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  1. It will be on bladesmad. Anel is an arsehole
  2. I asked a couple of Rotherham fans if they had heard of twitter and both answered that’s what birds do
  3. I’ve never forgot about them winning us 8-0
  4. I hope it comes soon , I’m running out of time.
  5. They left the pitch faster than they came on when the riot police came on.
  6. One reporter on sky said Liverpool fans weren’t involved in the trouble it was the police confronting French youths. No one else has mentioned this on tv so it looks like we have another apologist for the scousers.
  7. Fans turning up late. Where have we heard that before.
  8. The man or the social media platform?
  9. He will get away with it because he has money to get a good legal team in place. Joe public would not have the money and would be found guilty. Sorry but that’s the way it did is.
  10. Reap what you sow? Just like billy ?
  11. They are probably millionaires so why do they look like chavs who hang around the mini mart at night?
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