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  1. Venancio

    Who's he?
  2. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    Are you suggesting we get Sondico back!
  3. Going to Norwich? Read this...

    The 40mph winds that day didn't help either!
  4. My family are from Newcastle so my Dad supports them. He took me to my first match as a nipper to St James Park (early to mid-70's). We moved around a bit as a kid and like many other youngsters I was swayed by who was the best team at the time so had a fondness for Liverpool and then Man Utd (after they beat Liverpool in the FA Cup Final). We moved to Sheffield late 70's and my first match at Hillsborough was on Boxing Day 1979 (many of you may remember this game!) I went with my mate who lived next door (we were only 10 and I can't believe my parents let me go without an adult), neither of us had feelings for either team and expected Utd would win given the teams forms at the time. Came out of the ground a Wednesdayite for some strange reason (well I can actually think of 4 reasons!). I am now married to a Blade but made sure our son was introduced to the Wednesday way early doors. Took him to his first match when we beat Norwich last game of the season to stay up (Dion Dublins last ever game). I'm sure he'll bring his kids up the right way when he grows up.
  5. Trevor Francis

    Yes, think we were 13th in the Premier League, clearly good grounds for sacking the manager. FFS
  6. Trevor Francis

    The man brought in Chris Waddle for Gods sake. Watching that genius of a footballer for a few years was an absolute privilege.
  7. Trevor Francis

    This /\
  8. Trevor Francis

    All very will commenting like this with the benefit of hindsight. At the time Sinton was a much in demand England international (if I remember correctly we got him ahead of Arsenal) and I don't recall a mass objection from Owls fans at his arrival. Cantona was a bit of an unknown quantity to most average fans before he made his mark at Leeds and again I don't recall massive uproar at us not signing him at the time (clearly there was after when we saw how good he was). Maybe I'm wrong but wasn't he also heavily criticised after France failed to qualify for the World Cup after losing/drawing with Israel or some other footballing giant. Yes we can all wonder how things may have turned out differently but to be so disrespectful to Francis who played some great football for us and then manged us during a couple of our best years in living memory is beyond me. Still there's always a few willing to re-write history.
  9. It's a "derisory" thread mate.
  10. FFP question.

    He was going to but they were too expensive.
  11. Star Today

    No wonder we're having such contrasting fortunes if our goals are being credited to them. Ffs
  12. Suspect they were just looking at the in-ground catering for some ideas.
  13. Hate saying this but how would Wilder approached this game. Think Utd have drawn once this season, yes they've lost more than use but loads of draws do you no favours. This must be the worst unbeaten run ever!
  14. This Saturday's excuse.....

    I would find it a little easier to accept the passing around at the back if we were then able to play our way forward from there. But as Stannington Owl points out, it usually ends in a hoof from the keeper, so what's the bleeding point. Just mix it up a little so the opposites dont know what to expect.