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  1. Great goal by Forestieri today and he looked up for it but it doesn't happen often enough. I still think that if we can get a fair price for him we should move him on. There was a sense of irony when that went in and him getting man of the match at a ground he refused to travel to a couple of years earlier, where our issues under Chansiri began. I like to think that Bruce said 'Thanks for getting on the bus now prove you're worth a start' This Summer is as a good a chance as when Chansiri bought the club to get it right and I'm pretty optimistic with Bruce at the helm.
  2. I'd say its a bit harsh to call either of Winnall or Rhodes chumps. Remember the managers they played under who didn't believe in wingers? Give those 2 players good wingers and they will score goals. We may see it next season.
  3. Keep - Fletcher, Hooper, Winnall, Rhodes Get Rid - Joao, Forestieri, Nuhui, Matias, You don't need more than 4 strikers in my opinion and there's goals in multiple combinations of those 4 if we get the right ball into them. OK there could be fitness issues, in which case we should use the loan market as well for a striker or even blood one of our promising young strikers when given the chance.
  4. There'll be a few vacancies in the Houses of Parliament soon, he'd fit right in
  5. We've gone on 7 game winnining streaks around this stage of the season before. They'll be under just as much pressure as us. It's exciting either way and full of optimism for next season whatever may be
  6. I still think Gary Cahill should come and do a season for the club he supports on the cheap. Must have made more than enough cash now.
  7. Yes and I agree, I think we would be acting too hastily looking to get rid of either Rhodes or Winnall. We now play completely differently with some strength, pace and width and if these two got some confidence they could be extremely effective under Bruce.
  8. Maybe so but that wouldn't be a very modern approach by the club or the player. He'd get a lot of public support if that were the case and it would be another example that mental health doesn't discriminate. He'd get my full support anyway. I agree that this thread would be wrong if we knew that were the case but we can't go around treading on eggshells just in case he or anyone else that could be the butt of our lighthearted humour is mentally ill.
  9. Almen Abdi is quite clearly Frank Abagnale III, son of the man responsible for inspiring the film Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale Jnr. On one of his long haul flights to Geneva whilst masquerading as a pilot, Frank Abignale Jnr impregnated a Swiss Air hostess in the plane's thunderbox. Stuggling to make ends meet and never hearing from his mystery father, Frank the third, christened Almen, and keeping his mother's name was good with numbers and learnt from the very best at the EU in Geneva of how to fleece massive entities. It was then that he discovered football agents and the rest is history.
  10. Yes think it was around March or April just before our 2nd play off campaign that Bruce went to villa. At the time I was moaning vehemently about Carlos, even though we soon went on a run to the playoffs. If we'd nabbed Bruce then from under villa's nose, things could potentially be much rosier but it would have been a tad harsh on Carlos.
  11. A couple of months ago I couldn't understand why we persisted with him on set pieces but last few games we must have scored 3 or 4 from his dead ball situations. Either he's found a bit of form, the people getting on the end of them have or Bruce has been working on set pieces. All of the above.
  12. It's turning up and feeling confident we will win that has been absent for a long time. I had a brief panic when they scored their first but quickly put to rest. Goals from 4 different players? How long is it since that last happened?
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