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  1. I for one wished i hadn’t watched Chelsea and City If that’s what the super league is going to be like they are welcome to it.
  2. B T sport wouldn’t have a prayer if the likes of Amazon and Apple got involved
  3. If Amazon want it Amazon will get it. They can price everyone out of the market plus it ties in with the American owners and sponsors J P Morgan.
  4. I agree. I think the criteria was someone went to sports shops in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo and asked whose shirts were the most popular . This isn’t about the fans in this country it’s about the Far East market and these are the most popular. If Burnley sold 50 million shirts out there they would have been included.
  5. Yes the poor dears can’t play 2 games a week now. They play friendly internationals and the managers complain if the play more than 60 minutes.
  6. That’s what they should do. If you want your super league have it but you aren’t coming back. There should be no teams from these clubs because I’m sure they are thinking they can have feet in both camps. It’s now upto UEFA the premier league and the FA to put them in their place. Will they? I doubt it they will come up with a compromise highly weighted in the super league favour.
  7. Can’t understand people getting a hard on about going to Cambridge, Accrington etc. I’d much rather go to old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Villa park etc.
  8. Be careful for what you wish for
  9. It will not worry Rotherham, they play Sunday. Unless the funeral does into extra time
  10. Not defending Bullen and Thompson but trying to tell something to Chansiri must be like banging your head against a brick wall.
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