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  1. Time to lose Westwood. Has been a great servant to the club but Dawson is ready now and is most certainly the future. Rather give another contract to Jones as 3rd choice and keep Wildsmith as back up for Dawson. Much better use of clubs finances.
  2. 100% deal, he looks a bit gormless but right now that's the only thing I've got against him. The passion he is showing, his strength of character, his ability to cross a ball and frequently be in the right place to clear one of the line are some of the many qualities he has. Rather keep hold of him than sign another Urby.
  3. I definitely fancy us for the top 6. I know we've beat Leeds and Brentford already and gave West Brom a good run for their money but they are good sides more often than anyone else. Outside of them, with or without Fletcher, we are a match for anyone and take away the potential EFL penalties can see us going to Wembley again.
  4. Personally see the opposite with Monk, he sounds confident and inspires confidence even when he speaks about something negative. I reckon its rubbing off on the players too so can agree with the OP
  5. Don't buy in to this whole league being poor idea. I think it's same as it always is. 3 or 4 standout teams, 3 or 4 toilet teams and everyone else capable of beating or losing to anybody. It's the championship, its always been like this.
  6. My kids couldn't have been more excited about that prospect, they're gutted now
  7. I respect your view but I believe this is almost certainly a hairbrained idea that fortunately not enough people will go for. Far better strategy to reduce season ticket prices and bring pay on the gate prices to get more people in. Reduce season ticket prices by 20% to get 25% more sold and more people in Hillsborough spending money. Even if by some miracle this takes off, where is all this cash injection going? This years accounts? What happens after 2 years if we don't go up? Massive FFP penalties or a shytehouse squad with no hope of promotion. We'd end up with 1000s of disgruntled fans watching league one football for their large four figure investment. How are we appealing to new fans young and new to the city, where are these new fans going to come from because at the moment they're all off to anywhere but Hillsborough.
  8. Contrary to popular belief I ain't a psychic but I can see this almost certainly coming back to bite every single one of us on the bottom. This is short term thinking sold as long term opportunity. Again
  9. 90% of our signings are brokered by this fella. Fact
  10. It was he and Jermaine Beckford playing for Preston against us a while ago feyting each other during the match, our players pulled them off Swindon call him the Ginger Pele after his loan there. Worth a punt for 4 months if he's got the knack for scoring and won't cost much.
  11. Very sad but very true. The expensive ones just got more expensive. I know he's only done it in league 2 and is 31 but I'd give that Eoin Doyle a loan after scoring 20 goals before Christmas. Just recalled by Bradford, not to play him because they've fallen out. It was to stop him banging more in for a promotion rival!
  12. A scan is nothing like a blood test, the damage is obvious at point of scan, especially when it's private care because I doubt very much he's been down to the Northern General. Fingers crossed for Fletcher and us that it's not a damaged ACL. If it is, sadly the most prolific period he's had in a Wednesday shirt will be the last period he has with us but at least we'd remember him fondly.
  13. Fortunately Monk has thicker skin than most of us put together. Had it briefly with Bruce but its the first time I've had full confidence in a manager since Big Ron. He's got a bit of mongrel about him, something managers and our entire squad have been missing for a long time.
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