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  1. The end of season club sponsors event was cancelled at the last minute after the Sunderland game, with Darren Moore recording a video saying they would reschedule and include in the revised event for all the sponsors to be taken to see the the players train. The cancellation of Owls in the Park doesn’t seem consistent with that, albeit a much bigger event. If they are that bothered about Covid, why offer to take the sponsors to the training ground - it wasn’t something being demanded? I’ve no gripe with them cancelling the event if there was genuine concerns (I’ve lost a close friend due to Covid) but to me it seems disingenuous to cancel it for Covid when I suspect most players will have been vaccinated, or have gained some resilience through catching it, like many of us have. To me it seems as though the event is seen internally as a bit of an inconvenience. They know supporters will still buy the shirts, OiTP event or not, and the club doesn’t really ‘get it’ when it comes to engaging with supporters of the future.
  2. Christ. Just seen the head-butt on Billy Sharp. Cowardly and disgraceful. He must have suffered quite a facial/head injury. Maximum prison sentence for the perpetrator and life ban. No messing.
  3. Forest were excellent on Saturday. United equally excellent tonight. Play offs are often decided by fine margins. Tonight was another example. Don’t think there was a lot between us and Sunderland either.
  4. We needed to play him week in, week out with another striker alongside him and his goals would have kept us up.
  5. Third division football at high prices, after a pandemic and mostly thin gruel for 20 odd years…I don’t think we’re doing too bad!
  6. DM has never really won me over but he exceeded what I personally thought we'd do this season. I didn't expect the play offs from the shambles we were and having to bring in so many new players. The second half of the season has been very good so, in the absence of anyone realistically available who would do better, I'd stick with him.
  7. Problem will be that invariably we will have lots of player turnover and DM will have to bed those in like he has had to this season.
  8. I don't get why some fans think that constantly berating our own players will help them play better. Surely as a supporter you want to encourage the players and build their confidence by cheering them on. If they aren't putting effort in, by all means it's reasonable to criticise but some just moan constantly.
  9. He was delusional. He, and others, think because we are a big club with a big budget that success is automatic. We know from our history in the third tier that it's far from easy. We are a big scalp and the opposition find that extra 10% against us. Loads of big clubs haven't found getting out of this league easy. To be fair he suggested Warne too (a top bloke IMO) but he's under nowhere near the pressure at Rotherham compared with SWFC.
  10. I was in the North too and it was a great atmosphere on the night IMO.
  11. And dreadful to watch…ultimately resulting in AN getting the sack.
  12. With Dean and Storey going back, we’ll need a whole new back line if SH goes too.
  13. Still developing for me. He gives us a different option but isn’t a great passer of the ball yet. He has improved this season and let’s hope that continues but he’s not a first choice starter yet.
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