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  1. The fat two hat and him chums forgot to say goodbye. Rude gets.
  2. When Simaniac Owl aka Gary Megson finally gets his job back. That's when he will give up. Come on DC, do us all a favour
  3. I personally think what Forestieri did away at Norwich a couple of seasons ago was worse. Didn't take long to forgive him though did it. I'd also argue that Bruce was more important to us than any one player as far as this season was concerned but even so, he can't possibly come back now. He's foooked up royally and we're left to clean up his mess. I'd consider having him back if he were prepared to be led by this lady, stark ball naked through Hillsborough while we all cobbed cabagges at him
  4. Pulis and Karanka should be categorised as Meh but above Zola. Zola is the only one who would be a trainsmash imo and deserves his own category.
  5. Ideally, it would happen before a ball is kicked. Imagine managers who are interested would prefer a clean slate at start of season. Do we want to appoint anyone who is sacked early season, probably not. Do we want to wait for other teams to also be in the market for the best available manager after such early sackings, no. Ideally get the best man in before August begins but don't appoint anyone for the sake of it. It has to be the right man. Bully can do a job until right man comes in.
  6. I'd rather we get the right man even if it means waiting a couple of weeks. It's already too late for a new man as far as season prep is concerned. Bullen is a capable interim, let's be honest he's had enough experience.
  7. Some two hat agent sends Chansiri a VHS copy of Mike Basset England Manager and all of a sudden Ricky Tomlinson is in charge.
  8. Fear not, comes highly recommended by Steve Bruce. Chatted to him twice a day 7 days a week for 5 months down at his local kebab shop. There's nothing Bruce knows that he doesn't, he's ready
  9. Scrap the 'van Bronckhorst' and I like it
  10. Well then I stand corrected, what a jebend
  11. Thing is, I'm not completely convinced that he wants to go, he simply has an option to go. The longer this goes on the more likely Ashley is to go elsewhere and we would as fans be shooting ourselves in the foot if he ends up staying and we make it uncomfortable for him. I can swallow this situation because he's a Newcastle man. If we had a good manager that out of the blue came up with a Carlos statement like I've supported them since I was a child (Swansea) looking to manoeuvre a way out then fair enough, give him both barrels. At least unlike Nando he's prepared to do his job with all this going on. Bruce is far more valuable to us than any player currently and I think if he ends up staying he'd be no less committed and the players won't care. We must get behind him if he stays.
  12. Whilst breaking the photocopier having decided it would be good bants to take an image of his Harris?
  13. Only if our own fans want to contribute into making this a soap opera. It appears there's nowt worse than an owls fan scorned. If Bruce ends up staying it would be by far the best thing for the club to come out of this. All other options set us back further as opposed to this minor blip. He's a good manager and people will be interested in him, we're just not used to it.
  14. Why don't you think there's a way back? He wouldn't have left!
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