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  1. Brommers

    League Cup Draw This Friday

    That's better.
  2. Think CC was a bit racist. Seemed to have issues with Portuguese players.
  3. I'll get back to you nearer the time if I die before match day. Cheers.
  4. Brommers

    New kit

    Was good in Gavin & Stacey but since then , my god he's so far up his own bum-hole he's turned inside out!
  5. Hope Carlos hasn't trained it, would be lame by now and put down.
  6. I always liked Carol Kirkwood off BBC but xxxx me that is different gravy.
  7. Would be interesting to see last seasons predictions and how well they did with those. I suspect half of their "experts" watch no Championship football at all.
  8. Bet they get it wrong.
  9. Brommers

    Shirt maker

  10. To be fair, 95% of that is for Rodwell!
  11. Didn't Proudlock go back to Wolves after his barren spell with us and promptly put 2 past us when we played them shortly after? Or is my my memory playing tricks?
  12. Fulham/Boro, Villa, WBA, Stoke & Swansea On a par, Bristol City, Derby, Leeds, Brentford then there's always a couple of teams that exceed expectations.
  13. Brommers

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