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  1. I would, but he’d also struggle as DM hasn’t found a way of getting other players to support a lone striker since he’s been here.
  2. Wing was trying to get up with Paterson first half but we were being overrun in the centre, so he dropped in more with BB and DA. The problem was the wide players getting pinned back and neither wide man got up in support of Paterson to make a genuine 4 3 3 - mainly was a 4 5 1. Personally I prefer two strikers up front, or a 4 2 3 1, with the three supporting the striker being attacking type players.
  3. Muscle crampness after 34 mins! That’s a worry.
  4. When Shodipo went off we had a left back in that attacking wide birth, so another option is vital. In addition, Green hasn't shown enough since arriving to be a nailed on starter.
  5. We look like a team that want to draw teams on and play out from the back, and then rely on pace going forward. I think the problem with that, IMO, is that coaches have worked that out (like Huddersfield clearly had) and it puts us on the back foot too much, but it's early days.
  6. Rhodes was more of a threat in the time he was on, than Ward. Scored his pen too. Just surprised he didn't score in normal time - it's the Wednesday way.
  7. He said in his interview that this is pretty much the first game he has played in front of a crowd. Puts into perspective the size of the job ahead for DM.
  8. Agree totally - but as we didn't do it second half, I'll give DM the credit for that as he must have seen how we got off the hook a few times in the first half.
  9. He made few good saves. Should have gathered a couple of shots better though. He looks calm with the ball at his feet and his kicking with his left foot is very good. Was always sharp and tried to look to distribute quickly for a counter attack. Decent start I think.
  10. Three key issues from today's game for me. Firstly, the obsession of playing out from the back ought to have seen us 2-0 down at half time. Some suicide passes into central midfield, where we were well closed down. Fortunately, we didn't do that as much second half. Second, we are not a goal threat. There isn't enough goals in that team and the one up front doesn't work as the midfielders and wide players are too distant from the striker. Third, DM has to find a way of being able to change things during a game. As last season, we have one plan only if seems. The positives are worth noting though. Hutchinson and Iorfa looked good. Hunt slotted in as though he'd never been away. Wing looks a class act, and we do have much more pace in thd side.
  11. Liam Dooley took over as COO 4 months ago and posted the other day about some improvements, so will be interesting to see how he tackles this area this season.
  12. Spot on here. Since lockdown, I've had to interact with many businesses reopening and most have been worse than they were prior, mainly due to new staff and procedures. Got to give them a few games to settle down - similar to the playing staff I suspect.
  13. Don't apologise. He's in care home and not well enough to go but still follows Wednesday from his armchair and would be over the moon that your lad is the next generation of supporter.
  14. I was took to Hillsborough by my dad from being 5 years old, so this brought a lump to my throat when I read it. It's not the same going without him now.
  15. He was a genuine prospect. Excellent for England and even Carlos had him on the bench when there was real competition for places. However, he missed a year of playing football when in dispute with DC and that was such a critical time in his development. That said, Brendan Rodgers did have him on the bench in the PL in 2019/20, so must have seen something in him. He needs to play at League 1 or league 2 level where he can get a regular game to see if he can make a career or not. Won’t be at SWFC though.
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