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  1. My apologies, to you and Rochdale.
  2. With Izzy Brown having injuries he is a good option to have. Suspect he’ll play a fair bit this season with Luongo’s injury record as well.
  3. Yes he does have to produce for a longer convince me. The fact that you are convinced already is fine. As a manager, he was at the helm that produced appalling performances and results for a long period In the very recent past. Therefore, I need more convincing than three games, two of which have been League Two opposition. But, as I indicated in my post, he’s made a good start.
  4. Thought the Walsall performance was poor but good against Cardiff and very good tonight in the second half. Credit where it’s due on the team shape and set up which has looked solid. No goals conceded is impressive. On Monk, he has to produce over a longer period to make up for such an inexplicably poor second half to last season, so he’s made a good start in doing that.
  5. I love your positivity. Don’t share it myself but if you are right at the end of the season I’ll happily buy you a 🍺
  6. Alan Shearer was having a bad spell at Newcastle. Bobby Robson arrived and said to him that he (Robson) wasn’t seeing enough of his no.9 on the back of his shirt. Shearer took it on board and the rest was history. I’m no coach but hopefully Beattie will find out what needs to be done to get the best from him.
  7. Our club, and many others, are only in trouble because they overpay their staff (players). No other business does this - without going bust. In the financial crash, and now due to COVID 19, many employees who kept their jobs had to accept pay cuts to keep their business going. Unless that was done (with such high earners that footballers are) then I wouldn’t put in more than my season ticket “donation”.
  8. I’ve watched him home and away since he’s been here and never once come to that conclusion. I hope I’m wrong.
  9. Weird indeed that despite such a fantastic personal scoring record those team didn’t do better. Big difference was that those teams got the ball forward much quicker than we do and they had quality crossers of the ball like a Roberts and Marshall. At Blackburn Rhodes benefitted by playing with Gestede, who at the time was a handful and would draw defenders away from Rhodes.
  10. If he does play Rhodes he needs to play him from the start and keep him on the pitch for the full 90mins (unless injured) and do that for a decent run of games. He also needs some quality service (like he got at Blackburn and Huddersfield). Monk himself is being given a fresh start himself despite vastly disappointing in the recent past. Perhaps he can extend that same approach to Rhodes. If he doesn’t fancy him then move him on but he is a model professional and doesn’t deserve shoddy management. I hope the move to no.20 has been done to change his fortunes, not to send him a signal. That would be reprehensible.
  11. Rhodes has 15 out of 19 in his career. Not sure how that compares with others.
  12. I haven’t heard his interview after the game. Was he asked why he’d left the strikers on the bench? Given that the league is so important (starting with minus 12) it would be a reasonable decision not to start/play them given that we have so few options. If it was for any other reason then I’m at a loss why he wouldn’t play them from the start.
  13. I hope as genuine supporters of the club that people would call the game as they see it, rather than from a position of being pro Monk or anti-Monk. As a one off game I thought it was dreadful from Wednesday and have been inundated with texts from my work colleagues up and down the country who know I’m a Wednesdayite saying how poor we were. However, some on here saw it differently. That’s what a fans forum is likely to throw up. What becomes the more interesting debate is what’s the future likely to be like with Monk in charge. I don’t think a manager who has been here a year gets a free hit just because it’s a new season-he does carry forward his record (early days decent, latterly poor) with him. However, I’m prepared to give him games this year to see how he goes with his backroom team.DC has made that choice anyway, regardless of what I think. In the meantime, if we play we’ll I’ll say so; if we don’t, I wont.
  14. I think that we must be so used to being fed on thin gruel that so many are pointing to positives from such an awful performance against a very weak team.
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