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  1. The refs would never have it, we can’t get them to explain their decisions after the game so we have no chance during the game. I personally think the refs in the championship are totally inept, not only decisions against us but also against other teams. The one against Leeds a couple of weeks ago springs to mind.
  2. Sorry to disagree but as I seen him over the years I still think he’s ignorant
  3. Let’s be honest he’s been an ignorant tvvat for years. I don’t go for this he’s a good manager because he’s had lots of promotions, he’s never done anything in the top league and he’s also had lots of relegations. Soon as he gucks off on his tractor the better.
  4. Also their player shoving our player to make the ga for the ball to go through.
  5. You can only beat what’s in front of you, enjoy it while you can.
  6. We get someone who looks good at centre half and all some people can say is move him to full back.
  7. Interestingly the saints fans were held in the ground for 30 mins after the game. Do they have different laws on the south coast to up north?
  8. Just like when the goalkeeper has it.
  9. I didn’t go I’m saving up to buy a ticket for the next overpriced home match.
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