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  1. Personally I think this is a sensible appointment albeit a bit late. A last throw if the dice to try and stave off relegation but a good pair if hands to manage us in League 1 should we go down. Always thought he was harshly treated at Albion and has done a good job at Donny. I'd be amazed if he did keep us up with this group if players. Saturday just illustrated they're not up for the fight. I just hope people give him a chance but I imagine as soon as we lose our next game the usual comments will appear, out of his depth, can't handle a big club, unproven in the championship b
  2. Listening to most callers, it always amazes me that they'd actually been able to dial the number correctly. Find it painful to listen to other than Mick the Owl.
  3. We'll have none of that reasoned argument on here.
  4. Stoke haven't won any if their last 6 league games, so you just know what's gonna happen there.
  5. Can't. It's been there that long it's now Grade II listed.
  6. I'm pretty sure he realises the danger and I'm quietly confident he stands to lose a damn sight more than any of us when it happens. I'm not making apologies for his mess, just pointing out the reality.
  7. It can't be a coincidence. He's played under 4/5 managers during his time with us and has never held down a regular starting place. They can't all be wrong about him. Suspect he must be shybo on training.
  8. But you just posted the coaching staff should have been ensuring he was secured to an appropriate contract.
  9. So it's not DCs fault then. Try telling that to most of the posters on here.
  10. As a club probably not but as ever we don't know all the facts. If there is blame I suggest it goes far beyond DC but he seems the only one getting flack. How many managers and coaches at the club in the past 2 years. Surely they are aware of contract lengths, if not why not. Haven't they got a responsibility to instruct the club to get key players and bright prospects tied to appropriate contracts. If they have and DC has rejected these, well then he deserves all the grief coming his way but I suspect this doesn't always happen.
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