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  1. Mystic Neg

    Fans yesterday

    I saw one of our idiots start on a group of about 20+ immediately after the game. He'd been in the home end like me. He got a bit of a shoeing but what pleased me most was loads of other Rotherham fans stepping in and saying that's enough, effectively sending their own off. I think camera phones have made people a lot less 'brave' when it comes to bother and that is a great thing too. 30 years ago the lad would've been lucky to walk again. Instead he had a few bruises and a fat lip.
  2. SB still been here under 2 weeks, haven't lost and we are no doubt safe in the league. I'd have given my right arm for that in November. 3 games isn't enough to turn us into a force, I'm not sure 30 is under the circumstances. We must have patience, SB is the right man but he's not a miracle worker.
  3. Mystic Neg

    Thinking Out Loud

    We need to be very careful because as I understand it Birmingham are going to be hit with a hefty points deduction. For me, the best policy now is to show willing to comply with the rules and consolidate after this summer until we are allowed to go big again. I would take sticking around in Championship mid table for a few years before a huge well informed push for premier league again.
  4. Mystic Neg

    ‘A Horrible Swirl of Wind’

    There is nothing as bad as a horrible swirl of wind. Trust me.
  5. Mystic Neg

    Easy Run In

    Could have won by a couple of goals on another day. We are creating chances and I think give it a bit of time and someone's in for a drubbing. Blunts please.
  6. Mystic Neg

    Clean Sheets Record in a Season

    I'm surprised, I've wet the bed more times than I can count this season
  7. You are right, money doesn't guarantee you anything, largely because you need to use it wisely. CC didn't have a clue what he was doing with it, far to big and unfamiliar job for him. One example, spending most of it after 1st full season on countless lesser players for each position and then never playing them. We needed 2 or 3 players of quality in the right places to improve the template that got us into the play off final, not lots of options on big wages to wait in the wings. It really wouldn't have taken much to play the best football since we'd been in the Premier League and that is largely my point. Yes we should be grateful for the improvement but the improvement did not match the potential and opportunity we were presented with in my opinion. Every year that goes by it will be harder to go up while the parachute payments and FFP process matures. The boat was there right in front of us waiting for us to board it and we missed it.
  8. CC could have told the fans anything and we'd lap it up, purely because of the horribly hard times that came for 15 years before. He could not fail to impress in comparison to that turmoil. CC was engaging, I'll give you that but as we eventually found out, he was full of it and generally talked utter nonsense. He was a charmer, nothing more that contributed to wasting millions of Chansiri's cash. Despite the initial lift he gave, it soon wore thin on me, possibly with the players as well. I blame him more than Jos for our recent predicament. Bruce or anyone of Championship calibre would have got us promoted over those two seasons with the clean slate and money avaliable, even Gray might have done. Bruce talks sense and I think the players will completely respect what he's done in the game on and off the pitch. He is a great fit for us long term and it's a breathe of fresh air seeing him so at ease with all that comes with being a football manager.
  9. Mystic Neg

    Any chance...

    Wondering who would throw the 1st punch.
  10. Mystic Neg

    Play-off push

    If we can get some wins on the board quickly then it starts to look possible, it has to start now though and probably with at least 7pts from next 3 games. If that happens the gap will look more like 5 or 6 pts with 14 games left which is definitely doable if the team has confidence. Forget relegation, it'll be something like 42 points needed to stay up this year so we may as well go gung ho now. Im not getting my hopes up, just going to enjoy the ride
  11. One game this season that makes me think about the value of Hutch was West Brom at home when we let that young lad run through half our team to score at the end. I was screaming at Joey to take the yellow card and the foul never came. Hutch has a really good football brain and it's simple situations like that where we've missed him.
  12. Mystic Neg

    What could’ve been.....

    Look forwards not backwards, you'll feel much better OP.
  13. Mystic Neg

    Steve Bruce in one word

  14. Mystic Neg

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    Mr C is a gambler, he got up quickly then had a huge loss, he looked like he was going to call it quits but now he is trying to recover the lost ground. That is unwise normally but he's changed tack, got a new system and believes in it. If this doesn't work then he may go. Far play to him for having another crack I say and I'm pleased he appears to be listening to people more now.
  15. Mystic Neg

    The goal yesterday

    Good effort Woozie, depending on how long this takes you you should do an OP and after each game put goals on there. Like Ryan's continuing graph thread. Then none of us would need an end of season DVD.