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  1. Couldn't be arsed to read the whole thread, could someone help me out and confirm which clubs Monk has been sacked from please?
  2. DC launching a new comic but apparently being held up over some legal wrangling over the name. No idea why.
  3. That could also be used as a means to scrapping parachute payments.
  4. I'm sure there'll be a full update in tonight's Star.
  5. How long can this hearing take ffs? You broke the rules selling the ground and back dating the transaction. But we told you what we were doing and you said it was ok. Prove it. Here's some emails we exchanged. Oh yeh, forgot about that. Charges dismissed. Next!!
  6. He's given away more pens than Sun Life Over 50's Insurance.
  7. Err no. If points deduction won't relegate them they are applied next season. If they go down without deduction they apply next season. If they are within 12 points of bottom 3 the deduction is applied and they go down.
  8. If they stay up the points deduction will be applied next season. Obviously a loophole closed by the efl.
  9. There's a team in Egypt called 6th of October. Kind of them to name themselves after my birthday.
  10. Err, no it doesn't. That would mean we were losing far more than £100K a day in previous years. £100K a day equates to £36.5M per season which is almost the 3 year loss allowance under p&s rules so if we'd been losing those levels each season for the past 5 years, I think we'd be in a far worse state than we are currently.
  11. Someone will use that as ammo against him. If he was better/more mobile Monk would have brought him on sooner. Thought he was excellent when he came on, held the ball up fantastically, can't remember him giving it away.
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