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  1. Well if this season does reach a conclusion, there won't be a transfer window before it finishes so mo there won't be changes to the squad.
  2. Intrigued by your comments on Monk having chance to clear out deadwood and bring in new faces. Take it your not expecting this season to be finished then?
  3. As much as the situation pains, those are wonderful words and you clearly did your brother proud. Stay strong. WAWAW
  4. Sorry haven't read through the thread so no doubt i will be repeating some previous posts but here's my thoughts anyway. Obviously any proposals will be dependant on the eventual timeline for loosening of lockdown restrictions. However with 9 games to be played this should only take a month to complete. I imagine the first few games will he played behind closed doors. Playoffs will need to be either: 1) scrapped with 3rd getting auto 2) one off final between 3rd and 4th 3) semis just 1 leg with highest teams at home Think leagues need to set deadline dates by which they must start and finish this season. Everyone knows where they stand then. Given the long break, no need for such a long layoff between end of this season and start of next one. Next season can be run over shorter period by utilising more midweek games, reduce number of teams in FA and League Cups and remove International friendly fixtures. Bloody easy this football administration lark.
  5. So sorry to hear of your terrible loss. You bah be the only one in attendance but hope you take some comfort that the Wednesday family have you and your brother in our thoughts in this difficult time. Stay strong brother.
  6. Same season we played Bristol City in league cup 2nd leg (think they were Div 4), me and my mate were on the Lepp, could only see 2 of their fans stood near us and another 2 in the upper.
  7. Can't remember that but do recall being pelted with coins. Me and my 2 mates were only 14 at the time, spent ages picking them up and went home with a pocket full of change. Also remember being marched back to the train and Newcastle fans chucking a wooden crate onto us from the top of a building, smashed some poor guys head in. Happy days.
  8. Tbh i can't clearly remember but someone on here will know. One of these 3, can't remember what order they fell. Newcastle in league 2 promotion season when Gary Shelton scored overhead kick winner, Dingles in same season or league cup replay at Anfield.
  9. So, when football eventually restarts I believe DC has a chance to rekindle some goodwill whilst also giving the team a much needed boost. I'm sure many POTGers like myself will be gagging for a football fix, so why not reduce prices substantially for our remaining home games. You'd expect this would appease many who can't justify the usual cost especially if incomes have been affected during lockdown. Also this should help create a better feel in the ground and help the team out (well, at least until we go one down and the boos ring out). Probably won't happen but I'm bored and couldn't think of anything else to write about.
  10. Downhill from a heartbreaking loss. That is pretty tragic.
  11. Wednesday are back. Drew at Derby in the cup this afternoon before beating them in a replay and now we've just hammered Cambridge. Not a bad weekend after all.
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