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  1. To be fair, I think this lad is more a wing back. With the poor form of Murphy and Reach, he might be an option to play in front of Palmer as a right winger.
  2. Rhodes stretched things in the second half and that allowed more space for Fletcher. Hoped he could get a goal himself.
  3. I've just spat my cup of tea out. Fantastic!
  4. He is the most improved player by far but sadly he was done in the way he used to do in his bad days for the goal last night. He has done well to improve so much though as he was really struggling at this level for a long time.
  5. He doesn’t help himself by playing one up front at home against a team 16th in the league. If he wins the game he’s a tactical genius but he didn’t. Everyone deserves time though.
  6. Fletcher has rightly been no.1 this season but I can’t agree that all the others are not good enough to be a second striker. Last night it was a different game when Nuhiu and FF were on to support Fletcher. Sadly I think Winnall’s injury has really hampered his career at this level, but he has shown a bit in flashes. Rightly he’s down the pecking order. Rhodes has had very few minutes under Monk, so hard to say on him but he hasn’t given the manager a selection headache when he has come on.
  7. Both havent done enough to start but my point was that I wouldn't give a manager money to spend on another striker when he only plays one striker.
  8. New striker? We have a hat full of them but only one regularly gets picked and some don’t get anywhere near the bench. Why would Chansiri give Monk money for a striker when he only plays one? Also, like many in this thread, I can’t think of an affordable name of one we could get.
  9. I thought he worked much harder last night than he has been doing but his confidence is shot and not much went right for him. He says he is a central midfielder but I can’t see him getting a regular game there. For me he is a left sided midfielder, although if we played three at the back, I’d have him as Left wing back.
  10. FFs best period under Carlos came when he played on the left, and again tonight he looked better there than up front with Fletcher FF links well with Bannan and Atdhe from the left. Pity he doesn’t like playing there!
  11. I can see Wilder coming in for a player like Iorfa as he would be an ideal overlapping centre back for the system they play. Upwards of £20m if he enquires!
  12. Could we offer the EFL the 9 points we have thrown away fron winning positions as our punishment!!!
  13. Agree on the VAR but wouldn’t call it a fantastic division just because each team could beat the other...that’s only because all the teams are equally mediocre and/or inconsistent!
  14. We haven’t got enough goals on the pitch. With similar game time our top scorers are likely to be Fletcher, FF, Reach, Nuhiu, Rhodes yet only Fletcher is a nailed on starter.
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