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  1. He's shown enough to offer a reasonable contract but Celtic will be a big draw and he'd be in a team winning most weeks.
  2. If he isn't involved because he's being moved on then that's understandable, but we can't complain we haven't got a striker when he never plays, never gets 90 mins, and never gets a run of games.
  3. Didn't he get coaching qualifications when he retired after leaving Chelsea? Not sure.
  4. I'm happy to see him back. We need as much help as possible to stay up. Always enjoyed his performances for us first time around as he was always one of our top performers. Can play centre back, right back and midfield so just need to use him with others in the squad and rotate them as there are lots of games in a very short period so fitness is key.
  5. Unless there is a clear plan in place to support a new manager then DC should stick with Thompson rather than make another mistake.
  6. He does get the ball a lot. Makes himself available and has a good touch but then does something to balls it up. Lacks sharpness and ought to be ashamed of the free kick and corners he put in as a Chelsea loanee. However, he is probably a player who needs a run of games as you can see he has the talent. Pity we haven't got that luxury to bed him back in.
  7. We looked OK with two up top. Once he dropped Green back into midfield we had no outlet. Again second half one of the 'strikers' dropped into midfield. We were never a threat after about half an hour but still plenty of positives from the younger players.
  8. Well done Wednesday and Thompson in that first half. More football played in that 45 minutes than all the time under Pulis.
  9. Watched a programme on Sunderland and the owners were saying what a game changer it would be for them to get into the Championship. They said being in the third tier was holding them back so much.
  10. That’s what I told him. He expected to be top, miles ahead on points.
  11. Mate of mine is a West Brom fan. He says he is a nice bloke, well respected for his playing career with them but says he was well out of his depth as a manager there.
  12. Carl Shutt and Charlie Williamson also in that team photo. Forgot the name of the keeper (Wayne?). Played against him as a kid and thought he was good enough to go professional.
  13. Tells you a lot about any business who produce their accounts late.
  14. I wouldn’t disagree but the Leicester owners have shown it can be done properly with foreign buyers.
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