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  1. You could argue there were other aspects that might have helped prevent the goal. Dawson, like any keeper was covering the side it would be easiest for the free kick taker to dip it over the wall to,the furthest corner from him. The wall covers the more difficult angle for the set piece taker. It didn't do its job. If you watch the replay the only man between the goal and Tomlin that jumped was Flint. Our whole wall were static as they watched it sail into the net, feet firmly planted. If Fletcher had jumped it would have hit him square in the chest. Oh and the ref and linesman didn't do their jobs properly either.
  2. I can't help feel that Dawson is tarnished in the minds of some fans because of Westwood being dropped all the way up to Christmas last season. Hardly Dawson's fault. He's as good a shot stopper as any but he's a bit dodgy on crosses. But he's relatively young, one of our own and can get better so get behind the lad.
  3. VAR would have made sure Tomlin wasn't on the pitch as well. Tough gig tonight for the lads
  4. The fact that not 1 of 2 officials could work that out is farcical
  5. Chuffin hell I looked at that table and thought we'd been sanctioned by the EFL with a massive points deduction.
  6. Swap Bannan with Luongo and you may be onto something although I'd be reluctant to start FF. Reach has been our talisman for the last 2 years and deserves his place in my opinion. If things aren't working give FF the last half an hour and make him earn that starting spot.
  7. No but I knew A12owl was going to Neg me, expect another one along shortly
  8. Fingers crossed he's realised there's not much of his career left and he can make one big push towards being remembered as a Wednesday great. Rather than another one that might have been. What is left of this season is his last chance saloon in my opinion.
  9. Cheers Ryan! You've got a much steadier hand than me. I've had my fun!
  10. All is well, love a scrappy game and win. Our defence looks stronger than it has for years and I couldn't care less if we bore our way into the Premier League.
  11. We are doing just fine, still a new manager and half the team settling in. Win at Cardiff after international break would have us top albeit for a few hours. Given the upset pre season we really could not expect much more than this. Well done Wednesday!
  12. It was this time last year that I tried to measure the difficulty of starts for all teams in the championship after 12 games. I made it at that stage that based on results so far we'd had the 6th easiest start and we all remember what happened post international break then having been in playoffs at the international break! Happy to have another stab at it if there's the appetite for it. Will include current league table on the post this time as well so people can potentially use it to gauge who to have a punt on or indeed write off!
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