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  1. Should put Patterson in the net, he can’t be any worse than these two plus’s it means he won’t be playing up front... kills two bird with one stone.
  2. No one richer than DC is going to takeover Wednesday, and by the way DC is a billionaire
  3. Very young squad will get much much better. Kane was big Daves doppelgänger tonight, but at least Dave tried.
  4. No way was Adam Reach on £55k per week , that’s just short of 3m per year. He was worth far more than that....
  5. Thanks Tom, still can’t get my head around that Middlesbrough back pass/cockup, it was like someone who’s having there first ever game on fifa was controlling him..
  6. I think the breach occurred for some of them when they claimed to be professional footballers.
  7. I dread to think how much of an even worse state we would be in if Chansiri and his advisor were allowed to continue with there recruiting.
  8. You would think BBC radio Sheffield would have a bit of sympathy for us seen as there decline is pretty much akin to ours. Pot and kettle and all that.
  9. Cake ball factory, it’s about time he started cashing in on them bad boys.
  10. Yeah, we need his experience especially if any of the young lads step out of line next season.
  11. The players and coaches are the only real benefactors of the club, and to the tune of about 40m a year. They definitely should shoulder there fair share of responsibility.
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