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  1. Good effort lads, that ought to get people up for games again. Some great memories evoked too
  2. That ought to be easy, Fisher is obviously a full weight bellend
  3. I hadn't realised MOvember was a thing back in 1991
  4. First ever game abandoned at half time for a positive COVID test. Wednesday 3up at the time.
  5. We better hope he is football's equivalent of Nanny McPhee.
  6. Someone who is leading our owner on a merry dance whilst he still thinks it's going well
  7. Agree but you also have to add into the equation whether or not the players in front of Westwood all think he's a knobhead or not.
  8. I too like to drink too much after a disappointing result. I too then fancy creating a thread on Owlstalk. I too despair when my thread disappears down the page with very few comments. So this comment is for you my friend. Stay strong and keep drinking, there will always be a better idea further down the line
  9. The buck stops with the Owner really despite him blaming everything under the sun for our misfortune. I do however think that Pulis is his best appointment. I hope this wont be copied and pasted to prove a point in May but if he is true to his word and accepts Pulis's vast knowledge and honesty at the club I think it will steady the ship for a season or two.
  10. Yet in terms of minutes played for us it all adds up to roughly a goal every other game. He needs a long run of games before I agree with you.
  11. Since I became an adult in 1999 we have been mostly shocking, that means I've very rarely been able to have a celebratory pint. I remember consoling myself after snatching a draw from the jaws of victory in the 3-3 at Pride Park and thinking it will be alright. We will be back in no time. Since then, smart phones, electric cars, electric cigarettes, 3D printing have all been invented amongst others. The VAR, the playacting and the massive money involved is the least of our concerns. I'm believe we need a Printer that is capable of re-spawning our
  12. I'd say that's just our luck I'm afraid. Not much Pulis can do about two brain fades from Windass and Westwood. We were the better team in the first half even with 10 men for the most part.
  13. Well said OP. The reaction from some on here after losing today is embarrassing. 1st game for a new manager, same weak squad, what were people expecting exactly? We looked organised today and it was a disciplined performance with 10 men. We'd probably have got battered under some of our more recent managers after going down to 10 men that early. I will be absolutely delighted if we manage to stay up, anything better than that is a pipe dream.
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