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  1. Never did I expect to see such confidence on here 2 games in to the mini season. Come on you Blue & White Wizards
  2. Given that the latter half of this thread has descended into discussing listening to test match cricket I think that might have validated the OP! I'm not exactly excited about the run in, more fearful and nervous of us getting relegated with a points penalty of any more than 9. If we continue where we left off we might even do it ourself. Either way UTO
  3. We are on the same side, that's why we should keep Monk if we can. No one better than him will be attracted to the club in its current state. Just our luck that Newcastle and Bruce's stars aligned just when we finally found someone who could handle the job.
  4. I'm pretty sure he made a name for himself outside of the 5 months he managed our team! Bigger and better things yes.
  5. Yes but a manager walking is a bit different to sacking the manager. If he walks he walks but I don't think we should be forcing him out, we'd be back to square one for the 3rd season in a row.
  6. I thought they were mid table and nowhere near relegation when everyone had them nailed on for relegation. I reckon he's done alright!
  7. With our barmy chairman, our tired squad, our pending points deduction and inability to spend any money on decent players, we will not find a decent manager. We are a football managers graveyard. When was the last time one of our bosses made a real name for himself and went on to bigger and better things? Do we really want to go through 3 months of finding a new manager again if what we will end up with is no more qualified or successful than Monk? Let that new man give all our current players a one year extension so he can have a look at them and work out they're not working before he then gets sacked and we start again? Like it or not we are almost forced to give Monk a chance to make this his team. We can't afford not to.
  8. Been a while since I've had a LOL moment like this one. Well done sir
  9. I think any players who think it will be straightforward to get a lucrative deal elsewhere will get a bit of a shock when it comes down to it. Some of ours may as well retire if they think that a) anyone will be in for them and b) they will get anything better than the terms they are currently on if so. I thought that July was spent on some sort of gardening leave anyway, so technically, especially those not performing should see playing as many games as possible as a chance to put themselves in the shop window unless they've somehow already got something lined up in the current climate and don't want to risk injury.
  10. Good luck to him and I hope he is settled and has overcome his demons now
  11. Why did the QPR chairman think they were training and then getting back to contract training? For sh1ts and giggles? Just posturing in case they get relegated
  12. No disrespect but that isn't accurate. The FA, the EPL and the EFL all expressed an appetite to keep promotion and relegation across the professional leagues in England and a preference for playing the games. The vote in League 2 was a recommendation based on their appetite and capabilities to play games and it also highlighted the preference of clubs was that there would be no relegation for Stevenage. It was never the case that that vote alone would be actioned, it would need a rule written into the EFL to allow it to be signed off, hence why the EFL are writing a rule retrospectively, asking all 71 EFL clubs to vote on using the unweighted PPG formula in times when playing on is not possible - this will take place on 8th June. If that vote passes, the championship will then have to vote on what they collectively want to do with this season. That is why the new fixtures are provisional. It could well be that week commencing 8th June the Championship vote to stop the season and use PPG formula. The same will happen in Leagues 1 and 2. Its perfectly diplomatic based on all clubs vote and not because of the Premier League.
  13. The EFL have stated that relegation and promotion will definitely happen either via playing on or unweighted points per game and play offs in each of their respective pro leagues. The vote to write PPG and playoffs into law for this season and future seasons will happen one week today on Monday 8th June. Then each of the 3 league will vote independently to use that new law this season. It is expected that the law will be passed first and then Championship will vote to continue playing while leagues one and two will vote to finish their league with points per game formula. Only a 51% majority will be required. The only likely legal cases will come from Stevenage who would be relegated to the conference, Tranmere who would be relegated to League Two and Peterborough who will miss out on league one play offs. The reason the EFL are attempting to pass the PPG into the EFL rules is to prevent any case against EFL being successful.
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