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  1. Mystic Neg

    The End is Nigh

    Win and it's positive, promotion etc. Lose and it's negative, we are dogger etc. It often appears that we have the most schizophrenic fan base but the reality is one half of our fan base comment more when we lose and the other half comment more when we win. Most people stay in those camps. Not always but generally. It's like a rivalry within one club. If you want balance, come on here in either the off season or international breaks not straight after a result. We are going to lose games and last night was disappointing not just on the result but like the OP states, it's how we respond next time out that will tell me more about how we are progressing as a team.
  2. Mystic Neg

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    It is very difficult to pick a man of the match today given that it looked like they were kicking a piping hot King Edward potato around with bare feet all night, refusing to feed anyone effectively with it. At a push I've gone for Reach because he got me off my couch twice and got me swearing at the telly the least.
  3. Mystic Neg

    3 weeks tonight

    I am genuinely positive about this season but United will play exactly the way they did at Hillsborough last year and try and batter us. The worry is that we aren't coping well when we don't get time on the ball and they will give us zero time.
  4. Mystic Neg

    Did you rate Boro?

    Boro will win the league comfortably. They have all the right qualities to do that even if they aren't that pretty on the eye.
  5. It's more that if a team are good enough to play a high press against us we panic. We really have only 2 players in midfield and defence with any composure, Bannan and Hector
  6. Mystic Neg

    Joao get him off

    Both Jaoa and Nuhui are best as impact subs. If we ever get Hooper, FF, Winnall back at the same time I expect that is how we will use him
  7. Not 1 keeper could have saved either of the goals tonight. The issue today was making basic errors all over the park giving the ball away cheaply inviting pressure
  8. Fully agree, we lost the game in 5 stupid minutes. We matched them in 1st half despite some very basic errors. I'd have liked to see us go a bit more gung ho as boro have too much quality to beat them at their own game.
  9. Mystic Neg


    In fairness I thought we were favoured by the ref in 1st half. The 3 that stood out as poor were the elbow and the 'foul' on their keeper and then all of 33 seconds onto the minimum 5 mins despite blatant time wasting and injuries.
  10. It wasn't that bad, Middlesbrough had more quality. Too many basic errors. That's bad decision making costing us total of 3 points in last 2 home games. Pelupessey v West Brom and Lees tonight
  11. Just look how much panic we caused them going more direct. I thought before the game we'd lose if we tried to match them at their game. Reckon if Jos could change anything he would have started with Nuhui. At least we showed fight at the end.
  12. Players need to pull their socks up, never seen us give the ball away so much in one half. Boro are there for the taking and look low on confidence. Up and at them 2nd half please. Hector, Reach, Bannan and Thorniley stand out so far. Penney and Palmer having bad games
  13. Mystic Neg

    Converting Draws to Wins

    Points gained wise possibly but the 6 we lose give a quarter of the league 3 points on us. Have to take that into account.