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  1. I had no idea how we were playing, Sky haven't bothered telling me whats happening at Hillsborough. They must really hate Watford
  2. Watford are a very strong side, if we get through this with a win it will feel like a huge sea change as far as spirits are concerned. I just hope that people don't lose their belief should Watford win. I like the squad we have at the moment, a good mix of experience and youth.
  3. They need to test him again, probably swine flu
  4. Best of luck Colin, my favourite pantomime villain despite a blunt.
  5. A good test and a chance to put some more minutes in the legs of the young lads that did so well last night
  6. Pretty clear that someone upset him at Hillsborough. It was poorly handled by both parties, I suspect with the unhelpful assistance of Dad and agent. He was only 17/18 at the time, I can't even remember being that age so I can't hold it against him. Best of luck to the lad and if he turns into Vardy II then so be it!
  7. I must admit I don't know who's decision it is but if we are allowed 4 Champions League places from the performance of English League teams then I would give the top 2 in the Premier League a place, the FA Cup winners a place and the League Cup winners the final qualifying place. If someone wins the FA Cup and finishes top 2 in Prem then 3rd place in prem get the extra spot etc. If winners of League Cup finish top 2 in Premier League then likewise, it filters down the Premier league. What is the point of running a cup competition when the top half of 92 teams can legitimatly argue and prove if they wanted to that they weren't really trying until they got to a final.
  8. I wouldn't contribute a penny more but I would be happy to continue to offer my thoughts to DC!
  9. If you ever need a star post, write this, verbatim 😁
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