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  1. Wow, Sheffield FC are really going places. Plans for a new ground and now this.
  2. Those actions taken against GH weren't done just for a laugh, the club clearly had their reasons. The status of his development can't be proven one way or the other. I could equally argue that had he stayed with us and played in the U23s with occasional 1st team games, he could be better than he currently is.
  3. Maybe, but did Jack poo in a pizz poor league. You could argue that year set him back rather than helped his development. He hardly set the world alight in his season with the mini pigs.
  4. You know as well as I do that was simply a back door into Leicester.
  5. Hmm, so I'll sign for Leicester City where I'm bound to get regular 1st team appearances.
  6. Who would have? We were an absolute basket case of a club and had horrendous injuries throughout the season.
  7. Wonder how much his agent will have been paid on top of this, because it won't be coming out of Mbappes pocket. I'd also love to have sat in on the negotiations and watched his face when he rejected a miserly €250,000,000 signing on fee.
  8. See the efl didn't manage to plan for one team having a far bigger following than the other. Bet there were plenty couldn't get tickets which makes you sick when there's thousands of empty seats.
  9. Just ask everyone single footballer to stop ******** cheating.
  10. Good, so she's not a proper pig fan then.
  11. Well, there's plenty of space for one.
  12. Wasn't just me that noticed that then. Which one of those two is she with?
  13. My first Wednesday match at Hillsborough (my dad had taken me to watch Newcastle a few times when we visited family) was quite memorable, Boxing Day 1979. I was 10 and we'd only moved to Sheffield 2 years before so I didn't really have any feelings for either of the Sheffield clubs. Went with a mate from school (still can't believe our parents let us go unsupervised), he was a Man Utd fan. Anyway, we were well and truly Wednesday fans by the end of the match.
  14. Realistically our targets should be closer to those 2 than about half the teams in the EPL.
  15. Hope you both have a great weekend. I vowed I wouldn't go to the New Wembley until I could go and watch Wednesday with my son. Got our wish 6 years ago against Hull. Atmosphere was unbelievable but a bad result. Still a great experience tho.
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