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  1. We haven't been that crazy though to be fair, up until the Birmingham game we'd taken something like 19 points from 10 games. We can't win every game with this squad. I'm still hopeful we will stay up
  2. Yes but they haven't half made a meal of it. Most teams at our level would have someone with the ability to spot huge potential before they make their league debut and do everything to get them on a longer contract before putting them in the 1st XI and shop window.
  3. Personally I think most fans see him leaving as a fault of the club not him and rightly so.
  4. I reckon that letter would have the opposite effect on me as a player for too many reasons to list!
  5. Agree 100%, there are a fair few who seem to expect us to win every game with a depleted squad, a caretaker manager and no fresh investment or off field leadership. We are doing fine despite that in my opinion
  6. I'd give us about a 1 in 5 chance I think. Staying up will be more about if two of Nottm Forest, Derby, Coventry, QPR, Birmingham & Rotherham go on a truly horrifc run in my opinion.
  7. Its becoming nigh on impossible to defend him, i will give you that OP.
  8. Surely Paul Cook would give us more hope than we currently have of staying up? If it were him or no qualified Manager/Head Coach this season would you change your mind?
  9. 100% if you unmask DC it'll be that two hat Sean Bean. Done nothing since GOT season 1.
  10. Admin. At least with that there is a chance of something good happening. Never thought I would think Admin to be a positive thing
  11. Good luck to Luke. Its daily bad news coming from the club now. Get out DC
  12. The rate DC is going he must be a heavy favourite to play the next bond villain.
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