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  1. Still don't like the home shirt. Stripes too thin and I prefer stripes on back front and arms. Away kit I don't mind but prefer Wednesday in yellow away from home.
  2. It makes sense to get them competitive game time, albeit at a lower level. Far better than U23 football.
  3. Booing doesn't help the players and in a performance business, confidence is so key that I really, really try hard not to boo...but it's hard sometimes if players aren't putting a shift in. I'd hate to be booed at work if I had a bad day so I avoid doing it, but can't say I haven't done so to the team as a collective in the past, albeit rarely. I've only ever booed an individual once- it was Bothroyd!
  4. People are more demanding these days. We were terrible in the early 70s yet there was never an expectation the managers would be sacked, despite the dissatisfaction. There was a gallows humour on the terraces about how bad we were - remember we had regular gates of about 11,000. People don't put up with things like they used to. In all walks of life we are much more likely to complain. Add to that social media and the money involved in football and it means managers don't get the time they used to.
  5. Proper men’s football. Great to get these lads out on loan.
  6. If he was ever sacked or hounded out by the fans there then yes, he’d come but I can’t see it otherwise. He’s working for a guy who has backed him in tough times - he’ll not give that up lightly. I think if he did leave Rotherham, he’d take a break from the game for a bit as he’s a 24/7 type manager.
  7. Don’t worry. It’s called desperation pal…we are so starved of success that anyone other than who we have looks like a potential messiah!
  8. “Please come and save me from this horror of being top of the league”
  9. That’s a fair line up for that system. I think that DM wanted to play that system but when we have we’ve not managed to make it 4-3-3…..it’s always turned out to be 4-5-1. FDB deserves his place and it’s up to Shadipo and Corbeanu to step up in the same way. Shadipo hasn’t taken his chance to impress so far. Corbeanu hasn’t had a fair chance yet, but don’t know what he shows in training.
  10. 2021 and these Neanderthals attack others just because they support another football team. Beggars belief.
  11. I mentioned this in a couple of threads yesterday. We were down to 10 men because he went off the pitch. The physios came on, yet gave no treatment whatsoever. It showed his inexperience and was a sloppy episode as the corner had been given and the ref came over to him before allowing the physios on. Clearly everyone, including Dennis, needs to learn from this. Fortunately for him yesterday, he was a positive, along with Dele.
  12. When I saw it, I thought he might be trying to employ the overlapping centre back tactic that Wilder employed, and I can see why he might think Johnson could do that given his physique, but there was only a couple of occasions that happened. Some players can convert to other positions but I don't think Johnson has that defensive solidity in his DNA. To be fair he did OK yesterday and with injuries I suspect we'll see him more at the back in the short term.
  13. I agree. He was decent yesterday and took the opportunity to break forward on a few occasions to get us going. Other games he's been below par based on his previous high standards but he's had lot of time out injured and isn't helped by so many changes at the back.
  14. I agree he gave up on the job but he definitely gave up on the players too because in virtually every interview he banged on about getting to the transfer window and bringing in new players. He did nothing to improve what he already had and was a major let down. I thought he'd make an immediate improvement but we were worse. Poor from a man with his experience.
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