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  1. Reggi should have smacked the tvvat in the gob. Always hated Wright even when he played for England.
  2. I didn’t think Norfolk St was that wide but as you say they know these things better than us.
  3. One way of filling a few dozen pages to keep the advertisers happy. Who’s next, Steven Fletcher?
  4. Don’t forget that it’s not only about the championship, if the EFL. make a ruling it has to include league one and two. In league one there are about two or three points between second and about tenth so that would would be difficult to have playoffs. Also how would relegation work? For me the season has to be finished in full at some time or it’s void.
  5. When Mark Bright scored it was like a 100ton weight was lifted off my shoulders.
  6. The ground was owned by Newton Chambers. Now there is a new sports ground on the site including artificial pitches and grass pitches. There is also a sports centre including a swimming pool off Pack Horse lane. I remember watching the players train at Thorncliffe in the sixties.
  7. Man U around 1964 lost 1-0 I think David Herd scored, sorry to be so vague but it was a long time ago.
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