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  1. Taught a footballing lesson by the mighty Cambridge United in that first half. It is clear as day that Moore is completely out of his depth. If we are going to give goals away, at least pick a team that can put the opposition on the back foot and create chances
  2. Agree, Hillsborough is normally the last chance saloon than frequently becomes manager's and once promising players' graveyard. The big question is why?
  3. Not read all the posts, so my ramblings may already have been covered. I believe the OP thinks that clapping for the sake of clapping and or showing undying tribal support (despite others seeing something seriously wrong with the club) is the equivalent of happily being brainwashed into supporting an idea , without any challenge. On the flip side, said 'happy clappers' appear to agree that fan negativity is the primary route of all our problems, while failing to acknowledge the many contributing faults to our progress, while deciding to plough on regardless. But, we all have OUR own camps and most of us continue to think in black and white. For me, simply deciding to be positive can never help anyone, it is meaningless and empty. There are clear issues, in terms of quality, aptitude, structure, confidence etc etc at SWFC and they have existed for decades. Simply deciding to be optimistic and cheering regardless will not make underlying issues disappear. In my opinion, the best that positivity for positivity's sake can achieve long term is acceptance of mediocrity with a glaring lack of accountability existing across the board. If DC had anything about him he would look at his investment, review it, draw a line under it, label it as a categorical disaster and after nearly 7 years, I'd hope, be in a position to make 'positive' executive decisions.
  4. My point wasn't necessarily about Moore, it was more about most fans having been through the mill since the good times in the early 90s. It is understandable, that many fans, myself included, see things rather negatively! It's safer!
  5. Inevitable given that we have watched a very slow death for a quarter of a century, with only rare moments where there was any cause for optimism. I can't think of many other clubs with a history as rich as ours who have had half as much to moan about for such a prolonged period! If we weren't negative now when might we ever be allowed to be!
  6. The evidence we have from the way we approach games tells me he absolutely is.
  7. It's not quite as black and white as that though is it? Fan/supporter or otherwise, I too find it difficult to invest time, money and emotion in something that is so heavily influenced by someone who is making a horrible mess of a game he knows nothing about.
  8. Bottom line is that it is disgraceful fans have had to go through small claims courts to get a refund. Sympathise with the OP. We are customers when it suits Chansiri to charge too much but fans who should be loyal when it comes to requesting a refund in the way any customer would. The owner is a tradegy, chapter by chapter, season on season, feck knows how it will end but I doubt it will be a happy one.
  9. Like Ashley or not, the club would be far better run in the short term, he would get the business in shape and it would be a far more attractive investment the next time it is sold on long term. The longer Chansiri is here, the bigger the tangle we will end up in.
  10. Did he say the phrase 'we go again'? If so I've had it
  11. In fairness to the lad he is actually a nice bloke. His kids go to the same school as mine. The only thing I have against him is that he told me Mansfield would go up this year and it's the only leg of a season acca that is failing. Tw@t
  12. We've probably got one that is off on long term sick leave with stress/anxiety related issues.
  13. I haven't been this season due to other priorities but from what I understand everything still has to go through Bannan. That makes us predictable, same problem we've had for a couple of years. That said, Moore needs this full season. We all know that we'll supported clubs can't take take promotion from league one with a pinch of salt. I was nervous when lots were getting excited, thinking it was our best start for years. It was actually only our best start since 2 years ago under Monk and I'm sure we all remembered how that ended. A very big nose dive taking us from 3rd at Christmas to just about avoiding relegation.
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