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  1. He's the best Italian/Argentinian we've had. I'll give him that
  2. I hear you Snoots. The only person who can't see where our owner is going wrong is the man himself. It was clear even when we were doing well on the pitch. Think it was after he sacked Pulis and the long presser after that in which he said something along the lines of it was impossible to have a long term plan or strategy in football after nearly 6 years of needing one. He will never learn.
  3. Bannan is a good player and effective when part of a strong good team but our main problem is we haven't got enough quality around him. He is forced to do too much to compensate for our weaknesses all around the pitch making him less effective. Unfortunately I now associate him mainly with a terrible period at SWFC and will always remember him as being part of and captain of our demise. Cant fault his effort or talent but its wasted on us. It's also why part of me is looking forward to seeing the back of him. We need a team packed full of units in League One and that he is not.
  4. It looks pretty nailed on we will be relegated but there have been some small green shoots of late and its a funny old game. No one thought we would win at Barnsley and Watford have been tanking everyone of late. Whether its right or wrong, I'm comfortable with relegation because it is exactly what our owner deserves. He is then more likely to either wake up and finally learn or disappear, whatever that means for us in the long run. I find it hard to care much anymore either way anymore. It also likely mean we see the end of even our better players that are tarnished by perennial f
  5. The last year has already cost me an fffin fortune in sanitiser. To be honest, I'm past caring, things like this are pie in the sky even if we did like the idea. Our owner has zero commercial acumen
  6. One person should never carry all of those burdens particularly when unqualified to do so, highlighting the main flaw in our owners approach. He is unable to identify suitable people and delegate full responsibility against a fit and proper operating model. The thing that appealed to me about the Wigan takeover was that one of the very first things that they said was around putting in a sustainable plan for the short and long term. 'Not, Premier League within 2 years' and nothing to back that up.
  7. I'm going a 1 in 8 chance of stopping up. There are plenty of teams stalling and if we can take confidence from today onto next games who knows. Going to have to catch Birmingham and one of Coventry/Derby. Rotherham have got enough spirit I think and an easier set of fixtures than everyone around them along with 3/4 games in hand. Last chance saloon, the right results from other teams over next couple of weeks could have us in the mix again, bad ones and it's game over.
  8. Isn't that what Pulis was trying to do? Torn a new one on here but the reality is we haven't got a good enough group of players with big gaps in key positions. The only thing that has made our squad stand out is the money they are on and the value we get from them. Hard to imagine which of our current players would get a regular first team start at any other Championship Club.
  9. Approaches will be met with a boycott like defensive block. I agree with you though.
  10. Think of the positives is all I can say, day trip to Burton brewery, visit to leafy Forest Green looks likely and if we are really lucky, Cheltenham away will clash with the festival
  11. You're joking right? Our ground is a relic of better times in the past, where it once held league Cup semi finals. It has the scars of the Hillsborough disaster, Safety at Grounds all over it, had barely any investment or barely a lick of paint and looks like something you might find in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile most clubs in the premier league have extended capacity, modern infrastructure etc etc. It's a sh1tole by comparison
  12. 35 years ago we had one of the best stadiums in the country. Probably not even in the top 20 now.
  13. Chansiri didn't pass the fit and proper person test
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