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  1. Westwood - 7 Odabaju - 6 Iorfa - 6 Borner- 6 Palmer - 5 Reach - 4 Hutch - 4 Bannan - 5 Harris - 4 Winnall - 4 Nuhiu - 5 Murphy - 5 Lee - 5 Rhodes - 5
  2. Just the big boot up to the strikers tonight and they were all ineffective using those tactics.
  3. I agree you can’t blame Monk for the missed chances but had we taken a couple and won, the performance would still have been awful long-ball rubbish that won’t get us out of this league. He’s responsible for those tactics tonight...I hope he learns not to play like that again.
  4. It was crying out for us to have the extra midfielder in the centre tonight. Should have brought Winnall off at half time and put Lee or Luongo in as the extra man to give options to pass through the midfield. Bannan was like a quarter-back all night with few opportunities to play a shorter ball. Awful tactics from Monk.
  5. Amazing how it looked different “live”... I thought it looked well outside but was clearly inside on that picture.
  6. Absolutely agree. The big boot up front was straight from the 1980s. Dreadful to watch.
  7. Monk needs to look at himself after tonight’s performance - tactic of the big boot from back to front all night with no attempt to change it. If Bullen was still in charge everyone would be saying how tactically naive he was. Awful to watch.
  8. Never understood this rule. If two outfield players genuinely go for the ball, and one is late and clatters the man who gets to the ball first, then it’s an automatic foul outside the penalty area - and in some cases a yellow or red card. Perhaps a qualified referee on here could explain what law exists to justify the different approach by referees when it happens in the box, especially where the goalkeeper is the transgressor.
  9. Hutchison should be captain when Lees doesn’t play.
  10. It seems odd DC has taken this long to appoint an out of work manager when he could have started him weeks ago. He seems to have only gone for him in the last 48 hours. Seems that had we beat QPR (which we should have done) Monk wouldn’t have been appointed...hardly seems a planned, strategic appointment.
  11. I’d be gutted to be looked over for Garry Monk if I was Bullen. Given Monk has only got big teams in this league to fail making the play-offs, I’d be thinking I could do at least as well. If I wanted to get a manager’s job I’d be hoping that I could learn off the new manager, like he did working with Bruce. Not sure if he will feel Monk will be any great mentor for him.
  12. He tried everything to change it around second half, but nothing worked. He was honest enough to say his 4-4-2 plan didn’t work but a lot of players let him down today. Had they won, with 12 points from 6 games, he’d have stood a very good chance of getting the job. His interview sounded like I would have sounded having just lost out on my dream job. Got to feel for him today as a Wednesdayite.
  13. To be fair he may well be thinking there isn’t a “stand out” candidate out there, so unless I were 100% certain on another manager I’d stick with Bullen too. Personally I’d get Nigel Pearson.
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