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  1. Not seen him pass it forwards yet. Is Jos in charge of Scotland?
  2. Hope this doesn't dent his confidence. Glad BB and SF couldnt make it.
  3. We're very quick to write people off. Lets see how he looks in a team playing well and for a manager who has a clue once he's over his injury.
  4. That must be Boyds best game in a Wednesday shirt.
  5. Worringly we now go into another international break. Oh FFS.
  6. 1 glass of coke between the 4 of them. Cheapskates.
  7. If its a game for those that haven't been playing, will it be two 11s from our own squad!
  8. That would be carnage, gives everyone all day Sunday to get marinated ahead of the match.
  9. No wonder DC instructed Jos not to play our best players, saved him a fortune.
  10. Just hope he's learned his lesson and uses this new found wisdom in the future.
  11. You conveniently failed to quote the 2nd paragraph of my post that provides suitable balance to the element you have commented upon.
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