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  1. Brommers

    One small neg today

    Sure it wasnt from a stoke fan?
  2. Brommers

    Steve Bruce

    Just confirms what you know.
  3. Brommers

    Steve Bruce

    And Bruce will be managing Stoke before Bonfire Night.
  4. Brommers

    Steve Bruce

    Game plan worked a treat. Ff never got a kick
  5. Bet Spurs are gutted they didnt spunk 30million on him in the summer.
  6. Why do so many bed wetters on here freek out before a ball has been kicked. I know its about opinions but i imagine Lidl and Aldi will run out if humble pie this evening.
  7. Why is time passing slower at villa than everywhere else
  8. Brommers


    No, still none the wiser. Anyway enjoy it twwooo.
  9. Brommers


    Maybe I've misinterpreted but you state above that you found it on Sat(urday) yet post today that it was missing.
  10. Brommers


    So why did you submit your OP 6 hours ago?
  11. Brommers

    Any live stream for tonight

    .......also, have you got any more coverage of the couple sneaking off to the left of the picture?
  12. Brommers

    Any live stream for tonight

    I've been watching this for about 5 minutes now and still haven't worked out which way it's flowing
  13. We should play our mid-week games on a Wednesday, it's our name FFS
  14. Brommers

    Kop children

    Dont need to count them. Im more than capable of recognising things in groups of 4 and 5.
  15. Brommers

    CC on Talksport after 10

    You make some valid point Watson and I'm not one for giving out kickings. What i would add tho to CC's detriment was that he did have a wonderful first season but failed to address our shortcomings that were exposed at Wembly by Hull. I imagine had he done so, a lot of the things he was citicised for would have been brushed under the carpet as we'd have had a much more competitive team (yes i appreciate he made the playoffs again in season 2 but when you look back had we recruited reasonably I'm sure we could have brushed the free-scoring Huddersfield & Reading aside!).