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  1. Trouble is fella you use wording to express your opinions that read as factual. Think that's why you're getting criticism about it. However i agree with you that we are all entitled to our opinions.
  2. 1 of 4, Boxing Day 1979. Can't recall who we played though.
  3. Please can we have this on next seasons shirt?
  4. To be fair, not one of them is good enough for top flight football sadly, that's why they ended up with us in the first place.
  5. Think your confusing "most sense" with utter b0ll0x.
  6. Yes you're right. That's very controversial.
  7. Borner would have given us 3 points toddy. Get well soon.
  8. Why the hell would anyone neg that. FFS
  9. Thought the Kop had been renamed then for a mo.
  10. If Bumhall Lane isn't on the verge of being flooded this surely proves the anti-Wednesday bias currently at play. Bloody council.
  11. I know its an old story but ffs what an end if a bell Steve Gibson is. If they were that valuable, why did he sack them all?
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