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  1. Remember dancing around the room with my dad when it was on the news that he’d been appointed our manager. Dog was barking like a banshee. Mum thought we’d gone mad. A true great in every respect. Rest in peace.
  2. Regardless of the many problems that exist at SWFC, this is a monumental underachievement and unacceptable. Monk has to take responsibility, as he got the credit for the league position before Xmas. Something has happened since Xmas, this is obvious, and it is getting us relegated once we get a points deduction.
  3. Totally agree. Lots else wrong at the club but this woeful record is the manager’s responsibility.
  4. Have to disagree. With this squad of players, particularly before lockdown, Monk should have got enough out of them to be comfortably safe, even with a 9 points deduction.
  5. ...and we no longer own our ground.
  6. If Monk is pleased with that performance, he is delusional. Swansea were poor and we have players who consistently underperform. They simply don’t look bothered to me. The only ones I would see in a top end championship side are Iorfa and Bonner. Wouldn’t miss any other player.
  7. Was everything a fan would want to see on match day. Total commitment, effort and ability. Good luck Sam. Come back to manage us one day.
  8. Am I right in thinking that only Rhodes and Winnall are contracted for next season?
  9. I’m assuming we won’t be able to afford big hitter replacements, so I’d give him another year and use him in conjunction with Hunt...sometimes as an alternative, other times to play together in a midfield three. Hunt will develop much better that way. I doubt whether either player will command big money and having both gives good alternatives to a manager.
  10. I seem to recall he was reported as suffering from dementia of some sort a while back. Anyone know how he is now?
  11. My son got it. It’s horrible. It’s a very faded blue (not our blue) and looks as though it’s been stone washed. Awful.
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