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  1. I grew up in London following Tottenham, first game was watching them away at Stamford Bridge. My Mum moved us up to Sheffield in 1990 aged 8 and my new school friends supported Wednesday, I suppose the Rumbelows Cup win sealed it a year later that I was now an Owl. If I could change anything, I'd have made sure I was 2 stone heavier and 6 inches taller as an 8 year old and told them to FFF Off I support Spurs. To be fair though, I've only ever truly felt the highs and lows that football brings supporting Wednesday but they are much softened these days
  2. I'd say it is about a par score. 2 nil down we'd be up against it, 0-0 they'd be up against it
  3. Reminded me of our semi final home leg against Brighton. Sunderland should have got a similar result to the one we did that night, at least a 2 goal cushion. Remember the onslaught we faced at Brighton in the 2nd leg? Sunderland have all that and more coming. I'm confident.
  4. All I know is that it's not even close to being the time to panic. Reckon it's currently about par, both teams firmly in it.
  5. I'm worried I'm going to have similar difficulties in Weston-super-Mare. Do they have Sky there?
  6. My mate would have been fine to play until he had a gallon of lager with all the excitement and then took a tumble down the steps. Out for two weeks with a damaged ego
  7. They were all in Wildcard sports bar on Ecclesall Road on Saturday night
  8. Bannan was at the end of season party on Saturday night and had a photo with my mate and his kids. He reckons he will be absolutely fine, felt a twinge but no reason to think he won't play
  9. Bannan will be a huge loss but we still have enough quality. We are no longer a one man team
  10. Decent fans, their players and Paul Warne don't deserve that when they should be celebrating a well earned promotion
  11. I'm worried about the bananas, particularly the skins. I spoke to my therapist for a full hour about bananas thanks to Owlstalk. I'm £50 poorer but still, better value than POTG. He fixed me but now they are back, with a vengeance, in the inescapable match day thread. Curse you, you, tasty, nutritious, phallic symbols. Cheers Snoots, up the owls
  12. Fortunately, I have a very timely therapy appointment tomorrow morning. Could be one of the most challenging yet.
  13. In fairness, football does daft things to the best of us and I doubt players were reading the OMDT at the time. I'm sure we can forgive a few people who lost their nerve!
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