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  1. Wonder if Leicester have any fringe players we could use (not Hirst). Might be an idea to approach them and offer to take someone on very reasonable terms as an act of good faith. In return, DC could instruct his kick-ass legal team to back off.
  2. Don't worry, you'll likely grow out of it one day.
  3. Bamford is this side of Hope, unless your BuxtonOwl.
  4. They must owe us a fortune in advertising. Do they still exist?
  5. Wondered where he was going at first.
  6. Their Yes, no doubt because their female sports reporter is booked in to have her gonads waxed.
  7. Looks like he's just seen a mouse.
  8. Was just thinking this myself. I suspect he'd be pretty successful with them as they have a lot if ball in the attacking third. He'd certainly be an improvement on Bumford.
  9. Do you think our win over their nearest and dearest will get much of a mention?
  10. I'm just off to the match to film the shoulders of two Neanderthals in front of me. FFS, really what is the point.
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