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  1. For me it’s two things. 1 : we can attack from corners against us instead of us clearing the ball and it then coming straight back into the area because we have had no one near the halfway line. 2 : less people in the area from a corner the more chance the goalkeeper can get to the cross unimpeded.
  2. Can’t remember the last time we left players on the halfway line for corners. Even when we had Di Canio and Carbone we didn’t do it imagine if we had done the opposition would have had to leave 4 players at least with them. Leaving Harris And Murphy on the halfway line would mean the penalty box would be less congested and make it easier for the goalkeeper to the ball.
  3. I didn’t realise we were playing tonight where is snoots OMDT?
  4. What is it that cheers us up???
  5. Jeez how more of these stupid threads have we got to put up with.
  6. It’s been mentioned on here before that we will have different sponsors for live tv matches.
  7. Maybe we should just let skinny people cross the bridge then there would be no problems with the bridge.
  8. Let’s paint over Presto and paint Hillsborough over it. It will be there for years to come.
  9. The risk of crushing is everyone trying to get on to Penistone road at the same time. I wonder if the writer of the report thought of that.
  10. Agree all they have to do is make announcements during the match saying fans will be kept in for 10 minutes after the match and people will know not to try to leave. Most fans would be quite happy just to sit there and let the crowd disperse but as you say it’s too obvious.
  11. Have you ever been around Meadowhall at 5ish on a Saturday afternoon? especially if there is someone on at the Arena. Add another 25,000 into the mix and it would be gridlocked for hours
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