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  1. Dawson Palmer Hector Pudil Thorniley Reach Onomah Bannan Forestieri Joao Fletcher Subs: Lees, Penney, Matias, Nuhui, Pelupessy, Borukov, Wildsmith Not going to waste time pretending we will ever select Westwood, Boyd, Hutchinson, Jones, Lee, Hooper, Winnall, Rhodes or Abdi. If you look at that, I've had to put a youngster striker on the bench because our available squad is so threadbare. Ive dropped Lees and PP because of their numerous howlers. Think Pudil is solid at CB and Onomah needs games to show his class. So at best, in the starting eleven we have 2 youth players, 2 loanees, the fan favourite (for abuse) Palmer, a player reluctant to help the team by playing on the wing, a Scottish crock and 3 streaky players. Its pretty clear what Jos and any new manager are up against unless circumstances improve. Only about 3 players that were regulars in our play off campaigns. We've got a weak squad.
  2. Mystic Neg

    Not long until what?

    I'm just wondering what kind of ejit wears a cap inside, while doing a press up. Especially with a rather large black cat about to pick his kid off.
  3. I'm sorry OP, he may have done a lot as you say but he's not done a lot right. That's the problem, I will respect him if he respects the size of the job he has and the value of using the right people and structure. You can't just throw your money in, extort fans and talk about family. He has been urinating in the wind for nearly 4 years.
  4. Mystic Neg

    Harry Redknapp

    Good spot, too late for the edit. He probably doesn't have a car that requires him to wind windows either in fairness.
  5. Mystic Neg

    The magic roundabout

    You've missed your calling and your meds
  6. Mystic Neg

    Biggs - Bruce - Not a cure all

    The evidence against DC is stacking up. Hasn't the first clue about running a football club. Even a stint on Football manager would tell him more than he currently appears to understand.
  7. Mystic Neg

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Marvellous, now we've been hacked as well and the ICO will be fining us too! FFS
  8. Mystic Neg

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    Season tickets £500k a pop with a 1% discount each year thereafter
  9. Mystic Neg

    Harry Redknapp

    Transfer Deadline Day 'Harry, can we have a quick word?' Winds his car window down Busy Harry? Heard you're in for Craig Noone from Bolton? 'Nah mate, his bruver, Absolutely' Winds his window down and drives off at speed
  10. All I want from this forum is honesty, cards on the table explaining what has been a catelogue of errors over the last 18 months in particular. Cracks began to show over 2 years ago. I don't want to lynch the guy, I'm sure he doesn't enjoy burning his money but he needs to accept that they have got many things horribly wrong and there doesn't appear to be anything to suggest that is about to change. I don't want to hear excuses, blame or what they are considering doing next. I want to SEE what they ARE doing. I want a faultless powerpoint presentation that demonstrates a clear strategy for this club to reverse the slide and ultimately succeed. We can ask questions about something physical that exists rather than speculation, conspiracies, fake news and assumptions. Without it, this club will go down the swanny on its current trajectory. Including but not limited to; 1. Employ a highly successful director of football. 2. Let that person hire the next manager. 3. Employ someone to overhaul the commercial side of the club. Merchandise, ticketing, sponsorship, corporate. 4. Terminate any agreements with contractors/third parties who we might still be paying for football advisory services - Doyen / old El Paxo etc 5. Set the new hires some targets aligned with the strategy and support them. We could have achieved all of this on Abdi/Boyd/Jones wages alone. I know DC doesn't have to do this and it's his money etc but we all want the same things, success for the club. At the moment it feels like there is only one man out of thousands of stakeholders, financial or emotional that can't see what's wrong.
  11. Mystic Neg


    Never mind pal!
  12. Mystic Neg


    Easy to be Mystic than Optimistic at the moment isn't it mate, don't worry, our time will come again, I promise.
  13. Mystic Neg

    Westwood to Weeds

    Not if we are not going to be playing him it isn't, which you have to admit looks rather likely. Understand your point but it would only be madless to get shut of him if we were showing any signs of picking him.
  14. Mystic Neg

    Westwood to Weeds

    That in my opinion would be more worthy of a meltdown if true
  15. The only one of those that isn't potentially impacted by our owner and threat of FFP P&S is number 5. Im not defending Jos here, on the face of it he's having an absolute mare. I just think there's way more to it than any of us know. We should be asking why he hasn't been sacked. My bet is that he is just about on course to do exactly what he has been tasked with. Keep us up as cheaply as possible.