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  1. Brommers

    Sheffield Derby- A neutrals view

    Love the Fast Show.
  2. Brommers

    Sorry about this...

    100% true. Golfing holiday in South Carolina.
  3. Brommers

    Forcing high earners out?

    Someone must have been reading Peter Ridsdale's book "Negotiating for Dummies".
  4. Brommers

    This side after international break

    From the sale of FF, BB & AR
  5. In reality none of us know the details of the clubs discussions with the EFL. However i would find it extremely unlikely our previous embargo would have been lifted if there was any chance we would then breach the rules to such an extent that a 15 point deduction was appropriate. Especially as we haven't made any permanent signings and i would expect there to be a few outgoings in Jan.
  6. Brommers

    The Big Issue.

    Could Carlos do a job for us?
  7. Brommers

    That 'Penalty'

    Are your eyes painted on? How is Duffys leg (in that picture) in an unnatural position? Is it normally sticking out of his shoulder. I agree Fox didnt deliberately make contact but Duffys clever run across his path caused Fox to catch his his leg, which then knocked into his front leg.
  8. Brommers

    That 'Penalty'

    Lets be honest. If roles were reversed we'd go batshit crazy if we didnt get a penalty for that. Im sure Fox made contact accidentally but it clearly impeded Duffys run on goal. Tony Adams used to get away with murder "accidentally" running into the back of attackers that had got goal side of him, the two hatted bell-end.
  9. Brommers

    Derby game in March

    Hope you got good odds on that sob2.
  10. Brommers

    Joao has to start Friday

    Guess we're just spoilt for choice
  11. Brommers

    Team for Blades

    I love this formation, unfortunately Jos would still tell them to play out from the back so we'd be stuffed.
  12. Brommers

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    But i bet you wont be seen should we manage positive results in those games.
  13. Brommers

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    I'm assuming you were posting the exact same thing 3 weeks ago?
  14. Don't blame it on the sunshine..........
  15. Brommers

    If the Chairman agreed.

    No. Because she is just a front man (sorry, woman) for a consortium of investors. All they would be interested in was making money, not the long term future if our club. Im not DCs biggest fan but his biggest fault has just been spending badly. Hes put plenty of money in, rejected sales of our key players and made improvements to our academy. Unfortunately hes spent badly and taken bad advice, probably had his pants down by Doyen. We could have a lot worse.