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  1. First of all, fair play to the club for standing up for themselves if what they say is factually correct. If on the other hand it is not factually correct, then they may have potentially exacerbated things. We all know how strange the EFL's own interpretation of the law is, see charges against Forestieri. Their way or the high way
  2. Absolute beast of a player, great career ahead of him and let's hope he spends more than one full season with us Well done Dom
  3. I usually love watching the FA Cup draw, glad I forgot about it! The two things we wanted, either the lowest ranked team at home or Arsenal / Spurs away were snaffled by the pigs and L**ds.
  4. 4 pages so far and not a single credible source! If Nixon hasn't tweeted it he hasn't said it either!
  5. Hopefully breaking that pattern will get us going now. Christ that was stressful
  6. Can see Monk ripping them all a new one at half time.
  7. In the last 3 halves of football we've had 35 shots on goal, 10 on target and 2 goals. Opponents have had 10 shots on goal, 3 on target and 2 goals. Either or both of it simply isn't going our way at the moment and we lack a ruthless winning mentality.
  8. Yes, he deserves his start, showed he's willing to fight and doesn't appear to have thrown toys out about being on the bench either. Think Monk has got it about right. Up to Fessi now to show him why he should start every week.
  9. We could really do with 3 points today and we've definitely not got a fair return from the way we've played in the last 6 games. The longer that goes on the harder it will be to break through and go on a run. Apart from everything else I'd like a win to try and get some of the fans back on side. Noticibly losing faith on here and the support on Wednesday was less than enthusiastic to say the least. Come on Wednesday, stick it up em
  10. I'm going to go against the general feelings on here. Who'd want to play for Wednesday hey? Committed talisman who will play anywhere for you for 3 years, hits a spot of poor form and he's garbage all of a sudden and people want him out. Not having it.
  11. By all accounts we are doing enough to win games. We've been unfortunate, just cannot seem to stick it in the onion bag. I think it'll come soon and we will go on a run.
  12. Let's be honest, we battered them. Just cannot finish. They had one chance and took it. Id like us to set out a bit more attacking though because we've got plenty we can hurt sides with
  13. Think we'll get all the goals we should have had recently in one game, bit like Boro away. 4-1 to the massive
  14. No no, what happened was everyone pressed the panic button at the same time and broke owlstalk with record levels of moaning. The only people who didn't post immediately have managed to keep their account.
  15. What are you doing posting something balanced after a loss on here! You'll be strung up I tel thee
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