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  1. Didn't Alfreton put 14 past us a couple of years ago?
  2. Steve Bruce is a wonker, He wears a wonkers hat.....
  3. No and even if we did, what would happen when he's offered another job elsewhere. Also wish DC was able to sue him under breach of contract. He's a complete hat hat.
  4. I'd struggle with that after a bovril.
  5. Wasn't funny the first time.
  6. Just lumped on Drogba big time. He's an absolute shoe-in. Good grief, are people actually employed to create this sort of guff!!
  7. I took three things from those highlights: 1. They must be very skint, can't afford to put numbers on their shirts. 2. They'll need a new set of goals after the battering the crossbar and post took. 3. We're gonna pizz the league.
  8. We get a few more games in and get to see us win at Wembley.
  9. My perfect season goes like this. Bruce has Newcastle top at Christmas and attracts interest from China and a mega gazillions offer is too good to turn, so he buys himself out of his contract only to find out Liikin Young Boys was a hoax and he ends up bankrupt. Newcastle then poach Wilder but go into freefall and get relegated along with Leicester and the pigs (obviously). Meanwhile after a slow start we storm into the playoffs and hammer Leeds in the final.
  10. I was thinking about that earlier. Whether he goes for him or not i suspect Bruce leaving reduces our chances of Hector signing for us. May be wrong, hope i am.
  11. If this happens, what's the odds we end up paying more in compo to the dingles that we get from Newcastle.
  12. The Trialist triplets. Reyt players.
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