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  1. Message to DM. Stay the home. Look after yourself with total rest. Clearly you have got a combination of serious medical issues, so don’t worry about things at SWFC.
  2. I'm not saying DM has convinced me but under Pulis it was turgid, dreadful football with no signs of goals being scored. It was obvious the players hated it. Under DM the whole thing is far less grim, even though we are still poor. But as a result based job, DM won't be given long by DC if things don't improve.
  3. Pity he hasn’t had the impact Bowyer has had at Birmingham as they looked poor before he arrived.
  4. He looks a worried man already. He’ll fear the sack with these results. DC may not give him the chance to rebuild next year.
  5. So true. This is a squad that should have been comfortably safe. However, the squad that got relegated in 1990 was one that should have stayed up...largely that same squad came straight back up. Can't see this same squad being here next season.
  6. Such statements insult our intelligence. Sadly the new management team haven't made a blind bit of difference. Pity it's not cricket...we could "retire hurt".
  7. Our use of subs this season by all the managers have been strange/poor. Modern day managers all seem to feel the need to change things at 60 mins or so and often the amount of changes disrupts, rather than improve. Sometimes it works, but this season we’ve generally been worse as a result of subs. Managers in the past only had one sub, so didn’t have the same pressure from benched players to bring them on. Nowadays, you can sense managers putting subs on because otherwise they’ll be in their ear all week sulking. Yesterday was a clear example. Whilst Rhodes
  8. Wildsmith error changed the game. Don't think we were that bad up to then but we played 10 yards too deep all game.
  9. We were 3-1 down. Who is more likely to score Rhodes/Paterson or Green/Kachunga. Madness subs again. Poor management - frightened not to give benched players appearance money.
  10. Our substitutions this season under various managers lack any logic. Today, those three subs did exactly what we knew they would. NOTHING.
  11. BB won't be playing for us in league 1 I suspect. Signing a contract does give us the chance of a small fee for someone in his 30s. Great performance today.
  12. Don’t underestimate the Covid-19 effect either. Even with a vaccine I know plenty who are not planning to risk it, particularly older supporters and some with medical disabilities. Add to that, a lot of people have gotten out of the habit of going, so won’t be as programmed to return.
  13. If DM keeps this lot up he will deserve a statue!
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