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  1. New manager. No idea what starting line/formation will be employed. Haven't seen us kick a ball in anger for weeks. Full of hope, expectation and dread in equal measure. Feels just like the start of a new season.
  2. Does my nut in when players don't celebrate against their former clubs. Disrespectful to the fans of their current teams. Also proves players wrong who pick up needless bookings for taking their shirts off after scoring when they claim it was an instinctive reaction. Rounduns, they just want a reason to show off their 6 packs. Dicks!!!
  3. So can we sell them all and buy a 50% stake in Harry Maguire?
  4. He didn't put a foot wrong, although I'm sure there's a few on here that will still find fault with his performance.
  5. "Smell them lads" Absolute quality. Take a bow ChapSmurf.
  6. It's not our ground so shouldn't matter anyway. In fact, as tenants can't we force the landlord to get it in order at their own expense. Any idea who they are?
  7. There'd be a few on hear saying he has no experience of managing in the championship had he been linked to us.
  8. Moved on to manage Citeh I think. Not sure how he's getting on.
  9. Would you have taken Mourinho as manager (I know it would never happen). How many times has he been sacked.
  10. Argh! I should have read the op properly. Does anyone want to take on my bet?
  11. I understood you fully, was just being an arse for comedic value.
  12. I remember most of them but not Etc.
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