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  1. More obscure than subtle! PC should be seen as crime in itself MK.
  2. ???? Far to subtle for me if it is.
  3. You know nothing of my sexual preferences.
  4. We could form a great (rubbish) double act. Every comedy duo needs a straight man. Oh, and for the avoidance of doubt
  5. Maybe I should have added a humorous emoji to my post. That said, thankyou for your informative response, which to be fair adds a lot more to this debate than my attempt at a joke.
  6. Yeh, but one of them is in Middlesborough!
  7. Wonder if the EFL will charge Gibson for bringing the game into disrepute? After all he's effectively accusing them of not administering their rules properly.
  8. A bit left field but i remember Warren Barton having an absolute stormer against us whilst playing for Wimbledon. Dont recall a fullback having so much influence on a game (insert Fox jokes here) before or since. Best player in a Wednesday shirt, Waddle without a doubt and his best performance was the West Ham game. Class.
  9. Would have been nice to have a Hutchinson goal against the Pigs to include.
  10. No i think he's used a spoon.
  11. Not sure if its the same fans but heard a Spurs fan on Talksport who left at half time. However him and his mate who were pizzed, got in late to the ground and saw Ajax get their 2nd to go 3 up on aggregate. Given their blurred comprehension of reality, thought the half time whistle was full time so decided to make a hasty retreat. They thought they'd played a blinder getting to the station ahead of the rush. Only realised what had happened when a mate phoned after Spurs pulled 1 back to ask if he thought they had a chance? "What do you mean, games over........ poo "
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