they had Reach, Bannan and Rhodes and we had there three you would be saying the same, and by the way those three are probably on the equivalent or more than ours crazy as it seems. There lot are as bad as our lot and they should all be ashamed how much they are taking out of there respective clubs based on the performance levels there serving up.
  14. These guys are a bunch of dopes, just because other teams have handed life line after life line doesn’t give them any sort of cult status.
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